[Disciple] Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Look At My Pure and Clear Eyes

Zhu Yao whose biology teacher had died too early on, swore that she would never offend a rabbit so easily ever again in her life. Even when she were to spot one, she would make a detour if she had to. After all, not anyone would have the precious and deep experience of being chased by a horde of rabbits for three days and three nights.

Even now, she still did not know what mutated breed the horde of rabbits was from. They were actually immune to all types of divine arts. No matter how strong an offensive art she cast, they would swallow them down with an ahmn. Even Yue Ying’s devillic attacks were useless. The only differences were whether they would take a single or two bites, or two of them taking a bite together, or three of them taking a bite together.

Most importantly, no matter if they fled into forests, flew in the sky, or dove deep into the ocean depths, those rabbits would always chase after them. They were simply living beings that could live in the land, sky, and sea. As though they had activated invincibility mode, they chased after Zhu Yao and Yu Yan for three days and three nights, and only now did traces of them slowly disappear.

Zhu Yao tiredly laid on her master. She did not want to move again, at all.

“Master…” She felt that her common sense had been struck with a heavy blow. She wanted to head back to the zoo and look at the animals again.

Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief as well. He pulled over his disciple’s bitten hand and cast an art. However, he realized that it was completely ineffective, and his brows began to furrow.

“It’s still useless.” Zhu Yao looked at her own hand, feeling as though she wanted to cry. For some reason, the wound she received from the rabbit’s bite from before could not be healed by using arts. “Nevermind.”

Yu Yan’s face was ice-cold, he clearly had a slightly irritated mood. He kept silent as he stared at his disciple’s hand.

“I’m really fine.” After all, she was a High Deity as well, though it was a little embarrassing to be bitten by a rabbit. Even without arts, it’s been three days and her wound had already closed. It was already considerably healed.

Yu Yan was still silent, though his face was growing colder by the minute. Even Yue Ying at the side was beginning to stare at her hand.

Don’t look as though I’m terminally ill, alright?

“… Then, shall we bandage it up a little?”

“Mn.” Only then did Yu Yan feel contented as he retrieved a white cloth from his storage ring. After tearing it into a strp, he then wrapped it around her hand. He wrapped it extremely meticulously, and at the event, he even tied a beautiful knot. While he was at it, he even embroidered it with something.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Master, you’re embroidering a bunny into it, are you sure you’re not doing it on purpose?

“We should not stay in this place for too long.” Yu Yan solemnly said. “It’s best that we find a settle down in a divine city.”

“Mn.” Just as Zhu Yao was about to stand up, a shuffling noise could be heard in the bushes next to them.

A human figure popped out. “Eh? You guys…”

Before he could even finish, Yu Yan had already grabbed onto his disciple and disappeared without a trace.

“Eh!? Wait, wait a minute!” In a flash, that person immediately went to catch up with them.

Hearing this, not only did Yu Yan not stop, he accelerated even faster.



Zhu Yao turned to look at the person chasing after them, and the poked in front of her. “Master… The person behind is a Deity, not a rabbit!”

A certain person’s face stiffened, as he then stopped in mid-air.

Uh… He had gotten used to it!

In an instant, that person caught up. He looked a little fatigued, his hair was dishevelled and even his clothes were covered in stains. For some reason, his blue robe was stained with yellow on one side and white on the other, a paste flavour was even floating around him. Above his head was a string of yellow words: Unknown Deity (Level 1)

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as the feeling of playing a net game overwhelmed her…

He seemed to have had a hard time chasing after them. After panting a few times, he said. “Why did you two run?”

The master and disciple duo’s lips twitched a little.

“Why did you chase after us?” Zhu Yao asked back.

“I saw you two running, so I started chasing.”

“We saw you chase after us, so naturally we ran!”

“…” The man became a little confused. He then unmindfully waved his hand and said. “Nevermind, I finally managed to see a living person. Are you two returning to Hillriver City?”

Hillriver City? Zhu Yao glanced at her master. There was actually really a divine city nearby.

Thus, they immediately nodded.

“What a coincidence, me too!” That man replied. “Let’s go together. In this Lost Gallery, it’s safer with a bunch of people together.”

Naturally, it was a blessing for them if someone could guide them. The master and disciple duo immediately nodded.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” That man did not have any interest in making friends either. He basically did not make a self-introduction, as though he simply wanted to partner up and head on his way. He immediately flew up and moved past them. While casting a Dirt Removal Art on himself, he casually let out a complaint. “I sure had bad luck today. I wonder which idiot offended that horde of ‘Little White’ rabbits in the grass plain. I only managed to get rid of them after being chased for such a long time.”

The three idiots: “…”

“What’s even more unbearable is that not only did they offend the rabbits, they were even stupid enough to use divine arts to attack them.” The man grew angrier as he spoke. “Who doesn’t know that those Little Whites relied on divine energy for their meals? The more divine arts are used, the fuller they become, and they will have even more energy to give chase. Initially, they could have been gotten rid of in a hundred kilometers, but they actually chased after this daddy here for over a thousand kilometers.”

The group of three who were chased for three days and three nights received a sudden enlightenment.

The man turned around and glanced at the three people that were standing especially straight. “Did you people encounter those pestering horde of rabbits?”

The three of them turned back to face him, and with an especially stern tone, they said in unison. “Nope!” Their expressions were as pure as the white clouds in the sky.

“Ou.” The man pouted and did not suspect them either. “You guys have great luck.” After a moment, he suddenly thought of something and asked with a mysterious look. “Let me tell you guys this, earlier, among the horde of crazed rabbits earlier, I actually saw one shrouded in lightning. Clearly, it had swallowed a lightning art. It seems like someone from Lightning Divine Palace has entered the tower again.”

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She exchanged glances with her master beside her, and intentionally asked. “So what if someone from Lightning Divine Palace enters the tower?”

“Naturally, we have to find that person immediately.” That man said matter-of-factly. “For so many years, only the people from Lightning Divine Palace can enter and leave the Lightning Divine Tower freely. Everyone has had enough of it. Furthermore, the previous one who entered the tower has already entered the upper ten floors, so naturally there’s nothing much we Deities can do about him now. Another one has finally entered the tower, so naturally we have to find him as soon as possible. Right now, Hillriver City has probably gone insane trying to look for that person. Who would have thought that he would appear within Lost Gallery? If I were to spread this news, I would be able to make some small change too.”

He looked as though he had thought of something happy, as his eyes even shone a little.

On the other side however, Zhu Yao’s heart had already sank, and as for her master… It seemed like Lightning Divine Palace did not have a good standing in this tower at all.

“Speaking of which…” The man suddenly turned around and glanced at the three people next to him. With suspecting eyes, he sized them up. “You three…”

Crap! He can’t possibly have seen through us, right?

“Did you see the Deity that cast the lightning-type arts?”

“…” Her heightened caution instantly came crumbling down. “Hoho, of course not!” Zhu Yao immediately shook her head.

“Then anyone with the Daoist title ‘Yu’?” The man continued to ask. “The people of Lightning Divine Palace often like to venture alone. As long as someone is alone, that person is worth the suspicion.”

“None, at, all!” Look at my pure and clear eyes.

Only then did the man close his mouth with a disappointed look, and then, he sped up towards Hillriver City.

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  1. Gullible man: “Anyone here knows any guy with Yu in their name?”
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  2. Common Lies:
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