[Disciple] Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: The Worries of Beasties

After entering the storage mystic artifact, Zhu Yao’s vision darkened. In the next moment, the howling of the winds brushed past her ears. When she raised her head to look, she saw the great blue sky and white clouds were moving behind her at incredible speeds.

She was flying, and next to her were three pairs of large bat-like wings. Their dullness looked rather familiar. Reaching out beneath her, she felt a leather-like hardness.

She had initially held her breath on purpose, so that she would not expose herself. Yet, he cautious heart instantly sank right down.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Then she ruthlessly stomped her feet and sat right up.


“Eh…” Sesame who was still in the midst of flying was stunned for a moment. Excited, an enormous beast head twisted back and it looked at her with hot and teary eyes. “Mistress, you’re finally awake… Aiyo!”

As it did not watch where it was flying, it instantly crashed into a cliff with a loud thud and fell down. Fortunately, it instantly remembered about its mistress who was right on its back and curled its body, in order to use its belly to shield Zhu Yao.

Seeing that she had landed on the ground safely, it then flashed with a bright white light and took up its human form. It hurriedly hugged onto Zhu Yao’s legs and cried out loud. “Mistress… You frightened this beastie. The moment I woke up, I saw you lying over there motionless. I searched the entire Lightning Divine Palace yet I was unable to spot the Sovereign at all, so I thought… Uuuuu, this beastie’s heart received a great shock.”

“You were the one who brought me out of Lightning Divine Palace?” Zhu Yao tried to shake it off her legs, but to no avail.

“That’s right. Beastie’s little heart was this close to jumping out, you know?” It had a pitiful look as it rubbed against her thighs. “Do you know how frightening it was just now? Your heart wasn’t beating and you didn’t carry any aura. Beastie wanted to look for the Sovereign, but I did not find him. I then looked for the Floor Master, but I didn’t see his figure either. I had no choice so I brought you here to look…” It stopped right there, and then cried out even more forcefully than before. “Fortunately, you’re awake now, mistress. Otherwise this beastie would have become a child without a master. Uuuu…”

Child… Am I your mother?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. It was no wonder Floor Master and her master was unable to find out where her body was. Sesame was her spirit beast, so when it flew out of Lightning Divine Palace with her body, the formation outside naturally did not stop it.

“Let go of my thighs first.” Why are you, a big man, hugging onto someone’s thighs? Don’t you feel any shame? “Let’s have a proper chat.”

“No way…” Sesame shook its head wildly, completely unaware of what shame was. “Mistress, don’t you know what kind of shock my frail and young heart has received? You completely frightened this little beastie. Promise me that you wouldn’t let me become a child without a master.”

“Scram!” This old lady don’t have such a huge child.

Zhu Yao turned and looked at the surroundings. The place was covered in huge mountains and dense forests. Huge boulders were erected all around, and the scenery was incredibly mystical. She had never seen such a scenery even after being in the Divine Realm for so many years. Recalling Sesame’s words, she could not help but ask. “Where is this?”

“This is the continent of Demonic Immortals.” Sesame replied.

“What!?” Demonic Immortal Continent. “Why did you bring me here?” It was no wonder that they couldn’t receive any signals from her body on the other side of the Divine Realm then. She had actually stepped out of the map. Without data roaming activated, how were they going to track her?

Sesame paused for a moment, and then shamelessly continued to tightly hug her thighs, as he rubbed his snot and tears on them. “I couldn’t locate Sovereign and the Floor Master, so I wanted to return to the Demonic Immortal Continent to find out if there was anyone who could save mistress.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhu Yao became a little confused. “You mentioned that you woke up in Lightning Divine Palace?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” He nodded. “I was in your divine sense the entire time, and had only woken up just earlier. In the end, when I came right out, I saw mistress lying on the bed. I thought that something might have happened to you which caused your resurrection to fail.”

“Uh…” Should she mention about her completely forgetting about Sesame being in her divine sense? She didn’t bring it along for several missions in the past, so she had long forgotten that it was bundled up with her this time. “Ahem… There isn’t anything wrong with my body. The reason why I wasn’t awake was because my soul flew out.”

She explained to it about the situation of her turning into a second rank divine sword.

As Sesame listened to her, its expression instantly crumpled. It looked so pitiful, as though it had been abandoned. “Mistress actually forgot to let me out…” Its beastie heart shattered. It was angry! It wanted to vent!

“Uh…” Why did she feel as though she was a trashy woman? She couldn’t help but stroke its head. “About that… It’s not that I didn’t let you out. Look, after my resurrection this time, I’m just a mortal. I don’t have divine energy nor do I have any cultivation, how can I let you out of divine sense then? You’re so obedient, the one and only good beastie in this entire world. You definitely understand your mistress, right?” Mistress still loves you~

Sesame pondered for a moment, its face seemed to have brightened a little. Mn. I’m such a good beastie alright.

“Was your lack of cultivation truly the reason?”

“Really really! You must believe me, my good beastie?”

Alright, its glass heart had been repaired. “Then… Then what about now?”

“I don’t have any cultivat… The hell!” Zhu Yao circulated her divine energy out of habit, and a purple lightning spark actually appeared from her palm. Even she herself was shocked. “How?” She carefully sensed her body, and realized that the cultivation level of this body had actually risen directly to that of a Profound Deity. This was a little too illogical, wasn’t it? Was sleeping her body’s secret art for cultivation?

“Mistress?” Sesame which was waiting for comfort saw her being dumbfounded all of a sudden, and could not help but nudge her. Continue praising me~

“I suddenly possess cultivation.” Zhu Yao frowned. When it came to situations like this where a pie had fallen from the sky, she felt that a trap was definitely laid out at the back. “This matter is too strange. Let’s first return to Lightning Divine Palace and ask my master.” Zhu Yao wanted to fly on a sword out of habit, only to realize that she did not have any transportation tools on hand. Thus, she pulled Sesame up from her thighs. “I don’t have any mystic artifacts so I can’t fly. Turn back into your original form and bring me back.”

“Ou.” Sesame turned into that six-winged demonic beast in a habitual manner, and with Zhu Yao on its back, it flew up.

Eh, wait a minute!

Where’s the promised comfort?


Sesame bringing her out was like kicking an own goal, and she had no idea why her body suddenly possessed cultivation. It was a coincidence that Sesame woke up the moment the unreliable Floor Master was taken away by the Disciplinary Order. Seeing that Zhu Yao stayed unconscious the entire time and there was no one in the Lightning Divine Palace, it grew anxious and called 120… Ah pui! It brought her to the Demonic Immortal Continent. This matter was really easy to settle. Since she was brought out, then she just had to be brought back.

However, when they arrived at the borders of the continent, the two of them were dumbfounded.

“What’s that?” Zhu Yao said as she pointed at the large amount and densely compacted wind blades, that were even more concentrated than infrared sensors. Her face darkened.

“Realm Tide.” Sesame felt like crying as well. “The Realm Tide will appear once every hundred years between the Demonic Immortal Continent and Deity Continent. Anyone who enters it will be injured by the wind blades and be sliced to the point where their corpses and bones wouldn’t even be left intact.”

“Then what about defensive barriers?” Zhu Yao continued to ask. Since they were wind blades, they could be blocked, right?

Sesame shook its head. “These wind blades are different from the rest. They are materialized from the aura emitted by the Presenceless River. Barriers are basically ineffective.”

“What do you mean? Speak human.” The hell’s the Presenceless River?

“Presenceless River is the heavenly river that separates the two continents.” Sesame said with a bitter look. “Above the Presenceless River, all divine arts or divine techniques will disappear, that’s why the wind blades can render divine arts ineffective too. No divine arts can be used against them.”

That incredible? They’re basically the DEL button.

“Then when will this wind stop?”

Sesame raised one finger.

“An hour?”

Sesame shook its head.

“One day? It can’t be a month, right?”

It still shook its head and weakly said. “One year.”

“The hell.” Zhu Yao became irritable. “As expected, it’s more reassuring to keep you in my divine sense.”

“… Mistress.” Its glass heart shattered once more. “How can you say that to me…”

Its nose began to itch and its eyes were reddening. The acting skills of a moviestar were unleashed in an instant. Just as it was about to cry and complain, it was startled all of a sudden. Looking towards a certain direction, its expression instantly changed, becoming miserably pale. In a flash, it suddenly returned to her divine sense.

“What’s wrong?” It really returned just like that? When did it become so obedient?

“Mistress, hurry and retract your aura as a Deity! Hurry!” Sesame’s hurried voice resounded, carrying an anxiety that she hadn’t seen before.

Zhu Yao frowned. Though she did not know what was going on, she still retracted it as told. Immediately after, two astonishing pressures came assaulting in an overwhelming manner. Even she could not help but hold her breath, and had almost sat on her butt.

Two figures instantly appeared before her. After having a closer look on their faces, the corner of her lips could not help but twitch. One red and one yellow. The red one was bright red, and even his hair was red. The yellow one was light yellow, and even his fingernails were yellow.

These two were Demonic Immortals at the Heavy Deity level.

“Why a Deity?” The red Demonic Immortal was stunned for a moment. He looked straight at Zhu Yao, his gaze grew even more focused as time went by. The longer he looked, the brighter his eyes grew, and the more he wanted to lean closer to her.

“Hi~” Zhu Yao could not help but raise her hand and greet them.

That red Demonic Immortal exhaled a little, and even his face reddened. He awkwardly tugged onto the corners of his robe and then pulled his sleeves a little. His voice instantly turned a little lower, and he even began to stammer. “It’s… It’s even… a little… a little sister.”

He turned to look at the yellow Demonic Immortal at the side and nudged him a little. “Hey, what do you think we should do?”

“Ah!?” When that yellow Demonic Immortal was nudged, his legs wobbled and he almost fell. Only then did he regain his senses. He suddenly stepped forward and said with a stern look. “Little sister, hello. I’m Yellow Qi. My original form is the Despis Beast from the feathered races, a Realm Protector of the Demonic Immortal Continent. I’m of the fourteenth rank with the cultivation level of a Heavy Deity. I have three cave residences with beautiful sceneries and boundless divine energy. I can be considered as someone with achievements to my name. I even have the special authority to freely enter the Demonic Immortal Palace. Why don’t we… first become friends?”

“…” What’s with this feeling of being in a blind date?

“I’m Red Qi!” After hearing Yellow Qi’s words, he immediately added. He had a look filled with regrets. Why did he forget to do a self-introduction earlier? What a pity. He actually lost the initiative! He quietly shot daggers at his little companion with his eyes.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. It seemed like the absolutely evil World Favourable Impression ability was effective on Demonic Immortals too!

“The hell, you two bitches! Let go of my mistress. She only belongs to this beastie.” Sesame began to wildly scratch on the screen inside her divine sense. “I want to! Immediately! Right now! Beat these two blind beasts up!”

Come right out then, what’s the point in shouting in my divine sense? Zhu Yao had a dark expression.

“Oh right, Deity little sister!” Red Qi was still looking at her with a pair of shining eyes. “Why are you here? Are you lost? Where do you want to go? Do you want this big brother to send you there?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao quietly took a step back. Please retract that perverse look of yours first, alright? What happened to the promised conflict between Deities and Demonic Immortals? “Hoho, fellow great Demonic Immortals. I’m just here to look at the scenery. I’m done now, bye.”

She raised her leg and was just about to run, when the two Demonic Immortals finally regained their senses. They first exchanged glances, and then in a flash, blocked her paths as expected. “Little sister, you can’t leave.”

“Fellow big brothers, is there anything else?” Zhu Yao tried her best to maintain a friendly expression.

“Little sister, I’m sorry for forgetting to mention this. Deities can’t traverse freely on this side. Big brother Red isn’t trying to make things difficult for you.” Red Qi looked at her a little embarrassingly. “It’s just that this is an order from the king. Of course, we are certain that you’re not a bad person. However, we have no choice but to first bring you back.”

“Little sister, don’t be afraid.” Yellow Qi immediately added. “I shall bring you somewhere else to live for a few days, and simply ask you a few questions. Once the questions are done, if you want to see the sceneries, big brother can bring you around.”

As expected, they were here to capture her! It seemed like though the effects of the World Favourable Impression ability were incredible, they were still not as effective as the times in the Lower Realm. Though these two people were courteous to her, they were not treating her well for no reason.

Left without a choice, Zhu Yao could only follow them. She did not dare to do anything in another person’s territory either. Furthermore, she was just a Profound Deity while those two had the cultivation comparable to Heavy Deities. They could turn her into dust whenever they wanted.

“Oh right. Little sister, have you seen a six-winged Demonic Immortal with a pitch-black body?” Yellow Qi suddenly asked.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Sesame?

“He looks like this when transformed into a human.” Seeing her dazed look, Yellow Qi materialized the man’s image in the air.

As expected, it was Sesame. Her heart trembled a little, and then she calmly shook her head. “I’ve just arrived here, I’ve never seen it.” Seeing the two of their frowns, she casually asked. “Who is this beast? Why are you two looking for it?”

A disgusted look instantly flashed past Yellow’s and Red’s face, and Red Qi even let out a cold snort as he ruthlessly said. “This beast is simply the shame of our Demonic Immortal Continent. He’s the model of betrayals! Our princess loves him so dearly so, yet he actually discarded her and fled the wedding in front of everyone. That’s why our great king issued an order to the entire Demonic Immortal Continent to capture him and judge him for his sins!”

“Ou…” Zhu Yao nodded, and then she intentionally made her voice heavier. “Discard huh… That’s truly a scummy beastie.” She never expected that Sesame had such a honourable status.

“Of course not!” Sesame grew anxious, as it began to bounce up and down in her divine sense. “This daddy here basically doesn’t like her, alright? I don’t want to marry a two-legged beastie.”

Yellow and Red began to exchange condemnations on him as well.

“Right? Our princess is the number one beauty of Demonic Immortal Continent, you know? Yet he still could make the heartless decision to abandon her. Just by this point alone, we can’t endure it at all!”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Yellow Qi responded as well. “It doesn’t even want the number one beauty. How can single puppies like us live then?”

“Does he think it’s easy for beasties like us to find wives!? This daddy here has cultivated for hundred thousand years since my time in the Lower Realm, and I have yet to touch a female beastie’s paw. On what basis did he reject her!?”

“You’ve only cultivated for a hundred thousand years. I’ve already cultivated for more than a few hundred thousand years. Let alone a beast paw, there’s barely been any opportunities for me to strike conversations with one.”

“Haah, I really wish to find a female beastie to chat about life and talk about my ideals with.”

“Haah, I really wish to find a female beastie and bring her home for the holidays and the New Year’s!”

Zhu Yao: “…” So the beast world was actually facing a serious single population problem.

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