[Disciple] Chapter 327

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Chapter 327: A Clown That Could Topple Countries

Zhu Yao had completed all preparations before arriving here. Furthermore, in order to become a well-fledged Ma Liang, she even tested the effects of the magical brush at a practitioners’ town nearby. After ascertaining that Nascent Soul practitioners were unable to find her out either, she then headed towards Grandhall Sect. She never expected that even the most perfect of plans could be rendered useless in the face of a single piggish party member.

She was captured, firmly tied up like a large dumpling. The female lead Fan Zhishan and Sect Master Fa Yu were presently looking at her coldly.

“I never expected you would actually be so stupid to send yourself here.” Fa Yu coldly snorted.

“I never expected that either!” Zhu Yao felt like crying. “Why don’t you let me go now, so that you can capture me again in the future? You might feel a sense of achievement that way.”

“Let you go?” Fa Yu’s face stiffened, and he instantly raged. “I have yet to make you pay the price for harming little sister Fan, and you want me to release you? Are you taking me as stupid?”

“…” Fine then, I now know you’re not the slightest bit stupid.

“If I let you off now, when your cultivation improves in the future, wouldn’t you seek me out for revenge?”

His words had so much sense in them, she actually had nothing to refute with.

“Big brother Fa Yu…” Fan Zhishan gently spoke up, carrying a tone filled with endless sadness. “Don’t be angry! Little sister Ling Tian actually came back on her own, as long as she apologises to me, I can let bygones be bygones.”

“Little sister Fan.” Fa Yu’s face softened, and then he said in a pampering manner. “You can’t be this kind. You have already suffered for so many years, and everything was because of her. If you forgive her here, aren’t you just fueling her arrogance? We finally managed to capture the culprit, so we can’t let things slide just like that.”

Fan Zhishan had a complicated look. “I know big brother Fa Yu is doing this for my sake, but she is after all my biological sister… How can I possibly be this heartless?”

“Haah, how can you think that way? You treasure your sibling love, but have she ever thought about you in the slightest? No matter what, I will have her held accountable today!”

“Big brother Fa Yu… I believe she didn’t do this on purpose.” Fan Zhishan suddenly began to cry like rain droplets falling off pear blossoms. Turning around, she walked a few towards Zhu Yao and said with a regretless look. “Big sister… This little sister has no other request. As long as you apologise, I will forgive you.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was startled. She looked at the female lead in front of her who was crying her lungs out. “Auntie, who are you?”

The female lead’s face stiffened a little, but she quickly regained her composure. Turning around, she pounced into the Reverend Fa Yu’s embrace, and cried as if she had suffered a heartbreak.

Nth flower guardian instantly exploded. He pointed at Zhu Yao’s nose and reprimanded. “As expected, you have a poisonous heart. Little sister Fan is willing to let go of the past, yet you actually do not know what’s good for you.”

Please. I just asked her who she was, how is that poisonous at all? Why don’t I know what’s good for me?

“If you guys want to pour dirty water on my name, at the very least, let me know what’s going on, right?” Please stop with the wilful double act, alright? “I have never met your little sister Fan, alright?”

The two were stunned for a moment, and they only regained their senses a short while later. Fa Yu’s fury grew fiercer. “You still dare to lie even now!” Fa Yu glared at her and said. “Little sister Fan and you were born under the same mother. Little sister Fan was supposed to be the Sect Master selected by Spirit Heaven Palace, yet you posed as her and become the one who entered Spirit Heaven Palace instead. Not only are you but a dog in the manger, but you have also suppressed her with your evil doings! You made her youth miserable, and when before she was six years old, she was even treated as a mentally ill child! With a poisonous heart such as yours, you’re simply not worthy of being a Sect Master.”

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for a moment. She faced the female lead Fan Zhishan and carefully inspected her.

“Big brother Fa Yu, there’s no need to go any further…” Fan Zhishan however turned her head away, the tears on her face flowed even more than before. She looked as though she could no longer bear to bring the subject up again, and was willing to keep all her sadness in her own heart.

Zhu Yao could not help but praise her acting skills! She had finally encountered a bug of the highest level. In order to become the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, she sure had gone all out. She was actually able to come up with such an absurd story. Not to mention she did not hesitate to forsake her own identity and become the twin sister of Ling Tian girly. She came up with a drama of a child being mistakenly carried away, and wanted to take up the position of Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace right and proper. It was truly a shame that this lady was not in showbiz.


“Umm… Sect Master Fa.” Zhu Yao sighed. “You’re saying, I intentionally posed as her back then, so that I can become the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace and harm her at every possible moment?”

Fa Yu frowned. He did not reply and simply let out a disdainful snort.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Then, may I ask, how old was I when I arrived at Spirit Heaven Palace?”

Fa Yu said impatiently. “The Sect Master succession of Spirit Heaven Palace has always been done swiftly. Naturally, it’s on the day you were born.”

“So, in other words, I was in Spirit Heaven Palace right after I was born?” Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. “You’re saying, when I was still a baby, I intentionally swapped with her? You sure think highly of my intelligence!”

Fa Yu’s face stiffened, as though he had just thought of this point as well. “Then what about the pain she had suffered?”

“How would I know?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “She was unable to retaliate when she was being harmed before she was six years old, are you saying that I knew how to dispatch people to harm her when I was six years old? Even if my IQ is off the charts and am truly smarter than all of you, if I truly wanted to pose as her from the very beginning, since we are born on the same day, I would have to concoct this scheme in my mother’s womb!”

Where are your logic and reason? Have they all disappeared from the ‘papapa’?

The two of them were stunned from this line of questioning! Fan Zhishan’s face had especially turned miserably pale for an instant, a hint of fluster flashed across her eyes. Immediately after, she regained that gentle and frail flower look, looking as though she was suffering from grievances, yet tried her best to squeeze out some words of goodwill. “Big sister… It’s alright. It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. It’s my fault… It’s all because of me. I shouldn’t have gone to Spirit Heaven Palace, I shouldn’t have awakened the Spirit Guiding Beast, I…”

The suspicion on Fa Yu’s face was instantly swept away. He held onto Fan Zhishan and said with an even angrier tone. “Ling Tian, you can stop lying now. Little sister Fan treats you so well, yet you actually still wish to frame her! Putting aside the past incidents, from the fact that little sister Fan was able to awaken the guardian beast of Spirit Heaven Palace, the Spirit Guiding Beast, it’s sufficient to prove that she’s the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace!”

The hell. Zhu Yao could not be bothered with these illogical people. Looking at them, they were definitely not going to let her go today. Zhu Yao began to calculate as she wondered if that ‘Five Minutes Timed Trial’ passive skill was still in effect.

“Big brother Fa Yu…” Fan Zhishan glanced at Zhu Yao, her eyes were completely red. “It’s fine… No matter how big sister treats me, I won’t ever blame her. Let the Hall of Law of Spirit Heaven Palace… judge her sins! I shall bring her over now.”

As she said that, she walked towards Zhu Yao who was bound tight.

Fa Yu however suddenly stopped her tracks and sighed. “Little sister Fan, I know you are soft-hearted, and that you’re still trying to protect her even now. However, your kind deeds might not be rewarded. Since you are unwilling to do it yourself, I shall be the one to judge this vile person. Let me handle her!”

“No!” Fan Zhishan blurted out, a hint of fluster flashed across the depths of her eyes. She immediately regained her composure, and then, she spoke with the same gentleness and frailness. “She’s a member of my Spirit Heaven Palace, and according to the rules, she has to be handled by Spirit Heaven Palace. I have already owed big brother Fa Yu so much, how can I trouble you even further than this?’

“Little sister Fan!” Fa Yu however suddenly became angry, and he looked at her as though she was being stubborn. “You’re thinking of letting her go secretly, aren’t you?”

“Ah?” Fan Zhishan was dumbfounded.

Fa Yu frowned deeply. “Little sister Fan, you can’t be too kind, you must make your decision decisively!”

“I’m not…”

“You don’t have to speak further. I will definitely not let you bring this person back. You will definitely release her.”


“That settles it then. Since you cannot bear to judge her, I shall do it myself. I will definitely exact justice for you.”

Filled with indignation, Fa Yu did not wait for Fan Zhishan’s reaction and had already called over two disciples. He pointed at the “Dumpling Yao” on the ground and said. “Throw this person down to the lowest pits of prison, and put her on a strict watch. understand?”

“Yes!” The two disciple nodded in unison. Before Fan Zhishan could even regain her senses, they had already dragged Zhu Yao out.

Zhu Yao silently turned to look at the speechless Fan Zhishan’s miserably pale face. See, this is what you get for acting too far! He truly sees you as a gentle and frail flower who can’t bear to make a move on your enemies now!


Zhu Yao was imprisoned in Grandhall Sect’s prison. She spent more than two hours to release herself from the mystic arts that sealed her movements. She wondered if it was because of their confidence in the prison’s formation, as there was only a single restriction placed in the cell. She tried to condense the gather energy within her body, attempting to break out of the formation, only to realize that she was simply unable to circulate them at all. It seemed like this formation comprised of something that could restrain spiritual energy, preventing one from breaking it.

Recalling Fan Zhishan’s earlier attitude, most likely, she was not going to have Zhu Yao killed here, and Zhu Yao felt that she had a goal in doing so. She seemed to have other plans other than snatching Ling Tian girly’s Sect Master position. Otherwise, why would she still anxiously wish to capture her after she had already obtained Spirit Heaven Palace, and even bring her back?

No matter what, Zhu Yao had to make her escape first.

Zhu Yao pulled out the brush which she had been hiding all this while. Just as she was about to play the character of Ma Liang again, tears began to fall uncontrollably.

“Don’t cry already…” Zhu Yao simply felt a deep sense of helplessness. Isn’t it just falling out of love? And the girl is even going out of hand with her tears because of it. Her eyes are all swollen now, you know?

“He… Little Yu wasn’t like that in the past.” Ling Tian weeped as she spoke. “He was so obedient in the past… and so cute. No matter what… he would always listen to me.”

Obedient? Cute? Recalling the female lead fanatic Fa Yu’s look earlier, the corner of Zhu Yao’s lips could not help but twitch. She only had a single thought in mind… Ling Tian girly, you sure was blind in the past.

“He even said that he won’t ever allow anyone to bully me. But now… Just from listening to her side of the story, and not listening to my explanation, he… Why?”

“There’s no ‘why’ for such things!” Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. “He just doesn’t like you anymore!”

“…” Ling Tian girly turned silent, though the tears on her face were flowing even fiercer than before.

Feeling helpless, Zhu Yao had no choice but to let her cry it out. Dipping the brush gently on her own tears, she planned on activating Ma Liang mode.

Suddenly, the restriction on the cell’s exit shook for a moment, as the sound of footsteps grew closer.

The hell! People were already coming for her. Zhu Yao immediately hid the brush.

A moment later, someone walked in. As if it was not unfortunate enough, it was actually Fa Yu himself. With a dark look, he walked straight towards the pillar of light in front of the cell, and stood there! He glared at her with a ruthless expression. He did not move, and simply stood there. Yet, his expression continued to grow colder by the minute, and even his eyes were beginning to glow bloody red.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat as a chilling intent rose. This grandson’s expression isn’t right at all. Compared to that brain-dead fanatic she saw in the hall earlier, he basically looked like a different person now. He couldn’t really be thinking of killing her for Fan Zhishan’s sake, right?

Her heart was instantly sent into a fluster as she thought of ways to escape this place. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and opened the prison cell’s door. Before she could even react, the black figure in front of her flashed, and a hand was already grasping on her neck in the next moment.

Zhu Yao wanted to retreat on reflex, but he simply dragged her all the way to the wall. Furious and crazed light could be seen flashing in his eyes, as though he truly desired to tear her into pieces.

The hell, this crazy brain-dead fanatic! He’s actually truly thinking of killing her!

Her breathing was stopped at that moment. Just as she thought it was about time for the passive resurrection skill to activate, his hand suddenly loosened a little, allowing her to catch her breath. His eyes however grew even colder and fiercer than before, and even his voice was filled with chilling intent.

“Speak! Who the hell are you?”


Before Zhu Yao could even gasp for air, she was stunned by his question.

“You’re not Ling Tian, who are you?” The redness in his eyes grew denser, as though he was sinking into madness. “Where’s Tiantian? What did you do to her? Why are you possessing her body!?”

The hell! How did he see through her? Could it be that he knew she wasn’t Ling Tian right from the start?

“Where’s Ling Tian?” He placed emphasis on every word, as a few strands of black wisps faintly appeared around his body. “You best speak the truth, otherwise… I will scatter your soul.”

As he said that, his grip once again tightened.

Zhu Yao slapped on his arm heavily. The hell, are you going to let me speak or not? I’m about to suffocate here!

Fa Yu’s face was quickly turner darker by the second. After taking a deep breath, as though he was trying to suppress the madness in his heart with all his might, he flung her onto the ground.

She coughed out coarsely a few times before she was able to catch her breath. As she glanced at Fa Yu who seemed to have suddenly turned into a different person, she pondered about the situation. From his looks, it seemed like he was extremely concerned about Ling Tian’s whereabouts. Then who was that brain-dead fanatic in the hall earlier?

“Saintess…” Ling Tian suddenly spoke up. “Let me speak with him, is that alright?”

“Are you certain?” Ling Tian was a frail girl. Facing this Fa Yu who seemed to have activated his tyranny mode, Zhu Yao could not help but worry.

Ling Tian girly’s voice sank a little. “There’s something I wish to ask him personally.”

In the end, Zhu Yao still agreed to her request. Relaxing her mind, she suddenly felt her entire being was sucked out. In a flash, she arrived in that snow-white space where the girly was staying before. Releasing her will, a large screen appeared in front of her eyes, and the situation outside was being shown.

Seemingly in an instant, the atmosphere surrounding Ling Tian on the ground changed. Zhu Yao had to admit that, Ling Tian girly was more elegant and refined, a true beauty that could topple countries, while Zhu Yao herself was at most a clown that could topple countries.


“Little Yu…”

The girl lightly called out. When her voice fell, it was as if Reverend Fa Yu, who seemed to have activated his tyranny mode with his pair of scarlet red eyes and a body covered in killing intent, had a bucket of water poured over him.

Zhu Yao could faintly hear a sizzling sound in the air, as if something was extinguished.


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