[Disciple] Chapter 342

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Chapter 442: Awakening Notice

Zhu Yao was confused for a moment. She had finally dealt with a bug, yet was another one about to be born? Could she actually catch a break? Before she could even figure out how she should deal with this chain of events, a column of heavenly light suddenly descended, piercing through the layers of clouds and instantly shining upon this dark world.

Light of Guidance! Now!?

Her body lightened as her entire being flew towards the sky. She was only able to call out to Sesame in time and have it return to her divine sense. In the next instant, she ascended to the boundaries of the worlds, but just as she was about to cross, a familiar darkness descended. She had returned to that space once more.

The hell! I can never go through the standard process of becoming a Deity, is that it!?

A QQ chat window popped out as usual, and the entire screen was filled with exploding flowery fireworks.

Realmspirit: Welcome back, young maiden! Congratulations on splendidly fixing yet another bug! Even I am about to become your die-hard fan.

Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes. “Scram!”

Realmspirit: Ouu… Young maiden, you’re so cold, so heartless, so nonsensical.

“Enough with the crap, just what happened this time? The beginning act was ridiculous, and the ending act was even more ridiculous? What happened to Fa Yu and Ling Tian?” Putting aside Ling Tian, Fa Yu actually turned into a Devil. Was a mortal able to become a Devil?

Realmspirit: Young maiden, I’m innocent! That world was about to approach all-round collapse in the first place, so there were many instabilities. So, it’s understandable that you did not descend in the correct avatar. It’s out of my control, after all!

(¬_¬) Doubtful gaze.

Realmspirit: It’s true, it’s true. Young maiden, that was the reason why I rushed you.

“Then Ling Tian…” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, as she still felt a stifling feeling in her heart. “Did she really…” have to die?

Realmspirit: Ling Tian is the patch for that world in the first place, and sooner or later, she would be needed to completely mend that world. That’s also the reason why her aptitude and abilities worsened as she reincarnated over and over again. Theoretically speaking, someone like her who accidentally gained awareness shouldn’t develop feelings of love in the first place. However, it’s exactly because she accidently developed such feelings in this lifetime, which gave birth to desires within her. Thus, it caused the disaster she had in this lifetime, where she was on the brink of death before the right time, yet no longer possess the ability to enter the wheel of reincarnation.

“You mean, she’s not a human in the first place?” Zhu Yao frowned.

Realmspirit: Initially, yes. But… Ever since her previous reincarnation, she became one.

If that was the case, it would have been better if feelings hadn’t budded in the beginning. At the very least, it wouldn’t have ended that way in the end…

Realmspirit: Yaoyao… Does her death break your heart?

“It’s not to the degree of heartbreak, but more of sadness and sympathy.” Zhu Yao took a deep breath. “I can’t deny that Ling Tian is a full-fledged saviour of the world. She saved the entire world, and had even sacrificed her most cherished feelings. I sympathize with her, and also feel sad about her death. This is human nature, but not to the degree of a heartbreak.”

Realmspirit: Then…

“But… she might be a great heroine and a good role model, or even barely be considered as a good girlfriend. However, I have never treated her as a good friend.” She shook her head. “Since the beginning, she was never frank with me. She might have various reasons in doing so, but the fact that she had lied to me cannot be changed.”

Realmspirit: …

“Feelings are mutual! Maybe, if we got to know each other a little longer, she might tell me the truth, and I will most likely become as furious as Fa Yu.” She sighed. Probably because Ling Tian had forced her to stay within her body, Zhu Yao felt as if something was tying her heart down. However, now that she was dead, there was no longer a need to be frustrated about it. That was why, though she sympathized with her plight, she was not as sad as the time when she witnessed Ying Luo’s death.

“Oh right, what happened to Fa Yu?” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled. “He had clearly become a Devil. Can mortals become Devils too?”

Realmspirit: Haah… Young maiden. All living beings carry the nature of Devils in their hearts. The only difference is whether they are willing to let that nature loose.

“The hell!? Wouldn’t that mean there would be a never-ending amount of bugs?” Zhu Yao wanted to cuss out. Among the bugs that she had fixed, most of them were related to the Devils, you know? “Wait a minute… Fa Yu had clearly turned into a Devil, yet you pulled me back here. Could it be that he isn’t a bug?”

Realmspirit: Congratulations, young maiden! Your IQ has logged on!

“Speak human.”

Realmspirit: Uh… Actually, the reason why those ancient Devils that you faced in the past were bugs, was due to the fact they were initially out of the boundaries of the Three Realms. However, Fa Yu is different. He is a resident of the Three Realms in the first place, and even if he turns into a Devil, it’s within the boundaries of the Three Realms.

“…” There were actually differences between ancient Devils and earth-born Devils. So was this racial discrimination? However, after pondering for a moment, though Fa Yu did indeed possess devillic energy, he seemed to be weaker than the ones she had seen in the past. Was that why he did not face her in a direct confrontation?

Whatever. Since Realmspirit said that he wasn’t a bug, then why should she be frustrated over it?

“What about Fan Zhishan?” Zhu Yao continued to ask, as she felt that the female lead wasn’t that simple. “She can’t possibly be a regular person who has awakened to a hidden talent, right?”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, you’re so smart! Actually, she’s an accident too.

“What do you mean?”

Realmspirit: She was initially born with a soul that was fragmented due to the erosion of resentment, and she had to go through several lifetimes in order to restore her soul to completion. However, her resentment which was exterminated before had unexpectedly returned to the world of the living, and possessed her body. This caused a shift in time by a certain degree and made her possess memories which she shouldn’t have, and thus developed a mutation of a certain degree.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Can you speak human?” The hell, she couldn’t understand at all, hey.

Realmspirit: Ou, to put it simply, she thought that she had reincarnated.

The hell! Another reincarnation! It was no wonder her cultivation rose so swiftly. That mutation must have been her ability to see luck.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at Realmspirit’s chat window. For some reason, a strange sensation rose in the depths of her heart. Luck, soul, and resentment. These were all ethereal things to practitioners and even Deities. However, Realmspirit could speak about them this casually.

Furthermore, no matter if it’s Ling Tian or the River of Forgetfulness, to put it simply, they were all extraordinary existences themselves, yet they all trusted him to a irregular degree.

No, that’s not right!

Rather than trust, they were all… abiding by his orders.

Zhu Yao was stunned as she took in a deep breath. She suddenly had an incredible thought in her mind.

“Realmspirit… Who in the world are you?”

The screen flashed a few times, and after a long while, a row of words appeared.

Realmspirit: Geez, I’m your friend, of course! Oh right, regarding the overtime work this time, your reward is a one-time vacation. Young maiden, do you want to use it now?

“Vacation?” Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. “Is that true? Is there no need to fix bugs anymore?”

Realmspirit: Uuuu… Young maiden, how can you suspect my sincerity… my sincerity… sincerity… sincerity!

“You’re blaming me?” She rolled her eyes. “Tell me, when have you ever been reliable?”

Realmspirit: It’s true this time! Let’s use it immediately!

A familiar loading screen suddenly appeared in front of her, and it was loading really quickly. Zhu Yao’s figure flashed, and she instantly disappeared from this dark space.

A long while later…

Rows of red words popped out.

Notice! User’s awakening has been detected!

Do you wish to activate it automatically?

Selected Choice: Hide information on awakening.

Awakening has halted.

The chat window flashed, and another row of words appeared.

Realmspirit: It’s not time yet.

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