[Disciple] Chapter 334

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Chapter 334: Let Me Conduct Some Research

Something such as luck, like spirit veins, should be a part of one’s body, and they should be able to mutually sense each other. This was also probably why there were so many men surrounding the female lead. Most likely because the lucks from their bodies had been taken away, and thus they grew to feel something for her, right?

“The scene you saw back then was most likely Fan Zhishan’s process of taking his luck away.”

“That shameless trash.” Fa Yu looked as if he could charge out and give her a few bites at any moment. “From what you’re saying, the reason why she’s doing this to Tiantian, is because she wants to snatch away the luck from her body?”

Zhu Yao nodded. “Also, the luck on Ling Tian girly’s body is something she yearns greatly for. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come for me even after I have switched looks. Most likely, she didn’t see through my identity, but was drawn in by the luck within my body.” As this world’s patch, it was a given that Ling Tian girly’s body possessed immense luck.

“…” Fa Yu sank into silence. He had initially thought that Fan Zhishan wasn’t someone to be feared, and believed that the ones they should be on guard against were the men beside her. However, the situation now had changed. The one who was the most difficult to deal with was actually Fan Zhishan herself. If this were to go on, even if all the men next to her were dealt with, she could still create another batch of them at any given moment.

“Is there possibly no way to deal with that unique ability of hers? Do we have no choice but to let her steal luck away?” Fa Yu clenched his fists.

“I don’t know. There might be one?”

“That evil ability of hers is unstoppable. Who knows what kind of tricks that trash can pull? Not to mention we aren’t able to see luck ourselves.”

Zhu Yao sighed. “That’s right, we can’t see… Wait a minute!” She suddenly recalled the moment when Sovereign Pi Shi first appeared outside the hall. She saw that strange light, which looked as if it was missing a half of itself. Could that light be…

She suddenly stood up. “I think I have a way to see luck!”

“What?” Fa Yu was stunned. “How?”

Zhu Yao did not immediately explain. She turned to glance at him and said. “I have not ascertain the method yet. Before that, I need your help with something.”

Fa Yu frowned. “What help?”

Zhu Yao picked up the beast that had been lying on the table like a piece of decoration. “No matter what method you use, no matter what price I have to pay, please help me cure it!”

“It’s injured?” Fa Yu looked at Sesame with narrowed eyes, his expression was cold. He had always thought that Sesame was the guardian sacred beast of Spirit Heaven Palace, and was a little displeased with how it recognized Zhu Yao as its owner, even though she and Ling Tian was using the same avatar. “Isn’t it a tenth rank demonic beast? I’m just a Nascent Soul practitioner, how can I possibly heal its injuries? The moment I try to send spiritual energy over, I will receive a backlash.”

“Aren’t you a sword practitioner? Haven’t you comprehended sword intent yet?” Zhu Yao threw a set of scornful eyes at him.

“How’s that possible!?” Fa Yu coldly snorted. “This great one has already comprehended sword intent the moment I formed my Azoth Core, alright?”

“Then why don’t you directly use sword intent to heal its injuries?”

“Sword intent can be used to heal injuries!?” Why hadn’t he heard of it before? Wasn’t it used for offense?

“You don’t know?” Zhu Yao sized him up for a moment. “Don’t worry, I can teach you!”

Fa Yu: “…” Why was he feeling irritated?

Zhu Yao roughly explained the concept of the method, and after confirming that he had understood everything, she then pushed the beastie onto him. She then left him with some words, that whether she could see luck would depend on Sesame’s recovery. After that, she turned and left to research on the method to seeing luck.

Fa Yu lowered his head, and looked at the beast which was said to be the key figure to this operation. Their eyes met.

Large eyes against small eyes.

After a while, similar noises were heard from both ends.



The two of them turned away in disdain.

Fa Yu: Why do I have to save this stinking beastie regardless of the costs? PS: Someone else’s even!

Sesame: Why do I have to healed by dead-fish-eyes no matter what? PS: Someone weak even!


Zhu Yao returned to the entrance of the hall, to the position where Pi Shi first appeared. However, even after she stood still for a long while, she did not feel any anomaly in her body. Thinking that it might be because of angles, she grabbed a few passerby disciples, and had them stood at the same position as experiment. She then retreated the place she was standing at before as well. However, no matter where she looked from, that strange light did not appear once more.

Theoretically speaking, that shouldn’t be the case. Could it be that the light wasn’t luck, and was just her imagination?

She repeatedly called a few disciples over to experiment, and had even called over a Nascent Soul Elder. After that absurd succession ceremony that day, she was now the officially recognized Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Master who was not doubted by anyone. Fa Yu seemed to have used some sort of method to expel the main culprit Cao Qi from Spirit Heaven Palace as well. The other Hall Masters understood that they had wrongly mistreated Ling Tian as well, and were now treating her especially better. Though it was unclear how sincere they were, naturally, no one would openly reject her order.

That Elder was unsure of the situation either, but still cooperated with her and stood at her designated spot. However, it was still of no use. She was no longer able to see the light from that day.

Zhu Yao was a little frustrated now. If that light was truly luck, usually, experts who could nourish their Nascent Souls, though not an incredible amount, would still definitely possess considerable luck compared to regular disciples. If she could not see it from a Nascent Soul Elder, it only proved that there was something off with her method.

She recalled the situation from back then. It was noon, and the sun was right on top of them. Could this be related to time or weather? She had no choice but to wait till the exact time, where the sun was similarly shining from right above, before pulling another disciple towards that spot.

As expected, there were no results.

Were there still anything that she could have missed? She pondered deeply. That day was the succession ceremony, and the various clans and sects were all present. Though a large number of them had already entered the grand hall, there were still a considerable number of people before the entrance. Could this be related to the number of people and angles?

She hurriedly grabbed a few more strong men, and arranged the crowd of disciples to stand in roughly similar positions from on her blurry memories. Then, she had an Azoth Core disciple, whose cultivation level was the highest among the crowd then, to stand at Pi Shi’s position. She then retreated to her original position.

Still nothing?

She persistently directed the disciples and altered their positions several times. This went on for more than half a month, yet to no avail. The light she saw back then no longer appeared. Even the disciples that were caught by her began to grow displeased, and now, the disciples of the sects avoided her when spotted.

Even the Elder from back then could not stand it any longer. “Sect Master…” He greeted as he flew over on his sword from afar, as if he was trying to stop what seemed to the disciples’ punishment in disguise that lasted over half a month.

“Don’t move!” Zhu Yao suddenly roared out.

Shocked, the Elder creaked to a halt in mid-air.

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened as she stared intently at that Elder in mid-air. Two words continuously swept across her heart. The hell. So thi was what the light at the end of the tunnel meant? So this was what ‘when the tides go down, the rocks emerge’ meant? So this was what ‘adding insult to injury’ meant? Ah pui!

Light! She saw that unique light once more. At the position where the Elder was a few centimeters off the ground, she saw that unique halo. Compared to what she saw from Pi Shi’s body back then, the aura was much softer. However, the Elder’s was much more complete, as if a figure of light was being reinforced on his entire body, as an oval-shaped aura surrounded his body.

She finally found it. Zhu Yao instantly felt like crying, as she held onto the Elder’s hand in excitement. “Elder, what’s your esteemed name?”

‘Ah!?” The Elder was stunned. “I’m Qi Wu, Elder of the Disciplinary Pavillion. Sect Master, you…”

“Thank you! Thank you! As the representative of the entire world, I give you their thanks, fellow comrade!” Zhu Yao firmly shook his hand a few times. “The citizens will never forget your great contributions. You will forever be the greatest person in our hearts. I will remember you for all eternity.”

“…” The Elder was confused. Why did he feel as if his lifespan was about to be depleted and was about to return to the heavens?

“Alright, everyone, you can all leave now. It has been hard on you all today!” Zhu Yao carefully remembered every disciple’s position and then waved them goodbye. After they had all left, she once again looked at the Elder and sincerely said. “Really, thank you, Elder Wu Qi. Don’t worry, I won’t call them over again.”

“…” I’m called Qi Wu.

“I still have matters at hand, so I will be leaving now, Elder Wu Qi!”

“…” I already said I’m Qi Wu.

“Goodbye, Elder Wu Qi!”

“…” Qi Wu…

Zhu Yao finally understood the key when the Elder came charging in. Back then, Pi Shi was flying over from away as well, and that light disappeared after an instant. The actual position where the light could be seen was in the air, and not where he stood on the ground later on.

Thank you, fellow Elder. He’s simply the hero that saves this world! Eh, what is his name again?

Haah, whatever. The main point was that she had discovered the reason she could see luck, and now she had to find a way to make this method of seeing the light of luck, which only happened at that place, practical. Also, there was a need to make a portable version out of it. Actually, in this half a month of research, the reason why she could see the light was closely related to the angles, environment and etcetera. This could go into questions related to math and physics.

She had calculated all of the angles, distances, time and other factors. However, as long as she switched to another location, the light would not appear, as though it could only be seen right at the entrance of the hall.

Zhu Yao could not believe this. There was definitely something she had yet to consider. Thus, she once again returned to the hall entrance and looked at the surroundings carefully. She circled around a few times, and looked for the differences between the new location and this place.

If there is something different, then it can only be… the floor?

She squatted down and touched the stone plates. They were smooth and shiny, and a little blinding to the eyes.

Wait a minute! Blinding?

Zhu Yao raised her look and looked at the sun in the sky. Then, she stared back at the stone plates on the ground. This is… reflection?

Could it be due to the light rays? Zhu Yao immediately stood up and inspected the surroundings. She realized the entire plaza outside the grand hall was made up of these white, reflective stone plates.

She then pondered deeply about the positions of the crowd, and realized they had coincidentally formed a circle. Adding the angles of the sun rays and the distance from where she stood…

Zhu Yao immediately circulated her spiritual energy and drew a formation in the air. She then calculated everyone’s positions in, and then added in the sun rays. A formation which she had never seen before appeared in front of her eyes.

Could this possibly be a formation that allowed one to see luck?

She felt excited from the bottom of her heart. Immediately, she circulated her spiritual energy and condensed the exact same formation on the palm of her hand. She then looked at the passer-bys through the formation. Nothing! She was still unable to see it. Right, it definitely wasn’t a formation that was made naturally. The angles of the floor were all factors as well. It was just like how one could see the rainbow through a prism. Most likely, the many reflected sun rays could form an unique formation. Zhu Yao was enlightened. She roughly understood how she should go about making that mystic artifact.

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