[Disciple] Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Don’t Pull Aggro Off Tanks

“Daoist Nangong, are you really willing to stand idly by and watch us die?” Mei Xue was still pleading with tears and cries. She had considerably good looks in the first place, and adding that her cries were accompanied with a degree of gentleness and frailness, a feeling of pity could not help but well up within people’s hearts.

However, Nangong Cheng suffered some losses because of her before. This time, no matter how much sadder she was going to cry, not even the slightest hint of pity would well up within him. “Don’t think I’m unaware that you’ve tempered with the Extermination Formation. Since we’re alive right now, it proves that we’ve long known about the truth. There’s no longer a need for you to act in front of us.”

Mei Xue’s expression stiffened, showing a terrible face that looked as if her secret had been exposed.

Nangong Cheng coldly snorted. No longer having the thought of caring about such lowly people, he called out to the rest to continue on their way. The surrounding sharp screams grew even louder, and ominous winds wildly blew. It was as if something terrifying was hurrying in their direction.

The faces in Mei Xue’s group instantly turned miserably pale. She couldn’t be bothered with anything else any longer and immediately block their path. “Daoist Nangong, it’s all my fault back then! That’s right! I made use of you people. But that’s an idea that I came up with alone, and it’s unrelated to the rest. You can watch me die, but please save my three companions.” SHe pointed at the three men next to her. “As long as you’re willing to let them into the barrier and have them stay inside till those crowd of shadows move away, Mei Xue is willing to die to pay for her sins.”

When her words fell, the few men next to her were not the only ones that were stunned, even Zhu Yao herself could not believe her ears. This was illogical! Mary Sue had actually learnt how to sacrifice herself to save others!?

“Mei Xue, you can’t! Even if we die, what regrets would we have?” One of the men in green robes refuted.

“That’s right!” Man Number Two replied as well. “As long as we can be with you, so what if we die right now?”

“Even if we die, we have to die together.” The other man immediately expressed his intentions as well.

Everything became sensational in an instant. Mei Xue however heavily shook her head, sprinkling the tears that had yet to dry. The scene could only be described as mournful. “No! I can’t pull you all down. It’s all my fault, so let me bear this burden alone! Daoist Nangong, please save them.”

“…” Nangong Cheng was stunned, and grew a little hesitant in an instant, as though he never expected that Mei Xue would die for the sake of others.

“Mei Xue!” The three men was still planning to stop her, when suddenly, Mei Xue forcefully pushed them away. She then pulled out a long sword out of nowhere, and with determined eyes, she looked at Nangong Cheng. “Daoist Nangong, please keep to your words.”

As she said that, she had already pushed her sword towards her neck. Just as the tip of the sword was about to reach her neck…

“Hey, hey, what are doing!?” The hell, he hadn’t even agreed to it yet! Nangong Cheng was stunned, and out of reflex, he reached out his hand attempting to stop her action.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. “Wait, Nangong Huang!”

Unfortunately, she was a step too late. His hand had already reached out of the barrier, and the barrier opened up right at that moment. Almost at the same time, the plot changed drastically. The three people that Mei Xue pushed away restrained Nangong Cheng in an instant, while the sword that Mei Xue planned on stabbing her own neck with was now held against Nangong Cheng’s neck. The barrier immediately disappeared.

The hell!

“Hahahaha…” Mei Xue who was still incomparably gentle and frail earlier, had already changed her expression. Her laughter was filled with extreme arrogance and impudicity. “I’ve never expected that such a stupid person like you would actually be tricked so easily. You lot deserve to die here.”

“You venomous woman, let go of me.” Nangong Cheng trembled in anger. However, this floor was a divine energy restricted zone in the first place, and with him being restrained by three people, he was basically unable to move at all.

“Let go of you? I finally managed to capture you, how could I possibly let go of you so easily?” Mei Xue kicked him, and then looked at the rest. “None of you move, otherwise, I will kill him right here and now!” The sword in her hand moved, instantly drawing out a slit of his blood.

“Nangong!” Zhonggu Lu trembled in fury. “What can you show by threatening others? If you have the guts, then fight me one-on-one.”

Mei Xue coldly laughed and ignored him.

Zhu Yao frowned and took a step forward. “Mei Xue, just what are you trying to do?”

“What I’m trying to do? What else can I do in this upper floor?” Mei Xue coldly snorted, her face was filled with scorn. She sent a glance to the man at the side, and he immediately received her intentions. He began to search Nangong Cheng’s body, and in a few short moments, he found a bag that was filled with Nascent Divided Pearls.

“He still has five of them.”

Mei Xue then nodded satisfyingly. Right from the start, her goal was to steal their Nascent Divided Pearls. Her pleads earlier were all just an act.

As they held onto Nangong Cheng, the four of them retreated to a safe distance, and then she coldly laughed. “Then, I hope you all enjoy your final moments.”

She suddenly moved away her sword and then ruthlessly stabbed Nangong Cheng in the back, piercing straight through his chest. Pulling her sword out, she then pushed him towards them. “Let’s go!” They then turned around and fled towards the front.

“Nangong!” Zhonggu Lu hurriedly caught the injured Nangong Cheng.

Mei Xue and her gang had already disappeared without a trace, but that stab of hers was truly ruthless, as Nangong Cheng’s chest was already completely dyed red. Such injuries wouldn’t amount to anything if things were like before, but they were unable to use mystic arts here. Even with his divine physique, he wouldn’t be able to hold on if his blood continued to flow like this.

Zhu Yao squatted down and cupped his wrist. As expected, his loss of blood was severe.

“Dongfang girly…” Nangong Cheng wished that he could smash his head into the wall right now. “It’s all my fault! I got tricked by that bitch’s scheme again! Even the Nascent Divided Pearls are…”

“Nevermind, what use is there to bring it up now?” Zhu Yao was a little irritated. Nangong Cheng’s earlier action was all pure instinct, who would have thought that Mei Xue was here to steal their Nascent Divided Pearls in the first place? Her stupidity was to blame as well. Mei Xue was a ruthless character in the first place, how could she possibly plead to them? She should have realized it earlier.

Initially, Mei Xue had five men next to her, while there was now only three of them left. Clearly, something must have happened. For a woman who would even use her own people, what else wouldn’t she do?

“Dongfang girly is right, this isn’t the time to pursue responsibility.” Zhonggu Lu was incredibly anxious as well. Seeing blood endlessly flowing out of his chest, even his hands were beginning to tremble. “Let’s think of a way to stop your blood from flowing out for now! If things go on like this, you will be in trouble!”

“There isn’t only one trouble right now!” Yu Yan suddenly spoke out coldly.

With a wave of his hand, his Life Artifact had already appeared in his hand. Raising his head, he looked to the near distance and solemnly said. “They’re here!”

The moment his words fell, a wave of sharp screams rang deep into their ears, and they could not help but feel an immense chill in their hearts. The human-devouring shadows were here.

Zhu Yao immediately pulled out that red “patch” weapon as well. Fortunately, it was her Life Artifact, and was already considered a part of her body, so there was no need for the circulation of divine energy to pull it out. Though, the effects of the sword would be greatly limited, and it could no longer be considered as a divine artifact, but a normal weapon.

“But Nangong, he…” Zhonggu Lu grew even more flustered.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists, and then turned to look at the person behind her. “Yue Ying, can you help stop his blood from flowing out?”

Yue Ying did not hesitate and simply stepped forward. With a wave of his sleeves across Nangong Cheng, the blood from his chest immediately stopped flowing.

“This is…” Zhonggu Lu was completely dumbfounded, as he looked at Yue Ying with a face that seemed as if he was looking at a ghost. “You… Could it be that your mystic arts aren’t sealed?”

“There’s no time to explain, those shadows are coming.” Zhu Yao turned towards the front. Holding onto the sword in her hand tightly, she stood next to her master.

Zhonggu Lu understood that this wasn’t the time to ask questions. He stood up and made preparations for battle as well. Even Nangong Cheng took a deep breath and struggled to stand up on his feet.

A moment later.

Ding dong. Something fell in front of them, and then it rolled for a short while on the ground before shattering resoundingly. That was actually a completely used up Nascent Divided Pearl. Zhu Yao instantly understood why Mei Xue actually had the time to come up with such a long act even though they were clearly being chased by those shadows.

This Nascent Divided Pearl seemed to have been placed here by them preemptively, in order to block those shadows that were roaming everywhere and buy them time for their act. Zhu Yao and her group had most likely unknowingly walked into this barrier. This Nascent Divided Pearl could not last for long in the first place, and it had already reached its limit.

The instant the Nascent Divided Pearls shattered, immense number of shadows crazily pounced towards them. Piercing screams rang painfully in their ears. The place was filled with flying shadows, and occasionally, those shadows would flash their human faces that grew even more sinister and terrifying as more of them did. Even the shadows that flew past them carried a bone-piercing chill, as though they could injure them with frostbites.

Those shadows seemed to have specific goals in their minds. Some charged towards her master, some charged towards Nangong Cheng, some charged towards Zhonggu Lu, and even more of them charged towards Yue Ying, except her!



Zhu Yao was a little dumbfounded. Looking at the waves after waves of shadows, they split towards the people at the side and were completely avoiding her. Not a single one of them turned around and give her a glance. Not a single one!

Just what was going on? Did Realmspirit give her a cheat again? However, ever since she entered the tower, she wasn’t given any sort of preferential treatment. Even her World Favourable Impression passive seemed to have been completely ineffective right from the beginning.

“Master…” She looked at the people next to her with strange eyes.

“Mn?” Yu Yan swung away the several shadows with his sword, and then turned to look at her.

Zhu Yao did not have time to explain when the next shadow took the opportunity to attack Yu Yan’s back. “Master, watch out!” Zhu Yao immediately slashed at it and that shadow instantly dissipated, turning into a mass of black smoke. However, the smoke did not scatter off, and instead began to gather together once more. In just a few moments, it once again formed a complete figure, and a human face instantly surfaced. That was a face of an old man. He had a long beard and white hair, looking extremely kind. He even looked a little familiar.

In a blink of an eye, it turned into a sinister look, and with a sharp scream, it came pouncing towards her. Zhu Yao swung her sword and once again scattered it.

As expected, in less than ten minutes, that shadow once again changed back, and Zhu Yao seemed to have accidentally caught its attention. This shadow began to change its target and launch attacks at her.

Zhu Yao was not a physical practitioner. Her sword techniques were not as strong as her divine arts, and could only be considered average. However, it was more than enough to deal with a single one. However, if this went on, nothing would change. These things could reform themselves limitlessly and could not be killed at all. They had to find a plan.

Zhu Yao inspected her surroundings, but was shocked by the person behind her.

“Yue Ying!” He was actually staring blankly in the air while standing in the center of a large number of shadows!

Without even thinking, Zhu Yao charged over. With a few slashes, she cut away several shadows that were surrounding Yue Ying, instantly pulling a large number of aggro.

In an instant, large number of shadows came flying towards her.

Uh… She seemed to have become an off-tank.

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