[Disciple] Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: Barrierless Two-Way Switch

Idiot did not idle for too long. After he found his target, he walked over, picked Zhu Yao up, and left. Along the way out, he cautiously avoided various disciples. He wondered if it was because of his incredible luck, as he was actually able to leave Thisthower Mountain successfully. When he reached the mountain gates, he then daringly took out his flying sword and fled at high speeds. After flying for over an hour, he arrived at a piece of wilderness plains.

The man then panted heavily and stopped.

Looking at the sword in his hand, a joyous smile surfaced on his face, making him look even sillier than before.

Zhu Yao could not figure out this person’s thoughts at all. He might be simply unwilling to let go of his divine artifact and thus stole it back during the night. However, there were so many divine artifacts in the weapon storage room earlier, and he could easily scoop up a huge bunch that were all ranked higher than her. Yet, she was the only one that he took. This was simply too abnormal.

The man looked at the divine sword in his hand, and then turned to look in the direction he came from. His brows furrowed as he lightly muttered to himself. “With this, I can definitely…” His words stopped halfway once more. He took in a deep breath, as if he had just made some sort of resolution.

Before Zhu Yao could even figure out the situation, he had already impatiently began to chant an incantation and cast an art. He had even used divine energy to scratch his finger, mustering out a drop of blood and had it drip onto Zhu Yao.

This was the mystic imprint for a divine artifact to recognize its owner, and he was even freaking using his own blood to guide the flow of the incantation. When that drop of blood landed on her blade, she suddenly felt as if someone was stuffing her mouth with a bunch of things, and they even carried the taste of blood. It was especially disgusting, and she spat it out without a moment’s hesitation.

The mystic imprint on the man’s hand shattered resoundingly as well.

“Eh?” The man was stunned. Looking at the drop of blood that was deflected, his face was filled with doubts. “Before, it could conceal my presence, so it should be an ownerless artifact. Why would my mystic imprint be rejected then?”

He investigated front and back, but did not notice anything strange. His brows furrowed even further, and something seemed to have flashed across his eyes. He had no choice but to give up for now. He pulled out a storage pouch from his side and opened it.

The hell, this idiot can’t possibly be thinking of putting me in the storage pouch, right?

As expected, in an instant, the man stuffed her into that pitch-black pouch.

Yamete, return me my fresh air!

She simply felt her vision darkening, and in an instant, the senses of her entire body disappeared. Her consciousness began to swim in the next instant, and she suddenly felt an incredible headache. She instinctively raised her hand to knock at her head, and only then did the pain disappear.

This was really strange. She was a sword, so why would her head ache?

Wait a minute!

She just raised her hand!

Zhu Yao forcefully opened her eyes, and what entered her vision was not darkness but a familiar cottage. She was currently lying on the bed, and the blanket was neatly covered over her. Next to the pillow was a spherical bead that was presently emitting out a gentle silver glow, making her feel extremely comfortable.

Did she… return?

Zhu Yao hurriedly sat up and looked around. As expected, it was her master’s cottage. Where was her master?

Suddenly, thunders rang through the clouds, frightening her. Where did the thunders come from? Logically speaking, though there were lightning formations all around Lightning Divine Palace, there was an isolation formation within, so sound shouldn’t be able to seep through.

She deftly crawled down the bed. When she opened the door, all she saw was a sky filled with tribulation lightning bolts. White and red bolts mixed and flashed. Other than the several dozen meters of area surrounding the straw cottage, the place was filled with lightning flashes and roaring thunder. The flowers and trees were burnt and destroyed, and charred smell filled the air.

In the sky, two figures, white and red, were moving at speeds that could not be seen with the naked eye, and they were rather focused in their fight.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Why were the two of them fighting again? Putting aside how they would occasionally fight outside the palace and harass the indigenous people in the past, why were they now fighting in their own home?

“Master…” She could not help but call out.

The tribulation lightning bolts in the sky suddenly stopped, and all of the lightning sparks instantly extinguished. In the next instant, Yu Yan, dressed in red robes, appeared first before her.

“Yo, little little grand disciple, you’re finally awake.” If you had stayed unconscious any longer, I would have died an innocent death. “Come, let your great great grandmaster have a look.”

Just as he was about to step forward, a white figure descended from the skies and kicked him away. He hugged onto Zhu Yao extremely quickly and she fell back a few steps.

Yu Yan held onto Zhu Yao with one hand, and a sword emitting out lightning sparks in the other. It felt as if his body was enveloped by a block of ice that had lasted for over a thousand years, infecting the surrounding air with an icy chill.

“Little Yanyan, you were basically bullying your ancestor. At the very least, I am still your master’s master’s master, you know.” Yu Jin barely avoided his kick, as he kept his slovenly attitude. “Though our cultivation level is the same, you actually used your life artifact to attack me. Now that, is something that you shouldn’t have done.”

Yu Yan simply ignored his complaints, as he checked the disciple in his embrace over and over again. “Do you feel any discomfort?”

“No… nothing.” Zhu Yao shook her head. She glanced at the two people back and forth. Just what happened to these two?

“Haah, I already told you I was innocent. The disappearance of little little grand disciple’s soul was really unrelated to me, yet you still didn’t believe me.” Yu Jin shook his head as he looked at the surroundings with a pained look. In an instant, he restored his role as the Floor Master and denounced Yu Yan’s behaviour. “See for yourself… Just how much of the millions of years of foundation of Lightning Divine Palace have you destroyed?”

He sounded as though he played no part in its destruction.

“Floor Master…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Before saying that, can you retract that expression that looked as though you’re enjoying this moment?” Can you not bully my master for not being talkative!?

Yu Jin’s face stiffened. Should someone even strip an elder’s dignity like that? “Little little grand disciple, let’s have a chat!”

“Sure, but before that… Can you please wear something to cover your lower half?” She wanted to mention it for a long while. What was with wearing a robe that had its lower half burnt away? Did he want to see his leg hair sway with the wind?

Only then did Yu Yan realize that the bottom half of the other party’s robe had been burnt off, revealing a pair of snow-white hairy legs. He quietly turned his disciple’s head away. Mn, his disciple was his. He definitely wouldn’t lend her away to another master to look at his leg hair.

“…” Yu Jin’s heart stopped. A buff named “Dignity of the Floor Master” instantly dispersed as he received a 1000 reflective damage.

Yu Yan had already kept his weapon and pulled up his disciple’s hand to check her meridians a few times. As he probed, he asked. “What happened? Were did you go?”

Zhu Yao had no choice but to thoroughly explain how she turned into a sword earlier. The longer she explained, the deeper his frown became. Even the Floor Master Yu Jin who had a slovenly attitude just earlier, had a heavy look on his face.

“This situation…” Yu Jin pondered for a moment, and then solemnly said. “Doesn’t seem to be due to the instability of the soul.”

Yu Yan’s expression turned heavy. Carrying his disciple, he headed into the straw cottage. “Return to the cottage first!”

He carefully checked Zhu Yao, from outside her body to inside it, yet he still could not find any anomaly. Yu Yan’s frown grew deeper.

“Most likely, it’s because she doesn’t possess any cultivation.” Yu Jin guessed. “Without the slightest bit of cultivation, if her soul is unstable, then there’s no divine energy suppression present, which thus makes her soul easy to drift away. But…” He glanced at Zhu Yao and solmenly said. “There are many cases where the souls of humans will possess another human body. Cases where one would possess a sword, as mentioned by little little grand disciple, is however rarely heard of.”

“Then what should I do?” She wouldn’t be swapping back and forth often, right?

“Stabilize your soul.” Yu Yan picked up the Soul Attracting Pearl and placed it on her hand. “Remember that this object must not leave your body.”

Zhu Yao nodded. She did not want to become that idiot’s sword again.

“By my estimates, the Soul Attracting Pearl isn’t enough by itself!” Yu Jin waved his hand at her with a kind look. Little little grand disciple, come over here.”


“What’s with that expression? Do you think this Floor Master will harm you?”

“That’s right!”

“…” His heart felt stuffy.

Yu Jin flipped his hand and then pulled out a pile of items from his storage ring. “When it comes to divine treasures that can maintain souls, I have a lot of them. Come come, hurry and pick one.”

“What’s the condition?”

“Aiyaaa, how can you see me as such a person? As long as you…”

“I won’t take over the role of Floor Master!” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted him.


“My master won’t take it either.”

“…” Yu Jin took suffered two gunshots in consecutive succession. As expected, this pair of master and disciple was too hateful. “Fine, fine. I will just give it to you for free this time, with no strings attached, alright!? Come and pick one.” He kind of felt that he was making a loss here.

Only then did Zhu Yao put down the Soul Attracting Pearl in her hand and doubtfully walk over.

“Little little grand disciple, you see how good I am to you?” Yu Jin did not forget his insistence to brainwash her. “How can you find such a good Deity like me anywhere else? How would I possibly harm…”

Before he could even finish, just as Zhu Yao wanted to reach out for the divine artifact on the table, her vision darkened. A familiar headache assaulted her as she immediately fell down.

Yu Jin who was caught in the act: “…”

He quietly raised his head and looked towards a certain someone who was already beginning to overflow with lightning sparks. “If I were to tell you I’m not related to what just happened, would you believe me?”

In an instant, thunders from tribulation lightning bolts once again rang out in the broad skies.

Ouch, the other side of my bottom half…


In just a blink of an eye, a white light flashed and the scenery in front of her instantly changed. She once again could not move her body.

The hell! Why did she turn into a sword again!?

Zhu Yao looked at the idiot male near her, and she suddenly felt like cussing out now. Presently, he was currently holding onto her, with the blade flat in front of chest, forming a preparatory posture for offense.

The hell happened?

Zhu Yao turned to look at the other side of the idiot. That’s right, as a sword that looked the same from the top and bottom, the only benefit she had was her three hundred and sixty degrees vision with no blind spots. After looking from the top, she could look from the bottom, and vice versa.

Standing in front of him was two men and one woman, and after a closer look, they were even familiar faces. They were the three people that were chasing after the idiot.

“And here I wondered what it was?” The woman among the three coldly laughed, a hint of disdain flashed across her eyes. “So it’s just a second rank divine artifact. Only someone like you who barely passes as an Earth Deity would treat it as treasure.”

Idiot didn’t reply, and simply gripped on the sword in his hand even tighter.

“Junior-martial sister, stop talking crap with him already.” The man on the female Deity’s left took a step forward, and he said with a furious tone. “Miao Bo, if you understand your position, then hurry and hand over the Meal Devouring Herb that you stole from us back then. We will then consider if we should spare you.”

Idiot Miao Bo glanced at the three people and his eyes sank. “I have long used the Meal Devouring Herb, where am I going to find another one!?”

“You!” The female Deity was instantly enraged, her teeth noisily gritting. “You’re courting death!”

Following after, she summoned a rain of countless swords and attacked Miao Bo. The other two male Deities threw out fire-type and ice-type divine arts as well.

Miao Bo dodged and deployed barriers to defend himself with all his might in the beginning, but how could he possibly match three of them? In an instant, he was injured by them, and wounds appeared all around his body. The female Deity took this opportunity to summon her divine sword and slash down at him. Miao Bo simply did not have time to react at all.

Zhu Yao simply saw a pillar of blood spewing out in front of her. One of Miao Bo’s arms fell off and half of his body was stained in blood. This was basically an instant kill.

Miao Bo dragged his dilapidated body and immediately flew several meters back, his face was already miserably pale.

“Hmph, you overestimated yourself!” The female Deity’s face turned cold as she walked towards him. “Today, I shall let you know the type of people you shouldn’t offend.”

Miao Bo had a pained look, and just as he was about to flee, two thorny vines suddenly broke out of the earth, restraining his two legs. Blood flowed incessantly from his legs, and he could no longer move an inch. Miao Bo was close to kneeling down onto the ground, yet he still forced himself to stand straight.

He held onto the sword in his hand tightly. Gritting his teeth, he circulated the divine energy from his entire body and poured them all into the divine sword in his hand. He was planning to unleash a final attack containing all his might.

Zhu Yao simply felt a large amount of divine energy pouring into her body. It carried a berserk and frantic aura, and she instinctively wanted to expel the excessive divine energy, releasing out ten bolts and nine circulations of tribulation lightning on reflex.

In an instant, lightning sparks appeared from the entire blade, accompanied by several roars of thunder. Ten bolts and nine circulations of tribulation lightning struck towards the Gold Deity at the front, and before she could even react, her chest was torn through with a large hole. She instantly fell onto the ground, blood flowing incessantly.

“Junior-martial sister!” The other two male Deities were shocked. They immediately went forward to hold the female Deity up and hurriedly sealed the several meridians and protect the Nascent Spirit in her body. They then looked towards Miao Bo. Compared to their earlier haughtiness, the looks on their faces were now replaced with fright.

“Lightning-type divine arts!” The two men exchanged glances, their eyes were filled with fear. “We never expect that you would actually be related to the Lightning Divine Palace. You best be thankful that luck is on your side today.” As one of them said that, the two hurriedly flew off with the unconscious female Deity, not daring to stay for a moment longer. How could they possibly offend the Lightning Divine Palace?

When the three of them left, Miao Bo could not hold on any longer, immediately blacking out and falling onto the ground.

“Hey, idiot, are you alright?” Even if you want to faint, don’t press me against a pool of blood! It’s really disgusting, alright? People will misunderstand that I have just experienced the most brutal auntie in history, ok? Zhu Yao called out twice, yet he didn’t react at all. Only then did she recall that no other human could hear her words. She sure had a bad life!

Zhu Yao however was not worried about the idiot’s injuries. After all, they were not familiar, and not to mention he was still an Earth Deity. With the quality of a divine body, he wouldn’t just die because of a loss of an arm. The reason why he had fallen was because of exhaustion from pouring out all of his divine energy into her body. In just a few hours, it was guaranteed that he would be alive and jumping.

Recalling the situation from before, Zhu Yao was a little confused now. Logically speaking, she was just a divine artifact, and strictly, she would simply be a tool. Even if the idiot were to pour all of his divine energy into her body, in usual situations, he should have been the one guiding the divine energy to unleash an attack. In the end, weapons had to be wielded by people to be usable. However, the nine circulations of tribulation lightning earlier were clearly unleashed by her. The idiot was not involved in the entire process. This was akin to the weapon charging out to slash at someone before the user even moved.

This was not logical at all.

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