[Disciple] Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: How to Abandon Delusion Treatment

“…” Biting his lips, his little figure began to tremble.

Zhu Yao however did not want him to continue escaping. “Yue Ying… No, Shao Bai. It’s time for you to grow up. I’ve already told you this many times, that it’s time for you to grow up! You must walk out on your own. In the past, I felt that I could pull you out, but in the end… I’m sorry! There’s nothing I can do now. I can’t forgive your mistakes forever. That’s why, even if you follow me from behind for your entire life, I can never trust you again. It’s because I’m afraid that if I forgive you this time, you will do something that will pierce my heart even deeper next time.”

“Big sis Yao… I’m… I’m wrong.” He raised his head, his eyes were filled with anxiety, regret, and even deep despair. He wanted to grab onto the corner of her robe, but he was afraid that it would make her even angrier.

“I don’t want to hear this.” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I can no longer distinguish truths and lies from your words. However, Yue Ying…” Her expression turned cold, and in an instant, she released a killing intent which he had never seen being emitted from her before. “If there comes a day where you do something similar once more, I won’t mind killing you with my own hands!”

His figure stiffened, as though he could fall at any moment. However, he could not stop Zhu Yao from saying those heartless words.

“That’s why, from now on, I won’t rule out using the most cruelest method to condemn all your actions. You are no longer my little brother, and I don’t want to become your big sister again.”

“Big sis…” His voice was filled with so much despair, that it could scatter with a light breeze.

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh. “Yue Ying, you’ve disappointed me too much, disappointed me to the point of despair.”

“I… I really know my wrongs now… Big sis Yao, you must believe me…”

Zhu Yao shook her head. “If you really know your wrongs, you wouldn’t plead me to believe you, but prove it with your actions.”




After making it clear to Yue Ying, Zhu Yao no longer paid attention to him. Though, she wondered just what was going through his mind, as he still continued to follow after her without making a sound, like a wandering ghost. However, he was no longer that skinny and frail child, instead, he reverted back to the heaven-defying looks that Shao Bai once had.

Zhu Yao wanted to scratch his face in her anger. However, even if she tried to chase him away, he wouldn’t leave, even if she were to scold him, he wouldn’t refute, and even if she fought… she wouldn’t be able to beat him. Someone who can only deal five damage can’t hurt a single thing.

She walked for half a day, and when the sun was right in the center of the sky, she finally stopped. Though she was a Profound Deity and walking did not pose any sort of stress to her, even if she wasn’t tired, she would still get bored of it. After walking in such a mechanical manner for half a day, her lazy bone did not feel like moving any longer. She wanted to hitch a ride with a fellow Deity or a spirit.

However, before the ride could even come, the ambulance had arrived instead. Looking at the two red and white figures flying towards her from afar, Zhu Yao felt like her body was rejuvenated all of a sudden.

“Master…” You’re finally here to pick me up.

The moment Yu Yan landed, he received her embrace. “Yu Yao.” He sized up his stupid disciple for a moment and after realizing that not only was she fine, her cultivation had risen as well, he finally felt at ease.

“See, I already told you that nothing will happen to little little grand disciple.” Yu Jin shook the fan in his hand, his brows curved with his smile. “Her body is marked with my tracking art, so how can I possibly lose her? Look at how anxious you’ve gotten, pulling me out here immediately to look for her. Even if we don’t come, she would have returned on her… Hey, listen to me you, you two.” Do they have to hug that tightly? Can’t they see that there were still two single puppies standing at the side?

Eh? Wait a minute! Two!

“This is?” Yu Jin looked at the black-robed man that was at a considerable distance away, his heart could not help but skip a beat. Just earlier, he actually did not sense his presence at all.

Yu Yan noticed Yue Ying at the back as well, and he unconsciously hugged Zhu Yao even tighter. His expression instantly turned cold. When did he come to the Higher Realm?

Yue Ying still stood there in a daze. He neither replied nor moved, simply staring straight at Zhu Yao.

“Master…” Zhu Yao tugged the person in front of her. She had no intentions to explain either. “Let us return.”

Yu Yan frowned, not probing any further. With a nod, he rose into the air and carried his disciple back.

“Hey, wait for me!” The corner of Yu Jin’s lips twitched. What kind of situation is this? Why did then suddenly leave? He once again glanced at the black-robed man. Would it kill you all to explain? Why are the both of them ignoring him?

Letting out a long sigh, he had no choice but to follow after them with a resentful look.

In the next moment, Yue Ying’s figure instantly disappeared without a trace as well.

With this extravagant VIP transportation tool that was her master, they arrived back at Lightning Divine Palace in less than a quarter of an hour. Not far away behind them was Yue Ying who had followed after them without making a single sound. Zhu Yao could not be bothered about him either, as she followed her master to the courtyard where the stone chairs were.

Yu Yan immediately reached out his hand to check her meridians carefully, and then intentionally asked a string of weird questions. Even Yu Jin stepped forward to check her meridians several times.

“What is it?” Zhu Yao was a little confused.

Yu Yan was silent for a moment. With a wave of his hand, a divine sword appeared on the table. Strange marks filled the sword, though the blade was on the verge of shattering and divine energy was scattering away from it. It even looked a little familiar. “This… Isn’t this the divine sword that I was possessing? Why did its rank drop?” She recalled that it was still a second rank divine sword just earlier. Right now, it could not even be considered as a first rank. It would not take long for it to turn into a piece of scrap metal.

“When I retrieved this sword from the storage mystic artifact back then, it began to slowly degrade. These strange marks appeared first, and then, divine energy began to scatter as cracks appeared on it…” Yu Yan frowned and solemnly said. “Initially, your soul was the sword spirit of this sword. Your master had thought that… if a problem had occurred to the sword, something might have happened your own body. Looking at you now, you seemed to be unharmed.”

“Ou.” It was no wonder these two were so tensed. Zhu Yao thoroughly sized up her former avatar that was quickly turning into scrap metal, and then flipped over the blade to have a look. On the other side, the marks were rather neatly gathered at the center, forming a small symbol. Squinting her eyes, she took a close look at it, and the corner of her lips began to twitch.

“Not only is she unharmed.” Yu Jin continued. “Little little grand disciple was just a mortal earlier, and she returned as a Profound Deity Paragon. This is simply miraculous. Though this sword on the other hand is about to be destroyed, as though…”

“As though the cultivation from the sword is being transferred to me!” Zhu Yao continued in his stead.

The two of them blanked for a moment.

Zhu Yao placed the sword down with a darkened expression. That’s right, she finally found out the origin of her cultivation and why she had suddenly turned into a Profound Deity. It was all transferred over from this strange sword. Because a string of words were written clearly on the blade: Data is being transferred, please wait… (70%)


Why was cultivation transferrable? And wireless at that? She was not able to receive a single roaming signal from the Demonic Immortal Continent, so why was she able to receive wireless signals then?

Suddenly, she felt her body turning light, and the sound of something being broken through resounded in her mind. In the next moment, the richness of her divine energy rose by more than twice, and even her Dantian was completely full.

“Little little grand disciple, you’re now a Gold Deity.” Yu Jin was stunned. What just happened? Why did her cultivation suddenly rise just by sitting there?

Zhu Yao silently glanced at that sword. As expected, the string of words changed. Data is being transferred, please wait… (80%)

It’s actually still transferring! Hey, that’s enough from you. Is the Bluetooth cut now?

“What happened to you in the past few days?” Yu Yan asked, his eyes inadvertently swept towards Yue Ying who barely had any sense of presence. “And how did you leave Lightning Divine Palace back then?”

“I went to the Demonic Immortal Continent.” Zhu Yao talked about her stay in the Demonic Immortal Continent in the past few days, and then added in her guess about why her cultivation had suddenly risen. Naturally, she included the matters about that traitor Sesame.

After hearing her story, the two were a little dumbfounded. They had heard of sharing cultivation between humans, between Deities, and between humans and Deities, but they had never heard of swords being able to share cultivation with humans.

Just what is this lady made of?

“This incident is strange, but seeing that little little grand disciple now possesses cultivation, her soul must have been stabilized.” Yu Jin said with a serious tone. “In the future, her soul would not leave her body all of a sudden. However, as preventive measures, you should still carry some soul suppressing tools on you.”

“Makes sense.” She did not want to experience switching between two avatars again.

Just as she was about to exploit a few divine artifacts, a figure suddenly came charging in, cutting across her at extreme speeds, and then he picked up the sword on the table. Not staying for a single moment longer, he had already risen into the air and flew in the opposite direction they came from.

Zhu Yao was stunned. When she regained her senses, that sword burglar had already flown far away. Strangely, that figure even looked a little familiar.

“Wait a minute, Aunt Xue, there’s a formation over there…”

Before she could even finish, dozens of lightning bolts thunderously descended together, immediately blasting him back.

A fried and crisp fragrance floated in the air… Mn, and a part of him even looked a little scorched.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yu Jin: “…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Didn’t this idiot know that formations would automatically close after entering them?

She hurriedly walked towards where the charred piece of meat had fallen to. Before she could even approach him, Xue Yi had already regained his senses. He let his charred hair sway, and in a flash, he looked at them cautiously.

He gripped onto the divine sword tightly with one of his hands, and said a little anxiously. “Divine sword maiden, don’t be afraid! I will bring you out of here. This daddy’s cultivation is incredible, you know? They’re just High Deities, let me show you how I’m going to smack them down!”

Zhu Yao: “…” You have already turned into charred meat, just where are you getting all that confidence from?

“Divine sword maiden, respond to me? Why aren’t you replying?” Xue Yi’s expression changed. Not caring about the three people in front of him any longer, he shook the sword strongly. “What’s wrong, maiden? Don’t scare me, hey! Wake up…” He shook it for a long while, yet when he realized there wasn’t any reaction coming from the sword, his eyes instantly reddened and his face was filled with grief. He began to hysterically roar out. “Maiden! Maiden, what happened to you? You better not die! Didn’t we promised that once you turn back into a human, we will accompany each other to dust, gallop on horses together, and enjoy the extravagance of the Divine Realm with one another?”

“Who promised you that!?” Flips table! Can this idiot’s delusions be cured at all!? “Master… Listen to me, I haven’t done anything!”

Yu Yan’s expression turned cold as he silently pulled his disciple into his embrace. He really wanted to throw out lightning bolts out of irritation, what to do?

“Divine sword maiden… Sword maiden… Maiden!” Xue Yi still persisted in shouting at the sword, but it was all a fruitless effort. Instead, as he continued to shake, Zhu Yao felt that her cultivation had risen quite a bit again, rising straight to the level of a mid-stage Gold Deity.

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