[Disciple] Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Don’t Want to be a Good Girl

Zhu Yao did not hold back with this lightning bolt of hers. It was a Nine Heavenly Profound Lightning bolt, and adding the suppression in levels between a late-stage Demigod and an early-stage Demigod, ‘Wu Hua’ was basically helpless as her meridians were completely severed from the lightning strike. Even the surrounding practitioners could sense the pressure and intensity, as they unconsciously took a few steps back.

‘Wu Hua’ raised her head with all her strength, glaring ruthlessly at Zhu Yao. Her eyes were filled with hatred and intent to rip her into shreds. Her face which was already charred crisp and indiscernible was constantly distorting, looking especially frightening. However, she still managed to utter out. “Mistress will definitely not forgive you!”

Zhu Yao stopped her feet, and she asked with a solemn voice. “Who is your mistress?” This was already the second time she heard this term. Could it be that there was still another secret final boss behind her?

She however simply laughed in an ominous manner. It was clearly a male body, yet it was letting out a female voice, and it grew even off-putting as time went by.

“Do you want to know who my mistress is?” She coldly snorted. Suddenly, a red light began to seep out of her entire body, and it continued to grow even brighter. Even the surrounding spiritual energy was beginning to rumble. “Find out yourself in hell!”

The hell, self-destruction again! Can you use another method for once? Zhu Yao’s hands moved quickly, instantly casting an art to shatter her Dantian, wanting to scatter all of the spiritual energy in her body to prevent her self-destruction. Just as she was about to activate the art, ‘Wu Hua’ suddenly reached out her hand.

“Yu Yao!” Her master’s anxious call suddenly sounded in her ears.

A green formation instantly appeared beneath their feet. With a bright flash of green light, before she could even react, she simply felt empty air beneath her feet. It was as if the space beneath her had suddenly been sliced open as she fell right down.

Zhu Yao felt her body lightening. The surrounding scenery changed, and in an instant, she landed on the ground. Her vision was instantly covered in darkness. Lustrous green light could be faintly seen all around, fluttering in the air, as though they were like fireflies in the night sky.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. ‘Wu Hua’ next to her however, had begun limping towards the direction behind her. As she ran, she continued to shout out. “Mistress… Mistress, save me! Save, save me…”

Zhu Yao turned to look.

Tree. An enormous tree.

Though it could not be compared to the Parasol Tree that inhabited the Phoenix race back then, it was still outrageously tall and very ancient. It was impossible to see its peak with a head held high, and even the tree bark was at least as thick as a football field. The entire tree was even emitting out green glimmering lights which were slowly flying up into the air, lighting up this entire pitch-black world.

“A parasol tree…” Little Eighth who had been sleeping on Zhu Yao’s shoulder the entire time, suddenly woke up. He used his little wings to rub his eyes. “I got a whiff of a parasol tree’s scent. Am I home?”

Zhu Yao was stunned. This was a parasol tree?

Little Eighth however immediately gave a definitive no. “Eh, it’s not a parasol tree? It has such a similar scent! Seventh elder sister, what is this?”

Zhu Yao shook her head. She did not know either, but she strangely felt that it looked familiar. Had she seen it somewhere before?

On the other side, ‘Wu Hua’ had already reached her destination, and she shouted out loud at the tree. “Mistress, hurry and wake up. She wants to kill me! Save me…”

Her mistress was this tree?

Suddenly, that tree moved, shaking the earth for a moment. One enormous root after another shot out from the ground. The glimmering lights that were still calmly floating up into the air earlier suddenly began to rampage, gathering at the center of the tree.

The hell. Could this possibly a tree demon!?

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched as she hurriedly placed down a defensive barrier.

More green glimmering lights began to gather, and they slowly condensed into a bright human figure. The surrounding spiritual energy began to grow chaotic as well, making the spiritual energy rampage she caused back then look like nothing. It could be seen just how strong this person was. ‘Wu Hua’ grew even more excited, looking as though she had suddenly found her pillar of support. She was already beginning to laugh softly to herself.

She did it on purpose. She clearly knew that she incapable of defeating Zhu Yao, and had thus sent her here, wanting to make use of that ‘mistress’ to kill her.

Zhu Yao began to grow a little anxious. She tightened her grip on the sword in her hand. Looking at the surrounding spiritual energy that was so concentrated it could liquefy at any moment, her heart began to tremble. She did not want to face the final boss so quickly! Was it too late for her to flee?

The figure formed by the glimmering lights began to grow clearer. In a few moments, a young lady dressed in a light green robe appeared beneath the tree. She looked extremely beautiful. Compared to Zhu Yao, her skin was even whiter, her hair was even darker, and her lips were even redder. The hell! Even her breasts were bigger!

Zhu Yao felt as if her life had been struck with a blow. Why don’t I just slip away now?

“Mistress! You’re finally awake, mistress!” ‘Wu Hua’ hurriedly knelt down, paying her respects with incredible excitement. An instant later, her eyes sank as she pointed at Zhu Yao. “She is the person who obstructed our plans.”

That young lady had her eyes closed this entire time. Looking as if she had just heard ‘Wu Hua’, she took in a deep breath and then slowly opened her eyes. Her deep green eyes locked onto Zhu Yao.

“Mistress, it’s her!” ‘Wu Hua’ stood up and pointed straight at Zhu Yao, unremittingly telling on her.

The young lady with overbearing aura looked straight at Zhu Yao. A strange smile broke from her lips as she slowly opened her arms wide.

Zhu Yao felt her heart skip a bit. Turning her feet, she was just about to run when suddenly…

A light, tender voice sounded in her ears. “Yaoyao!”

In an instant, a light breeze blew as a green figure came charging over. Along the way, she had even kicked away an unidentified object. Before Zhu Yao could even react, her body was already tightly wrapped by the green-robed young lady’s pair of steel-like arms. Like a doll, she was carried up and twirled around in various manners.

“Yaoyao! Yaoyao! Yaoyao… I finally got to see you. I’m so happy, I’m so happy!”

As she said that, she even rubbed her face strongly against Zhu Yao’s. Zhu Yao felt as if a layer of her skin was about to peel off.


What kind of situation was this?

What happened to the promised final boss of the villains? The atmosphere changed so quickly!? Give me an explanation first, hey!

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao… You finally came to see me. I miss you, I miss you so much! I want to hug, I want to kiss, I want to hug you even tighter!” The young lady seemed to be uncontrollably excited as her two slender yet strangely strong arms wrapped around Zhu Yao intensely.


Something similar to bones breaking in her body could be heard.

“Bre… Breathe…” If she were to continue hugging her, she would die. As expected of the final boss, her killing power was top-notch.

I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!

Suddenly, a white light flashed from her chest. Her master, Guanyin who saves people from misery, finally appeared. Putting one hand on each side, he broke the two people apart as though he was breaking an apple.

Zhu Yao only managed to calm herself down after taking several deep breaths. The hell, is this young lady Nezha? I was about to suffocate to death here.

“Yaoyao…” The young lady was unwilling to separate from her, as she raised her hands and tried to pounce on Zhu Yao once more.

“Don’t come over!” Zhu Yao immediately leapt two steps back from fear, retreating behind her master. The girls of this world are so scary.

The young lady was stunned. After being dumbfounded for two seconds, her face which was still glowing with the light of spring earlier, instantly collapsed. “Yao… Yaoyao…” Tears began to well up in her eyes, and then she cried her lungs out. “Wuaah… Yaoyao doesn’t like me anymore… Yaoyao hates me now! Wuaaaah… I knew it… I don’t want to be a good girl anymore, I want to rebel against society… Wuaaaaaahhh…”

Zhu Yao: “…”


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