[Disciple] Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: Realizing an Incredible Secret

When it came to Mei Xue’s retribution, Zhu Yao was still sighing at how things turned out in the beginning. Out of rationality, she still silently lit a row of candles for Mei Xue in her heart. However, immediately after, she could no longer rationalize her thoughts.

She suddenly recalled. Momma’s egg! How are we going to pass this grass field!? In other words, they were going to encounter those strange flowers beneath the earth as well. Recalling that enormous flower which didn’t even burp after swallowing one of them whole, she could not help but tremble. She wondered if it was too late for them to make a retreat?

“The strange flowers and plants underneath the earth are definitely not limited to just that breed earlier.” Zhonggu Lu’s expression was especially terrible to look at. “Also, I can sense that these flowers most likely possess sentience.”

“Sentience.” Zhu Yao was stunned. “You’re saying those earlier were all flower spirits?”

Zhonggu Lu nodded, a hint of doubt surfaced on his expression once more. “I’m a Plant Immortal, so I can naturally sense them. However, those flower spirits are a little different from flower spirits that cultivate normally. They seemed to be even more… violent than the rest.”

The rest were all stunned for a moment. Spirits that were formed by plants usually had gentler and warmer personalities. After all, plants were creatures that were the hardest to develop sentience with. Also, compared to human practitioners and demonic beasts, they needed an extremely long time to grow, and they were not able to even move in their preliminary stages. That was why they would not develop any impatience, let alone violence.

“Take that Lasting Flower for example. Formerly, it’s a Resident Flower. Only after developing sentience would it mutate into a Lasting Flower.” Zhonggu Lu explained. “Also, it’s extremely hard for such flowers to grow, and so it’s extremely rare for one to cultivate into a spirit.”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. Suddenly, she thought of something. “Then what are those three man-eater flowers called? Do you know what effects they have on practitioners?”

Zhonggu Lu’s expression changed, and he lamented in dissatisfaction. “You Deity practitioners are really… Why do you all first think of their effects when spiritual herbs are brought up?”

“Don’t care about that right now, just tell me.”

“The other breed must be the Heavenly Immortal Herb.” Zhonggu Lu pouted, but he still answered. “Though, the Heavenly Immortal Herbs are usually spiritual herbs that would only grow up to a few inches tall. I wonder why they could become so big. As for what effects they have on practitioners, I don’t know either. I’ve never eaten them anyway.”

“Resident Flowers can be used to refine the Immortal Pellet.” Yu Yan suddenly said. “This pellet can resurrect a dead person and allow his or her bones and flesh to regrow. As long as his soul does not dissipate, no matter how severe his injuries are, they can all be restored in just a single incense worth of time.”

The hell, it’s that overpowered?

“As for the Heavenly Immortal Herbs, it can be used to refine Realm Crossing Pellets. Taking one will enable a practitioner’s cultivation to immediately improve by a large realm.”

“A large realm!” Zhu Yao was stunned. “In other words, in the Lower Realm, if our initial cultivation is at the Nascent Soul stage, eating it will allow one to immediately become a Demigod? And if one is a Demigod, then he or she can immediately ascend?”

“It’s the same in the Divine Realm as well.” He added. “This is a divine herb in the first place.”



Yu Yan frowned. “Though, the recipes for these two pellets have long disappeared. I’ve never heard of someone capable of refining it in the Divine Realm, let alone the Lower Realm.”

Was this Mei Xue’s cheat? She could refine Realm Crossing Pellets and immediately raise her level. This cheat was much more incredible than hers. It was no wonder her level was 1 while the others were all at level 2 when they first met in the second floor. Most likely, her cultivation had all come from eating pellets and medicine. Her foundation was not stable, and coincidentally, Lightning Divine Tower forbid dru- ah pui, forbid taking herbs?”

“Dongfang girly, have you thought of something?” Nangong Cheng took a step forward and said. “Share it with us so that we can come up with plans together.”

Zhu Yao felt like crying. “I just thought that, if this floor is truly the tribulation of karma, then all of the plants here are most likely materialized by the pellets that we’ve eaten before.”

“It… It can’t be!” Nangong Cheng was a little anxious. Who wouldn’t eat pellets or medicine all their path of cultivation? Even Zhonggu Lu, a Flower Deity, had swallowed high-ranking spiritual herbs in order to raise his cultivation as well. “Aren’t spiritual herbs supposed to be sentienceless? Also, when we gather them, we’ve never met any resistance either.”

“You already mentioned that they’re spiritual herbs.” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “That proves that they must contain spiritual and divine energies. Where do they come from? Do you think they would enter these herbs by themselves?”



“People with divine or spiritual energies in their bodies can be considered practitioners. Then, plants with divine or spiritual energies, can also be considered as sentient spirits. Though, the differences would simply lie in how long it has been since they blossom.” The same logic applied to how demonic beasts would have higher level of intelligence as their ranks increased. “Also, all pellets and medicines possess their own pellet poison, and this applies to divine herbs as well. Theoretically speaking, the bodies of spiritual herbs contain the purest divine or spiritual energies, so they should be able to take in energy just like spirit stones. Then why would they contain poison? And where does the poison come from? Could the so-called pellet poison is actually the final retribution by those herbs that had just awoken their sentience but has no means to fight back?”

The group was instantly silent.

“Dongfang girly, from how you’re putting it, I’m starting to feel anxious!” Nangong Cheng’s face instantly drooped down. He glanced at the field of grass before them, and then silently took a step back.

“There’s no need to worry.” Yu Yan said with a calm look, as he stroked his disciple’s head. “If this grass field is truly testing one’s karma with spiritual herbs, then we master and disciple have never eaten a single medicinal pellet. I believe passing this stage wouldn’t be hard.”

“Oh right!” Zhu Yao said with a enlightened expression. “Then why are we being afraid!?”

“I’ve never eaten one either!” Yue Ying immediately raised his hand and expressed himself.

“Good job.” Zhu Yao stroked his head.

Her beating little heart instantly calmed down. She felt rather domineering all of a sudden.

Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu: “…”

We ate them before, hey! Where’s the promised love between teammates? Don’t speak as if you three are the only ones here, hey!

“Dongfang girly…” Nangong Cheng pitifully tugged Zhu Yao’s sleeves, and his hand was instantly shoved away by Yue Ying with a scornful look. My big sis’s sleeves is mine! “What about us? What should we do?”

Zhu Yao was stunned, and only then did she regain her senses. “Oh right! I forgot you guys were still here.”



From Mei Xue’s situation earlier, those spiritual herbs seemed to appear based on the amount of aggro accumulated. The more one ate, the more frequent they would appear. “Come, tell us what medicine and pellets you two have eaten. How many flowers have you all destroyed? Just how many youthful spiritual plants have you all harmed altogether?”

“Uh…” Why did he feel as if he was a greedy beast now? “Not… Not… Not that much?” What’s with this sense of shame I’m feeling all of a sudden? “I’m a Demonic Immortal. You should be aware that demonic beasts don’t know how to refine medicine at all in the Lower Realm. When we encounter spiritual herbs, I would usually swallow them whole.”

“The hell, you actually swallow them alive!” Before Zhu Yao could even speak, Zhonggu Lu had already retorted. “You’re so murderous and violent! You’re actually a beast like that!”

“Tch, you sound as if you haven’t swallowed one before.” Nangong Cheng glared at his good homosexual buddy. “When you first materialized into a human form back then, didn’t you destroy an entire mountain peak worth of spiritual herbs?”

“That was subjugation based on my beauty!” Zhonggu Lu praised himself as he stroked his cheeks with his muscular arms. “That was a battle concerning us Flower Deities, you don’t understand!”

“That battle was a little too intense, don’t you think? After all, you did swallow the flowers, their leaves, and even their roots. More importantly, you didn’t distinguish them by gender, and took them all in. You’re too much.”

“We Flower Deities don’t distinguish ourselves based on gender in the first place! We can be either a man or a woman!”

“May I ask just how are you a woman with that body of yours?” This daddy here has never seen such a muscular lady before, alright?

“You still dare to speak of it!? Your race allows you to choose a gender when taking up a human form in the first place. I already told you to become a female beastie, yet you chose to become male! Now that things turn out this way, you’re blaming me for it!?” Who doesn’t know how to argue and fight back, huh?

“Isn’t it all because you said you can choose your gender when you’re taking up a human form too? Otherwise, do you think things would have turned out this way?”

“You’re clearly the one at fault!”

“It’s you!”

“It’s you!”

The group of three spectators: “…” They seemed to have found out something incredible.


The two’s argument on heartlessness, shamelessness, and nonsense lasted for exactly two hours, and Zhu Yao lost interest after watching for fifteen minutes. With her master and Yue Ying, they inspected the strange grass field before them.

The matter of throwing aside Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu had never crossed her mind. After all, this tribulation of karma was just a guess she made. Though theoretically speaking, their family… ah pui! She, her master and Yue Ying had never eaten any pellets, but that did not mean they had never harmed any flowers or herbs. At the very least, she had caused the deaths of many cactuses in the modern era. If this grass field even took that into consideration, they she would be stabbed to death!

So they still had to look at this from a long-term perspective. However, they walked around the sides a few times, but they did not discover any loopholes. They couldn’t make a detour around either. She immediately squatted next to it and silently dug a hole in the grass field with the size of a face, wanting to find out just what was being hidden underneath. However, it was all but a fruitless effort, as there was nothing to be found. Could these mutated flowers and plants simply like to play tricks? Why not dig a tunnel through then?

“There must be something unique hidden in this grass field.” Yu Yan squatted down and held up his disciple’s hands which was still trying to dig even deeper. Then, he filled the hole back. “It seems it will only activate once we truly take a step into it.”

“…” So you’re saying tunnels are useless?

“Most likely, the things that appear after entering it, are different from person to person.” Yu Yan continued.

“Different from person to person…” Zhu Yao was stunned. “You’re saying there’s a formation underneath.”

“To be capable of enveloping such a large grass field, materialize so many strange plants and flowers, and not to mention targeting different people with different plants, I’m afraid it’s not something formations are able to do.”


“Laws.” Yu Yan solemnly said. “Only the laws of the heaven and earth can see through a person’s everything. And only laws can materialize those unreasonable creatures.”

“Laws of the heaven and earth…” Zhu Yao suddenly thought of Realmspirit. These so-called laws are made by that bastard, aren’t they? Why do I suddenly feel like I’m about to get trolled?

“In any case, we can only figure out the situation by entering it.” Yu Yan reached out his hand and held hers, tightening his grip. “This might be a hard battle. Are you prepared?”

Zhu Yao nodded heavily. “Mn.” Since they were already here, they had to reach the goal no matter what.

She took a deep breath and held tightly onto her master. Just as she was about to step into the grass field, she suddenly thought of something. She turned to look at the male and male (female and female) leads that were still acting out their drama, and the corner of her lips twitched. She then spoke to the person that had long been waiting next to her.

“Yue Ying, bring them over as well.”

Yue Ying’s eyes shone and happily raised his leg. With a kick, he sent the two people that were still in a heated argument into the field.

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      1. I think they were probably just normal seeds though, not sentient or full of spiritual energy? Not sure. And I think it was more Shao Bai loved to give her those seeds than she really loved to eat them. Remember she threw them on the ground to embarrass her other little phoenix brother so that he would eat them, in revenge for him teasing her about having no tail feathers.

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