[Disciple] Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: National Big Giveaway

“What is it? Don’t like them?” Seeing her unmoving, Shao Bai gave an even warmer smile as he reached out to stroke her head. “It’s fine, second elder brother prepared others as well.” As he said that, he pulled out bags and bags of snacks and stuffed them in her hands.

Zhu Yao was a little stunned. She glanced at the various familiar bags in her hands. “Second elder brother…” Just what was going on?

“Hurry and eat them, before your teacher discovers them.” Shao Bai helped combed her hair and gently said. “If he discover them again, he would once more…”


“What did you get this time?” Before he could finish, a figure dressed in snow-white robes appeared from not far away.

“Master!” As expected, he was here as well. “This place is really strange…”

Before she could finish, the person in front of her frowned. With a cold face, he walked over. Then, he turned towards a rock at the side and began his lecture. “Your teacher has told you several times that you’ve already abstained from food. There’s no benefits to your cultivation if you constantly take in mortal food.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Master, I’m over here…” Please forgive that rock.

The person in front of her stiffened for a moment, and then he immediately turned around with his usual look. Facing a tree at the side, he continued with his justifications. “I’ve mentioned it to you yesterday, and what did you promise to this teacher? Does that still count?”

Zhu Yao sighed. Left with no choice, she grabbed onto the person in front of her and turned him around. “I’m over here!” This face-blindness that did not discriminate across races could only belong to one person. “… Teacher?” He was the Far Ancient Highgod? Wasn’t he already…

“What is it? Did you even forget about your teacher?” His frown grew deeper. With a long sigh, he said. “Yu… Yao. Though you’re a Phoenix, you cannot slack on your cultivation.”

“What did you call me?” Zhu Yao was stunned. She had never told her teacher her name, and the only person who could possibly call her Yu Yao was her master! Just what was going on?

“Mn?” He looked at her, confused.

Zhu Yao immediately stepped forward and grabbed his hands. “Who are you?”

Before the person in front of her could speak, Shao Bai next to her stepped forward. Bowing forward, he then courteously said. “Sovereign Yu Yan, please forgive her. These snacks were something I brought over, and it’s not related to her. You should be aware that Little Seventh is my only sister, so naturally I pamper her a lot more. Please do not blame her because of this.”

Sovereign Yu Yan? Master! He’s really my master, but…

“Nevermind.” Yu Yan’s expression slacked a little. Lowering his head, he glanced at Zhu Yao and habitually stroked her head. A familiar warmth surfaced in his eyes, and he lightly said. “No more exceptions in the future. Tomorrow…” He turned his head away a little unnaturally, and then after a moment, he said. “Head up the mountain a little earlier.”

After saying that, his figure flashed.

“Master, wait…” Before Zhu Yao could even react, he had already disappeared. Her mind was growing confused by the moment. Yue Ying, Shao Bai? Master, Teacher? Just what was going on?

“What is it? You’re afraid that he’s angry?” Shao Bai smiled and revealed a pair of relieving eyes. “Don’t worry. You’re already about to get married, so why would he blame you?”

“Get married!?” Just what kind of godly development is this?

“That’s right, isn’t it next month?” Shao Bai gave an even gentler smile. Just as he was about to explain, he suddenly sensed something. He turned around, and with a sunken expression, he sharply called out. “Stop there!”

Behind a boulder, a little red figure that was about to leave instantly stiffened. He stopped in his tracks, and turned his little pitiful face around. “Second elder brother, seventh elder sister.”

“Little Eighth!” Wasn’t he with the Wood Spirit? Why was he here? And he was even his child form.

Shao Bai shook his head as he reached out one of his hands. “Take it out.”

“Second elder brother…” Little Eighth’s voice grew even more pitiful.


Little Eighth pouted with his lips up high, and then took out a bag of melon seeds from behind him, something that he was about to slip away with. Yet, he still held tightly onto the bag. “I will give it to you, I will give it to you! I will give them all to you! I knew second elder brother will only pamper the ugliest seventh elder sister, and not Little Eighth the slightest bit. Little Eighth’s life is so hard…”

“…” Then release your grip on the bag!

“Nonsensical!” Shao Bai knocked heavily onto his little head, and then heartlessly took away the bag of snacks from his hand, which he then passed back to Zhu Yao’s hands.

“Seventh… elder sister…” Little Eighth hurriedly changed his target and looked towards Zhu Yao. He pointed at the other bags that she placed on the boulder. “You already have so many of them, just give Little Eighth one! Though you’re ugly, I won’t despise your melon seeds.”

“…” So I should thank you for not despising my melon seeds, is that it?

“Seventh elder sister…” Seeing that she wasn’t replying, Little Eighth had no choice but to hold her hand and began to shake it in a flighty manner.

Zhu Yao instantly felt something crawling all over her body. This glutton has sacrificed enough morals just for a bag of melon seeds alright. Zhu Yao immediately stuffed the bag in his little hands. “I’m giving it to you!”

“Thank you, seventh elder sister!” He voiced out in joy. Carrying the bag, he turned around and quickly ran far away. He even intentionally ran in the opposite direction he came from, afraid that she would mince her words.

“You will spoil him like that.” Shao Bai sighed.

Zhu Yao shook her head. “Little Eighth is still young.”

“He’s a Phoenix, not an emperor.” Shao Bai said with a sunken voice. “Men of our Phoenix race should’ve long known to be obedient at his age. How should him being such a glutton be allowed? How can he take up challenges by himself in the future?”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, and she could not help but recall the moment when Little Eighth was trapped in that spatial dimension. The pool was filled with his fresh blood, and the mountain wall was dyed red. She felt a sharp pain in her heart, and she took a deep breath to toss away these unknown emotions.

She turned around a looked at Shao Bai who had a heavy look on his face. Then, she pointed at the other bags on the boulder and said. “Aren’t you the same towards me?” The snacks were clearly things that he brought for her, right?

“You’re different.” Shao Bai’s expression instantly turned gentle, as water could flow out at any moment. He looked straight into her eyes, and his were reflected with her figure, as though she was the only person remaining between this heaven and earth. Pulling her hand, he placed it on his own cheek and then showed a smile that instantly greyed out the entire sky. “Because you’re my little sister, my only… and most important little sister.”





An olden and distant bell ring sounded, and it instantly reverberated across the entire Parasol Tree.

Zhu Yao was stunned. Wasn’t this bell…

“It’s the bell of Ancient Hill Sect.” Shao Bai suddenly said.

“Ancient Hill Sect!” How was that possible? How was the world of the God race tied together with Ancient Hill Sect?

“Little sister, let’s take a look?” Shao Bai however looked as usual. “Something must have happened at Yu Luo’s side.”

“What?” Little Radish?

Before she could even reach, Shao Bai had already brought her up into the air and flew towards an enormous Parasol Tree leaf at the top. Several extremely familiar floating mountains suddenly appeared in the sky before her. The Main Mountain at the center was the largest, while the other mountains were surrounding the Main Mountain. There was one single mountain that was floating high up above the various mountains.

That was… Jade Forest Peak.

This really was the Ancient Hill Sect! But when did Ancient Hill Sect become neighbours with the divine Parasol Tree of the Phoenix race?

“Master.” The moment they landed, a red-robed female practitioner welcomed them. With a joyous face, she looked at Zhu Yao. “You’re here.”

“Little Radish!?” It really was her. How was this possible? Was this all an illusion? Zhu Yao instantly pinched her cheeks and then twisted them up and down. They were warm. “Does it hurt?”

“Mush… twrr. (Master)” Little Radish’s face darkened. After enduring for a long while, she pulled down Zhu Yao’s hands. “Should I try pinching master then?” Don’t force me to go against my teacher and disregard my ancestors.

“…” She was the real deal!

Shao Bai faked out a few coughs. “Yu Luo, what happened?”

“Divine honour Shao Bai.” Yu Luo then released Zhu Yao’s hands and bowed in front of Shao Bai. With a frown, she said. “It’s Mu Meiyan. She has once again infiltrated into our sect’s Great Mountain Barrier Formation.”

“Mu Meiyan!” Zhu Yao was stunned. “Wasn’t she dead?”

“How can she possibly die so easily after hooking up with the Devil race?” Little Radish looked at Zhu Yao with puzzled eyes, and then said with a worried expression. “Master, what’s wrong?”



“Let’s go take a look for now!” Shao Bai reminded.

With a stomach filled with questions, Zhu Yao arrived in front of the hall of the Main Mountain. As expected, there were several people engaged in battle, and at the very center, concealed within a mass of devillic energy was someone’s face. It was actually Mu Meiyan who had already died in the past! Next to her were also a few familiar figures. After having a better look, they were actually Xiao Yi, Cheng Qingdiao, Wu Hua…

Uh… All of the bugs are actually gathered.

Is this the National Boss Big Giveaway?

There must be something wrong with how I entered the plaza.

“Little Radish…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She nudged Yu Luo next to her. “Why don’t you really try pinching me?” I want to see if I’m really dreaming or not.

“Master?” Little Radish’s expression looked as though she was looking at someone who had no hope left whatsoever. She glanced at Zhu Yao from head to toe several times. Suddenly, as though she had thought of something, she said with an enlightened look. “Oh! I know now. These the premarital doubts that master had mentioned before, aren’t they? Don’t worry, though Mu Meiyan has hooked up with the Devil race, you’re a Phoenix of the God race. Furthermore, divine honour Shao Bai is here. Nothing will happen to you.”

“Premarital?” This was already the second time she heard a relevant term. “What premarital?”

“It can’t be, master!?” Yu Luo was stunned. With a lecturing gaze, she looked at Zhu Yao. “It’s only a few days left till the big day. It’s already too late for you to go back on your words.”

“…” Just what’s with this mess? “Just who is marrying who?”

“Naturally, it’s your and grandmaster’s. Haven’t you two been engaged for several years?” Yu Luo said matter-of-factly. She looked around, and then carefully leaned closer to whisper in her ears. “Grandmaster has already sewn your wedding dress for several months. I had a slight glance of it, and it’s incredibly beautiful!”

“Uh…” Master…

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Master, the fact that you’re not good at needlework and have instead forced grandmaster to sew your wedding dress for you, are things that I will definitely not speak to others of.”

“…” When did I force anyone to do things, hey!? Don’t charge me with a crime so randomly!

But, marrying master… What’s with this slight excitement that I’m feeling?

“How far are we from the marriage date again?”

“One month.”

“So long…”

Eh! Wait, she was here to investigate just what in the world was going on here. She shouldn’t be enticed by these illusions! Calm down, calm down!

“Little sister.” Shao Bai held Zhu Yao’s hand tightly, and instructed her with a solemn voice. “Wait for second elder brother here, don’t run off.”

After saying that, his figure flashed. Turning into an enormous red Phoenix, he flew towards the battlefield at the front.

In an instant, monstrous flames began to ignite and burn…

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