[Disciple] Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: I Can Read

Fa Yu gulped down three cups of water, before he was finally able to calm down and heave a long sigh. When Zhu Yao thought that he was about to continue cussing, he suddenly turned his around and looked at her with a ‘you trash’ expression. With a cold tone, he said. “That trash will succeed the Sect Master position three days later.”

“Eh?” What trash? This change in topic came too abruptly, give her some buffer time to calm down.

“I don’t know what method that trash used either. She was actually able to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast.” Fa Yu said with a cold look.

By ‘trash’, he was referring to the female lead. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and she then modestly inquired. “What’s the Spirit Guiding Beast?”

Was it a demonic beast? She had never heard of the existence of a demonic beast like that.

“The Spirit Guiding Beast is the guardian beast of Spirit Heaven Palace.” Fa Yu threw a “are you an idiot?” glance. “It’s born as a ninth rank, and after maturing, it can advance into the tenth rank. As long as it goes through the lightning tribulation after that, it can ascend to the Higher Realm. The Spirit Guiding Beast can only be awakened by every generation of the Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Masters, and they will only form contracts with the Sect Masters.”

“Ling Tian isn’t able to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast?” Zhu Yao asked.

“How is that possible!?” Fa Yu glared at her. “Tiantian is the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace. However, the Spirit Guiding Beast lives in the Heaven Profound Cave, and it will only break out of its shell in a hundred years. When Tiantian was in Spirit Heaven Palace, that beast was still in its egg! It’s not even close to day of hatching yet, so naturally it shouldn’t be awakened by force. Who knows just what method that trash used to make the Spirit Guiding Beast break out of its shell prematurely.”

Just what was going on here? Zhu Yao naturally did not suspect Ling Tian’s identity, otherwise the world wouldn’t collapse after her death in the scenario she was showed. She was worried about what the female lead was after.

“My Tiantian is the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, the true daughter of fate! The hell is that trash!?” Fa Yu said matter-of-factly. As though he had a recalled some beautiful memories, he muttered in a fragmented manner. “Back then, when my Tiantian arrived at Spirit Heaven Palace for the first time, I knew she was the best in the world. How could any other trash be compared to her? If the other trash wants to act as a cushion for my feet, I would feel my feet would be stained, you hear me? The position of the Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Master? She deserves the best in this world, of course. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for me to be considerate by damaging my own cultivation to grow up with her. If not because I had to shut the mouths of those old geezers and prove that I’m worthy of her, would I have left her and come to a stupid place like this Grandhall Sect to become a Sect Master or whatever? This man here only wants to protect, safeguard, and watch her every single day…”

Zhu Yao silently turned her head away. She seemed to have just listened to something incredible.

His complaints came to an abrupt halt, and he suddenly turned to look at Zhu Yao, as though he had just recalled that she was just by his side. ‘Oh. Shit.’ was all over Zhu Yao’s face.

“You…” He gave her a death glare, killing intent surged out of him like a hurricane as he warned. “… are not allowed to tell Tiantian, otherwise, you will get what’s coming to you!”

“Yes, President! No problem, President! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t let it slip!” Zhu Yao immediately swore an oath. I won’t tell the girly about how you’re secretly in love with her and how you planned an entire loli-raising plan since you were young. “But…”

“What?” His killing intent grew heavier.

“Umm… Ling Tian girly seemed to have been listening to our conversation the entire time!”



The cool and tyrannical President Fa instantly turned into an exploded tomato, with his face turning completely red. In the next instant, as though he was a fleeing soldier, he charged out of the door. As though there was a ghost chasing after him from behind, he even accidentally tripped over the door sill and smacked onto the ground. However, he then immediately crawled up and ran far away, till his figure could no longer be seen.

“…” What happened to the promise of letting me get what’s coming to me?

A long while later…

Ling Tian: “Little Yu is so cute…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Hey, which part of that was cute? I only see a huge pervert, alright? For his loli-raising plan, he damaged his own cultivation to become a child so that he could play the role of a childhood friend. That’s simply too heavy a taste, alright?

It was no wonder Ling Tian was just at the Foundation stage, while Fa Yu was already at the Nascent Soul stage. Him being a childhood friend was just a roleplay.


Ever since Fa Yu found out that Ling Tian girly was an audience to every single one of his conversations with Zhu Yao, he grew uncomfortable. Probably due to awkwardness or whatever, he did not appear for two consecutive days. Because of her status as the former Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, she could not casually wander about either, and had no choice but to stay in the house from before in order to prevent getting exposed.

On the third day, Fa Yu appeared with a perturbed look. However, rather than the expression he had as if he was looking at dirt when facing Zhu Yao, it was much normal than before… No, it was incredibly more so than before.

“Tiantian…” He looked at her sheepishly with a tensed expression. “Are you angry at me?”

“I’m sorry, I’m Ma Liang!” Zhu Yao raised her hand.

His expression stiffened, but he immediately grew his gentle smile back. It was as if flowers had bloomed within his eyes. “Lady Ma, I’m sorry. My attitude towards you in the past few days was bad. I apologize.”

Yo, is the Sun rising from the west now? This pervert with a poisonous tongue has such a drastic change in attitude! Also, the hell is Lady Ma?

“You are here to help Tiantian, so you’re considered as a benefactor of ours. I should be thanking you.” He said with a sincere look. Suddenly, he took out a bottle from his side, and passed it ot her. “Back then, I didn’t hold back myself well, so I don’t know if I have injured milady. I hope this healing sacred medicine is enough to express my goodwill.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She stared at the bottle he was passing to her, but did not reach out to grab it.

“Are you certain it’s a healing sacred medicine?”

His smile was filled with pure sincerity. “Of course. This is the best healing sacred medicine in Grandhall Sect.”

“Then why is the three words ‘Soul Extracting Soup’ labelled on it?” Are you treating me as blind!?

Fa Yu’s smile retracted. “Tch.” He had forgotten to tear it off!

In an instant, he returned to the numbed expression from before. The changes in his expressions were like flipping through a book.

“…” The hell, this bastard is definitely doing this on purpose, right? He’s trying to make me leave Ling Tian girly’s body, isn’t he?

Realizing that he had been exposed, Fa Yu was no longer interested in continuing his act. “Hey, wear this!” With a wave of his hand, he threw over an item.

Zhu Yao grabbed it on reflex, and realized it was a bracelet. The bracelet was covered with large number of formations, and the spiritual energy it was exuding was incredible. It was a seventh rank mystic artifact. When she wore it, a circle of light instantly swept across her entire body.

“This mystic artifact can conceal your looks.” Fa Yu explained impatiently. “Demigod Sovereigns might not be able to see through it either.”

Zhu Yao summoned a water mirror with a wave of her hand. As he had said, her looks had changed. Her facial features now leaned closer to average, belonging to the type which, if she was thrown into a crowd of people, she would not be easily recognized by others.

“What’s the catch behind this?” Fa Yu would not give her something like this for no reason.

“Tomorrow, that trash will summon the various clans and sects to bear witness to her officially becoming the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace.” Fa Yu rolled his eyes, his face was filled with scorn. However, compared to before, his attitude was much better. Back then, the eyes he looked at her with had always been: You disgusting slug. Now, when looking at her, he first asked if Ling Tian was watching through his eyes, and then he changed his eyes into: You slug.

Though both slugs, she was now no longer disgusting. Mn, Zhu Yao was a person that was content with just what she had.

“Though Cao Qi came up with the excuse of twins, those old geezers of Spirit Heaven Palace aren’t stupid either. They are definitely aware that though the trash is able to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast, it might not definitely take her as its owner. If we want to take back the position of Sect Master, we have to make use of this opportunity.”

“You’re thinking of having Ling Tian return to take in that Spirit Guiding Beast, in order to prove her identity?”


This was indeed a good opportunity. Now that Fan Zhishan believed that Ling Tian was already dead, she definitely would not set up much defenses. Furthermore, she definitely would not have guessed that Ling Tian would be so daring to charge back in. However…

“If you do such a thing, it’s akin to breaking off from Fan Zhishan. You must be aware that she was born in the first-rate deity sect – Sleipoup Sect. She has still many people backing her up. Spirit Heaven Palace is just a small part of her forces. If she were to turn back and attack Grandhall Sect…”

“We can talk about future matters in the future. Tiantian must not be sullied by her for nothing!” Fa Yu frowned, and he said with a furious look. “If she were to truly become the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, Tiantian will have nowhere to stay in the future either.”

Zhu Yao did not persuade any further. Sure, hiding was good and all, but why not declare a fallout with her in the open? At the very least, by doing so, Fan Zhishan would not be able to make her move openly for a short period of time.


In the early morning of the second day, Fa Yu brought a large number of disciples to Spirit Heaven Palace. He intentionally picked out a portion of the disciples from various levels, including those with Essence and Foundation cultivation levels, and Zhu Yao was mixed among the Foundation disciples. With a total of thirty or so people, it seemed sufficient enough to sustain the face of Spirit Heaven Palace.

When they arrived at Spirit Heaven Palace, they were welcomed by Cao Qi. This was the first time Zhu Yao met nth member Cao Qi, and she had to admit that he had good looks. With mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivation level, he looked like a true gentleman. With utmost courtesy, he led Fa Yu into the inner hall.

Because Zhu Yao’s status was insufficient, she could only follow the rest of the disciples and stand by outside the hall. She then sized up Spirit Heaven Palace. Similar to the other deity sects, Spirit Heaven Palace was built upon several floating mountains. The place Ling Tian lived was the main mountain the very center, but it was not the largest one. Not far in front of her, there was a floating mountain that was even larger than the main mountain. However, compared to the cave residences here that were abundant in spiritual energy, the spiritual energy there was so dense, the mountain was surrounded in condensed wisps of spiritual energy, yet not a single human presence could be felt there. Zhu Yao felt this was a little strange. Generally speaking, that place had much thicker spiritual energy, so why wasn’t the main mountain built there, but build it in the present location it was in?

This doubt flashed past her mind, however, she did not dwell in it much further. She could not help but raised her head and look at a cloudy place in the sky. She could faintly see the shadow of a pagoda. That was the cave residence of the Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Master. It possessed the densest spiritual energy, and it was also the place she first woke up in.

“Sovereign Pi Shi of Sleipoup Sect has arrived!” Following after the passing of the message, someone flew over from afar. His body was exuding incredible radiance. Dressed in blue robes and bearing a straight back, he was filled with endless magmanity.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. This person carried his own lighting special effects during his own entrance. It seemed like this was Fan Zhishan’s first member – the female lead’s master. It would have been incredibly shocking, if not for half of the lighting going missing. As if it was blocked by something.

Eh, wait a minute!? Just what in the world was that radiance?

Zhu Yao took a closer look, and the light exuding from Sovereign Pi Shi disappeared again. Was this an illusion caused by the Sun?

When she finally regained her senses, that person had already landed on the ground. The various clans and sects, that had come to participate in this succession, moved over to welcome him, and gave Sovereign Pi Shi their respects and greetings.

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  2. “the eyes he looked at her with had always been: You disgusting slug. Now, when looking at her, he first asked if Ling Tian was watching through his eyes, and then he changed his eyes into: You slug.

    Though both slugs, she was now no longer disgusting. Mn, Zhu Yao was a person that was content with just what she had.”

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