[Disciple] Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: The Fate of the Scheming Mary Sue

Among the people who could ascend and become Deities, which one of them would have clean hands? Especially in the case of such an environment where the strong would feast on the weak. Usually, the higher one stood, the more debts of blood he would hold, not to mention there were a Demonic Immortal and a Devil among them. Which one of them hadn’t climbed up through a bloody slaughter?

“Dongfang girly, it might not be as bad as you say?” Nangong Cheng waved his hands without a mind and smiled. Just that that smile of his was clearly a little forced. “Look, we’re already out of the territory. Even if those resentment originated from our killings back then, there shouldn’t be anything else, right?”

“I don’t know either. If this floor is truly a tribuluation of karma, then how could killings be the only deeds that we’d planted?” Zhu Yao shook her head. “In any case, being cautious isn’t wrong. After all, the road to the Light of Guidance is still long!”

The group sternly nodded. Compared to the lax and joy earlier, they were now more vigilant and serious instead, as every single one of them pressed forward with a hundred and twenty percent focus.

Yue Ying was their main battle force. As of now, he was the only one remaining who had the human GPS function, and so he took the initiative to walk at the front. Zhu Yao and her master was following behind, and they were responsible of inspecting the surrounding situation. Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu on the other hand were at the back.

After maintaining their current formation well, the group finally walked into the large green forest. The forest wasn’t actually really dense. Compared to the forests in the Three Thousand Worlds that were filled with spiritual and divine energy, this place was clearly a little dull, as though there wasn’t any sign of life. The ground was filled with broken branches and dead leaves. Even the leaves on the trees had withered, and were at the verge of falling off.

They did not walk for too long when Yue Ying suddenly stopped. With a frown, he looked forward.

“What is it?” Zhu Yao asked.

He pointed to the front. “There seems to be something in front?”

The hell, so quick!

Their hearts suddenly tensed up, and after hearing carefully, the sounds of battle could be heard. They had initially planned on making a detour, but that place was somewhere they had to pass through no matter what. In order to prevent any incidents, they could not help but be more cautious of their surroundings.

The closer they approached, the louder the battle noises became. They had just walked a few meters when a large green field appeared before their eyes. A flustered voice crying for help could be heard.

“Save me. Hurry… Hurry and save me. Hurry and save me!!”

This voice…

They then got a closer look. Yo, it sure is a small world. Isn’t the three men and one woman over there Mei Xue and her gang? Zhu Yao wondered if it was retribution, as they had once again encountered trouble.

A flower with the combined height of two people appeared on the field of grass. It had body dyed in bloody red, and its six wide-spread petals were as large as bathtubs. At the very center of the flower was actually a large bloody mouth, and sharp teeth were grown all around it. There were even thorny vines baring their teeth and dancing about in the air, their looks were especially terrifying.

Mei Xue and another man was being bitten by that flower, and half of their bodies were already in its mouth. The other two men were currently grabbing onto their hands, wanting to pull them out with all their might. Mei Xue had a fatigued look, and was already crying out from fear. Her hair was dishevelled and even her face was crumpled up. She was really crying now, losing all of the beauty of a pear blossom in tears. She was howling like a pig that was about to be slaughtered.

“Hurry, hurry and pull me out… Save me, hurry and save me!” As she waved about her hands, she hissed with her exhausted voice, crying out to the two men outside. The lower half of her body was already flowing out blood from the flower’s bite, and it was surging out even more than a woman’s auntie.

The two men outside grabbed onto each one of her arms and were using all of their strength to pull her out of the flower’s mouth. However, because they could not use their divine energy, they did not dare to go too close either. Furthermore, that flower was twice the size of an average person in the first place, so though they did not let go, their efforts were not very evident. She was already beginning to slowly slide into the flower’s innards.

The man that was similarly in the flower’s mouth saw that this wasn’t going to work out. Letting go of his hands, he then dragged Mei Xue’s waist in the opposite direction. “Mei Xue, save me after you’ve safely left!” With a strong lift, he immediately threw her out.

The power of three people were clearly effective. Seeing that she had escaped the flower’s mouth, the man joyfully reached out his hand, wanting to seek help. However, that flower seemed to be unwilling to see its prey escaping just like that. Its large mouth once again widened, and it then pounced forward.

It was unknown if she had done it with intention, but the moment Mei Xue got out, she suddenly sent a kick to the back, instantly kicking the man that was seeking their help into the flower’s innards. That gigantic flower retreated a few meters because of the rebound as well, though it seemed to have swallowed the man whole.

This scene happened so quickly. The man that dragged Mei Xue out did not even have the opportunity to be surprised when he disappeared into the gigantic flower’s mouth. Mei Xue and the other two men on the other hand took this chance to escape the flower’s active range. Their faces were miserably pale, and they looked as if they had been utterly frightened.

The two men who went to save them had terrible expressions, clearly, they saw the earlier scene with their very own eyes. However, under Mei Xue’s cries, the two decided to ignore it and began to console her instead.

“Mei Xue, we’re fine now, we’re fine now? Don’t be afraid.”

“But big brother Ye Yu…”

“He died to save you, and he definitely did it out of his own free will as well.”

“That’s right, he won’t blame you. He will definitely be able to pass away peacefully knowing that you’re safe.”

“He died for a purpose, and with that, he died with honour!”

The surrounding five spectators instantly carried darkened expressions, feeling as though they had swallowed crap.

“The hell. I’m sorry, I need to puke a little.” Zhonggu Lu turned around and retched.

“I’ve never seen something so disgusting, and such a disgusting Deity practitioner.” Nangong Cheng could not help but retort as well. “Dongfang girly, are all you Deities like this? Fortunately, I’m a Demonic Immortal.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “This is my first time seeing such an incredible Deity practitioner, alright?” Please apologize to all of the Deity practitioners in the world, hey!

“It’s you people!” Mei Xue was stunned, a hint of fluster flashed across her face.

“We meet again.” Nangong Cheng coldly snorted. “Is this what’s known as retribution for one’s actions? Mei Xue, it’s time we settle our past debts.”

The other two men’s expression changed as well, as they wielded their weapons one after another and looked at their with alert expressions.

“If you want to harm Mei Xue, you should first ask the sword in my hand.”

“Hmph, you group of losers still dare to spout such presumptuous words. Mei Xue, don’t need to be afraid, we definitely won’t allow them to touch you the slightest bit.”

The two of them had determined looks as they firmly protected Mei Xue between them, who had a frail and fearful look on her face. However, the two of them understood that in term of numbers, they were basically not their match. They had no choice but to guard Mei Xue at the center and began to retreat.

Unfortunately, before Nangong Cheng could even make a move, with a sudden swoosh, two enormous vines suddenly pierced out from beneath the three’s feet, reaching up to a height of two meters. The vines twirled at the top and then suddenly split open. Instantly, two blood-coloured man-eater flowers, that looked exactly the same as the one before, bloomed. They then pounced towards the three of them.

Just as the three of them were once again about to enter the flowers’ mouth, Mei Xue who was standing in the center and was nearest to the flowers, suddenly screamed.

“Ah!~!!” She pushed out her two hands at the same time, successfully pushing the two into the incoming flowers’ mouths, while she herself had rolled out of the range of the two flowers.

Before the two men could even react, while their pledge was still echoing in their ears, they were personally pushed into the gates of hell by their beloved. They did not even have the time to question her, as they disappeared within the enormous flowers with faces of utter disbelief and shock.

Zhu Yao wondered if they could still truly say that they died for a purpose, and hence died with honour!

Mei Xue did not even turn to look at the two of them. After crawling up, she instead ran towards the direction of Zhu Yao’s group, as though she had discovered the danger of the grass plains and was trying to escape. Unfortunately, she was still too slow.

A few red vines charged out from the ground, instantly wrapping around Mei Xue’s body and trapping her where she stood. The bloody red thorns on the vines stabbed directly into her flesh, punching several holes in her body.

Her face instantly paled, her eyes were filled with fear. She struggled wildly, wanting to crawl towards them. “Save me… Please, save me… Save me…”

Zhu Yao frowned and turned her head away. Yue Ying and Yu Yan did not have any reaction, while Zhonggu Lu simply rolled his eyes. Nangong Cheng even spat heavily in her direction.

If she hadn’t schemed against them time and time again to steal their Nascent Divided Pearls, they might have pitied her a little. But now… even if there was something wrong with their brains, they wouldn’t lend a helping hand, especially after seeing her unhesitantly pushing out even her own male companions. Calling her snake-hearted would even make snakes look bad!

Mei Xue did not struggle for too long. The vines wrapping around her body continued to increase, and fresh blood poured out from the holes in her body, which were then absorbed cleanly by those green vines. Mei Xue’s initial world-class appearance began to age at an astonishing speed, and in just a few moments, she had already turned into a white-haired old lady. Her body was also drying up at a speed visible to the naked eyes. As though the nourishment from her body was being absorbed, the vines began to turn greener and were even glowing with a faint glistening light.

Red flower buds began to pop out from the vines, and they crawled across the entire vines. They watched as the buds grew even larger, to the size of a fist. With a slight twirl, blood-coloured flowers that looked like red gems instantly bloomed. However, those flowers were different from the man-eater flowers from before, and only had five petals. Yet they looked as if they were formed out of crystals.

“Lasting Flowers!” Zhonggu Lu suddenly widened his eyes, his face instantly changed. “The pollens of these flowers carry a dangerous poison. Breathing it in would damage one’s primordial spirit and cause one to suffocate.”

When Zhu Yao heard this, she immediately held her nose and mouth. The rest did the same as well.

As expected, the sharp flower petals let out a bright flash of red light, and after a few crisp crackling noises, they began to explode and instantly turned into red powder. The powder filled the entire sky, and then they sprinkled down onto the ground. Under the light from the sun, it was as if red stars were raining down.

Fifteen minutes later, those red powder finally sank into the grass field and disappeared without a trace. Mei Xue whose appearance could no longer be discerned had already been completely absorbed into the Lasting Flowers’ vines. Suddenly, with a loud boom, the Lasting Flowers and the other gigantic red flowers began to sink back into the earth. Even the holes that they appeared from had disappeared without a trace.

The area in front of them turned into a flat and quiet field of grass, as if the earlier catastrophe had never happened.

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