[Disciple] Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: Become One with the Darkness, Single Puppy

Everything happened too quickly, and not even seven minutes had passed. When they regained their senses, only the drizzling sprinkles of golden light remained in the sky.

“They disappeared…” People from the various sects that were present watched the entirety with dumbfounded faces. The scene earlier was simply too astonishing, and even now, they still could not figure out what just happened.

“It’s Ling Tian. As expected, Ling Tian is a Devil. She disappeared along with the black holes.”

“That’s right. That must be it. Her disappearance appeased the anger of the Deities of the Higher Realm.”

“The light earlier must have been the mystic arts of an incredible expert.”

“See, I told you that Reverend Fan is the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace. She is the one who bears the fate of the heavens. That Devil Ling Tian truly deserves her death.”

The crowd threw their opinions among each other, and the more they conversed, the more they ascertained their guess. They actually made it such that the phenomenon earlier was Ling Tian’s deserved retribution. There were even some who were persuading Fan Zhishan to inherit the position of Sect Master as soon as possible.

“The heavens are watching over us! The Devil Ling Tian’s death isn’t even worth sympathizing over!”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao grew even more furious as she listened, and she exploded out with a voice transmission enveloped with godly energy. In an instant, the crowd of practitioners in the sky could not resist against the pressure. Those with high cultivation levels puked out mouthfuls of blood, while those with low cultivation levels instantly fell off the sky.

Zhu Yao made her way out of the courtyard and towards the plaza at the center of the main hall. Her Gold Deity’s divine energy circled around her, as she looked the pale-faced crowd who looked all honorable just earlier. She could not help but smile coldly. Ling Tian sacrificed her own life to save such a bunch of people. “I have seen stupidity before, but I have never seen people who are hopelessly stupid like you lot.”

“You… Who are you?” The practitioners that were still in the sky all had frightened faces. A pressure that was as terrifying as hers was something none of them had seen before. Even a Demigod could not resist it. When did such an incredible practitioner appear in the cultivation world?

“Who am I?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed, the anger in her heart could not be suppressed no matter what she did. She turned to sweep her eyes across the crowd of self-righteous people in the sky. “Didn’t you lot say that the phenomenon earlier was because of the wrath of the Deities of the Higher Realm? Then, I shall let you people witness, what a Deity’s wrath really looks like.”

The moment her voice fell, she let out her will. In an instant, tribulation lightning bolts descended from across the huge skies. Bolts after bolts of lightning struck down like spiderwebs, enveloping the entire earth. Lightning sparks filled the place, and every lightning bolt seemed to carry power that could destroy the heavens. The mountains and earth shook, and the light of the sun and moon could not be seen.

The lightning display was too astonishing, and even the tribulation lightning faced by a Demigod could not be compared to a tenth of the might exuded by a single one of these lightning bolts. Even though none of those lightning bolts struck them, this display had already shaken them to the core. Even the Demigod Pi Shi’s arms could not help but lightly tremble. One bolt. Just any one of theses lightning bolts here definitely could definitely turn anyone here into ashes. This was something that no one would suspect. Power like that was basically not something mortal practitioners could achieve.

In an instant, everyone had the same answer in their minds. That person was a Deity. No one dared to speak, let alone dare to refute. They simply stood there stiffened, and they did not even dare to breathe too forcefully. They were afraid that the lightning bolts would curve due to a moment of the Deity’s anger.

Zhu Yao struck down the lightning bolts for over fifteen minutes, before she was able to suppress the impulse to exterminate them, into the depths of her heart. She slowly retracted the encirclement of tribulation lightning bolts, but the surroundings of Grandhall Sect had long been destroyed beyond recognition.

The entire site was instantly enveloped in a strange silence.

Unexpected, the one who made the first move, was Bai Li who had been standing next to Fan Zhishan the entire time. He seemed to be in a slight daze, as he looked blankly at Zhu Yao who was on the ground, muttering. “Lo… Lord…” In an instant, he felt as if the blood in his entire body was crying out, the slightly uncontrollable desire to approach her was pouring out.

Fan Zhishan wanted to pull onto him on reflex. “Bai Li!”

However, he completely ignored her and immediately flew down, his face was a little red from embarrassment and fluster. Though, most of it seemed to be due to a strange irresistible conviction, as he unconsciously knelt in front of Zhu Yao. “Lord.”

Zhu Yao simply gave him a cold glance. She did not have a good impression of this beastie. The reason why he was kneeling in front of her now, was merely because of her real body – the Sacred Dragon Scale, and the influence of the World Favourable Impression ability. The resulting suppression in bloodlines led him to think that she was of the Dragon Race.

“Bai Li, someone else will naturally come and settle some scores with you regarding your betrayal towards your race.”

Bai Li did not retaliate. He simply prostrated with even more respect, yet his figure was trembling slightly after hearing her words.

“Bai Li…” Fan Zhishan called out worriedly, however, the other party did not respond to her at all. Her face instantly paled. Looking at the cold Zhu Yao, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

Among the shocked crowd, there were finally some who began to regain their senses. One of them spoke in a docile manner. “Hono… Honourable deity, you have misunderstood! We are not here to seek trouble with Grandhall Sect.” This person saw that she appeared from within Grandhall Sect, and naturally thought that she was giving Grandhall Sect support. How could the cultivation world possibly offend a Deity? He had no choice but to bite the bullet and explain. “Regarding today’s incident, it’s simply because someone impersonated as the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, and we’re here to capture the culprit.”

“Impersonate?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. She looked towards Fan Zhishan and said. “Are you saying she’s the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace?”

“Yes, that is correct.” That person hurriedly nodded.

“Open your stupid eyes and watch carefully!” Zhu Yao immediately threw a piece of spirit stone into the air. After a closer look, that was a normal Visual Recording Stone, the size of a regular palm. She chanted an incantation and instantly, that Visual Recording Stone emitted out a brilliant glow, shooting out an enormous holographic screen in the sky.

The scenes being broadcasted were something that people found unsightly, with their faces reddening and their hearts racing. In the scenes, three men and one woman was currently in intense interlock. Though there wasn’t any sound, the obscene images still made everyone unconsciously turn their heads away. Not to mention, among the main actors inside the video, other than one who had already lost his life, the other three were all present on-site. This fact had made them feel all the more ashamed.

Pair-practitioner arts naturally existed in the cultivation world, so desires for the physical body were not something to be restrained. However, the masses had always respected relationships between one man and one woman, while this form of “mob” cultivation, was rarely seen in the world. Furthermore, every single person inside the video was a well-known practitioner, and this fact was enough to shock the masses. The crowd could not help but turn to look at the female lead Fan Zhishan and the troupe of male practitioners behind her. Their eyes gradually carried slight intents of disdain. Suddenly, they began to understand why Fa Yu had shouted those words.

“Honourable deity, you… this… what’s the meaning of this?” Cao Qi finally could not help but speak up. He had a furious look on his face, however, he did not dare to go over the top either, to prevent offending her out in the open.

The crowd was doubtful as well. It would be understandable of she could not get used to Fan Zhishan’s private affairs and simply wanted to expose her a little. However, they were clearly talking about the topic of Spirit Heaven Palace’s Sect Master earlier. Though there were very few people in the cultivation world who had chaotic private lives, and especially so for female practitioners, it was not like there were none. After all, cultivation was a lonely path, and there would always be people who wished to find some fun. If it’s just because of this point, it’s not enough to prove that she was not the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace.

“Shut up.” Zhu Yao glared at him, and her pressure was once again released, rooting the crowd still. “Watch on!”

Probably because the tone she used was too cold, the crowd could not help but once again fixate their lines of sight on the holographic screen. In the beginning, everyone was still trying to dodge looking straight on. After all, they were not exactly beautiful sceneries. However, as they watched on, they realized something was amiss.

“Eh, what are those lights behind them?”

“Why are there such strange lights? All of them have them!”

“The other three only possess lights of a single colour, why does Reverend Fan’s look so strange?”

“What’s that strand linking them in the middle?”

“That strand comes from Reverend Fan’s body. She’s absorbing the lights of the others!”

“… Just what in the world is that mystic art?”

Zhu Yao swept her gaze at the stunned practitioners, and coldly laughed. “For the sake of a heretic practitioner that absorbs the luck of others for her own cultivation, you people furiously came here to exact justice. On the other hand, the saviour that sacrificed her own life to save this world from the verge of collapse became the Devil that you claimed her to be. With such inability to determine right from wrong, you think you people are actually worthy of becoming Deities!?”

Everyone widened their eyes. Absorbing luck! The light that they saw earlier was actually luck! There was actually a heretic practitioner in this world that could absorb people’s luck! In an instant, the faces of everyone paled, as they all thought of the meaning behind this turn of events. Even the female lead’s harem members had faces of utter disbelief as well.

Fan Zhishan’s face had turned especially dark. The biggest secret in her heart was exposed in front of everyone here, and the evidence was even right there in the sky. In an instant, she felt her entire body turning ice-cold, as she truly felt that she had already lost this time. Even if she were able to somehow flee, she would not be able to escape the pursuit from all the clans and sects.

Gritting her teeth, she instantly regained her senses. Before the crowd could even react, she suddenly escaped Zhu Yao’s pressure and flew straight towards her. With a flip of her hand, an enormous scythe-like weapon appeared and she swung it towards Zhu Yao. The three letters ‘bug’ that covered the entire weapon were especially evident. She no longer had any path of escape, so why not pull off a final desperate struggle? The moment this Deity appeared, she saw it. That special luck that Zhu Yao possessed was an unique-shaped luck that she had never seen before. Just by looking at it, Fan Zhishan could not help but tremble. For some reason, she suddenly had a feeling that as long as she could obtain that luck, she could do anything.

Zhu Yao basically did not dodge at all, instead, she flipped her hand and a weapon with the exact same looks appeared in her hand, just that the word ‘bug’ was not on it. With a swing of her arms, Zhu Yao instantly shattered the three letters in Fan Zhishan’s hands.

Fan Zhishan was instantly deflected several meters away, and she puked out one mouthful of blood after another. Her eyes were widened, as she looked at Zhu Yao with a face of utter disbelief. “This… This is impossible!”

“It’s strange that I can do it too, right?” Zhu Yao walked over. Ever since she saw that special bugged weapon that Fan Zhishan possessed, Zhu Yao knew that it was formed by a certain part of her body. Luck existed in everyone’s body like how a soul did, yet, it was the most ethereal of them all. If one wanted to steal it, then only something similar or exactly the same could possibly slice off luck. She had always been trying to figure out what it was. Only when she was ousted out of Ling Tian’s body by Fa Yu, did she figure out that it was divine sense! During her unlimited reincarnations, only the things in her divine sense had always accompanied her in her reincarnations. This was sufficient proof that divine sense was something at the same plane of existence as luck.

“Remember my words.” Zhu Yao raised the weapon her hands. “When you come out to make a mess, there will always come a day when you have to pay for it all.”

With a swing of her hand, she instantly swung down while relying on the positions of the spiritual energy in her memories. That weapon did not touch her body in the slightest, yet Fan Zhishan let out a heart-wrenching miserable cry.

“No!” Her face paled. She turned around in a fluster, as though she wanted to pick up something from the ground. She grabbed them several times, yet, as though the objects she picked up could flow away, she constantly tried to hold onto them firmly, her eyes were dyed in complete madness. No, no, no… My luck. They are all mine! Mine!”

Zhu Yao let go of the divine sense she materialized, and had it return into her body. With one hand, she cast an art and then slammed her palm towards the female lead’s body. Her Dantian was instantly shattered, and all of her cultivation crippled. She had even casually left a seal in her body, preventing her from stealing anyone else’s luck ever again.

All of the spiritual energy in Fan Zhishan’s body instantly scattered, yet she looked as if she did not feel any of her injuries at all. She had already fallen into madness, as she crawled on the ground, desperately attempting to pick up the luck on the ground.

Zhu Yao’s eyes sank, the anger in her the depths of her heart finally began to disperse. She raised her head and glanced at the sky, not a single one person dared to speak up for Fan Zhishan, and that included the men inside her harem. Their eyes were either dodgy or showed slight confusion, as if they did not understand why they were so infatuated with her before.

The moment the female lead’s luck was destroyed, the feeling of bonds that was stolen from them naturally disappeared as well.

“I’m not going to kill you.” Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked at Fan Zhishan on the ground. The hands of the crazed female lead paused for a moment, before she continued her earlier picking actions. Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “I’m not killing you because I’m different from you, but because everything that you have just suffered still isn’t enough to make up for your past wrongdoings.” She waved her hand, and just as she was about send Fan Zhishan sweeping across the sky…

A black figure suddenly appeared in a flash from behind her, grabbing onto the flying female lead. Then, he picked her up by the hair.

“Fa Yu!” Where did he appear from? She actually did not sense him at all.

“Of course she shouldn’t be killed!” He suddenly smiled rather ominously, as he slowly raised the female lead up into the air. With her eyes facing directly his, Fa Yu’s voice was ominously cold and piercing to the bones. “If you die, who else should I settle the debt with?”

His laughter grew louder, yet bits of red were beginning to dye his pupils. Black marks were actually beginning to crawl up from her face.

Devil’s Marks!

“Fa Yu!” Zhu Yao’s heart sank. He was about to sink into the path of a Devil. “Don’t do anything rash. The reason why Ling Tian didn’t want you to follow after her, was because she wanted you to live on well.”

“Of course I will live on well.” The black marks on his face grew further, and even the sides of his body were beginning to emit out a devillic aura. His voice seemed to be carried by the most ominous wind of all. “I will live on for the sake of avenging her, taking revenge on those people who harmed her, and the heavens that took her life!”

Zhu Yao had no choice but to cast an art with her two hands, attempting to stop him from turning into a Devil. However, she was still a step too late, as the devillic aura from his body instantly exploded forth, scattering to the surroundings. The sky and earth suddenly shook, followed by the withering of the surroundings trees and plants. Even the spiritual energy surrounding Grandhall Sect had all been scattered. A former blessed mountain was instantly filled with a hurricane of raging devillic energy.

She frowned. With a flip of her hand, she changed into forming a sealing incantation. As she circulated the godly energy in her body, an enormous gold formation appeared in the skies. Just as she was about to descend and seal Fa Yu who had already matured into a Devil…

With a flash of black light, all of the devillic energy suddenly disappeared. Even Fan Zhishan’s and Fa Yu’s figure had disappeared without a trace.

What remained was just the crowd’s frightened faces, and also the debris that filled Grandhall Sect.

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