[Disciple] Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Cheat has Disconnected

When it came to something as serious as Fan Zhishan impersonating as the Sect Master of a sect and had almost caused the destruction of its foundation, even if Spirit Heaven Palace wanted to kill her, it would have been completely justified. Yet, Pi Shi still protected her regardless of the consequences, so naturally it would bring out the dissatisfaction of the masses. Most of the people that were sent here as spectators by the various sects, were all people with authority. Every single one of these people were naturally shrewd and would be willing to ponder about matters even a little bit more.

Though this incident happened at Spirit Heaven Palace, the other sects had to ponder deeply about the meaning behind the incident and the consequences. They had to suspect if this was all a scheme crafted by Sleipoup Sect. A single Nascent Soul practitioner was dispatched, and with just a mere lie, she had almost sat on the Sect Master’s seat. Then, would they also dispatch others to take up the seats of other Sect Masts as well? If that was truly the case, then the appetite of Sleipoup Sect was not just large, but rather, they were thinking of uniting all of the sects!

In an instant, the various clans and sects began to distance themselves from Sleipoup Sect, both in the surface and in the dark. Out in the open, the various sects still looked harmonious. In the dark however, little movements were constantly being made. There were even second-rate and third-rate deity sects that began to approach other first-rate sects, looking as if they were collaborating to resist Sleipoup Sect.

Though Sleipoup Sect was the number one deity sect with abundant resources, when faced with the collaborative suppression of the other sects, they were barely coping as well. It was not that obvious in the beginning, but given time, the effects would grow. If they were to push this matter for later, falling off from the number one position would definitely not be far from sight.


Spirit Heaven Palace – Jadeflower Pavillion

“Mistress…” Sesame stretched out its head, desperately blinking its eyes at her with a pitiful expression.

Zhu Yao slapped down, instantly slamming its head onto the table.

She looked towards the person in front of her. “You know this would happen right from the start?”

He looked at her with cold, scornful narrow eyes. “I simply calculated that Pi Shi would definitely stand up for that trash. I never expected that he would be so stupid to bring her away in the face of the various clans and sects as well.”

“It’s no wonder you feel at ease in bring Ling Tian back.” Most likely, Sleipoup Sect was definitely very busy around this time, and the female lead would no longer have the time to care about Spirit Heaven Palace either.

“However, that trash will not forgive Tiantian so easily.” Fa Yu frowned. “Back then, you concealed your identity. Though she was unable to discern you, she was still able to see you at first glance. Furthermore, she had several probes in her words. Most likely, Tiantian has something which is she definitely in need of.”

Zhu Yao recalled about this as well. The scene where Fan Zhishan insisted on taking her as a disciple in the hall, was indeed really strange.

“In any case, it’s best that you don’t make any rash movements in these few days.” Fa Yu solemnly said. “As for the people in Spirit Heaven Palace… I will naturally think of a way as well.”

After saying that, he did not care about Zhu Yao’s reply either, and left out of the door.

“Mistress…” Sesame weakly called out again, refreshing his sense of existence with a pitiful face.

Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked at it, retracting the hand she was using to suppress him. “Speak. How were you injured?”

Sesame was stunned. “Mistress… found out?”

She immediately replied with circling eyes. “With that showy attitude of yours, when have you ever learnt how to walk seriously? You have always made your entrance by leaping out. This time, you actually obediently walked out of the cave a step at a time. That’s not normal coming from you, alright?” Not to mention it did various stunts like rolling and acting flighty after seeing her. Even after turning into human form, it had to hug onto her leg. That wouldn’t have happened just from her beating it into a pulp. Most likely, its injuries were too severe, and its was simply unable to stand properly!

“Mistress…” Sesame’s eyes reddened. Looking touched, it crawled over with the support the table and wanted to enter her embrace. “Wuu, beastie is so pitiful. My rank dropped again.”

Zhu Yao once again pressed against its face, pushing it back to where it was before. “Then, why are you still wasting the spiritual energy to maintain your human form?” Was it thinking that it’s lifespan was too long?

Sesame’s figure flashed, instantly returning to the size of a pup and laid on the table.

“Speak, what happened?”

“I was initially cultivating rather desperately in the Spirit Realm, so that I can meet you in the High Realm. But Yue…”

“Enough!” Zhu Yao interrupted its words, and immediately stood up. “Let’s get to the main point. Why were you with Fan Zhishan?”

“My inner core was damaged when I attempted to cross realms, and my rank dropped consequentially. I managed to make my way to that spiritual cave from earlier, wanting to use the rich spiritual energy within to recover from my injuries. In the end, I encountered that tenth rank demonic beast, which is that Bai Li from earlier.” Sesame said in a complaining tone. “I’ve always known that it isn’t a good beast, but she said she was willing to listen to my biddings, and had come to look for me several times. After that, she said she wanted me to help her partner a little. Back then, my injuries had yet to be completely healed yet, and I did not want them to see through my condition either, so I ended up agreeing to it. I never expected that mistress is actually here!”

“If you simply do not want them to see through your condition, why didn’t you change locations?” It just wanted to tend to its injuries, so anywhere else could have been fine too.

Sesame chuckled, and then scratched its head a little embarrassingly. “I naturally have a reason not to leave.”

As it said that, it suddenly forced itself to stand up. With an ‘aaah’ sound, it opened its mouth. A beam of light flashed out, and a human-sized egg suddenly appeared on the table.

Sesame stroked the egg shell as if it was touching a piece of treasure, and Sesame’s face was sparkling. “Mistress, isn’t it really beautiful?”

Zhu Yao was shocked. After blanking for a short while, she said. “You’re actually able to lay eggs!” Wasn’t it male?

“…” Sesame immediately leapt up. “It’s not my egg! No, it is my egg, but it’s not laid by me. It’s an egg that I found.”

“You stole someone else’s egg?” (¬_¬) You beast trafficker.

“I didn’t steal it! I picked it up! Picked it up!” Sesame immediately raised its claws to express its innocence. “I saw it all alone in that cave. I sensed the presence of my race within the egg, and so I picked it up.”

“Your race?” Could it be that unborn Spirit Guiding Beast which Fa Yu spoke of? She did not know about the details of Sesame’s race either. Initially, she had thought that it had such features because it came from the Higher Realm, but it seemed Sesame was a Spirit Guiding Beast as well. Not to mention, it was coincidentally in the cave, and thus Fan Zhishan had thought that she had awakened it herself, believing that Sesame was the guardian beast of Spirit Heaven Palace.

Sesame carefully stroked the egg shell. “There should be a beastie with the same looks as mine inside it, and…” Its eyes dazzlingly shone, a strange red flush suddenly appeared on its faint-black body. “I can sense that it’s a female beastie~”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. That was the reason why it wanted to protect the cave so desperately. Is Sesame on heat right now?

“Mistress, can I…” You know.

“Why are you blinking at me? Your father-in-law just left!”


If you want to marry Ling Tian’s spiritual beast, then bring up the engagement to Fa Yu.


Zhu Yao inspected Sesame’s body for a moment, and realized that it wasn’t as simple as having its rank dropped. Even its inner core had pretty much shattered. Though on the surface it did not look any different, the spiritual energy within its body was extremely chaotic. Furthermore, it was still continuing to leak out. If it could not be mended in time, its rank would continue to fall. Most likely, it would fall back to ninth rank before long.

On that day, she bashed Sesame as a cover to seal several of its disarrayed meridians. However, she had merely temporarily slowed down the leakage of its spiritual energy. After all, she merely possessed the cultivation level of Foundation, how could she possibly heal a tenth rank demonic beast whose strength was comparable to a late-stage Demigod? Those suppressions would immediately be broken through.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious, and was truly a little dispirited about her present state. Her body was Ling Tian’s. No matter how much she were to cultivate, it would be of no use. If only she had her own body. At the very least, she could form her Azoth Core and summon her sword intent to help mend its meridians. Right now, she basically had no other options.

“Mistress, you can keep me in your divine sense. We are under a contract, so my injuries will immediately mend themselves inside.”

Zhu Yao shook her head. “This body belongs to Ling Tian. When we exchange the authority to use her body, I could merely hide in her Dantian, how can I possibly send you into my divine sense?” She didn’t even possess a body, let alone divine sense.

Sesame sunk into silence for a moment, and then it laughed without a mind. “Don’t worry. It’s just a drop in rank. Sesame can still cultivate it back.”

“Stop acting!” It clearly minded it a lot. “Don’t worry, I’m your owner. I will definitely think of something.” It was extremely difficult for demonic beasts to raise their ranks. It was not an understatement to say that they only had one out of ten chances of surviving from it. Saying that it would cultivate it back was just easy to say.

She did not understand why Realmspirit would actually resurrect her into Ling Tian’s body, and not provide her with a new avatar. Even if she was given the avatar of a tree or dandelion like before, it was still much better than the present condition.

Wait a minute!

Didn’t she have the magical brush? WIth how mystical the brush was, she could make herself one!

Zhu Yao excitedly reached out for her pouch, only to pick up two short sticks. She was dumbfounded!

“The hell!” She could not help but cuss about. When did it break? How was she unaware of it?

“What is that?” Sesame latched its two paws onto her hand and glanced at it.

Why did the brush break just like that? Its quality was a little questionable, wasn’t it?

Zhu Yao recalled for a moment. She did do any intense exercises though? Unless it was yesterday…

She was stunned for a moment, as she suddenly recalled the moment when Fan Zhishan wielded that bugged weapon and slashed down on her. She seemed to have heard the sound of something breaking. Could that have been the brush? However, she had clearly dodged that attack, while then brush was still being held onto. Then what did that sword break?

Could it be…

Zhu Yao felt something tingling in her heart, as an absurd thought popped out in her mind.

She suddenly stood up, picked up the curious Sesame and charged out. She instantly kicked open Fa Yu’s door to his room.

Fa Yu was startled. He raised his head up and looked at her scornfully. “Why are you here?”

Zhu Yao immediately reached out and held onto his collar. “Fa Yu!”

“What are you trying to do?” He moved backwards on reflex, his hands held onto his chest.

“The hell, I’m not your little sister Tiantian, what will I do to you?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Get up, I have something urgent to talk to you about!”

Only then did Fa Yu get up. He glared at her and said. “What kind of matters do you have deep in the middle of the night? Even if you don’t sleep, my Tiantian has to rest too, you know?”

Zhu Yao could not be bothered with his poisonous tongue. “Let me ask you this. You mentioned that Fa Zhishan has an unique mystic power inside her, right?”

“Mn.” Though he did not understand why she brought this up, Fa Yu still nodded.

“Then how did you come to realize that mystic power of hers?”

Fa Yu glanced at her, baffled. “Why are you bringing this up?”

“Don’t ask for the reason for now.” Zhu Yao said with a stern look. “I just want to confirm my guess.”

He frowned, and then said with an impatient look. “When I first met that trash, she was arguing with that idiot Cao Qi. During that heated argument, that trash even emitted out her killing intent.” As though he had recalled something, his brows furrowed. “Back then, I clearly saw her pierce something into that idiot Cao. However, after that, not only was I unable to discern what kind of mystic artifact she used, even Cao Qi remain unharmed. It was as if nothing had happened, and they immediately reconciled.”

He turned to look at Zhu Yao and said. “That was why I guessed that she possessed a mystic power within her that could bewitch others.”

Zhu Yao’s face paled. She instantly felt uncomfortable all over.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Fa Yu asked.

She chuckled with a helpless look. “The attack she used on Cao Qi… She had used it on me as well.”

“Ah!?” Fa Yu was shocked. “You… You can’t have grown to like as well, right?” He seemed to have suddenly recalled something, and then, swooping over like the wind, he held tightly onto her hand. “Then what about Tiantian? Has Tiantian been bewitched? Her heart is mine!”

“The hell!” If not because your cultivation is higher than mine, I would have kicked you, you get that? “This old lady here is a woman!”

“Who knows whether that trash go both ways? My Tiantian is so wonderful after all.” He still had a suspicious look.

“That attack of hers didn’t land on me.” Zhu Yao pushed his hand away. “But… She had indeed sliced onto something.”

He frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Fa Yu.” Zhu Yao said slowly. “Before she sliced me back then, she mentioned that I was someone who bore great luck.”


“If my guess is correct, Fan Zhishan is able to see everyone’s luck.” Zhu Yao said seriously. “The unique mystic power you sensed, was her spell which could snatch away another person’s luck!”



Luck was formless and ethereal. It was something similar to fortune or a form of fate. Everyone possessed different amount of luck. Just like how there were people who were born into rich families, there were some who would be on the verge of collapse. Practitioners had to possess a degree of luck, otherwise, even with incredible talent and extraordinary aptitude, he or she would be nothing if there was no one to guide them onto the path of cultivation.

Furthermore, the cultivation world was incredibly dangerous. Though spiritual treasures filled the lands, other than the ability to obtain them, one had to possess the luck to actually discover them.

That was why people with incredible luck would always be able to obtain results with minimal effort, and most ascended deities were people who carried great luck. Naturally, the more luck one had, the better.

Zhu Yao had not thought about luck right from the start. When she thought about Fan Zhishan’s luck, she had always believed that it was due to her being the protagonist. However, a protagonist’s cheat could be a form of luck after all. If luck could be materialized, then it was evident that the luck meters of protagonists would be much higher than average. There were definitely some that had even gone off the charts.

Though it was really hard to believe that Fan Zhishan could see luck. When thinking about it carefully, Zhu Yao herself had even encountered something as ethereal as the Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, Realmspirit had even mentioned that Heavenly Dao could be altered as well, so why couldn’t something like luck be snatched away?

When she saw the female lead in the prison back then, she had the face that looked as if she was there to snatch something away in the first place. After that, she had even summoned that weapon which was made out of bugs. With just a slight swing, her magic brush broke. Now that she had recalled about it, a part of her luck must had been sliced away, and thus her cheat had disconnected.

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