[Disciple] Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: Spewing All Over Your Face

As she said that, she summoned a few chains of light and came charging over. From what she was doing, she did not seem like she was trying to kill Zhu Yao, but snatch something from her?

Zhu Yao did not move and simply watch her flying towards her. However, when she was left with just an inch away from Zhu Yao, she crashed into something with a “dong”, and could not move a step further.

“What is this?” Fan Zhishan pushed the air in front of her, realizing that something transparent was blocking her. A formation? No, there wasn’t any flow of spiritual energy in the surroundings, and there were only faint traces of spiritual energy in the air here in the first place. A formation being erected here was impossible.

Zhu Yao glanced at the few wobbly words on the ground – Invincible Wall. She silently gave a thumbs up to the Magical Brush. She just loved cheat equipment the best!

“You are actually capable of summoning such a mystical barrier.” Fan Zhishan could not enter, yet not only did she not get angry, the flames in her eyes burned even brighter. “Wonderful! Incredibly wonderful!” It was as if she was on steroids, as she looked at Zhu Yao even more fervently than before. Her eyes were sparkling with incredible light.

Zhu Yao frowned. She felt that there was something strange with her expression.

Fan Zhishan however began to cast an art, summoning a large fireball in an attempt to burn away the layer of obstruction. However, it was useless. She then summoned icicles, earth spikes, vines… She used all five types of mystic arts, yet she was unable to break through at all either.

Her expression turned from shock, to greed, and finally, to unsuppressable excitement. Suddenly, she stopped all her actions, and with an incredibly deep smile, she said. “Do you think by hiding inside here, I will be all out of options?”

She raised her hand and red light instantly flashed. A red glow emitted out from all around Fan Zhishan, as if something was slowly seeping out of her body. A moment later, a ‘B’ popped out. Then, a ‘U’, and then, a ‘G’. Slowly, they gathered in the palm of her hand, forming an enormous sickle-shaped… BUG!


Why a bug!? -faints- Was the female lead’s body made up of codes? They were in complete English too!

With a complacent smile, she strongly swung down the ‘BUG’ in her hand. Ma Liang brand’s barrier instantly made a crackling sound as a large hole broken open. Zhu Yao was almost smashed in the face by the ‘B’ of the ‘BUG’ sickle.

The hell? What happened to the promised ‘invincible’?

Zhu Yao hurriedly retreated at full speed in order to dodge her attack. She faintly felt something had been chipped off by her side, as a cracking sound resounded. She did not have time to ponder as she slammed her palm onto the ground, and earth thorns began to charge straight towards the female lead.

The entire prison emitted out a large boom. Fan Zhishan simply shifted her body to the side to dodge them. After all, she was a Nascent Soul practitioner, while Zhu Yao was merely a Foundation trash. She was not her match at all! With just a wave of her hand, the earth thorns had all turned into ashes.

This was the moment she was waiting for!

Zhu Yao cast an art with her two hands, circulating the spiritual energy in her body. In an instant, a metal-type mystic art was activated. The crumbled earth that had just turned into ashes earlier instantly formed metal-like thorns, and they flew towards Fan Zhishan in a overwhelming manner. Because she had just shattered all of the earth thorns earlier, her surroundings was filled with ashes. Now that they had suddenly turned into metal thorns, Fan Zhishan simply did not have anywhere to dodge, and even a scratch was made on her body when one of the thorns flew across her.

However, in the end, she was a Nascent Soul practitioner. With just her will, a defensive barrier was summoned, blocking the attacks that were coming from all directions without a single exception. She coldly laughed. “Hmph. With just this much, you still think of…”

Eh, where did she go?

When she reacted, Zhu Yao had already flown out of the prison. The hell, who wants to fight with her? Clearly, we are standing on different levels, so naturally we have to run off as fast as possible.

Zhu Yao flew very quickly, reaching the exit of the prison in an instant. However, Fan Zhishan was even faster. Before Zhu Yao could even leave Grandhall Sect, a figure flashed before her eyes, and Fan Zhishan was already blocking her way. She had a sarcastic smile on her face, as if she was mocking Zhu Yao for her overestimating herself.

“Little Sister Fan!?” Fa Yu’s voice of utter disbelief suddenly resounded, and Fan Zhishan instantly stiffened. On the other hand, Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. He’s finally here.

“You… What are you?” Fa Yu looked at Zhu Yao, and then looked at Fan Zhishan. A heart-aching expression instantly surfaced. “Little Sister Fan… As expected, you still wish to save her, to the extent of breaking into the prison itself!”

Fan Zhishan’s expression changed several times, before immediately restoring that frail and stubborn look she had before. With a bitter-looking face, she looked towards Fa Yu. “She’s… after all my elder sister!”

When Fa Yu heard this, he grew even sadder, looking as though he did not manage to live up to her expectations. Even his body began to tremble a little. “I merely wanted to help stand up for you. If you do not wish to take her life, then tell me so and I will make the promise. Why go through the trouble of stowing her away? Am I someone that’s not worth your trust?”

“Big brother Fa Yu…” Fan Zhishan stiffened for a moment. She was truly beginning to grow a little anxious. “You misunderstood, I’m not…”

“No need for further words!” Fa Yu raised his hand to stop her. He powerlessly hanged his shoulders, as if he was submerged in intense pain. If not because she had seen how Fa Yu looked when he was facing Ling Tian, Zhu Yao would have truly believed that he was depressed from being misunderstood by the person he loved. “I have known for a long time that I have never held a place in your heart… I… I just wish to help you do something, no matter how small it may be, so that I can treat you even a little bit better. Are you telling me, I can’t even do that?”

“…” Fan Zhishan was dumbfounded. This time, she was truly troubled. Her night assault was definitely something she had planned on her own. However, she never expected that after a short exchange of blows, she would actually lure Fa Yu. Furthermore, he even believed that she had snuck in to save the prisoner.

On one hand, Fan Zhishan was worried that her plan would be exposed, so she had no choice but to admit that she was here to save her elder sister because of the deep sisterly love she supposedly harboured.

On the other hand, Fa Yu was actually here to save the Ling Tian for real, and was intentionally acting as an infatuated follower whose good intentions were trampled.

Zhu Yao glanced at the two Oscar winners in front of her. Uh… Should I chime in too?

“Big brother Fa Yu, I don’t mean it that way.” In the end, the female lead could not let go of the image she had built for so many years, as she attempted to calm the flames within Fa Yu.

“Enough!” Fa Yu let out a long sigh. “This Fa Yu simply do not have the fate to be with you…” He looked at the female lead with a pained expression. “Return to Spirit Heaven Palace. I will stop being so thick-skinned to keep you here.”

“Big brother Fa Yu…”

“Go!” He roared out, looking as though he had just made a difficult decision. “Don’t come here anymore.”

Fa Zhishan stiffened, her eyes swam towards Zhu Yao at the side. Just as she was about to speak up, Fa Yu suddenly said.

“As for Ling Tian…” His expression turned cold and he said with a heavy tone. “Just treat it as the final thing that I will do for you. I will never give her the opportunity to harm you.”

As he said that, he suddenly waved his arm. A chain instantly struck onto Zhu Yao.

The hell! Before Zhu Yao could even dodge, she was wrapped. She deliberately struggled a little and even cussed out a few times, coordinating with the two Oscar winners. She had no choice. Life is an act, and everything is dependent on one’s acting skills!

“Shut up!” Fa Yu simply gave her a slap. With a resounding smack, Zhu Yao was slammed onto the ground, crashing into the prison below.

With a loud boom, a large crater was blasted open.

Zhu Yao could still hear his words that carried deep affection along with despair. “Little sister Fan, leave. Stop making it so painful for me…”

I really want to award him with the Best Actor award, what to do!?

A moment later, she could no longer hear any movements above. Only then did Zhu Yao finally crawl up from the crater.

Raising her head, she looked at Fa Yu, who was looking into the distance with a painful expression. The rays from the sunset shone onto his body with indescribable loneliness, coincidentally striking at the perfect angle for an infatuated supporting male lead. ‘Acting’ was all that could be felt from his entire body!

In the next moment, he flew down. All of his previous emotions had receded, and he was now giving Zhu Yao a pair of dead fish eyes. “Hey, are you dead yet?”

The hell! So my treatment was not an act!?

Zhu Yao shook off the dust from her body and stood up. She slapped off the shattered defensive artifact in front of her chest, and rolled her eyes back at him.

He had indeed used all of his strength in that slap earlier. Forget about a Foundation disciple, even an Azoth Core practitioner would not have been able to take that slap. However, at the moment he was about to hit her, he placed a defensive artifact on her which directly blocked against all damage. It looked as if she had died of certain, but other than having a mouth full of dirt, there wasn’t a single injury on her.

Zhu Yao seemed to have understood his intentions right away, and thus had immediately retracted all of her aura, along with her consciousness, deep into her Dantian where Ling Tian was. Thus, she successfully played dead!

“Your acting is pretty good, young man!” Zhu Yao habitually reached out to pat his shoulder.

She did not expect that he would suddenly shift his body to the side to evade her, causing her hand to pat on air, and she was this close to stumbling onto the ground.

“Don’t touch me. Disgusting.”

“…” The hell. Your despise for me is too obvious, don’t you think!? We’re already teammates right now, you know? “Hmph. Earlier, you were still clinging onto little sister Fan and not letting go of her. I didn’t see you feel disgusted by that though?”

His face instantly distorted, looking as though he had just ate shit. Cusses came thundering down the moment he opened his mouth. “If not because Tiantian was in danger, do you think this daddy would approach a woman like her who is as dirty as a toilet stool? This daddy can smell the disgusting stench of a trash like her from three hundred kilometers away! If I were to throw someone like her into the toilet, I would be afraid of staining someone else’s shit! She’s cancer when alive, and I’m even afraid that she would spread that disease of hers to the other ghosts when she’s dead! She dirties the earth spiritual energy when she’s walking, she dirties the water spiritual energy when she’s drinking water, she dirties the metal spiritual energy when she’s practicing her sword arts, she dirties the fire spiritual energy when she’s lighting up a fire, and if she were to sleep on a wooden bed, even the wood spiritual energy would despise her, alright? Just by living in the same realm as her, this daddy feels that bad odour is all this daddy is breathing in…”

He was full of hot air with endless cusses to throw.

“…” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded the longer she listened to him. Thank you for simply despising me for being disgusting! What’s with this feeling of striking the top prize in the lottery?

Ling Tian girly, are you sure you’re not blind?

Fa Yu cussed at Fan Zhishan for two whole hours, and there was never once did he repeat the same cuss. His cusses were brilliant, enough to awe the masses of both in the past and present eras. If Fan Zhishan was present to hear all his cusses, either she would directly die from anger, or she would feel that she was mistreating her own ears.

Only when the sun was disappearing in the horizon, did Fa Yu finally wave his arm and say. “I’m going to drink some water!” He finally stopped that slow, unceasing chain of cusses.

Zhu Yao had a darkened expression. She had no choice but to follow after him, but she was quietly maintaining a three meters distance from him, afraid that his spit would land on her.

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  1. “Zhu Yao glanced at the few wobbly words on the ground – Invincible Wall. She silently gave a thumbs up to the Magical Brush. She just loved cheat equipment the best!”
    Zhu Yao raises a flag! Cue the BUG.

    All that talk of Oscar-winning characters reminded me of the story Eight Treasures Trousseau. It’s about a court intrigue in ancient China, and any time the nobility is in front of one another, or in front of the emperor, the transmigrated female lead internally praises everyone for their incredible acting skills.

    “Fa Yu cussed at Fan Zhishan for two whole hours, and there was never once did he repeat the same cuss. His cusses were brilliant, enough to awe the masses of both in the past and present eras.”
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