[Disciple] Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: The Three Levels of Bastard Aura

At the same time they exited the secret realm, the Nascent Divided Pearl flew out. Along with the other four pearls brought out by the other secret realm teams, they merged together. Then, they turned into several rays of white light and entered the foreheads of every single person that came out of the secret realms. A talisman inscription of the number ‘1’ could be faintly seen floating off their foreheads.

The stone stairs to the second floor that they were basically unable to step on earlier, automatically floated under their feet, and then they dragged the groups up towards the bright place above them. Zhu Yao curiously touched the number ‘1’ inscription on her forehead. It seemed like the inscription was their proof of passing the first floor, and the number was recorded based on the number of floors they passed.

The first floor was ‘1’, so the second floor should be…

Wait a minute!

The thought of having the number ‘2’ hanging above her head in the future instantly made her feel uncomfortable.

With the successful gathering of the five Nascent Divided Pearls, there were a total of nineteen people this time that passed the stage, and together, they flew towards the white light above them. In just a few moments, the crowd was enveloped by the white light. Zhu Yao watched as the white light flashed in front of her, and she could see flowing streams of light encircling their bodies. She suddenly felt like her mind was clear and refreshed, and the speed of her internal breathing seemed to have increased twofold. In the next instant, the crowd was already standing on a white stone stage, and the names above the heads of these Deities had all been refreshed as well. ‘Level 1’ could no longer be seen, and most of them were all ‘Unknown Deities (Level 2)’. Was this a group level up?

This went the same for her squad as well. Above the squad captain’s head was ‘Nangong Huang (Level 3)’, while next to him, the muscular group member’s was ‘Little Teal (Level 2)’.

Eh, something seems off?

Zhu Yao once again glanced at her master next to her and Yue Ying who was at the back. The names and levels of the three of them were still not shown. Could the system have glitched out or something?

However, even though they all fought the same mobs, why did Nangong Huang’s level rise twice while Little Teal only leveled up once. Was it because as a party leader, he gained more experience?

The white light in the surroundings scattered off, and suddenly, a cry could be heard up ahead.

“He’s here! Hurry and surround him so that he won’t escape.”

Zhu Yao heard a few shuffling sounds, and then, in front of her, she could see a large crowd of unknown Deities, with all their levels ranging between two and three. In an instant, they surrounded the nineteen of them with no paths of escape. Their pairs of eyes stared at the new groups intensely, and then, they looked at each one of them interrogatively and excitedly.

Zhu Yao was frightened as she looked at the people that surrounded them. Are they about to bully newbies to show off their power?

“Stop them. He’s definitely among them.”

“Inspect them carefully. Do not let him escape.”

“This bunch is the first to come up here after receiving the news. He’s definitely here.”

“This is such a good opportunity, do not let him run.”

A large crowd of Level 2 and Level 3 Deities began to discuss among themselves, anxiety and excitement could be faintly felt. They seemed to be looking for a person. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched as she had a bad premonition. She could not help but tug onto her master.

“No need to worry.” Her master instantly sent a voice transmission over. “We’ve never received the Floor Master’s divine imprint. As long as we do not expose our mystic arts, they won’t be able to recognize us.”

Oh!? No wonder master wouldn’t become the Floor Master no matter what. So it’s not because of the trouble, but to prevent this? Master sure has thought things too far ahead, but isn’t this unfair for a certain Floor Master? But… I still have to give him a thumbs up!

“Eh? None of these people have the aura emitted out by the divine imprints of the Lightning Divine Palace at all. Could it be that he isn’t here?” As expected, a Deity that was among the pursuers frowned as he scanned the few Deities that had just entered the lower second floor carefully.

They’re really looking for them!

“How’s that possible?” Someone else discovered the problem as well. “Didn’t the person that came up here before mention that he saw someone use lightning-type arts on the first floor? Theoretically speaking, he should be up here by now? Even if the Floor Master’s divine imprint has been passed down, its aura shouldn’t disappear so quickly. Could it be that we have to wait for the next batch?”

The surrounding crowd of Deities instantly had disappointed looks on their faces, and some of them had already begun to leave. Some still did not give up and squeezed their way in to inquire about the groups. “I don’t believe it. The new Lightning Divine Palace disciple is definitely among them. What are all your names? Every one of you take turns. Is there anyone here with the Daoist title ‘Yu’?”

Though the nineteen people that had just ascended were a little irritated and furious, they had just arrived here and they were not in the place to offend others. Every single one of them reported either their names or their Daoist titles. As more people reported their names, the more disappointed the surrounding Deities became. Very quickly, it was the fifty-fifth squad’s turn.

Zhu Yao was instantly filled with confidence, and she lied without the slightest hiccup.

“I’m called Third Zhang”.

Yu Yan: “Fourth Li.”

Yue Ying: “Fifth Wang.”

Zhonggu Lu: “Sixth Zhao.” What the hell?

Nangong Cheng: “Seventh Sun.” Eh? Why do I have to follow their naming conventions?

The faces of the Deities faintly twitched. Why did they feel as though something was off?

Only when the nineteen people had all reported their names did the crowd finally scatter with disappointed look on their faces. All of them returned to their various homes and find their mothers.

The bamboo-figure student Squad Captain Nangong was stunned for a moment as well. Why did I unconsciously speak out the name ‘Seventh Sun’, hey? Whatever. He turned to glance at his party members behind him. “Dongfang girly, we have to hurry to the Amway Hall to receive our next quest.”

“There’s an Amway Hall here as well?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

“But of course.” Squad Captain Nangong said proudly, acknowledging that there were someone of higher rank than his. “Our Amway Group can be found in every floor of the lower ten floors.”

“…” Just how many people do you have in your Amway Group?


The divine city in the second floor was much larger than the one in the first floor. The five of them searched around for a long time before they found Amway Group’s sign at the corner of the east street. Compared to the first floor, there were more Deities in the Amway Hall in the second floor. They also saw the same flight of stairs at the very center of the streets, which should be headed to the lower third floor.

This time, when they returned to the Amway Hall, there wasn’t a Deity at the counter. Instead, there was a small formation currently flashing in the hall. After looking at it carefully, the formation seemed to be similar to the one that led to the third floor, just that it did not have the layers of stone stairs.

Only after she asked did she find out that the formation was used to send messages to newcomers. Zhu Yao immediately placed the jade tablet, that she received on the first floor, into the formation. She then scanned it with her divine sense, and as she was told, there were now many additional things in the jade tablet, including the quest clear requirements and the map for this floor. After taking a closer look, compared to the previous floor, the quest of this floor was much harder. In summary, in the previous floor, it was a quest that made a group of people attack a single monster, while in this floor, it was quest that made a single person go up against a group of monsters.

The description was similar as well. Gather the Nascent Divided Pearls in order for them to merge and form into a gate access key. However, the number of pearls this time was a little much. Every single person needed ten.

“This jade tablet did not mention how we should go about obtaining the Nascent Divided Pearls. This quest is surely more difficult than the previous one.” Squad Captain Nangong frowned. “Furthermore, the materials needed this time are too much. With just the five of us combining our forces, it would most likely still be a difficult task to achieve. Why don’t we…” He suddenly turned to look at Zhu Yao, his eyes were burning with sparkles as he said. “Dongfang girly, let’s use some backdoor methods!”


In a flash, a cold sword reflecting a chilling light was already hanging next to his neck.

“W-W-W-Wait, Daoist Beichen, don’t be too agitated… I’m talking about taking people in… taking people in… I made a mistake with my choice of words, it’s my mistake.”

This mistake of yours is too far off the mark, right? Are you certain you didn’t accidentally expose your true nature?

“Fellow Daoists, are you all from Amway as well?” A gentle, resounding voice suddenly rang out behind them.

When they turned to look, they saw a blast of clear wind. Radiant figures appeared in the entrance, and Zhu Yao suddenly felt the aura of bastar… Ah pui! She felt a tyrannical aura assaulting in their direction.

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  1. Zhang, Li, Wang, Zhao and Sun are among the most common surnames in China. It’s like they are saying “I’m Miss 3, I’m Mister 4, I’m Mister 5, I’m Mister 6, I’m Mister 7” (*▼▽▼*)ノ

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