[Disciple] Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Talented Acting School

“Yo! And here I was wondering who it was? So it’s a pair of passionate little mandarin ducks!” The fox demon looked at the two people who were entangled with each other, the corner of her lips revealed a hint of an odd smile.

The two people on the ground woke up from their excitement, and hurriedly separated from each other. Su Zi shrieked, and began to find her clothes to cover herself in a fluster. While Xiao Yi was actually completely calm, as he summoned a flying sword with his hand, and pointed it at the red-clothed lady in the sky.

The fox demon, however, smiled even more arrogantly. With a wave of her hand, a light blade was immediately sent flying towards Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi completely did not have the strength to retaliate, and was forced back a couple of meters. The fox demon did not seem to have the intention to kill him, as she uttered a binding incantation, and restrained Xiao Yi.

Descending from the sky, her smile became even more enchanting as she walked towards him. Raising her hand, she cupped onto his jaw. “Little brother, is she not satisfying enough for you? Why don’t this big sister help you!” The fox demon’s eyes were beautiful as silk, the yang energy in practitioners were very beneficial to her, and she did not expect to have such good luck today.

“Let go of big brother Xiao Yi.” Su Zi summoned an ice blade, attacking her with it. The fox demon’s figure dodged, and the ice blade struck directly onto the tree behind her.

The fox demon snorted coldly. “You’re overestimating your abilities.” With a wave of her hand, Su Zi was blown away in an instant, fresh blood was spat from her mouth, and she fell onto the ground, with no longer any strength to retaliate.

“Little sister Su!” Xiao Yi struggled forcefully, yet, he was still unable to escape the bind. He could only stare ruthlessly at the fox demon in front of him. However, she looked as though she was not bothered in the slightest, which caused his imposing air to weaken quite a bit.

“Yo, little brother, don’t worry. I won’t kill you.” The fox demon smiled even more bewitchingly. A cultivation level at the elementary Azoth Core stage had a definite suppressing ability towards them, and they basically could not retaliate at all. The fox demon once again walked closer, touching his ***** upper body. “Big sister will treat you very well.”

Just when the fox demon was about to leave with Xiao Yi, suddenly, a pressure of the catastrophic level suddenly descended upon her. The fox demon’s figure wobbled, and she then directly knelt onto the ground. Her inner heart was in a state of great bewilderment. It was a Nascent Soul stage practitioner.

“A little female demon actually dares to be this impudent!” An ethereal voice sounded from the skies, and the fox demon saw a woman in white standing straight on her flying sword, her figure was fixed in the sky. Her eyes were like glaciers, as she looked at the fox demon below her.

The fox demon’s heart instantly tightened. The white robe she was wearing was the signature of the Ancient Hill Sect, it was not possible for her to not recognize it. She was actually so unfortunate to encounter a Nascent Soul stage practitioner from the Ancient Hill Sect. “This little demon was unaware that senior was here, and had unintentionally acted offensively, I hope that senior will forgive me.”

The fox demon instantly kept her demonic bewitchment and arrogance, and respectfully bowed.

“You still dare to lie!” The woman’s expression turned cold. With a wave of her hand, a bolt of heavenly lightning was sent flying down, striking a place not far from the fox demon, leaving a huge crater. “You harmed a disciple of my Ancient Hill Sect, and you still dare to say it was unintentional?”

The fox demon was momentarily anxious, and her legs began to slightly wobble uncontrollably. A demon practitioner was naturally stronger than a human practitioner of the same rank, but, it was very hard for them to increase their rank, so, of course, she would naturally fear heavenly lightning bolts. And when the fox demon saw that she was capable of summoning a heavenly lightning bolt with just a simple wave of her hand, her face instantly turned pale.

“Senior, you have misunderstood. This little demon was just playing a joke on them.” The fox demon carefully replied, and felt she was fortunate to not have harmed that girly too heavily earlier. Also, she silently wished that this Nascent Soul stage practitioner was just passing through by sheer coincidence, and hoped that she did not know of her actions in the town.

“A joke?” The white-clothed woman was startled, as though she was really considering her words.

The fox demon realized this was her chance. “If senior do not have anything else for me, this little demon shall first take her leave.” The moment those words fell, the demon had already used her fastest mystic art, and speedily fled the scene.

The white-clothed woman stood in the air, yet, she completely did not have the intention to chase after her. A while later, her flying sword gently descended onto the ground. She heaved a long sigh, that imposing air of an extreme expert she once had instantly disappeared without a trace, and she fell flat on her butt without any considerations to her image. That terrifying pressure of a Nascent Soul stage practitioner instantly disappeared completely as well, as though it had never appeared.

“What the hell, that scared the hell out of me!” The white-clothed woman heaved a long sigh, and this person was exactly Zhu Yao.

“Big sister Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi walked out of the bushes at the side as well, and supported the person on the ground. “Are you alright?”

“What do you think?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. The entire situation earlier was just a ploy set up by her and Wang Xuzhi, and its purpose was to frighten the fox demon away. A demon at the Azoth Core stage was not something they could go up against even if all of them were to gang up on her. But, with a Nascent Soul stage practitioner, it would be completely different. Hence, she had Wang Xuzhi cast an illusion art from the shadows to simulate the pressure of a Nascent Soul stage practitioner, while she herself would stand on the flying sword and use a heavenly lightning to scare the fox demon off. However, with her cultivation level, just that single heavenly lightning bolt earlier had used up all of her spiritual energy. If she had not desperately persevered, she would have either fell off due to her fear of heights, or fell off due to the depletion of her spiritual energy. Currently, she no longer had the energy to even stand.

“Thank you, grand-martial aunt, for saving my life.” Xiao Yi finally reacted as well. She was the one who saved him, although he was not contented about it, he gritted his teeth and still gave his thanks.

Zhu Yao turned and swept him a glance. “Can you say that after wearing your clothes?”

Conversing with a naked man, her pressure was huge, you know?


“Big brother Xiao Yi?” And it just happened to be at this sort of time, Ling Long felt the disturbance, and ran over from the inn. Seeing Xiao Yi who was stark naked, she let out a scream. “Big brother Xiao Yi, you…” She turned her head away, however, she actually saw the messily dressed Su Zi who had fainted at the side, and suddenly understood something, as her small face instantly turned snow-white.

Unfortunately, Zhu Yao no longer had the strength to witness the big break-up that would happen next. She had initially wanted to watch a live love action movie for free, but, in the end, the one who was dog-tired was actually her, and she was groggy as well.

She had Wang Xuzhi send her back. She had to rest and recover her spiritual energy.

Hence, on the scene, the people who were left were, the stark-naked Xiao Yi, the messily dressed Su Zi, and Ling Long, whose tears were flowing out like an unstoppable flooding Yellow River.

In the early morning of the second day, Zhu Yao decided to return immediately to the sect, because she suddenly recalled something. Although the plan yesterday worked out without a hitch, successfully scaring away the fox demon, it did not guarantee that the fox demon would not realize anything suspicious after thinking carefully about it.

Only when she returned to the sect immediately without looking back, then everything would really be settled. The main point was, what she used yesterday to scare off the fox demon, was “Heavenfall”. This mystic art, a lightning type mystic art with such speed, other than using a Lightning Guiding Talisman, only lightning spirit vein holders could do it. And in Ancient Hill Sect, the only person who had high cultivation level, and possessed the lightning spirit vein, was only her Demigod master. As long as the fox demon could think of this point, she would realize that they had disguised her cultivation level to fool her.

Fox demons were very unique demonic beasts. They specialize in Bewitchment Arts, and by nature, they did not like to fight and cultivate. Most of them were third rank demonic beasts, and they could shapeshift the moment they were born, yet, they had always lived deep in the forests, and they would never reveal themselves easily.

However, evidently, the one they encountered was different. Not only had she raised her level to a fifth rank demonic beast, she even treated a man’s essence as her favourite food. Regarding the incidents about the disappearance of men in the town, they were definitely her doing. Those people did not disappear, rather, they died due to their essences being sucked dry, causing them to disintegrate into dust.

With the strength of the five of them, they were basically unable to deal with her. They had to leave as fast as possible, return to the sect, and report to the Sect Master about the news of the existence of the fifth rank fox demon in the town.

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