[Disciple] Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: A Baby Treats Food as Heaven

Zhu Yao once again returned to Jade Forest Peak. The same place. The same room. The same master. Zhu Yao felt like crying. Recalling the scene earlier, she could not help but step on his face again.

“Mischievous!” Yu Yan calmly pulled down her small leg, placing the small little person who could not even stand steadily, on the bed. He watched as she restlessly crawled about, and when she was about to crawl down the bed, he had no choice but to pick her up and put her back onto the bed. Hence, the process of picking her up repeated for many times.

Yu Yan looked at this mischievous little dumpling, and for a moment, he did not know what to do. He had never taken care of little kids before, let alone this one who did not even know how to talk.

His only experience of taking care of someone, was that stupid disciple who had already passed away. Recalling this, Yu Yan was a little saddened. After waiting for ten thousand years, he was finally able to take in a disciple, whom he had carefully taught, and painstakingly cared for. However, his disciple was killed by a fox demon when she went out for the first time for outfield experience.

The moment his disciple was injured, he had already known about it, and he rushed over with his fastest speed. Although, with his cultivation level, as long as her soul had not left the vicinity and reincarnated, he would have the ability to save her. However, what’s strange was, no matter how he cast his arts, his disciple did not have any signs of waking up. And the divine imprint of a personal succeeding disciple he had left on his disciple’s forehead did not actually disappear. This was something that was extremely irrational. A person’s death was like an extinguished candle, other than using mystic arts related to soul calling, there were no other mystic arts that could be effective on a dead person, unless she had yet to die.

Today, he had simply incidentally past by the mortal realm, and, he suddenly felt that divine imprint of his. Rushing over, he saw this female infant, who was wrapped like a white dumpling, and was even crawling about while being chased after by a bunch of maids.

For soul reincarnations, usually, at the very least, it would take a few thousand years, while at the most, it would take more than ten thousand years. Hence, the first thought that came to his mind was a body takeover, however, taking over one’s body was something that could only be accomplished by someone whose cultivation was at least the Nascent Soul stage. No matter how heaven-bending his stupid disciple was, it was impossible for her to break through into Nascent Soul in just a few days. And, with her pure and simple personality, even if she were to die, she would not lay her hands on an infant.

He hid his figure, and then cast an art to have the mortals automatically ignore the existences of him and the infant. He then carefully inspected her soul sea, the soul and body were linked very closely, and did not look like she had been taken over. Hence, the talk of him taking her as his disciple, was blurted out just like that, and he even brought her back on impulse.

However… What now?

Looking at the little dumpling who had already begun to crawl up his body, and even pulled his hand and stuffed it into her mouth, he momentarily understood something.


Zhu Yao raised her head and glared at him in the eyes. She simply wanted to bite him out of anger, but she had forgotten, she did not have any teeth. And her master’s hand was hard, her gum began to hurt.

“Sit here obediently, I will get you some food.” After saying that, he walked out. Not even a while later, he brought in big and small plates of rice and vegetables.

“…” Zhu Yao looked at him with a poker face. Was it really logical for an infant to eat rice? Momentarily, she felt her gum hurting even more.

“You don’t like it?” Seeing that she was turning a blind eye to the rice and vegetables, a certain master was a little troubled. This disciple seemed to be even harder to bring up than his previous one.

Zhu Yao had already speechlessly begun to crawl down the bed, and was once again heartlessly picked up by a certain master. Yu Yan raised her round figure, glanced to the left, and looked to the right, as though he was thinking of what to feed her with. In the end, he let out a long sigh. Hugging her tightly, he used his flying sword and flew to the Main Peak. It was still best to ask someone who had rich experience in raising disciples.

Hence, Reverend Zi Mo who had rich experience in raising disciples, was once again shocked by the ancestral-martial uncle who suddenly appeared in his own room.

“Ancestral-martial uncle, you have returned?” Ever since his little martial aunt had fallen, ancestral-martial uncle had changed his behaviour of being a ten thousand year hikikomori, and had frequently ventured outside. Why did he suddenly return again now? And the thing he was carrying… “Eh, ancestral-martial uncle, this infant is?” Could it be… A huge drama suddenly appeared in Zi Mo’s mind.

“Disciple!” Yu Yan calmly spoke up, shattering Zi Mo’s imagination.

Zi Mo was even more shocked. “Ancestral-martial uncle, you took in another disciple?” After thinking deeply for a moment, it was understandable, there was a need for another person to succeed Jade Forest Peak. However, he never thought that, he actually found another disciple who possessed the lightning spirit vein so quickly.

Eh, wait a minute. The child did not even look like a year old, logically, it should not be possible to test for her spirit veins yet.

Yu Yan completely did not have any intention to explain, and simply stuffed Zhu Yao into Zi Mo’s arms. “She’s hungry.”

Ah? Zi Mo was startled, his feet rooted to the ground. Why did you find me when she’s hungry? It’s not like I’m able to feed the child milk.

“Ancestral-martial uncle, I…”

Zi Mo was about to explain, however, Yu Yan cast a cold glance at him. Evidently, this was written in his eyes: ‘If you don’t settle her, I will settle you.’ Reverend Zi Mo trembled, silently swallowing down the latter half of what he wanted to say.

He carefully inspected the infant in his hands. She was round, white and tender, her facial features were extremely delicate, and she was particularly obedient. She did not cry nor make a fuss, and was simply looking at him with her round, glistening eyes. Zi Mo was instantly charmed. So… So cute, she’s completely different from ancestral-martial uncle, I really want to steal her over.

“Kuh kuh… Ancestral-martial uncle, this baby is still young, and should still need to be fed with milk. However, you can feed her food like porridge.” Although he had the thought of taking her away, due to his status as his ancestral-martial uncle, he silently held back. Holding onto the child tightly with a single arm, he took two sacks from the storage pouch by his side. “This disciple has two sacks of spiritual rice, it’s softer than regular rice, so it’s exactly…”

Yu Yan nodded, and bluntly, he waved his hand and stored the two sacks of spiritual rice into his own storage ring.

Alright, something like forcefully taking things or whatever, he was already used to it.

Just when he was pondering how he could earn them back, a red-clothed woman suddenly walked in from the entrance. “Senior-martial brother, back then, the bunch you spoke of …” The person who came was exactly the Peak Lord of Medicine Peak, Hong Chou. Seeing Yu Yan in the room, she startled for a moment, and then, she hurriedly bowed. “This disciple greets ancestral-martial uncle.”

Yu Yan nodded, he did not have the intention to ignore her.

Hong Chou then saw the infant in Zi Mo’s arms, and her eyes momentarily sparkled. “Which household is this baby from? She’s so cute.”

Probably it was natural for women to love children, before Zi Mo could even react, Hong Chou had already carried Zhu Yao away from his arms. Pinching her small arms and legs, Hong Chou gave an incredibly lovable expression.

Even Zhu Yao was a little startled. In her previous life, this woman either hated her or hated her to death, and this time, she actually revealed such an expression. The contrast was too big, she was completely unable to react to it. An older sister character turning into a loli or whatever, it was too unprincipled.

“Senior-martial brother, could this child be sister-in-law’s…?” Although it was hard for two practitioners to have a child, it was not impossible to have one. She did not expect that, in only the short while she did not see them, they actually had a daughter.

“Of course not!” Zi Mo refuted. As expected, it was not only him who would think of it that way.

“No?” When Hong Chou heard that, she became even more happy, and her eyes were filled with an excited glow. “If she’s not, then give this baby to me. I will take her as my disciple.”

Zi Mo had yet to answer, but Yu Yan who was at the side had already revealed a cold expression. It felt as though the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped by a few dozen degrees, and now, the room only lacked the floating snowflakes to complete the scene.

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