[Disciple] Chapter 325

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Chapter 325: High-Level Scenario

Realmspirit mentioned that this world was at the verge of collapse, forcing her to disconnect in order to fix the bug here. She did not know for sure if this world would actually collapse, but she herself was about to collapse very soon. As someone who had rich reincarnating experience, she realized at this very moment that her past experiences were nothing at all.

There were actually this many methods of death in this world. Death by exploding. Death by falling. Death by stabbing. Death by formation’s activation. Death by biting from a demonic beast. Death by walking into a pit and ended up being pierced. Death by activating a trap and being smashed. Death by choking on water. Even when she was just walking, she would even be suddenly slammed by a falling tree.

Zhu Yao who had countlessly rewound time by five minutes, was deeply suspecting whether if this avatar was carrying a innate talent for suffering, and a talent that surpassed all records at that. If this were to keep up, she could even write a book when she finally get to head back. The title of the book would be:《My Hundred and One Ways to Die》

Zhu Yao heavily panted as she observed the terrain in the surroundings. Phew, safe! Only then did she sit on the grass. Let me make a save file first! She silently counted five minutes in her heart. File saving has been completed. If she were to die again later on, at the very least, she did not have to return to that ceiling support frame.

She raised her head and looked at the place she came down from. For some reasons, this Spirit Heaven Palace was constantly giving her a dangerous feeling. She faintly sensed that she shouldn’t continue staying there. This feeling was really strange, and she did not know what reason was causing it either.

The various mechanisms and formations outside the room earlier had especially shaken her heart. She wondered just who was trying to deal with her. However, from the looks of the present situation, if she were to continue on like this, she would definitely be embroiled in the entire matter. She decided it was best that she leave as quickly as possible.

Zhu Yao stood up. Just as she was about to continue forward and leave this forest, she suddenly heard wails from the side…

Who the hell is crying in broad daylight?

She cautiously scanned her surroundings, yet she couldn’t see a single human figure. She could not sense any presence of life around her at all.

However, the wails grew louder.

“Who is it?” She could not help but ask, yet she did not receive a reply. She couldn’t have encountered a ghost, right? She instantly recalled various midnight horror movies, where ghosts had severed heads, were dressed in red gowns, or had long tongues. Immediately after, memories of her time in the actual Netherworld flashed in her mind. Instantly, her fear was dispelled. Uh… With the intellect of those ghosts, they are most likely nothing to be afraid of.

Just as she was in doubt, she suddenly felt a chilling sensation crawling on her arm. Several drops of water appeared on her skin. She wiped her face out of reflex, and realized her hand was now wet.

The hell, she was actually the one crying? When did she start crying? Why wasn’t she aware of it at all?

Zhu Yao strongly rubbed her eyes, only to realize tears were dropping faster than before. She might not even stop at this rate. Just what was going on?

Could it be…

Her heart clenched. After calming down and sensing her own body, she realized that the wails were coming from within her body. She instantly felt a chill rising from the bottom of her heart.

She immediately sat down in a meditative posture, and then looked into her Dantian.

At the very corner of her Dantian, a ghost dressed in white robes was squatting there. Her two arms were wrapped around her knees, and her head was buried within her thighs. With her arms trembling, she constantly let out her cries.

“Who are you?” Zhu Yao was shocked. “Why are you in my body?”

That female ghost was stunned for a moment. She slowly raised her head, unexpectedly revealing a face with flowery features. Eh? Why does she look a little familiar?

The hell! Doesn’t she have the appearance of my current avatar?

“No… I’m not… inside your body.” The maiden sniffled and said. “You’re the one… in my body.”

“Eh!?” Zhu Yao instantly felt like she had been struck by lightning. “Y-y-y… You’re saying the body I’m in right now, is yours?”

“Mn.” The maiden nodded her head strongly.

“The hell!?”

And here she was wondering why Realmspirit was treating her so well all of a sudden, giving her such a high quality avatar and all. So this avatar was actually owned by someone else! Then what was Zhu Yao? Did she take over this girl’s body? And she was about to strip herself naked too!

“I’m sorry, I shall return this avatar to you immediately.” Realmspirit, come out here right now!

“No!” The maiden suddenly turned anxious, as she stepped forward to hug Zhu Yao’s thigh. “I… I, I’m not going back! I beg you, don’t leave!”

“…” There’s actually a weirdo in this world that begs others to take over her body. Girl, your resolve is a little too strong, don’t you think?

“I don’t want to be a pillar anymore! Realmspirit told me… that you can help me. I beg you, help me!”

“Realmspirit?” Zhu Yao was stunned. Could this girl be the scenario herself? Pulling apart the arms that were clinging onto her thigh, Zhu Yao then sat down next to her. “Tell me, just what is going on? What did that bastard Realmspirit tell you?”

Only then did the girl rub her eyes and stop her tears. She pulled out a crystal-like transparent small ball and passed it to Zhu Yao. “Realmspirit gave me this. He mentioned that you will understand once you see it.”

“What is this?” Zhu Yao received it, and with a bright flash of light from the ball, a lightscreen instantly appeared in front of her. Yo, it’s actually a projector. This screen… Is the scenario about to be played?

Zhu Yao straightened herself and immediately turned serious.

Three minutes later…

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She glanced at the lady next to her. “I say, girl… Did you take out the wrong disc?”

“I didn’t?” The girl had a serious look on her face. “This is the only one I received from Realmspirit.”

“Are you certain?”

“I’m certain!”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened!

Certain, my ass! These action scenes involving a woman and a man, or a woman and two men, or a woman and n number of men, in various indescribable postures, were obviously part of an AV film! Where’s the scenario in here?

“Girl…” Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. “Do you have a boyfriend?”


“It’s fine if you don’t have one, I do!” She said earnestly.” Haaah! I can understand you single little kitties possessing one or two special collections like this, but if you want to learn these moves from observation, at the very least, find another man to watch these with you! What are you trying to pull by making me watch this with you?” Even fellow lesbians won’t watch something like this together, my friend!

The girl had a dumbfounded look, as though she was unable to comprehend the situation at all. She kindly glanced her in direction. “Eh? Realmspirit clearly mentioned that you would understand after watching it… Ah, you held it wrongly.”


The girl immediately reached out her hand to turn the direction of the ball, and then she said with a naive and pure look. “It’s correct now.”

Zhu Yao wasa stunned. This disc had different recordings on different sides?

After a closer look, the scenes were clearly purer than before. Like the past scenarios, a young girl appeared on it. Most likely, the young girl was the bug in question this time. Zhu Yao watched the scenario unfold seriously, all the way to the end.

Immediately, a disgusting feeling welled up inside her, as though she had sneakily watched an extremely controversial movie while being drenched in dog’s blood.

The first part of the scenario was till rather normal. The female lead with the bug this time was called Fan Zhishan, who was part of a well-known aristocratic family. Aristocratic families were always good at producing babies, and Fan Zhishan was a daughter birthed by a concubine. Because she was mentally ill, she was not highly regarded by the family. Then, when she was six years old and was tested to possess quad spirit veins, she was cast away even more so than before. She was basically left to fend on her own. Adding that was she mentally deficient, she was naturally bullied by other children. However, on the year she turned ten, everything changed.

Her mental illness was suddenly cured, and she turned smart and sharp. She was actually able to recite poems with ease and converse with a linguistic tongue. Often, the arguments she gave would even stun the adults. Her talent was instantly spotted by a manager of the main family, and he made the decision to bring her into the school of the main family, marking her start in cultivation basics. The female lead was very hardworking. Though she had aptitude of quad spirit veins, her cultivation level rose to the fifth level of Essence in just three years.

Thus, along with a pair of sisters of the main family, she was fortunately chosen by the main family to head over to the number one deity sect – Sleipoup Sect, to look for a master. During the entrance examination, because she broke through a profound mechanism of one of the checkpoints with her Dao of Language, she was actually fancied by a Demigod Sovereign of Sleipoup Sect and was taken in as his disciple.

After that, Fan Zhishan journeyed towards the summit of life. She tamed beasts, obtain treasures, cleansed her meridians, her cultivation rose, and she finally dominated the world, before ascending into the Divine Realm…

Uh… Fine then, that’s how the regular path should look like. However, Fan Zhishan was a female lead, and female leads had never taken the regular path to the summit. That’s why, on her fifteenth birthday, with a “smack”, her entire style changed along with a incredible turning point. She activated the ‘heavy taste’ mode. As though some sort of seal had been broken, her charm level rose explosively, attracting a large number of fans. Furthermore, she did not go for the ‘uncertain’ play, but instead went for physical relationships.

Thus, on the screen, the scenes from earlier appeared.

Fan Zhishan was taken in by a master, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan had a new junior-martial brother, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan encountered a genius of the cultivation world in a tournament, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan picked up a tenth rank human transformed beastie, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan encountered a heretic practitioner, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan got to know a Hall Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan’s spiritual artifact birthed a spiritual consciousness, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan encountered…

“Girl… Can we fast-forward this part?” Zhu Yao nudged the girl next to her.

She had confused look. “What’s ‘fast-forward’?”

“Uh… Nevermind, forget I said anything.” Zhu Yao hardened herself and watched through it.

The screen was already beginning to show the scenes of forbidden realms, and those n number of male leads who had an… no, a lot of affairs with her, still loved her to death in the very end. Even though they were fully aware that she was a public bus, they were still willing to find their own place in her heart.

If that was all there was to it… Zhu Yao would just treat it as though she had just watched a movie with an especially heavy taste. PS: Along with another girl.

However, this female lead actually inserted an advertisement in such a movie!

The female lead said:

Master, senior-martial sister doesn’t seem to like me very much, and she often prevents me from bothering master… I’m helpless… Uuuu… I can’t have master kick her out of your tutelage, right? No, of course not! She’s my senior-martial sister, everything is my fault… Master, don’t blame senior-martial sister. I will work hard… and become a good junior-martial sister.

And then, that senior-martial sister suddenly died from going overboard in her cultivation.

The female lead said:

Junior-martial brother, I met your cousin. She mentioned that she’s engaged to you since young… Uuuu… How can you cheat my feelings? It’s best… that you return to her side. Let us never meet ever again…

And then, that cousin encountered an assault and was eaten by a beast.

The female lead said:

Senior-martial brother Lang Chen, you’re the disciple of Everday Clan, and your Sect Master strongly rejects us being together. He says that I’m not worthy of you… It’s best that we break up!

And then, Everday Clan was annihilated.

The female lead said:

Hua Hao, you move my heart so incredibly so, but… the other beasties of Seero Forest all looking so terrifying… I don’t dare to look at them.

And then, the other beasties of Seero Forest were chased away.

The female lead said: Hall Master Cao…


In any case, no matter who was advertised by the female lead, murder would definitely occur in their surroundings. Countless cannon fodders were sacrificed. She was simply a mass murdering machine. With just her single word, a river of blood would flow.

Zhu Yao was simply dumbfounded. Isn’t this a little too unreal? She suddenly recalled the girly Yi Ling who had walked on a similar path, where both their harems were made of countless men. However, Fan Zhishan’s was clearly of a much higher level. At the very least, the men by her side were not of the shallow ‘love at first sight’ type, but unconsciously grew attracted to her after getting to know one another.

Though Zhu Yao still found it a little ridiculous.

Just like that, Fan Zhishan grew her harem while raising her cultivation and inserting advertisements. And then… the world collapsed.

At the very final scene, the female lead finally stood at the summit of the cultivation world. Suddenly, the earth shook, and the entire world began to collapse, turning into nothingness at the very end.

What was this situation?

Zhu Yao was shocked. She did not understand at all? Though Fan Zhishan was a bug and had shot at a few cannon fodders, she did not bring about a world war, nor had she done anything remotely close to cause something as serious as the collapse of the world. Why did this suddenly happen?

“What’s going on here?” Zhu Yao pointed at the screen and asked the former owner girl by her side. “Why did the world collapse just like that?”

The girl’s lips curled up, and she suddenly cried again. With a saddened look, she said. “I died!”

“Ah?” What did she mean?

“Over there… I’m already dead.” The girl once again said.

“I know!” Zhu Yao had a puzzled look. Within the scenario, the girl was also one of the crowd of cannon fodders. In the action film, Fan Zhishan advertised her to Hall Master Cao of Spirit Heaven Palace: Little sister Ling Tian became a Sect Master at such a young age, she’s truly amazing… I can’t even be compared to at all. She definitely doesn’t like me…

Thus, that Hall Master Cao instantly overthrew the girl and had the female lead become the Sect Master. From this event, it proved that the female lead was the only shining moon in his heart, and other women could not even be compared to the toenails on her feet. Only the heavens knew that Sect Master Ling Tian had never even met the female lead.

That’s right, Ling Tian was this girl’s name, and she was the final cannon fodder that was sacrificed in the scenario.

“But what does that have to do with the collapse of the world?”

The girl rubbed her eyes, and said while sobbing. “Because I’m a pillar of the world, it’s final pillar.”

“What?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. She sized her up for a moment. Does a new term have to pop up here and now?

“You don’t look like a pole at all.”

“Not a ‘pole’.” The girl grew anxious. “I’m a form of existence that maintains the world’s balance, preventing it from collapsing. If I’m gone, this world will no longer be balanced.”

So she’s not a pole, but a balancing scale?

“In other words, you’re not human?”

She shook her head. “I’m human!”

“…” Zhu Yao grew even more confused. Then what’s with this pillar deal?

“Realmspirit told me that because a piece of this world was missing, as it was destroyed once before.” The girl said seriously. “Then, this missing piece was patched up before the world finally gained a new life. However, the patched piece after all did not belong to this world, yet it was something that could not be lacked. Thus, after this piece gained a spiritual consciousness, it went into a reincarnation cycle. The purpose was to make use of this method of reincarnation to slowly integrate the piece into this world. Coincidentally, I am that piece in this stage of reincarnation cycle, and it’s also the final stage of integration. As long as this stage passes, this world will be complete.”

“Then, the integration this time is interrupted?” Zhu Yao asked. “Your death will cause the world to lose a piece, and thus cause the collapse of the world?”

“Mn.” The girl nodded, her face looked a little saddened. Suddenly, as though she had recalled something. “Not just that…”

“…” Don’t tell me there’s something even worse than this…

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