[Disciple] Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Heaven or Hell, Look for My Disciple I Shall

Lightning bolts that were even more terrifying that the Heavy Deity tribulation lightning bolts that Feng Jin just faced came striking down. The sky was filled with oppressive might that could almost stop one’s breath. Feng Jin could not even have a good look before he was struck back down to the surface, sinking deep into the earth’s crust, along with that once proud heart of his.

The terrifying lightning bolts did not all land on his body. Most of them flew towards Thisthower Mountain. The Thisthower Mountain that was claimed to be the backbone of the Divine Realm, instantly shattered with a bang.

Shattered… Shattered…

Thisthower Mountain, the number one divine mountain in Divine Realm, actually shattered just like that.

No, no, no. This can’t be real. There must be something wrong with the way I opened my eyes.

Feng Jin turned into a Spartan. Wasn’t he just here to ask for directions? Was there a need to be this ferocious? Trembling, he reached a hand out of the crater, and pointed in a direction. In a flash, that white figure disappeared without a trace. Only then did three words flash across the depths of Feng Jin’s mind. Lightning Divine Palace.

Why would a High Deity of Lightning Divine Palace make an appearance here? What happened to the promise that the members of Lightning Divine Palace did not show themselves outside easily?

Feng Jin spent tons of effort before he was able to pull himself out of the crater.

He suddenly felt that it was great to be alive…

Turning his head, he looked in the direction of Thisthower Mountain. He suddenly recalled the sheer number of divine artifact storage rooms in Thisthower Mountain. Not to mention every single one of them was assigned a guard. There would definitely be some who would be blind and attempt to stop him…

His Thisthower Mountain’s millions of years of foundation!

“High Deity, wait! Do you need a guide…”

Promise me, leave me half of the mountain, please?


This time, as expected, Zhu Yao did not stay for too long. In a blink of an eye, she once again returned to that stupid-looking sword. As a worthy cause for celebration, she was no longer in the room filled with “venomous gas” from before. Miao Bo was currently strolling all over the place with her in hand. The divine energy in his body was much richer than before. It seemed that his cultivation of an Earth Deity was already stable. He successfully removed that ‘stowaway’ brand of his, and officially became a legal citizen of the Divine Realm.

Miao Bo was evidently really happy, as he leisurely strolled this strange place. Smiles were plastered all over his face the entire time. Zhu Yao wondered if it was because his cultivation had risen, or because he was feeling refreshed after all of the poison were expelled. In any case, compared to seeking the “Divine Will Condensing Dew” being his one and only goal earlier, he was simply having a blind stroll right now.

He turned into a long hallway, the two sides were filled with one room after another, and every single one of the doors had a different colour from the rest. Deep and profound formations were even placed above the doors, and behind them, rich divine energy could be felt leaking out. Furthermore, the deeper he went, the richer the divine energy.

Miao Bo stopped at the first doorstep, and looked at the formation above the door carefully. Looking at his frown, he did not seem to be familiar with its activation method at all. He looked around, and he suddenly spotted a concave bottle-shaped slot on the side of the door, above where the candle holder was.

Why did Zhu Yao feel like it was a mechanism?

Naturally, Miao Bo thought that way as well. After pondering deeply for a moment, his eyes brightened. He pulled out the jade bottle, the one where the “Divine Will Condensing Dew” was stored in earlier, and placed that bottle into the slot. It was a perfect fit.

The moment he released his hand, the formation on the door instantly disappeared, and the door opened with a creak. The place inside was once again an extremely simplistic room, with the exact same square-shaped stone table placed at the very center. A jade bottle was placed on top of the table. Though there was an additional bed on the right side of the room, and it made the room look like a cave residence for closed-door training.

Miao Bo entered. Just as he picked up the bottle, the door closed with a bang. Miao Bo grew worried, yet no matter what he did, he could not open the door. He had even used arts of various types, yet the door did not budge in the least.

He frowned. He could not help but look at the bottle in his right hand. When he pulled out the cap, a rich divine aura came assaulting him. Miao Bo instantly grew excited. When he poured the bottle down, a Melissin… Ah pui! A divine pellet laid on his palm.

Miao Bo became a little hesitant. The divine pellet did not look simple at first glance, but because he had never seen it before, he did not dare to try it out so easily. After hesitating for quite a while, he finally gritted his teeth, sat down on the stone bed, and ate the pellet.

Zhu Yao seemed to have witnessed the divine energy in his body expanding rapidly in an instant, as though there was an incredible force leaking out endlessly from within his body. The force drilled into his meridians, causing his expression to be filled with pain and sweat dripping down. His face grew even more distorted with pain, and when his meridians started spitting, blood began to flow out. In a few moments, the clothes on his body were dyed with fresh red blood. His loss of blood looked like it was caused by his aunt. It seemed like that pellet was a divine pellet that accelerated one’s cultivation. It carried a rich amount of divine energy, but unfortunately, it seemed to have a rather high dissolving rate, and Miao Bo clearly could not suppress it. He was about to explode.

As a sword with no movement capabilities, Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad feeling.

As expected, Miao Bo could not even maintain the art he was using while meditating, and puked out a large mouthful of blood. His hand unconsciously fell onto the ground next to him as support, and he directly pressed onto Zhu Yao’s blade. In the next instant, boundless divine energy came charging into her.

The hell! Your grandfather!

Zhu Yao felt uncomfortable all over.

The sudden excess of divine energy was like a dam opening up to release flood water, gushing into her body. She could faintly hear her blade cracking, yet the divine energy continued to pour endlessly.

She really wanted to shoot out lightning bolts to release the divine energy, but because this room was enclosed, she might destroy the infrastructure and bury themselves alive if she did. No, I can’t release them.

She suddenly recalled her method of refining artifacts, where spiritual energy was needed to be inserted. When she thought about it, divine energy was rather similar as well.

Right now, she could only try it out. She immediately guided the divine energy, arranging and making them flow steadily into the blade, using the artifact refining method.

Strangely, the moment she made the attempt to guide, the chaotic divine energy earlier suddenly quietened down, as they orderly entered the blade.

“Eh?” Miao Bo was stunned, as though he had just realized that it could absorb his excess divine energy. With a glowing face, he finally sat down properly and placed the sword on his lap. Taking up a good posture, he then continued to raise his cultivation.

After a long while, when Miao Bo finally no longer had any excess divine energy in his body, he and his sword finally stopped the absorption of divine energy. Miao Bo’s cultivation instantly rose that of a Profound Deity, while Zhu Yao who was once a second rank sword… was still a second rank sword. Just that the XX marks on the blade had suddenly turned into YYYY.

Uh… What did this mean?

Creaak. The door that Miao Bo could not push open earlier even with all his strength, actually opened on its own.

Yo. This secret room actually has a time limit? A renewal fee needs to be paid to open the door again, is that it?

Miao Bo did not continue staying either. He cast a Dirt Removal Art on himself and then got out of the room with Zhu Yao. Just when he returned to the hallway, the door of the neighbouring room opened automatically with a creak.

The room inside was exactly the same as the previous one. A bottle was placed on the stone table, and there was nothing else except for a stone bed.

Zhu Yao suddenly thought of a phrase – “Training Rooms”. These rows of rooms here can’t possibly have a rule like that, right? A bottle of pellets on the table, and then, you will rank up based on your level. After ranking up, you can then enter the next training room.

Miao Bo evidently thought of this point as well, and this time, he walked in without a shred of hesitation. He picked up the bottle on the table, poured the pellet onto his palm and ate it. Then he turned around and sat on the stone bed, beginning to meditate. His divine energy once again expanded rapidly…

Zhu Yao was once again treated as a buffer.

Your grandfather!

-flips table- Why do I have to witness the entire history of someone raising his level?

Unsurprisingly, every single one of the rooms here was the same, just that the divine pellet placed on each table held even richer divine energy with each subsequent room. The amount of divine energy Miao Bo absorbed grew, and it was as if his cultivation was riding on a rocket. His cultivation surged from a mere early-stage Profound Deity to a late-stage Profound Deity, to a Gold Deity, to a middle-stage Gold Deity, late-stage, Paragon… While the marks on Zhu Yao’s blade changed with each room as well. From XXYY, to SSOO, and then to CCDD. It was as if all the letters in the alphabet were about to be used up, when finally they stopped at BBBB.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Miao Bo finally reached the final room, and the divine energy in that divine pellet was even denser than the one right before. Zhu Yao clearly could sense him breaking through something with all his might, as the colour of his face swapped between green and purple. The marks on Zhu Yao’s blade as well, would occasionally turn into SSS and then back to BBB.

When the rich divine energy finally began to shrink and condense, Miao Bo’s aura changed. His breakthrough into a Heavy Deity was successful!

He’s a winner of life! He reached the summit so quickly.

Zhu Yao sighed in awe, with the letters SB carved on her blade.

Miao Bo was really excited as well, laughing out loud. In an instant, the entire space resounded with an audacious laughter. “Heavy Deity… I actually cultivated into a Heavy Deity!” He took a deep breath, as though he was suppressing the excitement in his heart. Suddenly, his eyes sank, as if he had just recalled something. He coldly said. “Fan Jian, it’s time you pay the debts that you owe me.”

Fan Jian? Who? He actually has such a refreshing name. (Bitchy)

His expression turned cold, and in an instant, even his entire being had turned gloomy. “Master, once this disciple returns, I will definitely treat you well.”

So this Fan Jian is actually his master! Then isn’t it that Pavillion Lord Fan from earlier?

It seemed like his resentment had piled up really heavily!

Miao Bo stood up, picked Zhu Yao up and left, heading in the direction they came from.

He immediately returned to that strange cave where the teleportation formation was. This time, the cave was closed, and what appeared beneath his feet was not hard rocks, but a gigantic tongue. Most likely, after he entered, this cave was closed right away, in order to capture him.

However, Miao Bo was no longer the same as before. He was already a Heavy Deity, and this cave could not stop him at all. With a twist of his hand, he materialized millions of spiritual swords, striking them downwards. With a loud bang, a hole was blasted open, and he immediately flew out.

He turned to look at the large mouth where blood was flowing out endlessly from. With a cold laugh, he swung the sword in his hand.

Zhu Yao simply felt a wave of divine energy entering her, forming a fire type formation. Just as the formation was about to be fire…

He wants to kill that cave guardian beast!

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. The formation that was about to released earlier was now suppressed by her.

Miao Bo who had now risen to a Heavy Deity, was completely different from the idiotic-looking man from before. It was as if he had suddenly expelled out all of his weakness and self-loathing, turning openly impudent. However, his expression was filled with hostility, his entire being was covered in gloom.

She did not like this Miao Bo a little, and she unconsciously birthed to a hint of rejection towards him.

“Eh?” Miao Bo was stunned for a moment, as though he was really displeased that the sword did not release out the attack according to his wishes. A hint of scorn even surfaced in his eyes. He was no longer the person that treated a second rank divine artifact as treasure.

He glanced at the sword in his hand, and then looked at the severely injured cave guardian beast once more. With a disappointed look, he got onto his flying sword and left.

Zhu Yao looked at the direction they were heading in, and they were moving straight towards Thisthower Mountain where they departed from. It seemed like he had returned to get his revenge on Fan Jian.

In less than fifteen minutes, he flew out of the forest and arrived above a beach. Miao Bo once again looked at Zhu Yao in his hand. Frowning, he muttered. “As expected, is the rank too low?”

After saying that, he actually flung out his hand without the slightest strand of sentimentality. Zhu Yao drew an arc in the air, before landing in the sea.

Your sister!


Miao Bo believed that all his misfortunes were caused by Fan Jian. Back then, he was still a Nascent Soul practitioner in the Lower Realm, a considerably respected individual. Yet, Fan Jian took a fancy to him, and when he ascended, he forcefully absorbed Miao Bo into the Demigod Bead, and brought him along into the Higher Realm.

He unexpectedly achieved a divine body, but because he did not experience the refinement of the lightning tribulations, he could only be barely considered as an Earth Deity, taking in the countless taunts of others. Though Fan Jian had taken him as his disciple, he had never cared about Miao Bo’s life and death. He merely wanted someone who would willingly work for him. Furthermore, because of the scattering of divine energy, Miao Bo’s cultivation could not rise no matter what. After thousands of years had passed, Fan Jian had already achieved the cultivation of a Gold Deity, yet Miao Bo was still a lowly Earth Deity. Not to mention he had many times dove deep into dangerous grounds to locate various treasures.

He could not accept this! Just why could Fan Jian rise to even higher heights, while he was stuck here as a speck of dust? By chance, he received a secret scroll, and it was detailedly recorded within it that there was a mustard seed dimensional space containing “Divine Will Condensing Dew” inside the mouth of the strange beast. At that moment, he understood that his chance had arrived. Thus, he had countlessly entered the Forest of Separation to search for that place, and unexpectedly, he obtained a divine sword that could conceal presences.

Thus, unnerved, he entered that mustard seed dimensional space. There, he successfully tempered his divine body and became a true Earth Deity. However, the surprise did not end there. He actually discovered divine pellets inside that could raise one’s cultivation. They were actually able to raise his cultivation to a Heavy Deity in an instant.

What’s a Heavy Deity? Even Thisthower Mountain Sect Master, located in one of the four great continents, merely had a single Gold Deity Paragon practitioner. The number of Heavy Deities in the Divine Realm could be counted with fingers alone. No one in Thisthower Mountain could possibly block him.

Thus, he wanted revenge! He wanted blood! He wanted to tear him apart!

The more he thought about how he should settle these evil deeds, the more he felt that Fan Jian would deserve his death, and subsequently, he began to grow excited, becoming overly complacent by the minute. It was as if he could see that terrified face that Fan Jian would have the moment he realized that Miao Bo was already a Heavy Deity. He definitely had to settle these debts.

The corners of Miao Bo’s smile curved upwards into a complacent smile, while his heart was filled with hatred towards Fan Jian. However, he was not aware that with his aptitude in the Lower Realm, there was no guarantee that he could ascend.

Ha accelerated his flying sword. The route that he initially took a day and a night to travel, could now be cleared with just a few flashes. He had returned to Thisthower Mountain. With a heart enveloped with vengeance, he simply did not notice Thisthower Mountain’s anomaly. With the might of a Heavy Deity in full force, he flew straight towards Fan Jian.

As he had wished, he was able to see that person’s shocked expression. Walking a step at a time, it was as if he was a life-taking Death God, someone that could take away the life of an ant on a whim.

Just when he was just a few meters away, a white light suddenly flashed in front of him. He suddenly felt his side turn chilly, as an ice-cold voice resounded.

“Where’s my disciple?”

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