[Disciple] Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: Female Lead’s Night Assault

In a blink of an eye, the fury, darkness and tyrannical aura exuding from Fa Yu’s body retracted completely. Even his pair of reddened eyes had begun to clear up and sparkle. He anxiously sprinted over to hold Ling Tian girly, his eyes were filled with unease.

“Tiantian, is it you? You’re still here?” He carefully held up Ling Tian girly. He seemed to be overly anxious, as even his hands were trembling. “Your soul wasn’t taken over!”

“Little Yu…” Ling Tian looked at him dazedly, and then grabbed onto him in return. “I didn’t harm that lady with the surname Fan, she’s not…”

“I know.” Unexpectedly, Fa Yu actually did not refute her, and was nodding his head strongly instead. Frowning, as though he had just recalled something, his face began to contort darkly. “With that face of hers alone, she dares to say that it’s on par to yours. I simply wish to puke from her ugliness! She even dares to spout that you’re twins given birth by the same mother! Does she really think everyone is blind? To think an indecent woman with loose morals actually dares to covet the position of Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace!”


What happened to the promised brain-dead fanatic of the female lead? There’s something wrong with this opening sequence!

“Tiantian, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you. I will aid you in recovering the position of Sect Master.” Fa Yu immediately turned back his head towards her, reverting back to that youth with clear eyes as he guaranteed with a serious look.

“Then, earlier…” Ling Tian girly was stunned as well.

“Though Fan Zhishan alone isn’t to be feared, the forces she has behind her are complicated, it would be unwise to fight them head-on. Those words of mine earlier… I simply wished to gain her trust, please… don’t be angry.” Fa Yu explained. Recalling everything that happened in the hall earlier, his face once again revealed a disgusted expression, as though he had eaten a housefly.

This development was happening too quickly, as if a tornado had descended. To think this Fa Yu was actually a double agent!

“Oh right, how are you? You’re not injured from earlier, right?” Fa Yu anxiously held onto Ling Tian girly and began to inspect her. He pulled here, and then glanced over there. After realizing that she was clean without a scratch, he then heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately after, as though he had just recalled his improper actions, he hurriedly took a step back. “Tiantian… I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” His ears were beginning to dye in red, acting as though he was at a loss.

Ling Tian girly laughed, the suspicions she carried in the depths of her heart were put down right after. She looked at the person in front of her with blurry and teary eyes. While sobbing, she said. “Little Yu… You’re still my Little Yu alright.”

Fa Yu raised his head, and looked straight into the depths of her eyes. Their eyes met, as though the interaction. “I’ve always been.”

Zhu Yao, who was still squatting within the Dantian, was shown a face of true love… Master, where are you?

Presently, a certain master who had been keeping watch near the Heavenly Door for a very long time: Why isn’t my disciple here yet?


Ling Tian girly explained to Fa Yu everything that happened. She heavily emphasized that Zhu Yao was not here to harm her, nor to take over her soul and body, and that she was one of their party members. Fa Yu frowned, but he still accepted the girl’s explanation in the end.

Zhu Yao actually suspected Fa Yu in the beginning. This person changed too quickly, after all. Earlier, he was still a brain-dead fanatic of Fan Zhishan, and an instant later, he became Ling Tian girly’s loyal follower.

However, as they conversed, these suspicions slowly disappeared. The eyes he were looking at the girl now with, were completely different from earlier where he was looking at Fan Zhishan. Though they both carried colours of infatuation, his gaze on Ling Tian girly was much purer. It was as if the girl was the only one in his eyes, and the rest of the world was filtered off.

Let’s not forget about his careful attitude. He was afraid of bumping into and touching her, and though he wanted to lean closer, he was afraid that it would make her displeased. He was so uneasy and fidgety like a young fellow who on his first love. Even those small unconscious movements were hidden with incredible worry and unease. If he was actually acting all this out, then his acting skills were simply superb. Most likely, he would have even fooled himself.

Because she saw through these, she did not stop Ling Tian girly from explaining everything.

The girl explained to Fa Yu a little more, before returning to the Dantian, returning the body to Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao’s vision flashed, and Fa Yu who was still behind the screen earlier, was now right before her eyes. He was presently carefully holding onto her hand, his handsome face carried a shy smile, and his eyes were so focused it looked as if he was looking at the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Zhu Yao instantly felt chills climbing down her spine. She wondered if it was possible to become allergic to display of true love?

“Hi, Little Yu!” Zhu Yao smiled awkwardly. “Hello, I’m Ma Liang.”

The gentleness and sweetness that filled his face instantly disappeared with a swoosh. He once again carried that cold and numb look, and almost at the same instant, he raised his hand and flung her away.

As Zhu Yao did not balance herself well, she instantly fell off the chair, and her face was covered in soot.

The hell! The difference in treatment is simply too great, don’t you think!?

“I don’t know where you came from, you wandering ghost.” Fa Yu coldly glared at her, as he pulled out a handkerchief and desperately wiped the hand he touched her with earlier. It was as if he had made contact with something dirty. “But I’m warning you. If you dare to mistreat her, or dare to think of devouring her soul, I will never forgive you!”

Zhu Yao rubbed her aching hand as she sat up. This person seriously changed his attitude very quickly. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in your childhood friend’s body!” As she said that, she could not help but lower her head and look at the 36E chest… Alright, she was a little interested.

“It best be that way!” Fa Yu coldly snorted, his eyes were as cold as ice itself. Not a trace of the cautiousness and anxiety he had earlier when facing Ling Tian girly could be seen, and expression he now had was filled with the looks of a cool tyrant. “For these few days, be good and stay here. Once I shoo away that trash with the surname Fan, I will naturally let you out.”

“…” Trash? Wasn’t he calling her little sister Fan in an intimate manner earlier?

Fa Yu seemed to have recalled that incident as well, as he looked as though he had just ate cow dung and was rubbing his hand with the handkerchief even more forcefully than before. With a cold tone, he continued. “That woman with the surname Fan is very strange. In just fifty years, she was able to nourish her Nascent Soul. She definitely made use of some abnormal methods. Her desire to bring Tiantian back to Spirit Heaven Palace definitely isn’t simply because of the Sect Master’s position.”

His words were sound. Earlier, Zhu Yao had thought of this point as well.

“Her body is enhanced by a unique mystical energy.” He frowned as his expression sank. “That mystical energy is actually capable of influencing the circulation of the surrounding spiritual energy. The higher one’s cultivation level is, the easier one would be affected.”

“You’re saying that all the men by her side are being controlled because of that reason?” Zhu Yao was stunned. She felt as if she had just unlocked a hidden scenario.

Fa Yu gave her a “it seems you’re not that stupid, and is a little better than trash’ look. “This mystic power is similar to the charming arts of heretic practitioners. It is capable of confusing one’s mind and heart, yet it doesn’t carry any evil aura which made it hard for others to sense it. Furthermore, it seems like she is born with this passive mystic power… as there are no traces of spiritual energy being manipulated due to that power itself.”

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled her past encounter with Yi Ling. It seemed as though all of the men she encountered with, all developed fond feelings of her. Even with Sesame took up a human form, he was unable to resist it. In the beginning, Zhu Yao had thought that it was just the cheat of a main lead. Now that she thought about it, what if the cheats of these main leads could be trained?

Did Fan Zhishan possess such powers as well? However, in the scenario Zhu Yao saw, the men in her harem did not love her at first sight, and instead only developed fond feelings of her after several interactions over a long period of time. Only after that, did those feelings become extreme to the point of taking their own lives if doing so was the only way to save her. However, from Fa Yu’s words, these people were influenced by that unique mystical power from her body. It certainly sounded plausible if their feelings were to have grown deeper only after being influenced by it over a long time.

After all, as long as one was a practitioner, he would carry pride that was somewhat larger than a mere mortal, how could he possibly be willing to share a wife with other men? Furthermore, they were actually able to coexist peacefully. This was simply too irrational. Not to mention there was a tenth rank demonic beast among them. Putting aside the stubbornness demonic beasts had in monopolizing their own partners, the reason why Yi Ling became a bug back then, was because she incurred the wrath of a demonic beast, didn’t she?

Fa Yu coldly laughed. His hands clenched tightly as he said with a dark and cold voice. “With that measly status of his, Cao Qi actually dares to touch my woman. It’s about time for them to suffer some of the consequences, otherwise they will truly think that I, Qiong Yu, am afraid of them!”

Why did Zhu Yao feel as though some people were about to go bankrupt.

“I will deal with disgusting woman sooner or later.” Fa Yu said in a tyrannical manner, and his voice instantly turned cold. He turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Within this period of time, you best know your place and do not harbour any evil thoughts. Otherwise, I will not forgive you either.”

“Uh…” What happened to Ling Tian’s promise of being friends with me?


“Understood, chairman! No problem, chairman!”

Fa Yu coldly snorted as he gave her a ‘at least you know you’re sensible’ look. With a swing of his sleeves, he walked out in big steps. Tyrannical, cool, overbearing, it was as if these words were written all over his body.

Zhu Yao: “…”

“Saintess…” Ling Tian’s voice once again resounded. “See, didn’t I tell you? Isn’t Little Yu really cute?”

Cute, my ass! -flips table- He’s clearly really scary, alright?

Ling Tian girly, why call me over when you already have such a tyrannical and loyal childhood friend? So that I can watch you two go at it?


On that night, Zhu Yao finally understood the reason she was here. It was all in order to defend against the female lead’s night assault!

While she was meditating, she suddenly felt a light breeze. The prison gate that was formed by a light pillar above a formation, suddenly disappeared. She looked the empty prison entrance in front of her for several minutes, as she silently sat on the ground, unmoving.

After an hour, as though she could not bear it any longer, a human figure appeared at the door.

“So it’s you.” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

Fan Zhishan looked at her with a cold expression, not a trace of the frailness from before could be seen. “Why didn’t you leave?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Clearly, someone is trying to lure me out by opening the prison gate so suddenly. Do you think I’m stupid? Like I would send myself out even after knowing this.” This was clearly saying, ‘Hurry and come out, I have a wolf’s den over here.’ A brain-dead scenario like this had already been played out several times in movies, alright? There definitely wasn’t going to be any good outcome from leaving.

“You’re rather smart, at the least” Fan Zhishan coldly laughed. “It’s no wonder you bear such incredible luck.”

“Luck? What do you mean?”

“Hmph…” Fan Zhishan did not have the intentions to explain. She stared straight at Zhu Yao, with eyes that looked as though someone had found an oasis after desiring it for a very long time. Her eyes were glowing fiery red, filled with immense greed, as she broke out into wild laughter. “Unfortunately, everything is about to be mine soon.” As long as I have this, no one will be my match. “Well, since you aren’t willing to come out, it doesn’t matter what I do it.”

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  1. “As long as I have this, no one will be my match”
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  2. “Well, since you aren’t willing to come out, it doesn’t matter what I do it.”
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