[Disciple] Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: All-round Technical Support

When Zhu Yao woke up, she found herself in a spacious room. There weren’t any other furniture in her surroundings other than a single bed. The bed was carved with spiritual jade, looking especially exquisite as spiritual energy flowed out of it in abundance. The floor was paved with an unknown stone material that was seamlessly snow white. With one glance, it could be seen just how rich the owner of this room was.

However, not a single other person was in the room, and Zhu Yao… was lying on the ceiling supporting frame.

Setting her resurrection point on a ceiling supporting frame was truly a little too ‘high’-end. The moment she opened her eyes, she had almost fallen onto the ground, you know? Fortunately, she managed to grab onto the frame with her quick reflexes, otherwise with the height of this ceiling, at the very least, her lower body would have been paralyzed. After looking at the room for a short while more, she then slid down the pillar and onto the ground.

With Realmspirit’s, sense of morality, the first thing she did when she landed on the ground, was investigate her avatar. At the very least, she had to ascertain its gender! She grabbed onto her waistband, and just as she was about to pull it out and verify her lower body, she saw two bundles of erect, snow-white peaks.

What were these?

Zhu Yao pinched them with slight disbelief.

They hurt! They’re mine!

Breasts! I actually have breasts! And I can even see them when I look down!

Having flat plains for several lifetimes, Zhu Yao felt weight from the breasts in front of her for the very first time and was beyond ecstatic.

Looking at these wavy curves and towering elevations, they were at least E!

This isn’t a dream, right? If it’s a dream, let me gently pinch them a little.

She suddenly felt like she could forgive Realmspirit for anything now!

Eh, wait a minute!

Looking at her past experiences, since her points on her body figure were off the charts, her face couldn’t have been hit with demerit points, right?

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She calmly circulated spiritual energy in her body, and realized that her body had already built on its Foundation. She immediately summoned a water mirror, and then looked at her face as she closed in on it.

After looking at it, Zhu Yao took in a deep breath.

This incredible face was completely illogical! Even Zhu Yao felt like she was incapable of describing what kind of face it was. Even the four beauties of ancient China couldn’t possibly compare to her present look! Even when she reincarnated as one of the God races back then, she wasn’t this beautiful either. If she really had to describe it, then ‘dreamy’ was the only word she could think of.

Did Realmspirit finally found his conscience? He was treating her so well all of a sudden! She couldn’t adapt to this at all, hey.

Let me enjoy my beauty to my heart’s content for a little while more…

She glanced at the face in the water mirror, and then pinched on her breasts again. She could play like this all day.

Recalling that she had a mission on hand, Zhu Yao had no choice but to unwillingly retract the water mirror. Presently, she had yet to receive the scenario, so she decided to first head out for a look.

The room was huge. Zhu Yao had to walk a few dozen steps before arriving at the door. Just as she was about to pull it open, she suddenly heard a chime as a conversation window popped up in front of her.

“Congratulations on activating the ‘Five Minutes Timed Trial’ mode.”

(This is a passive skill with no cooldown.)

Zhu Yao: …

The hell was this Five Minutes Timed Trial? Math Olympiad?

Before Zhu Yao could even figure out the situation, the conversation window flashed and disappeared. She did not really pay it any mind either and instantly pulled open the door. A white flash of light appeared in front of her eyes as it shot straight towards her. It landed heavily on her chest. She felt a piercing pain as her entire body flew backwards.

“Puaaah!” She puked out a mouthful of blood.

Her vision blackened!

Ting! A conversation window appeared again.

“Congratulations on unlocking the ‘Disconnecting in the Shortest Time Possible’ achievement. The time you spent online was five minutes. You disconnected the moment you came online! Title Unlocked: Black Face!’

Zhu Yao: “…”

-Flips table- What’s with this ‘Disconnecting in the Shortest Time Possible’ achievement? Why was there an explosion talisman outside her door? Why did she reincarnate in such a dangerous place? She finally managed to attain a beautiful lady avatar. She had the breasts, and even the gorgeous face. She just wanted to quietly spend a little time enjoying her beauty… And the hell, she really spent a very little time enjoying it alright!

Realmspirit, come out! I shall bash you to death right here and now!


“Five Minutes Timed Trial” mode passive activated. Countdown begins. 5… 4… 3… 2…

In the next instant, the scene before her eyes flashed. Just as she was about to take a step forward, her feet touched on empty air. When she looked like she was about to fall, she immediately reached out her hand to the side and managed to hug onto something which saved her from the fall.

When she looked around. The hell! She returned to the ceiling supporting frame!

Wait a minute. Five minutes timed trial. Time couldn’t have been rewound by five minutes, right?

She immediately crawled down with support of the pillar and summoned a water mirror. As expected, it was that beautiful face from before. She clasped down below. Phew! The breasts are still here.

So there isn’t a need to change avatars! Say so earlier! You frightened me!

Zhu Yao immediately heaved a sigh of relief and once again arrived at the doorstep. Recalling her experience of being bombed to death, she did not open the door instantly this time. Instead, she circulated her spiritual energy to sense the location of the explosion talisman, poked a hole straight through the paper panel door, and tore it down.

Only then did she open the door!

Rich spiritual energy instantly poured towards her. Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and what entered her eyes were sheets of white misty clouds. Occasionally, spiritual cranes would fly past. With just one glance, it could be seen that this place was a celestial mountain with blessed lands. Other than the clouds in front of her, there seemed to be a human figure as well.

Just on time. She could ask about the situation regarding this avatar of hers. Her heart was filled with excitement as she stepped out. “May I ask…”


Zhu Yao stepped on empty air, falling straight down.

Her vision once again blackened.


Congratulations, you fell to your death!


“Five Minutes Timed Trial” mode passive activated. Countdown begins, in 5… 4… 3… 2…

The scene in front of her flashed, and she returned to that ceiling supporting frame.

Zhu Yao: “…”

The hell. Her door was right at the edge of the cliff. Just which idiotic architect would come up with a design like that!? If you have guts, then don’t you dare leave after school!

Her third resurrection…

She first tore down the talisman. Then, she quietly stood in front of the door and stared outside for five minutes. Just as she was planning to look for a usable mystic artifact…

A disciple dressed in a green robe suddenly came flying from afar. He looked at her with a shocked look, and his expression seemed to have changed a couple of times, before he hurriedly bowed in front of her.

“This disciple greets Sect Master. Sect Master, you… have ended your closed-door training?”

Zhu Yao was startled. Sect Master? A Foundation disciple like her? The summit of life of this world was a little too short, don’t you think?

Though she had long guessed that this avatar most likely had a scenario attached to it, she never expected that her identity would be this incredible.

“Uh… About that. What sect am I Sect Master of?” Zhu Yao asked.

That disciple was stunned for a moment. Then, he straightened himself up and replied. “Naturally, you are the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace.”

“Ou.” With the power backed by the scenario, it would be useless even if she tried to deny it. She might as well admit it. “Oh right, what’s your name?”

The disciple frowned, as a thought seemed to have quickly flashed past his face. With a smile, he replied. “Sect Master sure is forgetful. I am your junior-martial nephew, Luo Shi!”

Junior-martial nephew? In other words, she had a senior-martial brother as well?

“I wonder what instructions Sect Master have for me, since you have ended your closed-door training ahead of time?” This disciple named Luo Shi asked, his attitude indeed looked respectful, but for some reasons, she felt that something was off.

“No need!” She had enough of staying in the room. It was time to start her job of locating the bug. “Do you have a flying artifact on you? How about lending me one?”

“Yes! Sect Master!” Luo Shi turned to pull open the storage pouch by his side, and said. “I wonder where Sect Master is heading to?”

“I’m not sure. I will just be looking around.” Zhu Yao turned to look at the snow-white clouds outside. With how high her house was at, she wondered what it would look like below.

“In that case, why don’t junior-martial nephew send you off?”

“Ah?” Before Zhu Yao could even react, she heard an air-tearing sound next to her. LUo stood in front of her with a sunken face.

A dagger stabbed straight into her chest.

The hell!

What was this situation? Why did he make a move against her without giving a single explanation!?


“Victories and defeats are natural occurrences in the art of war. Great deity, please try again!”

“Five Minutes Timed Trial” mode passive activated!

She once again returned to that ceiling support frame.


The hell, just what kind of ridiculous scenario did Realmspirit arrange for her this time!? -faints-

Why did she die three times consecutively before she could even step away from this room? Was this the price of having a gorgeous face? Could she get a refund?

An unprecedented sense of danger rose in Zhu Yao’s heart. This time, she did not dare to step out of the door so easily again. The world outside was too dangerous. She looked around the room carefully, hoping to see if she could locate a usable mystic artifact. In the end, the room was so clean, not even a speck of dust could be found.

Seeking help from others was not an option. She did not know if she would encounter someone like Luo Shi who would stab her, after all.

What should she do?

Suddenly, she focused her line of sight on the silk blanket on the jade bed. When she picked it up, she realized that it was made of Hibre Thread, a second rank refining material. She immediately pulled the entire blanket out and cast the Fire Control Art, slowly refining the silk.

After a while, a silk handkerchief the size of her palm was refined to completion. Probably because of the strength of her flames, the product was just a first rank mystic artifact. However, she was already satisfied that she could fly with it.

She immediately tore down the talisman, opened the door, and flew out. This was a dangerous place, and she did not wish to stay there for even a single moment longer.

Just when she had merely flown for several meters, she suddenly crashed into something.

A formation!

Before she could even react, the formation instantly shone. Several hundred icicles immediately tore through the skies and shot in her direction.


‘Congratulations, you have died stupidly!’

The hell! This old lady won’t believe it! I will leave this house no matter what!

Zhu Yao once again refined the Hibre Thread. This time, when she left the door, she did not charge out in a hurry. Instead, she took a deep breath and circulated out spiritual energy to investigate the formation. After taking a closer look, she realized that there was a circular defensive formation several dozen meters away in the sky. The formation surrounded the house she was in.

The formation was ice-type, and would only activate when one attempted to leave, and not enter. In other words, this formation was used to defend against her.

Just who was this avatar of hers? Why were there so many traps and mechanisms outside?

After scanning the entire formation, Zhu Yao then began perform calculations on it. A short while later, she found the formation core, and it happened to be right on the roof of the house. Zhu Yao flew closer to take a look, only to realize that it was actually a mirror.

After pondering for a moment, she decided against breaking the formation core. Instead, she directly held onto the corner of the mirror and temporarily disabled the formation. As she had expected, the surrounding formation shook for a moment and then disappeared. She took this opportunity to release the mirror and fly out with all her strength.

The moment she flew out, the formation was once again restored.

After escaping, she flew all the way down, and she flew through the cloud layer in a few moments. What she saw was a forest, and not far away from it was a range of overbearing floating mountains. A towering palace could be seen up above as well.

Most likely, that was the Spirit Heaven Palace Luo Shi mentioned.

Zhu Yao, who was completely unaware of the scenario, decided that it was best to stay further away and immediately rushed into the forest. Just as she was about to head in the opposite direction, a loud furious roar could be heard from within the forest.

A large demonic beast fiercely leapt out.

It was actually a beastie. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Demonic beasts were of her own kind, after all! So touching!

She stepped forward, wanting to give it a hug filled with love. She watched as that beast leapt towards her.

“Hi, beas-”

The demonic beast opened its huge mouth, ahhmuu…


‘Congratulations, you were bitten to death!’

Zhu Yao who returned to the ceiling support frame: “…”

What happened to the promise of being each other’s angel?

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