[Disciple] Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: Friendly Visit to the Sunflower Country

“The hell!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Don’t play coy in front of me right now, alright? We’ve already made it all the way here, and it’s already too late to split up. You best thicken your skin and rush over to the Light of Guidance in a single breath. You’re thinking of staying here with Zhonggu Lu and live in your romantic world? No way! There’s no future for the both of you!”

Zhonggu Lu: “…” Why am I still dragged in when I’m so far away!?

Nangong Cheng’s eyes reddened. Momma’s egg. Dongfang girly, in such an emotional time, can you speak in a better way? We’re clean and pure! He turned to look at Yu Yan and Yue Ying, and then sighed. It seemed like they really weren’t going to leave them behind.

After taking a deep breath, Nangong Cheng gritted his teeth and then walked into the new region. Almost at the same time his foot landed on the ground, the ground reacted with a loud rumble, as if something was about to burst out.

Zhu Yao betted a cucumber that that definitely wasn’t a sunflower, but some sort of weapon of mass destruction. The sunflowers that were still harmonious like little suns suddenly stopped shouting out their slogan, and looked towards Nangong Cheng altogether. Though they were still blinking, Zhu Yao could see the lustre of vengeance in their eyes.

Oh no! It seems like it’s going to turn into Plants VS Zombies again! What to do, what to do? These plants are about to go into berserk mode!

Out of anxiety, Zhu Yao grabbed onto the flower head of one of the sunflowers on the side. “Calm down, calm down my fellow friend! Give me some face!”

Suddenly, the tremors really stopped…

Uhh… It seems my face is really important!

The yellow and brilliant flower in her hands blinked its eyes extremely slowly. In the next moment, the entire flower was dyed with a strange hint of red.

Is it embarrassed?

Please! You’re just a flower, hey! The hell! Why is its stem red as well? Do you have to be this humanized?

Eh! Wait a minute!

She recalled that plants seemed to be pollinate from the flowers to give birth to the next generation. Then the flowers were their… unspeakable parts.

“…” She suddenly felt uncomfortable all over.

Her eyes blurred for a moment, as the sunflowers nearest to her suddenly bent their stems over. Every one of them was leaning their flower heads closer, their little eyes constantly blinking in joy. It was as if they were saying: Touch me… touch me…

She wanted some peace and quiet.

Even more sunflowers began to lean their flower heads closer. Zhu Yao had to pass this stage through developing friendship ties with the sunflowers, otherwise, she was really afraid that they would go berserk if she rejected. However, she couldn’t lay her hands on their huge flower heads, so she had no choice but to take a step back and silently pull one of their leaves. She shook them as if she was shaking hands, which can be considered as her greetings to them, but even that’s the case…

Why are all your faces still red, hey? Aren’t you all sunflowers? Then face the sun like you’re supposed to, hey! Why are you all lowering your heads in embarrassment? And the one over there that’s using your leaves to cover your face! I’ve not done anything to you at all!!

Zhu Yao suddenly felt as if she had fallen into a sexual predator concentration camp of pure teenage girls, while she seemed to be the uke. She immediately hugged onto her master next to her to suppress her shock. Phew, fortunately, I still have my master.

Zhonggu Lu walked over as well. In the beginning, there wasn’t any reaction from the grass field. However, as he moved closer to Nangong Cheng, the ground could no longer stay silent. No matter how Zhu Yao tried to form relationships with the sunflowers, they couldn’t be suppressed. Half a Cob Cannon had already popped out of the ground nearby.

Zhu Yao’s heart tensed. Could it be that hatred was additive? She immediately had the two of them stand further away from each other. As expected, the tremors of the ground finally stopped. Zhu Yao silently glanced at the two of them. See! This is why I say there’s no future for you two!

It seemed like the situation had calmed down. Zhu Yao began to bring everyone forward. There was a distance of about three meters between each one of them, while there was at least a ten-meter distance between Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu. Zhu Yao was walking at the very front. As she walked, she did not forget to shake the hands of the sunflowers on her left and right.

The sunflowers were rather well-behaved. The moment they saw her passing by, they would extend their leaves by themselves. After the shake, they would hurriedly use their leaves to shyly cover their flower heads, looking as if they were both excited and embarrassed.

As Zhu Yao continued to shake hands, she began to feel like a country representative who was visiting an ally nation.

Hi citizens of Sunflower Country, I am a representative of the Human Country. Hello fellow comrades, it must have been tough for you comrades.

Just like that, they progressed forward smoothly without any obstructions. Probably because her ‘friendly visit’ was truly effective, after using the power of her reputation, weapons of mass destruction no longer appeared in this wide grass field.

Mn, she loved peace! However… Her hands were about to break from all the hand-shaking, hey. Though shaking hands was not a hard work, one couldn’t possibly shake hands for four hours straight! Yet, she did not dare to stop. She was afraid that the sunflowers would flip sides the moment she do.

The further they walked, the number of sunflower appearances grew. Initially, there were only two rows – one on her left and one on her right. Further back, the number of rows grew to three, four and five rows. When she finally reacted, other than the path they especially let off on the grass field, the place was filled with sunflowers.

There was too much sunlight stored, but because they had already made a compromise with the zombies, there were too many unused space, so they decided to just plant sunflowers… was that it?

Wait a minute, sunlight!

The plants here were formed by resentment initially. Resentment was inclined to darkness, while sunlight was inclined to light. The resentment underneath required the sunflowers to absorb sunlight in order to produce various weapons that could harm them. However, light and darkness could not complement. Light was supposed to be similar to spiritual energy and divine energy, the purest form of energy in this world. Though sunlight could not be used to eliminate resentment, it should at the very least suppress resentment. That was most likely why darkness filled the place where she first woke up. Also, no matter the shadows formed by resentment or these plants, they could not be seen as the resentment that she witnessed in the Netherworld. Back then, she had become a Demigod, but she was still unable to do anything to resentment. It seemed like the yang energy of this world had been suppressing these resentment.

In the beginning, she treated everything as something similar to the brainless Gomoku and Sudoku settings, a real-life upgraded version of Plants VS Zombies. That was why she did not think about it too deeply. However, this was after all the final stage to becoming a God, so it couldn’t just be a mere game. Furthermore, the sunflowers were such a fatal weakness. Adding the non-complementing nature of yin and yang, why were the sunflowers able to summon the other breeds by absorbing sunlight? It couldn’t just be due to the settings of the game. Then the reason could only be…

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She suddenly recalled her master’s words… Natural Law! Was the non-complementary of yin and yang the law here? Because of the law’s limitations, the resentment here could only take form when the sunflowers take in sunlight. However, sunlight could suppress resentment. The sunflowers were so friendly to her because they had sunlight in them?

She was very familiar with the Wood Spirit, and because she had once placed it in her divine sense, it could be understood why these sunflowers, which were also plants, to be intimate with her as well. Furthermore she had also gone through Yi Ling’s instance where she turned into a tree demon. Back then, she could hear the voice of plants and trees, and those trees were strangely friendly with her as well. Not to mention, the lower the cultivation of the spirits and demons, the better their relationships. When it came to Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu who had already cultivated into Deities, especially with those demonic beasts and spirits in the Lightning Divine Tower, this form of intimacy no longer existed. They could only be treated as regular people or friends.

It was the same back when she ventured into Demonic Immortals’ continent. The red and yellow Demonic Immortals she encountered in the beginning still threw her into jail as they should, even though they had a favourable impression of her. They were completely different from the demonic beasts that acted cute and wanted to protect her with all their hearts in the Lower Realm. When it came to why those demonic beasts treated her well, rather than attributing it to the World Favourable Impression ability, it was rather due to… instinct! It was a form of subliminal suggestion that could not be resisted, where they would unconsciously treat her well.

This instinctive suggestion thus allowed these sunflowers, which had taken in sunlight and had suppressed the resentment in them, to regain the slightest bit of sentience to express their kindness towards her. Could this be why these sunflowers liked her so much?

However… Why did they call her ‘lord’? She just couldn’t understand this point.


The distance from the Light of Guidance was already shrinking, and Zhu Yao’s hands were already turning numb from the handshaking. She could barely feel them now, let alone raise them up. Her master who was closest to her could still grab onto her hands to help move them in the beginning, relieving some of the numbness. However, this action would always result to the rejection of the plants. Every single time when she was not paying attention, they would either push her master away, or intentionally use their leaves to block him. It was as if they were a disapproved couple, and had to cross several “Sunflower Mountains” in order to meet. Later on, even Yu Yan had lost all strength as well. At the very end, she didn’t have to take the initiative at all, as every step she took after that, the sunflowers on her left and right would automatically stretch out their leaves to wrap around her hands, treating that as handshakes.

Her heart was tired!

Momma’s egg! Who wants to try shaking hands for three days and nights straight!?

In the beginning, it was still fine. However, the number of sunflowers continued to grow. Looking afar, other than the path that intentionally left empty, the place was filled with sparkling golden sunflowers, and the view was simply blinding to her eyes.

Yet, only the two rows of sunflowers next to her would get to shake her hands. Those which couldn’t, could only blink their eyes and look at her with resentful expressions.

Hey hey hey… Don’t turn sour now! You’re all sunflowers, so even if you didn’t get to shake my hands, don’t change to something else now! Also, the one over there that’s lying on the ground. You’re planted too far away. Even if you lying on the ground, you won’t get to grab my hand. Don’t waste any more efforts already!

The passion of the “Sunflower Country” citizens had really made her from the “Human Country” speechless! Let’s give it our all to dedicate to the friendship between the countries of Sunflowers and Humans! I will shake, I will shake, I will shake, shake, shake…

Zhu Yao’s repeated actions were however extremely meaningful and sincere, as they actually had a smooth journey, and the Light of Guidance was soon right before their eyes. Of course, there were slight mishaps in-between, but it was largely due to a problem of distance. The distance between Zhonggu Lu and Nangong Huang before was very delicate. Being too far would be bad, as her favourable impression would be rendered ineffective and cause the plants to initiate attacks. If they were too close, the two’s hatred would be added upon each other, and the plants would attack indiscriminately as well.

That was why there accidents would always happen on the way. Occasionally, one or two Pea Shooters would appear, constantly shooting peas at them. Whenever this happened, Zhu Yao had no choice but to increase her pace in saluting the army and leave the attack range of the Pea Shooters. However, she did not initiate any attacks, in order to prevent them from pulling even more hatred.

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