[Disciple] Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: Sesame is Trash

It was the second day since Zhu Yao arrived at Demonic Immortal Continent, and only then did she realize that she actually hadn’t turned back into that divine sword yet. Logically speaking, since her master had explicitly said that he would only place her inside the storage mystic artifact for three seconds, one and two seconds were fine, but he definitely wouldn’t go past three seconds. However, right now, let alone three seconds, three hundred, three thousand, and even more than thirty thousand seconds had passed. Yet, she was still staying in her body live and well.

This could only prove that either her guess was incorrect and had played herself, or… she was too far and the signal had been cut off. In any case, she wouldn’t be returning to that sword anytime soon. She did not know if this was good news or bad news, but being locked here definitely wasn’t good news in any way. After the two Demonic Immortals brought her to the Demonic Immortal Palace, they simply threw her into jail. What happened to the promise of becoming friends!?

“Little sister, after the investigation is over, we can see each other again~” Leaving those words, the yellow and red Demonic Immortals waved their sleeves and left, leaving their beloved behind.


The hell!

Zhu Yao stayed in the jail that was filled with formations for two days, yet no one came to investigate her. It wouldn’t do if things kept on like this. She had to get out. Though she wouldn’t be able to leave the Demonic Immortal Continent, she should still send her master a message and report about her wellbeing.

“Sesame, have you studied this formation before?” She looked at the surrounding formations for a long while, yet she was still unable to determine their properties. Left with no choice, she sought Sesame, who was familiar with the terrain, for help. That’s right. She wanted to break out of prison.

“Mistress, Sesame doesn’t know either. However, the formations of Demonic Immortal Palace are very unique. Even the strongest of Demonic Immortals won’t be able to break out of them.” Sesame replied, its voice faintly carried a small amount of pride.

“Are you certain?”

“Of course. I heard that the formations here were all constructed by the former Demonic Immortal Palace’s Demon King, and they’re run with bloodlines. No one… Ehhh!?” Before he could even finish, Zhu Yao stood up, patted off the dust on her robes, and walked straight out. Easily, and without any pressure at all. Sesame looked like he had just seen something illogical. “Mistress, how did you get out?”

“Didn’t you say that all Demonic Immortals aren’t able to get out?” Zhu Yao clicked her tongue. “I’m not a Demonic Immortal.” What does formations that are placed down with bloodline restrictions have to do with me!?

“…” The Demon King is going to cry in the toilet.

Though Zhu Yao had gotten out, she did not dare to leave the prison gates so casually. The formations inside were all duds, but the entrance was being tightly guarded by large number of troops. Before she even release her divine sense, she sensed the might of Gold Deities standing on the left and right of the entrance. Charging out with brute force was not an option. Furthermore, the Realm Tide would only end a year later, so even if she got out of here, she wouldn’t be able to return to Lightning Divine Palace. For a moment, she did not know what to do.

“Mistress, go south then.” Sesame suddenly suggested.


Sesame paused for a moment, before he gently said. “Because… I have a friend over there. He’s incredible. He might know of other methods to enter the Deity Continent.”

“Really?” Zhu Yao felt suspicious.

“Of course it’s true.”

She sized up Sesame who was in her divine sense. “A beastie like you has a friend too?”

“… Mis… tress!” Though this one doesn’t have any morals, I still have the rights to make friends, alright!? “How can you be so unconfident of your beastie, I’m after all still…”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted it. “Let’s first figure out how to leave.”

Zhu Yao felt a little troubled. When comparing martial strength, she definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat them, and her reinforcements were even a few thousand kilometers away. Not to mention, this place was the Demonic Immortal Palace, which had the most concentrated numbers of Demonic Immortals. Unless she activated hacks, she shouldn’t even think of leaving.


A conversation window suddenly popped out.

The hell, he’s actually truly thinking of giving me hacks, hey!?

The words on the conversation window this time were rather simple and written nicely: Friendship Hack Concealment System (Trial Pack). Activate, or Cancel?

“Concealment!” Zhu Yao grew excited and she immediately tapped on the ‘Activate’ button on the screen.

In the next moment, her body began to fade inch by inch. From her legs, to her waist, and then slowly, her entire body disappeared. After that… poof. Sesame was thrown out.

Zhu Yao: “…”

“Mistress… what’s going on?” Said the flustered Sesame, unaware of situation.

Uh… She didn’t know either! She tried and realized that she wasn’t able to put Sesame back into her divine sense at all. Could this be the limitation of the trial version? The features were too limited, weren’t they?

Before she could figure everything out, Sesame’s cry lured in the guards at the entrance.

“Who is it?” The two Demonic Immortals charged in. They saw Sesame on the ground, and looked as if they had just seen a ghost. “Your highness!”

The hell’s with this ‘your highness’?

While she was in doubt, Sesame had already been neatly tied up like a dumpling.

“Release me, hurry and let me go! I’m a beastie with a master!” Sesame struggled for a long while, yet to no avail. With the two Demonic Immortals holding onto each end of its body, Sesame was carried out.

Since it was after all her family’s beastie, Zhu Yao had no choice but to follow after them.

Because of her concealment hack, she was not discovered along the way. The two Demonic Immortals happily carried Sesame into the highest temple of Demonic Immortal Palace. As they walked, they even shout out their lungs to announce to the entire world. “Hurry and inform the princess! Your highness Sesame has returned!” It lured in a crowd of spectators.

Sesame’s entire face turned green and its struggle grew stronger. “Release me! What are you two greedy beasts going to do to me? I will never go along with it!”

“…” Can you please not drop your morals at a time like this?

However, no matter how it shouted, its cries had no effect. The two Demonic Immortals joyously carried it into a large hall, threw it on the ground, and then knelt to pay their respects. “My king, we discovered your highness Sesame in the heavenly prison earlier, and so we brought him here.”

“Mn.” A mighty voice sounded from above. “Well done. You two may leave.”

Only then did the two Demonic Immortals stand and make their way back, leaving behind Sesame who was tied into a dumpling. Zhu Yao raised her head and saw an elderly with white hair and white beard sitting at the throne above the tall stage. He wore a dark robe, and blood-coloured patterns could be seen embroidered on it. His cultivation level was hard to discern, it was most likely above that of a Heavy Deity. He should be the Demon King that the people spoke of.

He lightly swept his eyes towards the “dumpling” on the ground. Even though she was under concealment, Zhu Yao could still feel the pressure emitted from his body. She could not help but feel worried that he was going to do something to Sesame.

“Stinky brat, you’re finally back…” He lightly spoke up and then walked down the stage. An unseeming smile raised from the corners of his lips. “It’s the second time now.”

“The hell, if you have the guts, then release this daddy!” Sesame struggled like a fish that had been washed ashore. “Old man, give up. I will never marry that precious daughter of yours.”

The Demon King’s expression darkened, frowning. He raised Sesame up and furiously said. “You’ve already gone done to the Lower Realm twice, yet why can’t you just learn how to be obedient? As long as you agree to marrying Gong Lan, this position of the Demon King would be yours.”

“You sound as though I really want it.” Sesame rolled its eyes. “This daddy doesn’t like her, and so I don’t want to marry her. I like to be unrestrained and free.”

The Demon King’s expression sank, but he patiently continued to persuade Sesame. “What’s bad about Gong Lan? You two grew up together since young, and you two even ascended together. Just how is she unworthy of you?”

“Everything about her is unworthy of me?” Sesame continued to be stubborn. “I don’t want to marry a two-legged beastie.”

“You…” The Demon King became furious. “Gong Lan is of the feathered race! Have you ever seen a feathered race with four legs?”

“I don’t care!” Sesame said with a shameless look. “I don’t like two-legged people. I only want to marry a little sister of the same race…”

“You… You’re basically being heartless, unreasonable, and nonsensical!”

“You’re the heartless, unreasonable, and nonsensical one!”

“No matter how heartless I am…”

Uhh… why are things developing in such a strange direction, hey?

Wow! Looking at these two’s informal manner of talking, their relationship isn’t that bad as I thought? It seemed like she was worried for nothing.

“Your race is hard to come by in the first place. Since you really want to find someone from the same race that much…” The corner of the Demon King’s lips twitched, and it looked as though he wished he come bash him up at this moment. He panted heavily and said. “Then find me one!”

“I found one.” Sesame’s eyes instantly shone.


Sesame signaled him to release its bindings. The Demon King hesitated for a moment. Seeing that it wouldn’t play any tricks in front of him, he released his bindings with a wave of his hand. With a flip of its hand, Sesame instantly brought out an enormous egg next to him.

Zhu Yao was stunned. It was that Spirit Guiding Beast’s egg from the Lower Realm. The chap Sesame really brought it to the Higher Realm.

Hugging onto it like it was treasure, Sesame said with shining eyes. “Look, old man! This egg has the same aura as mine. I found it in the Lower Realm. It definitely is of the same race as me.”

“An egg like this!?” The Demon King frowned. Just as he wanted to comment further, a Demonic Immortal entered and reported. “My king, Princess Lan wishes to see you.”

Zhu Yao clearly saw Sesame trembling for a moment. Its two hands that were initially tightly holding onto the egg even loosened a little, as though it subconsciously wanted to hide. Is the female lead about to make her appearance? Zhu Yao became excited. After realizing that the Demon King did not have ill intentions for Sesame, she unconsciously fell into drama-watching mode.

“Allow her in.” The Demon King hesitated for a moment, before he said with a wave of his hand.

In just a few moments, footsteps could be heard from the entrance. A handsome and heroic-looking woman entered. She was dressed in a battle armor, as though she had yet to have the time to remove them. There wasn’t any other expressions on her face. With a calm look and an upright stance, her entire body was radiating with unspeakable might.

So… So cool!

Even Zhu Yao could not help but give her praise. She had never seen a woman who could be this handsome before. Seeing how Sesame was rejecting this princess so intensely earlier, she even thought that the princess had very terrible looks. In reality, not only wasn’t the girl ugly, she was actually this handsome.

Sesame, are you blind?

Gong Lan slowly walked in, her eyes narrowed at Sesame on the side. However, it had only been for an instant, and she turned her eyes away right after. Clasping her hands, she greeted the Demon King. “Your daughter pays respects to father.”

“Raise your head, raise your head.” Compared to Sesame, the Demon King was clearly being gentle, like the drizzling rain in spring, towards this princess. He personally went up to hold her up. “How’s your mission to Cold Imperial Forest this time? Are you injured anywhere?”

“Thank you, father, for your concern.” She replied with a serious look. “Fortunately, I have already restrained the Sharpice Beast, and it’s now being sent to the heavenly prison.”

“Good, good, good.” The Demon King grinned as he patted on Gong Lan’s shoulder. “It’s great that you’re back. Coincidentally, Sesame is here as well. Let’s use this opportunity to set up your marriage ceremony then.”

Gong Lan was stunned. Sesame however immediately exploded. “Are you serious!? Old man, you have gone crazy! I already told you so many times that this daddy here doesn’t like her one bit! I don’t want to marry her.”

“Shut your mouth!” The Demon King glared at him. “This matter will not be discussed. Even if you don’t want to, you have to.”

“This daddy here isn’t going to marry. If you have the guts, then kill me.”

“Do you think I don’t dare to!?”

“Come then!”

Watching the two about to turn their verbal argument into a physical conflict, with a frown, Gong Lan arched her body and said to the Demon King. “May I request my king to cancel his marriage with me.”

“What?” The Demon King was shocked. He looked at Gong Lan with eyes of disbelief. “You… Ever since you were young, didn’t you wish… Lan’er, you must think over this carefully, don’t make such decisions in haste. Don’t worry, if this brat dares to bully you in the future, this old man will be the first one to beat him up.”

Gong Lan turned to look at Sesame with a complicated expression. Heavy-hearted, she looked as though she was concealing many things that could not be put into words. Looking at Sesame’s slight shiver, she awkwardly turned her head back.

She shook her head with a light smile. “No need. It’s all playful banter from our younger days, it can’t be treated as real. Now… Let’s treat it as though this engagement has never happened.”


“Father!” Gong Lan still continued with a humble tone. “He’ve gone down to the Lower Realm twice. He has already paid a suitable price. Even if we continue to push him regarding this matter, what’s the point?”

The Demon King sank into silence.

“This… You said it yourself.” Sesame weakly leapt up. “You musn’t regret it! I will be leaving now. You’re not allowed to chase after me.”

Gong Lan turned to glance at him, the complicated feelings in her eyes had already disappeared, becoming clearer than before. “Your highness, be well.”

Sesame choked, as though it had just heard something that he it could hardly believe. It’s face was filled with complications.

“Stinky brat! You want to run now? Do you think it will be that easy?” The Demon King was furious, looking as though he wanted to settle some debts. However, Gong Lan stopped him.

Sesame sprinted out of the large hall and left the Demon King’s palace without turning back. Because it was too sudden, Sesame had even forgotten that it could fly. Zhu Yao had almost lost track of it, and when she caught up, Sesame was already lying tired on the ground, panting like a dog. However, a gleeful smile was all over its face, looking as though it had struck a jackpot. “Hahahaha… I finally no longer have to marry that ugly thing! Awesome! Mistress… Mistress…” It danced about for a long while, and then began to look around for Zhu Yao. Though it couldn’t see her, as a contracted beast, it could still sense that she was by its side. Mistress, hurry and come out. Accompany this beastie in its joy.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to cancel the concealment buff on the top right corner of her peripheral vision, a red figure suddenly flashed in front of her. Gong Lan who was still in the large hall earlier suddenly appeared. Sesame was shocked, and then it looked at her cautiously. “You… What do you want now!? I’m telling you… you were the one who said that you wanted to cancel the engagement. Don’t… Don’t even think of regretting your decision! I don’t like you one bit…”

Gong Lan did not speak. She simply passed Sesame a pearl-like bead.

“What is this?” Sesame was confused.


Zhu Yao blanked. Tasyoluk? Isn’t that the Secret Realm where I first met Sesame?

Gong Lan gently said. “This is something your mother gave me back then. When you were punished and thrown down to the Lower Realm back then, I had it follow you to the Lower Realm. When you returned the first time, I had it return. Now… Since it’s something that belonged to you in the first place, I’m returning it to you.”

“…” Sesame was dumbfounded for a moment. It hesitantly looked at the bead in her hand, as though it did not know if it should take it back.

Gong Lan however simply stuffed it in its hands. “Father is already at the level of a late-stage High Deity. In just a few more years, he will have to head to the Lightning Divine Palace and enter the tower. He doesn’t have much time left here… You should come back to see him more often. After all, you are the one who truly harbours his blood.” Immediately after, she turned around and materialized a pair of enormous red wings. With a flap of her wings, she did not hesitate, disappearing without a trace.

Sesame held onto the bead and stayed motionless for a short while.

A moment later, it then spoke with a blank expression. “Mistress, I… why do I feel so uncomfortable?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it.

“Hoho… Trash!”

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