[Disciple] Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: I Want to Eat Your Brains

Zhu Yao and gang had yet to reach the position where Mei Xue disappeared at, when the ground suddenly began to undergo a change. She instantly went on high alert. Her master had mentioned that the laws of the heaven and earth were present in this field, so she wondered just what was about to happen. The ground shook as if an earthquake was occurring, but the source of the quake was not beneath their feet, but the ground that was a hundred meters in front of them. There were things popping out of the ground one after another, and they continued to grow up to two meters in height. At the top, large yellow flowers began to bloom, and on their stems were four pieces of crisp green leaves. The leaves looked like little hands as they swayed about.

Eh? Why do I feel as though they look a little like sunflowers? They don’t look as if they have killing instincts at all.

A moment later, the rows of sunflowers began to sway to the left and right, as though they were dancing. At the center of the flowers, pairs of cartoon-like eyes appeared, and they were blinking in their group’s direction.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. These rows of flowers are so far away, are we about to play Plants vs Zombies here?

Just as she was in doubt, the ground suddenly shook once more. Less than a meter away from those rows of sunflowers, a plant once again popped out. Its entire body was jade-green in colour, and four gigantic leaves grew out of its stem. At its very top however was a bottle cap-like cylindrical shape, and floating behind it was a strip of foolish hair.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and two words flashed in her mind – Pea Shooter.

“Why haven’t I seen these two divine herbs before!” Zhonggu Lu had a stunned look. “I wonder just what’s going to happen next?”

“Hoho… They might start shooting peas at us.”

“What?” Before Zhonggu Lu could ask further, that Pea Shooter aimed at them and shot out an enormous green ball, which charged straights towards them.

Zhu Yao: “…”

We’re really playing Plants VS Zombies here, hey!? So those rows of sunflowers at the back are used to gather light? Since the plants are out, does that mean we’re the zombies? Realmspirit, get out here! I guarantee I won’t beat you to death!

“Hurry and dodge!” Zhu Yao shouted out, and everyone hurriedly scattered in all directions. With a swoosh, that enormous green pea smashed onto the ground, and then it exploded with a loud boom. In an instant, a large crater of about four meters deep appeared on the ground.

Zhu Yao felt uncomfortable all over now. That’s not a pea, but a bomb, isn’t it!? This mutation is simply too terrifying. As a zombie, I express my dissatisfaction!

“It’s coming again!” Nangong Cheng shouted.

Suddenly, the ground shook a few times once more, and next to the Pea Shooter, four similar plants appeared one after another. Like the sunflowers behind, they lined up in a row and were even arranged rather neatly.

The moment the new Pea Shooters appeared, they immediately began a new wave of bomb attacks. Five peas shot out at the same time, erupting the earth. The five of them dodged with a great difficulty. Out of accident, Zhu Yao’s feet slipped, and she had almost fell head-first into one of the craters.

Momma’s egg! I feel like eating brains now.

Zhu Yao tightened her grip on her sword and shouted loudly. “First destroy the sunflowers that are gathering sunlight.”

The four were stunned.

“Which are sunflowers?”

“What’s gathering sunlight?”

The hell! I forgot they’re all teammates with zero experience!

She thus corrected herself. “Those rows of yellow flowers at the back are giving the plants sunli… they are the formation cores providing divine energy to the plants. If we destroy the formation cores, there won’t be anymore appearances of plants.”

Everyone instantly understood, and they charged towards the sunflowers with determined looks. However, the number of Pea Shooters continued to grow, and they were already nearing the number of sunflowers behind them. Everyone dodged the smashing peas in whichever direction they could, and basically did not make much progress in their advance. Furthermore, in front of the Pea Shooters, other breeds began to appear as well.

That brownish oval-shaped creature with a suffering expression is a Wall-nut, isn’t it!?

The ice-blue one that looks similar to the Pea Shooters, with a few more stupid hair on the back on its head, is a Snow Pea, right!?

And that one which is dyed entirely in purple with a wide-open mouth that’s prepared to bite people at any moment, is a Chomper, right!?

Just how deeply in love are these plants towards the game!? They are cosplaying with all their hearts right now, hey!

“Dongfang girly.” Nangong Cheng suddenly ran towards her while dodging three peas along the way. “I think…”

Before he could even finish, Zhu Yao was shocked. “Watch out for that Squash!” That’s an ultimate weapon that can squash anything, hey!

That green round-shaped plant had already stood up, and at this critical moment, Nangong Cheng’s good homosexual buddy Zhonggu Lu threw his meteor hammer towards him, smacking him out of the Squash’s attack radius. The Squash missed, and simply created a hole as large as a water well when it landed.

“Aiya!” Nangong Cheng cried out. “My buttocks!”

Zhonggu Lu was ruthless with that throw. His meteor hammer was filled with sharp teeth, and not only did it pushed him away, it even stabbed deeply into a certain unspeakable part of his lower body. More importantly, it seemed like… it couldn’t be pulled out.

Nangong Cheng cried out in pain. He turned back several times to pull out the impure meteor hammer, but he basically couldn’t put any strength into it, and was unable to pull it out.

“Owww~~~~~ It hurts!”

The echo of his cry reverberated a thousand times, hitting all the notes in his vocal range…

Zhu Yao: “…”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yue Ying: “…”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened as she silently turned her head away. She definitely did not know people who did such shameless play!

She really wanted to type out: If you’re below 18 years of age, please watch with parental guidance… scratch that, they can’t watch as well!

Nangong Cheng’s sinful howl continued for half an incense worth of time, while he still dodged the peas that were coming from all directions. His soul-trembling voice had even shaken the plants on the other side. Finally, student Zhonggu Lu directly put in some strength to pull the chains of his meteor hammer, pulling it out on Nangong Cheng’s behalf. That’s right, the meteor hammer was connected by chains. Don’t ask her why it took Zhonggu Lu half an incense worth of time to be reminded of that fact, she wanted to know as well!

When Nangong Cheng dragged his feet towards a distance of about five meters away from her, his lower body was already joyfully bleeding out a bucket full of uncles.

“Yue Ying.” Stop the blood.

Who would have thought that Yue Ying would reject her request for the first time. “His wound is over there. I won’t stop it.”

“Uh…” She had no choice but to pat on his shoulders. “Ahem! Little Huang, don’t be sad. Such days will come once every month, just get used to it!” Mn, the amount is rather huge. Should I recommend him to use sanitary pads?



“Oh right, what did you want to say earlier?” Serious matters, serious matters! They’re still pushing the tower and clearing the instance!

As Nangong Cheng leapt about to dodge the peas and spread off his uncles, he loudly replied. “We can’t go on like this. Those strange plants will only increase. Brother Zhonggu Lu and I shall act as diversions to attract those plants’ attention. You three take the opportunity to charge in and destroy the formation cores.”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. Indeed! According to the game mechanics, the longer the gameplay, the harder it would become for the zombies. They had to take the initiative to charge in and eat their brains.

“Alright!” She nodded heavily. “The two of you, be careful. Stay further away from those green Squash and purple man-eating flowers. Also, if a red plant appears, run as fast as you can.” She was really afraid that a Strawberry Bomb or a Habenero would appear.

“Mn!” Nangong Cheng nodded. Then, he turned towards his good homosexual buddy Zhonggu Lu and ran over. The two of them exchanged glances, and then used their present strongest killing move at the same time – throwing their weapons!

Zhonggu Lu was using his meteor hammer. After spinning it twice, he threw it like a boomerang. Nangong Cheng’s weapon on the other hand was a violent spiked mace, and likewise, he threw it out. Two heavy class weapons flew towards the center, sweeping open a path and successfully striking the Pea Shooter at the very center.

With a crackling noise, that plant which was even taller than an average human was split into half, falling onto the ground. The ground which it was growing on once again shook, as it sank down as though it was being reclaimed.

“Master, Yue Ying!” Zhu Yao shouted as she directly charged towards the breach in the center. Using the strength she gained from experiencing the high school examinations, she sprinted wildly for over a hundred meters. Yue Ying and Yu Yan followed after as well. Clearly, the men’s PE scores were much better, and they were in front of Zhu Yao in just a few moments. With one hand grabbing onto each of theirs, they began to push forward.

The other Pea Shooters noticed what was happening on that side as well. With a few poofing sounds, a few peas came flying in their direction. The weapons that Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu threw were coincidentally making a turn back, dutifully protecting them. They first acted like boomerangs and struck down the peas that were pursuing them, causing them to explode in mid-air.

Because the two of them were large targets, they could attract the Pea Shooters’ firepower better. That was why the two good homosexual buddies moved together.

Zhu Yao and her group on the other hand successfully infiltrated through the breach as well. However, the breach once again shook. It seemed like the replacement Pea Shooter was about to arrive.

“Hurry and destroy those sunflowers!” Zhu Yao said. Yue Ying and Yu Yan were already taking the two sides and hacking at the blinking sunflowers. Just as she had expected, those sunflowers did not have any combat power at all. With just a light swing, her master was able to slice down one of them.

Zhu Yao also ran towards the sunflower in the center, and with her sword raised, she forcefully swung it down. That sunflower however was different from the rest, as it suddenly bent down towards her. With its two gigantic leaves spread open, they reached out towards her. The moment she approached, the leaves actually gently wrapped around her, making a hugging action.

A clear and crisp sound rang in her ears. “Chi…”

Zhu Yao was stunned, but she could no longer stop the swing of her sword. The red blade directly slid through the sunflower’s stem, cutting it off. She raised her head in shock, only to see that sunflower blink at her one last time, before falling onto the ground. The two leaves that wrapped around her also slid down her arms as well. Those leaves were initially barbed, but some reason, they were suddenly retracted and she was not injured the slightest bit.

Her heart was in sudden turmoil. She once again looked at that sunflower. It was already beginning to turn yellow, yet it still desperately stretched out a half-yellow leaf. The leaf wrapped around her ankle, and it let out a crackling sound.

“Lo… rd.”

In the next moment, that sunflower had already been returned to the ground. Zhu Yao was stunned. Just what was going on? This sunflower did not look like it was trying to harm her at all. Yet the Pea Shooters on the other side were shooting those cannon shells so vigorously.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan charged over from the side, hugging his stupid disciple and then rolled onto the ground.

A loud explosion could be heard behind them, as a pea bomb exploded at the place where she was standing just earlier.

Yu Yan held her up. “Do not be distracted.”


Zhu Yao nodded. This was not the time to think about such matters. Let’s first eat their “brains” and end this game!

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