[Disciple] Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Let Me Quietly Get Zapped

The person was a middle-aged man wearing a long robe that alternated between white and black colours. With a slender and tall figure, between his sharp brows and starry eyes, an expression filled with rage could be seen. He ruthlessly glared at Xue Yi and the pressure on his body turned heavier. “Today, this throne shall exterminate you, tyrant.”

The moment his words fell, a rain of swords fell on Xue Yi. Just as he was about to be pierced into a bloody hedgehog, Xue Yi gritted his teeth and dodged, retreating a few meters back. He then summoned a weapon and charged at the enemy.

That person was a late-stage Heavy Deity, while Xue Yi was just a Paragon Gold Deity. With the suppression from the level difference, he was already a talented individual seeing how he was able to escape the pressure control so quickly. However, a Heavy Deity’s cultivation level wouldn’t be so simple. Before Xue Yi could even approach him, he was already stopped by the enemy’s formation. Immediately after, a sky full of icicles came flying down. Xue Yi did not dodge, instead, he swung his sword and slashed them down. In an instant, six human-sized icicles were slashed apart, and thenafter, he smashed another one into pieces with his fist. Using the momentum of his body, he charged towards that person.

Wuaah… (⊙o⊙)

It was rare to see such a direct charging method. Zhu Yao was a little stunned. Usually, because most people use spiritual energy to cultivate, human practitioners would all be very good long-range fighters. They were of a class with low HP and high MP, and it was very seldom to see them fighting in close-combat. Though everyone’s HP increased after becoming a Deities, their MP bar grew even thicker as well. In the end, they could not get rid of their habits of throwing long-range attacks.

However, Xue Yi directly charged forward, and it was evident that he was more used to throwing fists than slashing swords. He could already be considered as a irregularity among the Deities.

That Heavy Deity instantly materialized two ice dragons and threw them at Xue Yi. Wherever the ice dragons went, layers upon layers of ice would fill the area. Xue Yi’s nimble figure immediately leapt over the back of one of the dragon and once again swung his fist at its body. However, he did not expect that not only did he fail to shatter the ice dragon, his hand was instead encapsulated by layers of ice. Furthermore, the ice was spreading towards his body.

His expression changed. Just as he was about to retract his hand, it was already too late. The spreading ice had already linked him to the dragon body, and he was unable to break free. The other ice dragon had already turned around, its mouth wide open and ready to bite him.

Even Zhu Yao was able to sense the bone-piercing chill from that dragon, enough to make a frail second rank divine sword like her feel as though she was about to shatter apart.

Xue Yi did not hesitate to swing the sword in his right hand, instantly chopping away the other arm. He then retreated a few meters back and hurriedly sealed the surrounding acupoints, stopping the flow of blood in his arm.

(⊙o⊙) Why do people like to chop down their own limbs in this day and age?

That Heavy Deity snorted. “Xue Yi, don’t you even think about leaving this place alive today. Die!”

The atmosphere around him changed at that moment. A thousand kilometer freeze was released. In an instant, the air was as cold as ice, and large amount of snowflakes floated about. Ice began to grow all around the city, inch by inch. Layers of glaciers encapsulated the entire city. Xue Yi turned around and retreated, yet he was unable to move faster than the freezing ice. Very quickly, he no longer had any ground to stand on. He had no choice but to fly on his word and charge out of the divine city. However, the encroaching glacier did not stop, and instead grew faster. The snowflakes in the air would turn into ice the moment they land on the ground.

Xue Yi barely maintained his defensive barrier, yet the moment those snowflakes landed, layers of ice began to appear above the barrier. If this were to go on, even if he wasn’t sealed in ice, he would be dragged down by the snowflakes.

“Xue Yi, take me out and insert your divine energy into the blade.” Zhu Yao could not help but speak out. If this were to go on, not just him, she would be frozen as well.

“No!” Xue Yi strongly shook his head. He had his own principles. “How can I possibly let a female type do the job!? Don’t worry, I will protect you. “Heheh, there might be a chance that after she sees my courageous figure, she would immediately revere me, love me, and desire me.”

“…” What courageous? What hour do you think it is right now? Can you please stop muttering out your inner thoughts?

The ice on Xue Yi’s barrier grew thicker, and then, it could no longer maintain itself and felt apart. Zhu Yao simply felt that his aura had instantly disappeared, and even his body temperature was beginning to disappear. His heartbeats and breaths were gone as well.

The hell, it can’t be, right? He died just like that? Zhu Yao’s heart sak.

Only then did the snowflakes in the sky stop falling, and that Heavy Deity had already flown over on his sword. Taking a few steps forward, he glanced at Xue Yi who was sealed in ice, and snorted heavily. “You overestimated yourself!” He waved his sleeves, and just as he was about to turn around…

Xue Yi who had lost all signs of life earlier suddenly moved. His broke through the layers of ice with his fist and struck directly onto the Heavy Deity’s chest. In an instant, fresh blood sprayed in all directions, his skin was torn and his flesh ruptured. If he hadn’t retreated quickly, his chest might have been penetrated through.

“You… swindler!” The Heavy Deity retreated, as he hurriedly sealed the meridians on his body. He carried a furious expression that looked as if he could not wait to pounce on Xue Yi and give him a few bites.

“I simply changed my battle tactics, who knew you’re that stupid?” Xue Yi flew out from the glacier and smiled irritatingly.

“Shameless little brat!” He cussed out.

“Whatever you say.” Xue Yi shrugged. “It seems like you won’t be capturing me today. It’s a pity about that city that was sealed in your ice… Haah, I rather liked a few of them, you know?”

That Heavy Deity grew even more furious, his face was already reddened from anger and the veins on his hand were protruding out. The gnashing of his teeth was loud and resounding. He took a deep breath, as though he was suppressing the anger that was on the verge of breaking out, and coldly said. “Hmph, do you think you can escape so easily?”

He turned around and looked at Xue Yi’s remaining arm. “Do you think you will be fine after shattering my ice?”

Xue Yi was startled for a moment. When he turned to look, there were still a few remaining pieces of ice on his right arm.

“Ice Seal, activate!” The Heavy Deity once again cast an art.

In an instant, large number of ice began to crawl his arm, spreading throughout his entire body. The ice was just about to occupy his chest area. This time, Xue Yi was truly anxious. He couldn’t possibly give up another aram again, and it was already too late right now in the first place.

Just as he was about to sink within the deep glacier, Xue Yi frowned, gritted his teeth, and immediately fell onto the ground to meditate. In an instant, the ice on the ground crawled up his legs.

“Courting death?” The Heavy Deity snorted.

Zhu Yao thought the same as well. If this kept up, with how there were even more ice on the ground, the spread would be even quicker.

In the next instant, Xue Yi released his divine sense. At that moment, the divine energy in the air began to rapidly concentrated at where he was. Winds blew and clouds gathered.

“Forbidden art!” That Heavy Deity was stunned, his eyes widened as he looked at Xue Yi with utter disbelief. “You’re thinking of forcefully raising your cultivation, and charging into the realm of a Heavy Deity!?”

As expected, as though they had been attracted by something, the divine energy in the surroundings rapidly poured into Xue Yi’s body. His initially torn-down body was instantly slashed with cuts after cuts of blood. As the intense winds blew, the ice sheets that were dyed in blood cracked and shattered apart as well.

Even that Heavy Deity had to take a good few steps back. “Lunatic, you lunatic!” In the path of cultivation, one would always speak of it being a step-by-step process. It was not as simple as taking in divine energy. The divine energy in the Divine Realm was rich and dense, but guiding them into the body and into the Dantian was extremely difficult. It was really easy for the divine energy to deal a rebound, where meridians would be shattered and one’s Nascent Spirit would be damaged. The Nascent Spirit was akin to the existence of a soul. If the Nascent Spirit was damaged, even if it’s a Deity, it wouldn’t be possible to heal it. Those with good luck simply would not be able to advance in their cultivation, while those with bad luck would be exterminated. Yet Xue Yi was actually using the forbidden arts to guide in a large amount of divine energy to forcefully raise his cultivation! How was this any different than suicide?

Xue Yi did not have any intentions to stop at all. Instead, his rate of absorption grew even faster, as he forcefully took in divine energy into his meridians. Within a few meters around him, divine energy turned into a enormous vortex, blocking off everything outside. The sky darkened and dark clouds rolled about, blotting out the sun. His skin was already torn and his flesh was exposed, almost becoming a bloodied body.

Zhu Yao grew a little anxious as well, yet she was not in the position to stop him. He was presently at a critical juncture. If he was interrupted at this moment, he would most likely end up losing his life.

This outburst of divine energy lasted for exactly an entire day, and even those people who left the city returned to watch this spectacle. Zhu Yao silently looked outside the vortex of divine energy, at the “citizens gathering around to watch how that bad person is going to die” lively scene. She silently lit a candle for Xue Yi. Look, this is what you get for not being a good person! At this moment of crisis, there will always be people wishing to see you die.

All of the Deities thought that Xue Yi was undoubtedly going to die. All of the Deities thought that no one would be able to suppress such a huge outburst of divine energy. All of the Deities thought that the bad person would definitely die! However, everyone was shocked that Xue Yi was actually able to walk out of that outburst of divine energy completely unharmed. Not only did his severed arm grow back, even his cultivation level had leapt to that of a Heavy Deity.

He succeeded!

The Heavy Deity and the gathered crowd were all stunned.

Xue Yi chuckled as he released his pressure as a Heavy Deity. Other than the late-stage Heavy Deity, the gathered crowd slammed onto the ground.

He did not release it for too long, instead, he pulled up the corner of his bloodstained clothes and swung it. In an instant, several hundred blood-coloured wind blades flew towards the crowd. The place was in utter chaos. Some erected barriers, some retreated, and some dodged.

It was completely a drama where the main protagonist settled his debts after autumn with a domineering counterattack!

Looking at the chickens fly and dogs jump, Xue Yi laughed irksomely. He held onto Zhu Yao tightly, summoned his flying sword, and shouted out loud. “Run!” He leapt up and then flew in the opposite direction. Zhu Yao simply watch as streaks of light flashed across her eyes, and she no longer saw the crowd of Deities.

“…” What happened to the promised domineering counterattack?


Xue Yi flew out several kilometers till he felt tired. Then, he sat flat on the ground, panting heavily. “Fortunately, I ran really quick!”



He suddenly thought of something, as he raised Zhu Yao up and stared at her silvery white blade. With sparkling eyes, he said. “Divine sword maiden, did you see the battle earlier? I suddenly broke through into a Heavy Deity. Wasn’t I really incredible, domineering and cool!?” And really worth to be entrusted for life?

“… I only saw how incredible, domineering and cool you were when you were fleeing! Also… “ Entrust your sister! “I have a partner already.”

Xue Yi’s face reddened, and he immediately activated his automatic word shield. “Aiyaa, if you praise me like that, I will feel embarrassed!”

Who praised you, hey!? You clearly ran because you have just risen to a Heavy Deity and can’t beat your opponent, right?

“It’s rare to find someone like me who doesn’t like to fight nowadays!”

“…” Can you be even more shameless than this?

Xue Yi stood up with a satisfied look on his face. He investigated his surroundings for a moment, and then he established a barrier at a rather concealed spot. After that, he placed Zhu Yao inside.

“Divine sword maiden, wait here for me.”

“What are you doing?” Zhu Yao asked.

Xue Yi raised his head and looked at the sky, frowning. “I forcefully pushed my cultivation into the realm of a Heavy Deity, so the tribulation I’m about to face will definitely be a little stronger. You’re just a second rank divine sword right now, and you won’t be able to endure by my side. I will first put you here, and I will pick you up after I finish facing my tribulation.”


Only then did he walk away and found a place to settle down. Then, he did not forget to turn his head around and worriedly instructed her. “You must be obedient, alright? Don’t run around, alright?”

“…” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. She had to have the ability to run first!

Eh? Wait a minute!

Tribulation? Lightning tribulation!?

She raised her head. Dark clouds were already gathering densely, thunders roaring…

The hell, young man! Chotto matte!


A bright tribulation lightning bolt shot out from the clouds and struck straight down… and then… it twisted!

Your sister! This old lady is already a sword, and yet you still don’t let me go!

“Divine sword maiden…” Xue Yi was stunned as well. Why did the lightning bolt strike her? He hurriedly sprinted over. With a self-blaming look, he said. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have placed you here. Let me help you change location.”

Thus, he moved her several meters back.

Boom! Another lightning bolt…

Once again struck Zhu Yao.

“Sorry, sorry! Let me change your location again.”

The third strike…

“Don’t be anxious, I will switch it again.”

Fourth strike.

“There’s a cave here, it’s definitely safe here.”

Fifth strike.

“… I will switch again!”

“Young man!” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “No need to switch anymore. Please let this sword quietly get zapped, alright?”



Once, Zhu Yao had seriously pondered about her problem of being zapped by lightning every so often, though she could never find an answer. However, on this day, she finally understood. It was because… she had already gotten used to it.

All eighty-one tribulation lightning bolts, without a single exception, landed on her blade. Fortunately, Xue Yi placed her on the ground, so most of the electricity had all seeped into the earth instead. She was a qualified lightning rod, as there wasn’t a single crack on her blade after that. The only change was that the letters on her blade actively swapped around again. From a single row of BBBBs to a single row of SSSSs, and finally back to a mix of SBSBs. The blade had gone through every single combination of letters, and finally when there were no more unique letter combinations to be made… symbols came out…

Zhu Yao looked at the scrambled mess on her blade: *—……%#¥#

Zhu Yao felt uncomfortable all over. Did her programme crash from being zapped too much?

“Divine sword maiden…” After the lightning tribulation, Xue Yi immediately popped out and looked at her worriedly. “How are you? Does it hurt? Why don’t you…” He hesitated for a moment. “Drink a little more water!”

“…” Drink your sister’s water? Can drinking water cure a hundred illnesses? Also, how can a sword like me drink water!?

“Don’t you worry, I am now a Heavy Deity. I will definitely protect you.” He patted on his chest and guaranteed with an arrogant look. “If anyone dares to bully you, I will bite him!”

Are you a dog?

“Thank you very much…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched as she was filled with hundred and twenty percent doubt. “Bring me to the east, thank you!” She simply wanted to return to her master’s side immediately. The world outside was so terrifying.

“Alright!” He nodded. Just as he picked her up and was about to fly off on his flying sword…

A furious voice suddenly sounded.

“Xue Yi! I finally found you! Forfeit your life!”

The hell, again!?

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