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Chapter 338: Avatar Download Complete

When the voice of that black-robed man fell, the demonic beasts roared out loud like an orchestra of a hundred beasts. As a Foundation trash, Zhu Yao could feel her Dantian trembling, and the sound of it shattering could be faintly heard. Yet, Fa Yu still wasn’t stopping the formation. He paused for a mere moment, before continuing to cast the art.

Bai Li clenched his fists, feeling at a loss. The demonic beasts in the surroundings began to close in. Some had even lost restraints of themselves and came pouncing at them, looking so ruthless as if they wanted to tear the people into shreds.

Fan Zhishan’s face had already turned pale. Bai Li hugged onto her and dodged the attacks from the few demonic beasts. Suddenly, her expression changed. Gritting her teeth, she threw something towards Zhu Yao’s direction. “If you want the Sacred Dragon Scale… Then find her!”

In an instant, all of the attacking demonic beasts stopped in their tracks. They turned around and changed targets, running straight towards Zhu Yao’s and Fa Yu’s direction. Fan Zhishan however escaped in the opposite direction on her flying sword. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. This female lead wanted to kill her with a borrowed knife.

“Fa Yu!” Zhu Yao wanted him to stop this restraining formation. This was not the time to fight each other.

He however pulled out a talisman, a positioning talisman of the highest grade!

Zhu Yao widened her eyes. So he had long made the preparations. Placing down the positioning talisman, he planned on directly send them back to Spirit Heaven Palace.

He activated the talisman. With a flash of white light, the positioning talisman immediately activated. Just when they were about to be teleported away…

However, he suddenly accelerated his hand seals, and then slammed his hand onto Zhu Yao’s chest. Zhu Yao simply felt her consciousness instantly being pulled out of the body. Her body was as light as mist, and her five senses instantly disappeared. The formation beneath her feet disappeared at the same moment as well, along with Fa Yu and Ling Tian’s body.

Zhu Yao in her soul state was what remained, along with Sesame which had just released itself from his control, and a large crowd of furious high rank demonic beasts that were pouncing towards them.

For the very first time in her life, Zhu Yao understood what ‘removing the bridge after crossing the river’ meant. She came running to this world from far away, did he think it was easy for her? Putting aside losing her avatar, the key thing was that she had wholeheartedly worked to save a person. In the end, someone still suspected her for harbouring ulterior motives, and had even dug an extremely large hole waiting for her to jump into it. Her entire mind was in flames, as she was fuming to the point of wanting to bash a certain someone. She suddenly have the impulse of not caring about anything anymore,

She raised her head and looked at the vicious demonic beast crowd that were roaring out wildly. Zhu Yao simply felt like there wasn’t anywhere she could vent off her immense anger right now, as waves after waves of burning anger made her want to bite someone. At that moment, she no longer cared about bugs, demonic beasts, and everything else. Turning her head around, she roared out at the demonic beasts as if she was venting. “Shut up!”

A wave of energy seemed to have spread throughout the air. Almost at the same time, it was as if the furious demonic beast crowd had pressed on the pause button, stiffening in their place. There were even some which could not step on the breaks in time in the sky, as they crashed into the ground like a dumpling.

It was as if the crowd of demonic beasts which still had bloodshot eyes just earlier was splashed with cold water. They stood rooted in their spots, looking blankly at Zhu Yao who was floating in the air.

A moment later, various beasties uncontrollably let out the same sound.


“Meow your sister, meow! Can’t you see this old lady is angry right now?” Zhu Yao gasped for air several times, but the more she thought about it, the angrier she got. “Let this old lady have some peace and quiet for a moment.”

In an instant, the entire beast crowd felt terrible.

Beast one: Who is that? She looks pretty likable.

Beast two: I suddenly feel like rubbing against her, what to do?

Beast three: But she seems to dislike us a lot.

Beast four: Wuuu, so sad. I feel like crying.

Beast five: The hell is a Sacred Dragon Scale?

For a moment, all the beasties did not dare to make a single noise. The entire place was awkwardly silent, as dozens of pitiful eyes glanced at Zhu Yao who was floating about in rage. All of them had infatuated looks on their faces. Mn. She might like us again after her anger quells.

In the end, it was Sesame, which had abundant experience in hugging her thigh, that reacted first. Amidst the hateful and envious eyes of the crowd of beasties, it sprinted over. “Mistress… It’s been a long time since I witness your tyrannical aura leaking out!”

Tyrannical your ass. In a certain sense, I’m currently stuck in the avatar selection screen, alright? Zhu Yao looked at it with narrowed eyes, and then floated back and forth a few dozen more times before she was able to calm down. When she turned her head, she was shocked by the beasts that were obediently squatting on the ground. This is…

Her power of friendship with the beasties had returned?

She pondered for a moment. Presently, she was merely a soul that had yet to latch onto anyone. Could it be that the World Favourable Impression ability only took effect when she was completely herself?

This sure is good news… my ass!

She was only able to float about here because the sky had yet to turn bright. Once the sun were to rise, she had to return to the Netherworld. How was she going to fix the bug after that?

Her thoughts flowed, and she once again thought of Fa Yu, making her lose all motivation in an instant. Why should I care about him!? Return to the netherworld, I shall! This old lady is not going to accommodate any further.

She turned to glance at the demonic beasts that were looking at her cautiously. In the end, she could not help but ask. “Just what happened? Why were you all chasing after Fan Zhishan? I’m talking about that female practitioner earlier.”

When her words fell, several paws and hands were instantly raised, as each one of them competed to answer her question.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she pointed at the black-robed man at the very front. “You, speak.”

“Lord, it’s like this.” The black-robed man cleared his throat, ignored Sesame’s warning gaze, and took a step forward. “We do not know where they came from, but those human practitioners from earlier stole our beast race’s treasure, the ‘Sacred Dragon Scale’. Then, they were discovered by us, and in order to retrieve it, we chased after them without end. Furthermore, they had a traitor of the beast race among them, and he is familiar with the terrain. That was why we had to spend two days to find them.”

“Sacred Dragon Scale?” Zhu Yao turned to look for the item that Fan Zhishan threw to her earlier. A dragon scale sparkling with golden light was stuck between a stone crevice on the ground, and it even possessed a rather unique aura. It was actually godly energy. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “This… can’t possibly be a dragon scale of the Dragon Race, right?”

“It is.”

“…” Just for a single scale of the Dragon Race, you beasties will actually spare no efforts in retrieving it? Demonic beasts were truly die-hard fans of the God Races.

The man looked at with a pair of sparkling eyes as he said with an excited look. “The Sacred Dragon Scale is made of a scale from a Dragon’s body. According to legends, it’s even the most important scale that protected its heart, and thus contains immeasurable godly energy. It’s the most important sacred relic in the hearts of the entire beast race!”

If it’s important, they hurry and pick it up, the hell are you staring at me all this time for? The scale has been left sitting there for such a long time, yet I haven’t seen any of you beasties coming to pick it up. It’s colour is even beginning to fade.

Zhu Yao sighed. She turned around and floated towards the dragon scale that were stuck in the stone crevice. Out of habit, she said as she reached out to pick it up. “Since it’s so important, then you guys best keep it safely next time. Do not…”

Before she could even finish, the moment she touched that dragon scale, a blinding radiance shone before her eyes as an immense pulling force assaulted her. Her entire being was sucked into it. In an instant, her vision turned dark, and below her line of sight, a familiar loading bar hanged right there.

However, that loading bar did not start from the beginning, but instead, it was already at the very end.

The ‘99%’ on the loading bar flashed, and it turned ‘100%’ the next moment.


A familiar notification bell resounded next to her ears, and a row of words suddenly appeared as well.

Downloading of missing soul has been completed, the avatar has been completely activated. Brave young lady, hurry and create a miracle!


She turned into a scale.


Zhu Yao blanked for a whole thirty seconds before regaining her senses.

This is an avatar?

Why the hell is it a scale, hey!?

And what’s with that 99% to 100% loading bar? That’s clearly the loading bar that appeared just before I reincarnated into Ling Tian girly’s body, right? Why wasn’t the loading from back then completed? Why did the loading bar stall, hey? Then, does that mean she has been using the wrong avatar all this time?

So, she should have reincarnated here at the very start. This scale was the one that was truly prepared for her?

Zhu Yao who found out the truth simply wanted to raise her middle finger.

Has Realmspirit’s intelligence disconnected? Even if she had her own avatar, how was she going to fix a bug by being a scale? Blind the female lead to death with light? Right now, she couldn’t even move because she was stuck in a crevice, alright?

Just as she was thinking about this, a powerful energy suddenly surged inside her body, and the energy was endlessly gathering at the very center of the scale. It was as if energy that had been concealed for a very long time, had suddenly been activated. This is… godly energy!

Zhu Yao calmed her heart down and directly circulated the godly energy. Two small hand-like lightstreams were formed on the scale’s two sides, and they held onto the two sides of the stone crevice. Then, with a strong push…

Pop, she pulled herself out from the stone crevice.

Fortunately, there weren’t any cracks on her!

The crowd of beasties that watched the entire process: (⊙o⊙)

They seemed to have witnessed something incredible.

“Mistress…” Sesame was dumbfounded as well. It did not understand what just happened at all. In a blink of an eye, Zhu Yao turned into a scale, and she had even pulled herself out of the stone crevice.

Zhu Yao however did not have the time to reply it, because the godly energy within her body was continuing to grow. It was as if incredible energy was sealed in every inch of the scale, and the moment Zhu Yao entered the scale, the energy began to pour out endlessly. In the beginning, she was still able to gather the godly energy in the center through her guidance. However, slowly, she realized she was unable to catch up with the godly energy’s speed of emergence.

She decided to directly take up a human form, after all, she had so much godly energy to spare. The light from the scale grew brighter, and in an instant, the area within a radius of several dozen meters was covered with golden light. At the very center of this golden light, a human form was slowly being formed. First, it was the body, and the four limbs came after.

Fifteen minutes later, a youthful lady with delicate features appeared beneath the stone mountain, and the surrounding golden light slowly dimmed as well. Human form materialization complete!

Zhu Yao unconsciously lowered her head to take a look… Flat as the plain flatlands.

(¬_¬) As expected, this was her avatar!

“Mistress.” Sesame pounced over with an excited look, its two paws hugged tightly onto her thigh. “Your new image is simply too beautiful. Sesame wants to bear monkeys for you.”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “What about your egg?”

“Uh…” It stiffened for a moment, and then helplessly said. “Mistress, if you like eggs, then I can bear them for you too!”

“…” Who the hell wants your eggs!? The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She could no longer be bothered with this beastie which had lost all sense of its morals, as she raised her head to take a look at the rest of the demonic beasts. “Everyone… Uh, fellow beasties, I wish to find a place to rest. I wonder if any of you is able to lend me a cave residence to stay in?” Though she had already taken up a human form, the godly energy in her body was still in a chaotic state. There were even traces of the energy running rampant. She had to immediately head into meditation to regulate the energy.

“Lord, lord. Mine… You can take mine!” A beastie immediately replied.

“Tch, how can a small place like yours accommodate her? Lord, lord, head over to my place. It’s spacious enough.” Another one refuted.

“How can that cold and torn-down place be compared to mine? Lord, lord, my house is the most comfortable. Come over to mine.”

“Your cave is filled with grass, it’s beyond dirty! Lord, lord. I have the most beautiful house, come over to mine.”

“Stop fighting. None of your houses is better than mine. Lord, lord. Come and take a look at mine.”


Uh… She just wanted to find a place to meditate, was there a need to fight over it? Furthermore, when did she become the lord of these beasties?

The beasties that banded together to fight a common enemy earlier, were beginning to argue for the sake of one person’s accommodation. There was even a possibility that they might start fighting for real if the discussion were to break down. With a darkened expression, Zhu Yao had no choice but to pick a cave residence of a tenth rank demonic beast. The reason was simply. His was the closest.

After bading the other beasties goodbye, Zhu Yao and Sesame followed after that tenth rank demonic beast back to its cave residence, and officially took residence in the place.

The tenth rank demonic beast that was most fortunate to be picked, was beyond exhilarated. It looked as if it was floating as it walked, passing through the crowd of demonic beasts with its head held boastfully high. That behaviour of his looked as if it had struck the lottery, and it garnered several jealous eyes along the way.

At the entrance of the cave, it suddenly pointed at its own bashful face and said. “Lord, actually… I can lay eggs too.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Sesame: “…”


Zhu Yao was only able to control the godly energy within her body after meditating for half a month. Compared to true Dragons, the amount of godly energy within her body was considerably small. However, she was just a piece of scale after all. It was still fine when the energy was sealed, but now that it had been ignited, she was basically unable to contain them. Yet, she could not cultivate using the methods of the God Races. After pondering for a moment, she directly used godly energy as a replacement for spiritual energy and tried cultivating with the methods of a human practitioner, where she guided godly energy into her Dantian. However, she never expected that her cultivation would begin to rise at extreme speeds. Furthermore, there wasn’t any obstruction by the changes of her physical body like a completely human avatar would. She simply crossed each cultivation level step and rose in strength without any setbacks.

When she had her godly energy completely in control, she realized that her cultivation had directly made a breakthrough above the Demigod stage, reaching the range of a Gold Deity.

Her first reaction was to look at the sky, yet she realized nothing happened.

This was illogical. What happened to the promise that all beings above the Demigod stage had to ascend? She had already reached the level of a Gold Deity, and she did not especially concealed her own cultivation either. Let alone the Light of Guidance, not even a single trace of lightning clouds could be seen in the sky.

For some reason, she had an inexplicably strange sensation, faintly feeling that this was not a good sign.

She unconsciously let out her divine sense, and instantly, the entirety of Horizon Forest was within her sight. Even that huge hole at Regretless Crossing could be seen clearly. However, when she tried to dive deeper into that hole, she could not sense anything at all. She strangely began to become a little mindful of that hole.

“Mistress, what’s wrong?” Seeing that she had raised her head, Sesame looked up at the sky as well.

Zhu Yao frowned. Throwing aside those strange feelings, she turned to look at Sesame. “Sit, I shall help you mend your Inner Core.” Fa Yu dared to place formations inside its Dantian, so he might have made other tamperings as well. She could only feel at ease after taking a closer look herself.

“Ou.” Sesame immediately returned to its human form and sat in front of her. Suddenly, as if it had recalled something, it said. “Mistress, actually, back then when I left the Spirit Realm, it was Yue…”

“If you don’t want to end up injured, then focus!”

“… Ou.”

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