[Disciple] Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: The Biology Teacher Left Early

Realmspirit shrank on the ground like a turtle, the heavenly disposition from earlier had instantly disappeared without a trace. “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die…”

Zhu Yao could not help but throw one last kick before letting him go.

With a face covered in dirt, he sat up and looked at Zhu Yao resentfully. “Yaoyao… How can you do this to me?”

“Shut up.” Looking at how he was making such an immoral expression with that face, the image she had of him was collapsing, you know? She then pinched his cheeks and pulled them outwards. “Hurry and swap out from this face.”

“Ah! It h-h-h-hurts…” Realmspirit hissed as he breathed in the chilling air. He couldn’t avoid her demonic hands either. “You can’t blame me for this either! You’re the reason why I have this form.”

Zhu Yao’s hands stopped in mid-air. “What did you mean?”

“Yaoyao, you already know about my true body, right?” Realmspirit said with a smile. “I don’t have a fixed appearance in the first place, so the me you’re seeing right now, is the appearance of the most beautiful person in your heart.”

She was dumbfounded, and at that moment, she understood what he meant. The person with the most beautiful appearance in her heart was naturally her master. After sizing him up for a moment, she could not help but grow a little suspicious. “Are you truly the spirit of the Three Realms?”

He instantly gave a large grin. “Correct. Beautiful maiden, you’re actually able to figure it out so quickly. You’re so smart.” As expected of the one chosen by me?

“Enough of that!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes, but her heart felt a little stuffy. “So the things you told me before were all true. And this is what you meant when you said that there’s a problem with this world when I was first brought here?”

“Mn.” He nodded.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She finally understood everything that she hadn’t been able to figure out before, including why he had such incredible powers. Why was he able to grant her such strange cheats? Why were the River of Forgetfulness, Bai Yuan, and Wood Spirit all so familiar with him? Why could he claim that even the Heavenly Dao could change? The spirit of the Three Realms, a spirit formed by the Three Realms. He was this world, and the Three Realms was his true body. Even the Heavenly Dao and luck were all part of him, so he could naturally change them.

“Since you’re the Three Realms, then those bugs should have been easy to fix on your own. Why did you still have to drag me over to fix them?”

He shook his head. “Yaoyao, I can predict everything in this world, and I can clearly see everyone’s paths, but I don’t know how to cure them. Though I know where the bugs are, I don’t understand the specific methods to fix them.”

“What do you mean?” Zhu Yao was a little confused.

“A medical practitioner can’t cure himself.” Realmspirit solemnly said.

In other words, though he was the one who was sick, he was powerless to stop it? “But there are so many people in the Three Realms, so you can find anyone here to do it. Why do you have to go so far to another plane to drag me over here?”

“The living beings of the Three Realms are all part of it themselves, so they can’t clearly see the problem themselves, so how can they possibly fix it? No one in this world can do it, but you’re different.” His eyes shone. “You come from another plane, everything you know and the thoughts you have are all greatly different from ours. You can see things in a way that we can’t.”

“Why me?” Zhu Yao frowned. “I’m not an incredible figure, and I don’t have any astonishing talents. Furthermore, in our world, I’m just a regular person without any special traits that you can find a bunch on the streets. If you just want someone from another plane to help you find loopholes, isn’t it better to find someone more outstanding? Why pick me?”

Realmspirit retracted his smile and looked at her straight in the eyes. With an especially serious tone, he said. “Because we are friends.”

“…” So you’re the type that trolls your friends?

“Yaoyao, I trust in our friendship. Of course, the most important thing is…” He solemnly said. “You have stronger conviction and principles than anyone else, and you never wavered even once. Even after you were in the Three Realms for so long, you kept holding onto your untainted heart. That’s why… you’re the most suitable choice.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me right from the start?” Zhu Yao frowned. If he had truly treated her as a friend, why the need to hide everything from her?

“Because…” He sighed. “I want you to see this world with your own eyes and have you personally understand everything. Only by doing that can you find the most suitable method to fixing the problems that occurred.”

Indeed, if she had known Realmspirit was the Three Realms right from the start, she would have simply given him suggestions on fixing the bugs and not understand the world in depth. It’s like playing a game. Only by going deep into understanding the game can one find the best way to fix the bugs.

“Then what’s with this tower clearing mission?”

“It can be considered as the final dungeon, I guess.” He solemnly said. “Only by reaching the peak of the tower can you understand everything about me. When that happens… It’s also the time for the real patch to be implemented.”

Zhu Yao was shocked. “Real patch? Didn’t I fix a lot of bugs already?”

“No, everything has yet to start.” He shook his head, his smile grew even more dazzling. “Once you’ve understood everything, I will leave all the decisions to you. And you, my friend, is my final hope.”

“What do you mean?” What final hope? Zhu Yao wanted a clarification, but his figure had begun to fade. Even the space itself was beginning to dim.

“I will always believe you, my friend.”

“Wait a minute!” Clarify yourself. Zhu Yao grabbed onto his hand, but she instead was faced with a pair of familiar eyes. The face was the same, but the demeanor had completely changed.

“What is it?” The person in front of her stroked her head, carrying a relieving, chilling intent.

“Master…” She’s back.


“No need to be afraid.” Yu Yan however thought that she was anxious and pulled her in a little. “Master is here.”

Only then did Zhu Yao realize the surroundings had changed. Mountains and rivers filled the lands, stretching beyond her line of sight. It wasn’t any different from the Divine Realm. “This is… inside the tower?” The map is a little too big, isn’t it?

“This place should be the lower ten floors of Lightning Divine Tower.” Yu Yan solemnly said. “Teacher once mentioned that the High Deity level is the lowest cultivation level one would have in Lightning Divine Tower. It’s best that we take caution.”

“Ou.” Zhu Yao nodded. Looking around, she did not see any human figures, though not far behind her, a black light flashed. Right after the flash, Yue Ying appeared.

She knew that he would follow after her. Zhu Yao frowned, but chose to ignore him as usual.

“”What do we do now?” When it came to clearing the tower, they still had to figure out where they should clear from!

Yu Yan suddenly pulled out a gold talisman. “Teacher once said that if I enter the Lightning Divine Tower, I can use this talisman to contact him.”

Grandmaster! Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. There’s a ‘find guild member’ feature, say so earlier! “Hurry, hurry.”

He cast an art and instantly activated the talisman. A golden light flashed, but in the next moment, the talisman began to burn and turn into ashes.

“…” What happened.

“It seemed like teacher has already entered the upper ten floors.” Yu Yan sighed.

Zhu Yao could faintly hear a notification saying: Finding guild member… failed!

“Let’s wait and see then.” Yu Yan had no other options either. After all, everything here was too foreign. They could only take a step at a time.

The two of them turned and flew forward. Zhu Yao was still thinking about Realmspirit’s words and did not pay much attention to her surroundings. After flying out of a forest, they arrived at a grass plain. Zhu Yao released her divine sense and scanned the surroundings, only to realize the plain was outrageously large. Her divine sense was actually unable to cover its entirety. After scanning around, she still did not see a single human figure. They could not even ask for directions.

For a moment, she was a little hesitant, not knowing whether they should continue moving forward.

“What should we do?” She turned and looked at her all-powerful master.

Yu Yan frowned. “This grass plain is boundless, and it seems even after venturing a thousand kilometers, we would not find a single town. It looks like we have to turn back.”

Great, we have to head back. Zhu Yao expressed that she was tired.

“Let’s rest for a moment before moving.”

Left with no other choice, Zhu Yao sat down. She wondered just what was going on in the tower? The population density was a little too small, wasn’t it? Even after flying for so long, let alone a person, they did not even spot a single living being. Even in this boundless grass plain, there were only a few long-eared rabbits.

Zhu Yao turned and looked at the rabbit that was currently squatting next to her, nibbling on the grass without the slightest sense of danger. She wondered just what breed it was, as it was actually not afraid of humans.

It even had such a rotten street name called Little White…



Zhu Yao rubbed her eyes. Was she seeing things? Why was she seeing two yellow words hanging above the rabbit – Little White? And below the name was a long red HP bar.

As a qualified game developer, she could not help but poke it with her itchy hand. A row of words then instantly floated above the rabbit’s head: HP – 1

She had a bad premonition…

In the next instant, the yellow words “Little White” turned red. The rabbit that was still one-mindedly nibbling on the grass just earlier turned its head and unceremoniously bit on her hand.

Blood flowed out…

“Mommy! It hurts…” Zhu Yao waved her hand forcefully, immediately flinging the rabbit away. However, a bone-deep wound was left on her hand.

What a terrifying rabbit!

The moment the rabbit landed on the ground, it dove into the patch of grass. After that, shuffling noises could be heard from the grass, as one red “Little White” after another popped up like lights being turned on. It looked like the colour were infectious, as red instantly filled the entire grass plain.

Uh… It seemed like, she accidentally started a battle!

“Yu Yao?” Yu Yan was just about to ask. “What is it…”

“Run!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto her master and madly flew into the forest they came from. Shuffling noises followed after them from behind.

When she turned to look, her heart almost leapt out of fright. A large mass of red names rose into the air and chased straight after them. Aren’t they rabbits? Why can rabbits fly? What you guys have are long ears, and not wings, hey! The biology teachers are going to cry!

“Yu Yao…” Yu Yan pulled his flustered and stupid disciple and stopped in the air. With a solemn voice, he said. “No need to panic! Leave it to your master.”

With a short incantation, he summoned a bolt of purple lightning and struck it to the back. Just as the horde of mad rabbits were about to be zapped, the rabbit at the very front suddenly flapped its ears and propelled itself upwards. Ahmm! It swallowed the lightning… swallowed it… swallowed…


Zhu Yao weakly turned her head. “Master…” What happened to the promise of leaving things to you?

His expression was still as calm as usual. With a wave of his hand, he called out his Life Artifact and grabbed onto his disciple. After taking a deep breath, he said with a serious look. “Let’s run then!”

With a speed ten times faster than earlier, he turned around and madly flew off…


Thus, on their first day in the tower, the master and disciple duo ran to as if their life depended on it, while being chased by a horde of little white rabbits.

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