[Disciple] Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Human Trafficker

Zhu Yao died. She never had a moment where she was clearly aware of the truth that she had died.


The hell!? Why were there the four words ‘Dead to the Extreme’ on her corpse!? Why was the fatal injury on her chest covered in mosaic!? Was this a prank made by the Creator? Show yourself, I guarantee I won’t beat you to death!

And what was up with the chat window that suddenly popped out in front of her? It really looked exactly like the chat window on a computer. Such a thing suddenly appeared before her eyes, and on it, it clearly stated. “You’re already dead to the extreme, do you wish to return to the reincarnation point?” And below it, were two buttons. ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’.

This sort of net-game visual sense, what happened to it being a Xianxia? And the hell was it playing at with the two ‘Yes’ options? Was there really a point in having these options?

Zhu Yao, who was in the soul state, roared.

But the rest who were present, did not seem to be able to see her current situation, nor were they able to see the words on her corpse. The fox demon was already dead, while Wang Xuzhi was currently hugging her body, rapidly inserting his spiritual energy into her wound, as though he was trying to heal her injuries. Unfortunately, she was already dead, so what use was there in healing her? The spiritual energy that he inserted, was basically unable to stay in her wound, and instantly dispersed into the air.

“It can’t be. Big sister Zhu Yao, nothing can happen to you.” Wang Xuzhi robotically repeated his actions, as he murmured to himself, he completely did not have the intention to stop at all. It was as though as, other than doing that, he could not think of any other options. However, the body in his hands, became colder by the second.

Only when he could no longer release any spiritual energy, did his mind finally begin to collapse. “Big sister Zhu Yao, you promised that you would protect me forever. You promised me! How could you…”

This was the first time Zhu Yao saw Wang Xuzhi cry. No matter was it the cheeky and mischievous spoiled brat in the past, or the current shy and firm young man now, he had never shed a single tear in front of her. And now, he was crying like a little child.

Zhu Yao walked closer, and thought of stroking his head, however, the chat window which had been ignored by her began to tremble violently. As though the system had entered an endless loop, more and more of the same chat window constantly popped out.

Not even a moment later, her entire vicinity was completely filled with layers and layers of chat windows. Hey, even if you’re trying to exert your presence, you can’t do it this way. What’s with this broken system!?

Zhu Yao reflexively waved her hands about, trying to push away the chat windows in front of her, however, she heard a “Ting” sound next to her ear. One of the “Yes” button on a chat window was pressed down. Zhu Yao simply felt her a tremble in her heart. No, wait. I didn’t choose anything, it’s an operational error. Is there still time to withdraw my selection?

Evidently, it was too late, because, in an instant, everything in front of her was cleared off. Not only the chat windows, even Wang Xuzhi and the rest had disappeared. Her surroundings were completely dark. Only a single thing was left. Below her vision, was a faintly running…

The hell!? Why is there a loading bar!?

Zhu Yao felt that, ever since she had crossed over into this world, the possibility of the limits which she had to constantly break through, might be endless. Her heart was tired!

The loading bar progressed very quickly, and not even a moment later, she simply felt a white light flashing past. A white wall suddenly appeared in front of her, and above the wall, was a face that took up half the sky. The face was currently looking at her very kindly. She curiously reached out her hand, wanting to touch that face. However, her hand actually made contact with the wall, and then, her hand sank into it, her mouth was suddenly poured with large amount of liquid.

She choked for a moment, and wanted to ask what was going on. However, what she let out was the weak sniffling cry of a little child.


“Alright, alright, don’t cry. You little child, there’s no one here that will snatch it away from you, why the rush?” The woman gently wiped her lips, and softly coaxed her.

Only then did Zhu Yao finally realize her current situation. She actually turned into an infant! The meat wall she touched earlier, was actually the woman’s breasts, and the thing that was contained in her mouth was… Zhu Yao reflexively spit it out, and momentarily felt like she had molested a good and honest woman.

What happened to the resurrection point she was promised with? Shouldn’t her resurrection point be that little village? Currently, she was evidently given a new life. From crossing into another world with her body, to crossing with her soul, was it really alright to change her setting like this?

“Eh? Why aren’t you drinking anymore?” The woman saw her dodging away, and persistently tried to stuff her “breast weapon” into Zhu Yao’s mouth. Why would Zhu Yao be willing? Hence, she constantly dodged. When the woman saw Zhu Yao like this, she thought that Zhu Yao was full, then, she began to wear her clothes properly.

After helping to arrange Zhu Yao’s clothes properly, she then placed her into the cradle at the side.

Zhu Yao curiously inspected her surroundings, and realized she was still in ancient times. The room had an ancient colour and smell, but it was more superior than the one she had in the little village back then. Because, just by this cradle of hers, it looked extremely exquisite.

“Attendants!” The woman, who seemed to have the role of her mother, shouted to the door, and four to five people who looked like maids walked in and greeted the woman.

It seemed like her household was very rich.

“Take the little miss for a walk around the courtyard, I will come over in a moment.” The woman instructed, and then, she brought one of the maids as she walked into one of the rooms. It seemed like she went to change her clothes.

Zhu Yao had always been someone with great adaptability. To her current situation, as an infant, she had no ability to resist, hence, she calmly decided to adapt.

Although she would still occasionally think of her master and Wang Xuzhi, perhaps, they were no longer in the same world. Her current life was rather good as well, as she was a daughter of a rich family. Her parents treated her like she was a treasure, and they would not even leave jobs like feeding her milk to others.

She imagined that, when she grows up, she could completely walk with her head held high. Back then, the Xianxia world was filled with killing motives everywhere, and she could be killed by demons, monsters or whatever if she was not careful. When she thought of this point, she momentarily felt extremely at ease.

She comfortably rolled around on the patch of grass. She was about to live a new life. For a moment, she felt as though the flowers had begun to smell great, the grass had become greener, the clouds had become whiter, and the person flying in the sky was…

The hell!? Why the hell was there someone flying in the sky!? What happened to leaving the Xianxia world she was promised with!?

Wait a minute, that figure, seemed to be charging towards her!

Not a moment later, standing five steps away from her, was someone in a familiar white robe. Although he was world-breakingly handsome, he always had that icy expression on his face, and had never revealed a single emotion.

Master… (For a moment, she had a lot of things to retort about, but she did not know where to begin.)

Yu Yan looked directly at her in the eyes.

She looked directly at her master in the eyes as well.

The two of them looked at each other.

None of them spoke up.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt that there was completely no point in looking at each other like this. Although she did not know why her master would suddenly appear her, looking at his expression, he had yet to recognize her. She was currently an infant who was not even a year old, so, she was basically unable to speak, let alone explaining her situation.

“Were you abandoned?” Yu Yan finally spoke up.

Zhu Yao was startled. Eh? What do you mean?

“Are you an orphan?” Yu Yan continued to ask.

“……” Zhu Yao’s expression completely darkened. Have you ever seen an orphan in her own house’s courtyard?

“Don’t worry, I will be your family.”

What? Her mother was currently sitting not far away, you know.

“I shall take you as my disciple.” Yu Yan completely did not have the intention to wait for her answer, and walked over to her.

Zhu Yao finally understood what he was trying to do, as she began to pedal her small legs, planning to crawl away. Mama, there’s a strange uncle here, trying to abduct your daughter.

But, how could the small arms and legs of an infant crawl faster than a practitioner who had cultivated for tens of thousands of years? In the next moment, she was already carried up, and the certain master announced with a stern expression.

“From today onwards, I’m your master.”

Hey, don’t decide for someone else. At least, ask for my mother’s opinion first.

“Mn. Since you have agreed as well, then follow me back to the Jade Forest Peak.”

What? Who the hell agreed!? Haa~

Master, is it really alright for you to abduct an immature infant during broad daylight?

Unfortunately, Yu Yan could not hear the roar in her inner heart. Summoning his flying sword, his figure flashed, bringing along Zhu Yao who was in an infant state, they instantly disappeared into the skies.

Zhu Yao, who completely did not have the strength to resist, simply could not hold it in any longer. Raising her small leg, she stepped on her master’s icy face which remained unchanged for ten thousand years.

I don’t want to cultivate into a deity at all, hey!

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