[Disciple] Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: A Godly Development Suddenly Unfolds

Only after Zhu Yao summon her sword intent did she find out that Sesame’s Inner Core was not mended at all. Fa Yu had simply placed down a few concealment formations on Sesame’s Inner Core, and other than that, there were barely any other effects. Adding that the concealment formations could shield themselves from Sesame’s five senses, it created the signs of recovery. When her divine sense dove in, those concealment formations shattered on their own.

When she saw its shattered Inner Core, Zhu Yao instantly felt angered to the point of wanting to kill someone. This move of Fa Yu’s was simply too huge, yet she did not realize it in the slightest. If not because her current avatar had logged on, and that her cultivation had broken through the Demigod stage once more, there was most likely no one in this world who could heal Sesame well.

Zhu Yao spent an entire three months to patch up Sesame’s Inner Core to full recovery, barely stabilizing its cultivation at the tenth rank. She then walked out of the rented cave residence. Fortunately, it did not drop another rank.

She initially wanted to thank the landlord beastie, only to see it running over with a flustered look.

“Lord, lord…” Because it ran so quickly, it had even forgotten to turn back to its beast form. With its hands and feet on the ground, it sprinted over. “Lord, something bad has happened.”

“What is it?” Zhu Yao asked.

Landlord beastie pointed towards the far distance. “The hole in the east has suddenly grown really huge. It has already swallowed up the entire town.”

“In the east?” She was stunned for a moment. “Regretless Crossing?”

The beastie nodded.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. Flying on her sword, she headed in that direction. After only flying for a short while, she felt a powerful pulling force assaulting her, pulling her entire being directly forward. When she raised her head up to look, she saw an enormous black hole appearing in the sky. Compared to the Regretless Crossing she had seen before, it was at least ten times larger.

The hole was situated between the sky and earth, and it was even enlarging constantly. The surrounding trees and plants were being pulled off the ground one after another, entering the darkness within. Even the earth on the ground was beginning to disappear inch by inch.

“This is?” Sesame was stunned as well as it looked at the endless darkness. “Isn’t this…”

“The Severed Lands.” Zhu Yao continued in its stead. Back then, the secret realm “Tasyoluk” which Sesame was in, had such a place as well. It was located at the very edge of the secret realm. Only pitch-black nothingness was within, and even she knew that she had no choice but to reincarnate after entering it.

However, Horizon Forest was not the edge of this world. Logically, the Severed Lands should not appear in such a place. It could be best compared to a complete piece of paper. It could have its own edges, but these edges should not appear at the center of the paper. Presently, the Severed Lands had appeared right here, and it was even beginning to spread all around, devouring and growing larger. This could only mean that cracks had appeared in this world, and it was beginning to collapse.

Zhu Yao’s first reaction was that something had happened to Ling Tian. She instructed the beasties a few things, prevented them from approaching that place, and then turned to head towards Spirit Heaven Palace.

Back then, she had to spend an entire day to get there. Now, she had merely taken fifteen minutes to reach Spirit Heaven Palace. She initially pondered how she should bash that two-faced Fa Yu up, so that she could relieve the foulness in her heart.

However, when she saw the same large black hole in the skies above Spirit Heaven Palace, she was dumbfounded. Why was it here as well?

Most of Spirit Heaven Palace had already been devoured by the black hole. Only a small half of the floating mountains were still floating in the air, and they were still constantly being drawn into the black hole. Not a single disciple remained in Spirit Heaven Palace.

She concealed her cultivation and made her way to a nearby practitioner’s town to get some information, and found out that the black hole appeared four months ago. No one know what it was. It suddenly appeared in the sky, and it was initially just the size of a wellhead. However, it continued to grow, and seven days later it became even larger than a floating mountain.

Spirit Heaven Palace lost quite a number of disciples, and because there was simply no options left, the sect was moved to Grandhall Sect.

“I’m certain that Spirit Heaven Palace must have angered the Higher Realm, which led to the sudden appearance of such a strange phenomenon. It might be an act conducted by the Deities of the Higher Realm.” That practitioner said mysteriously. “That black hole produces not a single ripple of spiritual energy, but merely the aura of death. How can a practitioner of this world possibly summon such a thing? Furthermore, there are numerous other places it could appear in, yet it appeared right above Spirit Heaven Palace. It must be related to the Spirit Heaven Palace.”

Zhu Yao frowned. Wasn’t four months ago the time when Fa Yu ousted her out of Ling Tian’s body? It seemed like she had to make a visit to Grandhall Sect.

She rushed over to Grandhall Sect, only to realize that she was not the only who was making a visit. Disciples from various sects and clans were actually gathered around Grandhall Sect with furious faces. They were armed with weapons, and looked as though they were here for a fight.

Grandhall Sect’s Great Mountain Barrier Formation was activated in full force, keeping the various sects outside the mountain.

Zhu Yao took a closer look. Leading the pack was the number one deity sect – Sleipoup Sect. The female lead Fan Zhishan and Sovereign Pi Shi were standing at the very front, and there were eight extraordinary-looking men standing around them as well. Was this the female lead’s harem exhibition? It seemed like the death of that Cheng Yufeng did not affect the female lead in the slightest!

“Sect Master Fa, please hand over that menace.” A Nascent Soul practitioner loudly shouted at the Great Mountain Barrier Formation. “As long as you hand over that menace, we will let go of your Grandhall Sect. Otherwise… We have no choice but to go to war for the sake of this world.”

What was going on? The various clans and sects were actually here to launch a crusade against Grandhall Sect? Furthermore, Sleipoup Sect was actually taking the lead! The various sects would not even wait to avoid them before, how did the situation change in just a few months?

“As long as you hand over that Devil Ling Tian and quell the anger of the Deities of the Higher Realm, I can guarantee that the various sects will not look into what happened today.” That Nascent Soul practitioner continued to transmit his voice out loud. “It’s exactly because she has impersonated as the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace that brought about this misfortune that is this crisis. As humans who cultivate on the path of deities, we must do justice in place of the heavens!”

When did Ling Tian become a Devil? Zhu Yao grew even more confused the longer she listened. Don’t come up with such a godly development after I’m offline for just a day!

It seemed like she could only understand the situation after meeting Ling Tian and Fa Yu. After pondering for a moment, she intentionally circled around to the back of Grandhall Sect. Though she had concealed her figure and that let alone a Demigod, even an Earth Deity could not sense her, she could not fend against the female lead’s ability to see luck after all. It was best to take a safer route.

Though the Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Grandhall Sect could not stop her, she did not break it apart directly either. Instead, she found the formation core, did some slight alterations, and calmly crossed through it.

Sweeping her divine sense throughout the place, the entirety of Grandhall Sect instantly appeared in her mind. Ling Tian was in a room at the back of the Main Mountain.

In a flash, she appeared within the room. However, Ling Tian was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Zhu Yao did not intentionally hide herself, and Fa Yu, who was sitting by the bed, was stunned for a moment. He immediately summoned his sword and looked at her vigilantly. “Who are you?”

Zhu Yao swept a glance at him. He had long lost the wilful temperament and the scornful look he had for the entire world that he had when they first met. As though it had been a long time since he took care of himself, his hair was dishevelled and he had a fatigued look. Even this spiritual energy in his body had traces of scattering apart. He was in an incredibly weak state, to the point where his cultivation had even fallen to the Azoth Core stage.

Knowing that he hadn’t been well, Zhu Yao felt better.

She felt that the anger she had held onto for several months had eased a little, as she turned to look at Ling Tian on the bed. “What happened to her?”

Fa Yu was stunned. With widened eyes, he recognized her the next moment. “It’s you!”

She simply rolled her eyes. “Who else can I be?”

“You… How can you possibly?” He had a look of utter disbelief. “Then the body that you have right now is?”

“It’s mine, of course!”

“Then why…” He had a confused look, but suddenly, as though he had recalled something, he raised his sword and furiously said. “Just what did you do to Ling Tian? Why isn’t she awake even till now?”

“What did I do?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “What can I possibly do? Weren’t you the one who forced my soul out that day? Now that a problem has occurred, you’re blaming me for it?”

Anxiety flashed across his face. “I simply do not wish for her to be controlled by you. She can only be Ling Tian when you’re out of her body. How can she possibly be in a coma because of it? It’s you! You must have done something.”

Zhu Yao did not wish to spare someone who was crippled in the mind at all, as she released her pressure directly at him. Fa Yu was instantly pressed against the ground, puking out a large mouthful of blood.

“You best wake up!” Zhu Yao took a step forward and picked him up by the collar. “I told you right from the start that I’m here to help her. Ling Tian herself had even told you that I’m here to help her as well. It was your own self-assertion to expel me out. Now that she has turned out this way, it’s all your fault.”

“No… No.” He desperately shook his head. “I just wanted to save her. I just wanted her to be out of harm’s way. I didn’t…”

Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “Save? At best, you’re just a murderer disguised as a good person.”

She swung him away and walked towards the bed where Ling Tian was. After taking a closer look, she could not help but take in a deep breath. Though Ling Tian girly was still breathing inaudibly, a thick aura of death was floating about her entire body, as though she could stop breathing at any moment.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists, and then picked up Fa Yu again. “What happened?” Logically, this shouldn’t have happened. Though she possessed Ling Tian’s body, her body was still extremely healthy. It was simply impossible for something like the signs of death to appear out of nowhere.

Fa Yu’s entire body shook a little, as though he had lost himself in something terrible. His entire face was miserably pale, with no traces of the slightest tint of blood. Hearing her question, he simply shook his head. “I don’t know… Ever since we returned from Horizon Forest, she hasn’t woken up at all… No matter what method I used, she never woke up.” His entire body trembled as deep despair filled his face.

Zhu Yao frowned. She reached out her hand to check Ling Tian girly’s pulse, and had even intentionally sent a strand of divine sense into her. The conclusion she received was however rather unexpected. Ling Tian girly’s body… was actually completely healthy! No matter if it was her Dantian or her meridians which were not damaged in the least, even her circulation of spiritual energy was normal. It was as if the aura of death on her body had appeared out of thin air.

“You can save her, can’t you?” Fa Yu suddenly raised his head, as if he had finally managed to grab hold onto a floating wooden plank in the middle of a large ocean. He stared at her intensely and said. “Your cultivation is this incredible now, so you can save her now, right? Save her, please? In the past… It’s all my fault. Ling Tian is not involved in this. I don’t care how you treat me, I’m even willing to have my soul dispersed as long as you save her… Please… Save her… please?”

“…” Zhu Yao frowned. If you had known of this, would you have done what you had done before?

“You don’t believe me?” Fa Yu was startled, the anxiety on his face worsened. “Then place a life-death curse on me, or even a truth curse is fine! That way, I won’t be able to escape. As long as you save her, I will do everything you ask of me. I can cast the art now.” After saying that, his flipped his palm and the seal of the life-death curse appeared above his hand. Without even looking at it, he pushed it towards his own forehead.

Not able to stand watching it any longer, Zhu Yao waved her head and interrupted his art, pushing him onto the ground at the same time. “No need.” She turned to look at him and said with a sunken voice. “Because I’ve never thought of forgiving you.”

“…” His entire being turned ash-grey.

“Fa Yu, you’re only aware that Ling Tian is important to you. But when you used me and schemed against me, have you ever thought that other people have their own important people in their lives as well?” Zhu Yao said solemnly. “I can understand you expelling me out of Ling Tian’s body, after all, that doesn’t belong to me in the first place. I would have left sooner or later. Even if I was expelled earlier than scheduled, I can only blame myself for being stupid enough to not be able to see through you.”

She laughed in self-mockery. Then, her tone changed, as she coldly said. “However… I’m unable to forgive you for the acts you did on Sesame. If you didn’t want to fix its Inner Core, then you should’ve told me straight. Yet, you just had to worsen his situation, and had even place down several formations on its Dantian to fool us in believing that it had already recovered. If not because I was cautious and investigated its injuries, its Dantian might have lost all hope of recovery because of those formations, and even its life might have been at stake. You’re aware that Ling Tian is important to you, but have you ever thought that Sesame is important to me as well?”

His face was filled with despair.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. She suppressed the anger in the depths of her heart and continued. “As for Ling Tian… I will do my best.” He suddenly raised his head when Zhu Yao continued. “However, it’s not because of your pleas. Ling Tian is Ling Tian. You are you. I’m saving her because she is different from you. She did not betray me, and I won’t place your mistakes on her head. Similarly, I won’t forgive you because of her.”

After saying that, not caring about the expression he had, she raised Ling Tian girly on the bed, and then sat in a meditative stance behind her. After instructing Sesame to keep watch at the side, she took a deep breath and released all of her divine sense into Ling Tian’s body.

Ling Tian was in a coma the entire time, and the aura of death was spread across her body. Since her body itself was fine, then the problem could only be her soul. Actually, after Zhu Yao helped her retrieve her position as a Sect Master, Ling Tian girly seldom spoke to her anymore. She did not think of it as a concern before, but after pondering about this, the problem must have already started then. That was why after being ousted from her body, Ling Tian girly did not have any reaction at all.

When Zhu Yao’s divine sense entered her body, she did not encounter any resistance, not even the slightest bit of her body’s instincts acted as an obstruction. Zhu Yao felt that the situation was much worse than she thought, and thus directly made her way into her Dantian.

The moment she entered it, the scene in front of her felt like it had changed, as a blessed celestial mountain appeared before her. It was a floating mountain that floated high in the skies with a mighty pavillion sitting on it. It was actually the Spirit Heaven Palace!

Suddenly, two small figures came flying over from her left and right. They were a boy and a girl, whose age seemed to be between twelve and thirteen. The girl had a happy face as she flew at the front, her bell-like laughter resounded along the way. The boy worriedly followed behind, chasing after her while worriedly shouting his concerns.

“Tiantian, you have just learnt how to fly on your sword, don’t fly so quickly.”

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Was this a scene of Ling Tian’s and Fa Yu’s childhood?

“You’re here?” Suddenly, a light call sounded behind her. When she turned to look, she saw Ling Tian girly with a gentle smile on her face.

Zhu Yao could not help but look at the playful and noisy little girl on the other end, and the Ling Tian before her.

Was this… a dreamscape?

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