[Disciple] Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: Contracting the Spirit Guiding Beast

Pi Shi nodded. A joyous cry suddenly sounded from the sky. “Master!”

Fan Zhishan came flying down from above, and then she walked towards Pi Shi with hurried steps. With slight astonishment and shyness, she said. “Why are you here?”

“How can your master not be present for your succession ceremony?” Pi Shi however had a serious look.

“Thank you, master.” Fan Zhishan looked at him lovingly, and then turned to look at the masses from the various sects. She courteously welcomed them, and then led everyone into the hall.

Pi Shi was walking at the very front while Fan Zhishan was following closely behind. Just as she was about to step into the hall, for some reason, her eyes swept towards Zhu Yao’s direction. With widened eyes, she suddenly stopped her feet.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She had a bad premonition about this.

“What’s wrong?” Pi Shi was the first to realize his disciple’s weird behaviour. He followed her gaze and spotted Zhu Yao not far away. While carrying a slight unpleasant look, he released a short probing divine sense.

The hell, she couldn’t have been exposed, right!? Zhu Yao instinctively held onto the mystic artifact in her hands, suppressing the anxiety in the depths of her heart as she stood still with her usual expression.

“It’s nothing. I simply spotted a disciple that I seemed to be really fated with.” Fan Zhishan lightly replied, a gentle smile surfaced from the corners of her lips as she walked straight towards Zhu Yao. “This little sister, I like you really much the moment I saw you. I wonder which sect are you from? Are you willing to take me as your master?”


Not just Zhu Yao, everyone present felt that things had taken a strange turn. Wasn’t this a succession ceremony? Why did she suddenly want to take in a disciple? Furthermore, the other party was a disciple from another sect!

However, she simply chuckled and said with a harmonious smile. “Don’t be afraid. We practitioners have always relied on fate. We can be said to be fated to encounter each other today. I really like you and want to take you under my wing as my personal succeeding disciple.”

When she spoke these words, everyone present finally understood. Practitioners could only have a single personal succeeding disciple, and thus had always treated taking personal succeeding disciple really seriously, unless one were to encounter someone whom she or he felt destined with. As such, choosing personal succeeding disciples did not depend on aptitudes alone, but fate as well. With how hard it was to encounter someone of fate, it was no wonder she had to snatch the girl as quickly as possible.

Zhu Yao’s heart loosened, right after being tensed just earlier. Just what is this female lead doing? Did she recognize her or not?

“Oh right, I have yet to ask of your name yet.”

“Hoho, I’m Ma Liang.” As she was uncertain of the truth, she had no choice but to rely on her acting skills.

“Ma Liang…” Fan Zhishan sized her up for a moment, and the more she looked, the more heated her eyes became. Cold sweat dripped down Zhu Yao’s back, as for some reason, she felt her eyes were a little off. She can’t possibly be into both men and women, right? Yamete, this old lady sells her body, but not her skills!

“Which sect are you from? Are you willing to become my personal succeeding disciple?”

“Uh…” If I were to reject your offer, can you not slap my face?

“She’s a disciple of my Grandhall Sect.” Before she could even speak up, Fa Yu’s voice resounded. Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief. As expected, when it came to acting skills, it just had to be the acting emperor to go against the acting empress!

Fan Zhishan was a little startled at first, but she immediately let out a tender cry. “Big brother Fa Yu…”

Fa Yu turned to glance at her, his eyes carried a complicated glow, as if they were mixed with love, pain, and disappointment, and other emotions. The quality of his acting skills was so great, Zhu Yao expressed that she was unable to measure it at all.

Taking a deep breath, Fa Yu retracted the emotions in his eyes, restoring his former cold look. He profoundly took up the role of a man whose heart had been hurt and had no choice but to draw a clear boundary.

Zhu Yao was the only one who could see that the cold face of his now was his usual expression. Most likely, he was already beginning to form insults of her in his mind.

“Present here today are all of the elite disciples of my Grandhall Sect. I apologize, but my sect do not have any plans of exchanging disciples with Sect Master Fan.”

Fan Zhishan immediately looked at him with a pitiful look as she gently called out. “Big brother Fa Yu…”

Fa Yu however had already turned around and entered the hall, completely ignoring her expression.

Her face stiffened. She had no choice but to suppress her thoughts in the depths of her heart as she led the crowd into the hall, continuing with the procedures of her succession ceremony. However, she did not forget to turn her head back a couple of times, throwing a few reluctant glances at Zhu Yao.

At this moment, Zhu Yao felt even her hair were standing straight and still. The female lead was unaware that Zhu Yao was brought here by Fa Yu, which meant that she did not recognize her at all. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have chosen to take such a roundabout way and use the excuse of personal succeeding disciple to take her in.

However, why was the female lead able to spot her at first glance? Not to mention she developed an extremely great interest in her. With how scheming the female lead was, there was definitely a reason behind her actions. Either for fame, or for her own benefits! However, what did a mere Foundation disciple like her have that could be worth her attention? Why did she look at no one else but her? Unless… There was something on her, and it was something only the female lead was able to see?

Just what was it? Zhu Yao felt that she had managed to grasp onto something, but she just could not grab onto the key behind all this.

The succession ceremony had already begun in the hall. Three out of four of the Hall Master were already sitting next to the throne, while Cao Qi was loudly reciting the official speech as he held onto the Sect Master Token. Just as he was about to solemnly pass it over to Fan Zhishan…

“Wait!” Fa Yu suddenly stood up and interrupted.

Cao Qi turned to look towards Fa Yu with a displeased expression. “Fa Yu, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Nothing, I’m just a little curious.” Fa Yu still carried that cold look. “I’ve heard that Reverend Fan is the twin sister of the former Sect Master. Because of a mistake the wrong child was brought back, and she had only returned to Spirit Heaven Palace today?”

“Of course. This is something everyone is aware of.” Cao Qi said with a nod. This matter had already been announced to the entire world, and the entire cultivation world was already aware of this.

“Then, that’s strange.” Fa Yu coldly snorted. “Since they are twins, on what basis does Spirit Heaven Palace believe that the former Sect Master is fake, while the Sect Master standing before us now is the real one?”

Cao Qi instantly flared up, as though someone was intentionally trying to find fault in them. “Is there even a need to say this? Zhishan is able to awaken our sect’s guardian sacred beast, the Spirit Guiding Beast. Is there a better proof than that?”

“Oh… Is that so?” Fa Yu scanned his surroundings. “Ever since I stepped in here, why haven’t I seen that awakened guardian scared beast then?”

When he said this, the crowd from the various sects began to discuss this as well. The position of the Sect Master was suddenly handed over when the former Sect Master’s lifespan had yet to be depleted. This was already a rare occurrence within the various sects in the first place, let alone something as preposterous as picking up the wrong twin or whatever. This was something that the masses found hard to believe.

“You…” Just as Cao Qi was about to burst into rage, he was held back by Fan Zhishan who shook her head at him.

Instead, she turned around and looked at Fa Yu with a saddened look. “Big brother Fa Yu… Are you still blaming me?”

The corner of Fa Yu’s lips twitched for a moment. Just as it looked as if he was about to break character, he immediately turned his head around in a cold manner. He was this close to cussing out at that trash.

Fan Zhishan on the other hand thought that he had affirmed it with his silence. With a long sigh, she turned to look at the crowd in the hall. “Haah, I am aware that everyone has their suspicions. Initially, this lowly one has planned on initiating the life-death contract with the Spirit Guiding Beast after I succeed the role of Sect Master. If everyone holds doubts about me, then let us first contract with the Spirit Guiding Beast.”

As she said that, she turned around and led the crowd out of the hall. Flying on her sword, she headed towards the largest mountain out of the range of mountains.

When Zhu Yao saw that the crowd had exited the hall, she knew that Fa Yu had already played his part as she immediately flew after them.

Fan Zhishan stopped a little distance away from that floating mountain and pulled out a tablet. She flung the table into the air, and that lush green mountain began to recede its greenery a layer at a time, like an egg having its shell peeled. Revealed behind it was a white mountain that looked as if it was formed by crystals.

“Spirit Stone Mountain!” Someone cried out in astonishment.

Sighs of praise resounded in the air. The entire floating mountain was actually formed out of spirit stones. It was no wonder the spiritual energy of Spirit Heaven Palace was this rich.

Fan Zhishan was very satisfied with the sighs of the crowd. Smiling, she flew towards the very center of the entire mountain. The crowd followed after her, and only after getting close did they realize that there was an enormous cave residence at the very center of the mountain. It was the area with the richest spiritual energy in the entire Spirit Stone Mountain. The surrounding spiritual energy felt as if it was about to gain substance even.

A man stood in front of the cave residence. Donned in a long azure blue robe, he had extraordinary facial features. Just that, the corners of his eyes were slightly arched. Even though he was clearly a man, he carried an inexplicable bewitching charm. Seeing the approaching crowd, he frowned at first, his eyes carried unconcealed scorn. When he turned to look at Fan Zhishan, he smiled again.

“Bai Li?” Fan Zhishan called out, her eyes were filled with questioning intentions.

That man reached out his hand and pulled her into his embrace as he carried a wanton smile on his face. He slight nodded, seemingly to respond to her. His eyes traced towards Sovereign Pi Shi behind her.

Naturally, Pi Shi began to frown.

Zhu Yao silently watched everyone’s little actions. It seemed like this Bai Li was that tenth rank demonic beast in question. The female lead sure had heavy tastes.

However, it seemed like this beast did not actually have an especially harmonious relationship with the rest. No matter how incredible a protagonist’s cheat was, it seemed like it wasn’t able to beat the instincts of beasts.

She could faintly guess the method the female lead used to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast. Most likely, the tenth rank demonic beast played a role in it.

“Everyone.” Fan Zhishan stepped out of Bai Li’s embrace. With her hands cupped together, she turned to the crowd and said. “Today, I request that my fellow like-minded practitioners bear witness to what I’m about to do. I shall now summon the guardian sacred beast of my sect, the Spirit Guiding Beast.”

She cast an art with a single hand, and then swung her palm out into the air. White formation lights began to shimmer in front of that enormous spiritual cave. Within it, there seemed to be a gigantic figure raising up high. When it landed, the entire Spirit Stone Mountain even trembled a little. That was actually a single footstep of that demonic beast. Before the crowd could see the true body of that demonic beast, immense pressure came assaulting them, causing their hearts to stir.

“Ling Tian girly!” Zhu Yao sent a message into her body. Zhu Yao planned to pass the authority to control the body to her the moment the demonic beast were to appear. If the Spirit Guiding Beast could only form contracts with the Sect Masters of Spirit Heaven Palace, then Zhu Yao wouldn’t be able to do it. Ling Tian had to do it herself.

“Mn, Saintess, I understand.” Ling Tian replied. The next moment, Zhu Yao began the procedures to release the control of the body, and planned to dwell in her Dantian.

At the same time, the Spirit Guiding Beast that attracted the astonished sighs of the crowd slowly walked out of the cave as well. Its figure began to look clearer.

Fan Zhishan was filled with smiles. When the demonic beast completely walked out of the cave, it revealed its sharp green teeth. It was an enormous demonic beast with six wings on its back. Facing the heavens, it let out a long roar, stirring up the crowd and causing their blood to tumble. “┗|`O′|┛Roooar~~”

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  1. I’ve wondered this every single time. Shouldn’t that be, “sells her skills, but not her body”? Is what she’s trying to say is that she won’t have romantic intercourse with someone, that they could “buy” her as a disciple, but not as a lover? If so, phrasing it “sells her body, but not her skills” means the exact opposite of that in English.

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