[Disciple] Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: Undefeatable Enemy

Four days later, though there were a few surprises, the group safely crossed “Sunflower Country”. Zhu Yao could finally see the Light of Guidance before her eyes. Compared to the Light of Guidance in the Divine Realm, there were barely any differences compared to this pillar of light. However for some reason, even though it clearly looked golden from afar, it was actually pure white when seeing it from such a near distance.

Furthermore, the ground surface about twenty to thirty meters away from the pillar of light was actually completely white. She unconsciously looked at the ground, and realized that it wasn’t tiled with white jade, but rather, it was just empty, as if even dust and dirt could not stain it. The surface was sacred and elegant, as though it was the purest object in the world. Just by looking at it, her heart would feel at ease.

Is this… the Light of Guidance for ascending to Godhood?


Zhu Yao finally shook the leaf of the final sunflower. She raised her head to look at the pillar of pure white light, and then once again looked at the receding greenery on the ground. They finally arrived at their destination. However, for some reason, she was not the least bit excited. Instead, an uncertain feeling rose in her heart.

She hesitated for a long while and did not proceed forward, until Zhonggu Lu and Nangong Cheng behind her came rushing over.

“So this is the Light of Guidance!” Nangong Cheng had a surprised look on his face. He stared a little blankly at the light as he walked in, and then he unconsciously stretched out his hand, as if he was trying to touch something. “I’ve never… seen such a pure colour.”

Zhonggu Lu had a similar expression as well.

The strange feeling in the depths of her heart grew even heavier, and for some reason, she felt a little anxious. Feeling uneasy, she turned around to look at the path they came from. The long field of sunflowers suddenly began to return to the earth, starting from the very far end. Like falling headlong down onto the ground, they disappeared without a trace.

When the sunflower that she last shook hands with saw her turning back, it tilted its large flower head and responded with a joyful look. “Chi!”

As it called out, it once again stretched out its leaf, wanting to shake hands with her once more. Zhu Yao wanted to respond out of instinct, but suddenly, she realized that the leaf it stretched out was beginning to disappear, as if it was being devoured by something. Its green leaf turned pale white inch by inch, and then it fragmented and disappeared. When Zhu Yao regained her senses, half of the leaf was already gone. What remained was a neat slice, as if it was cut off by something.

“Chi!” The sunflower cried out in shock, and then it shrank back into the ground, as if it was terrified by something.

The sunflowers… can’t enter this region?

Before she could figure everything out, she suddenly heard a thud. Yue Ying was raising his fists and hitting something in the air. “Big sis… I can’t get in!”



When she turned around to look, Yue Ying seemed to be blocked out by a transparent barrier and could not take another step forward.

“How’s that possible?” Zhonggu Lu turned around and carefully looked at the surroundings as well. Then, he walked back and forth a few times. “There isn’t any formation or barrier here though?”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and she walked back and forth to inspect the area as well. There indeed wasn’t any trace of mystic arts. “Just why is this so?”

“It’s because I’m a Devil.” Yue Ying lowered his head slightly with a depressed look. With a self-mocking tone, he muttered. “I never had the qualifications to become a God in the first place.”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and everyone else turned silent as well.

“There must be another way.” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “Don’t worry, I said that I won’t throw anyone aside.”

Yue Ying finally raised his head, and his eyes seemed to glisten. After a moment, he carefully asked. “If… If you become a God, will you still come back?”

“Of course.” She said matter-of-factly. “I’m only here to clear the tower, and not to become a God…”

After speaking halfway through, she was stunned for a moment. Wait a minute, clearing the tower!?

Something instantly flashed in her mind, but she was unable to grasp it in an instant. Just as she was pondering about this, a green vine suddenly shot out from the ground, appearing right before them. Like a hemp rope, it split into two and came charging forward with their sharp tips.

“Big sis!” Startled, Yue Ying instinctively pulled Zhu Yao and they rolled onto the ground, dodging the vines. One of the vines instantly split into two once more and swept over towards Zhu Yao and Yue Ying. The vines however were instantly burnt into ash by the devillic energy which Yue Ying materialized. The vine on the other side had directly struck Zhonggu Lu, sending him flying several meters. He then fell into the midst of the sunflowers that had yet to completely disappear.

“Zhonggu Lu!” Zhu Yao cried out. She wasn’t in the grass field right now!

Almost at the same time he fell onto the ground, five Cob Cannons immediately appeared from the grass field. Five overlapping cross-hairs instantly appeared beneath Zhonggu Lu’s feet.

“Hurry and run!” Zhu Yao shouted out with all her strength and wanted to charge over to save him. However, she was already too late. Five enormous corn cobs had already been shot out. Even when Zhonggu Lu desperately ran out, he was still struck by the combined force of five corn cobs.

Five explosions rang out, and the place was instantly filled dust and white popcorns. Zhonggu Lu was already lying on the ground with a body covered entirely in blood. His legs were already a mesh of flesh and blood, while a large hole had already been pierced through his chest. Not the slightest bit of his human figure could be discerned.

“Hahahahaha…” A sinister and crazed laughter rang out several meters away. At its source was a person enveloped by thick tree barks. Her body was dyed entirely in blood-red, and streams of dark-red blood would occasionally drip out of the tree trunk. The face at the core of the tree could no longer be seen as human, as what remained was a pair of terrifying black holes. However, everyone present could recognize her at first glance.

“Mei Xue!” The hell, why is she still alive?

“Brother Zhonggu Lu!” Nangong Cheng’s eyes reddened and immediately wanted to charge out to save him. Zhu Yao desperately held him back. “What are you doing? Release me!”

“Calm down.”

“Calm down my ass!” He was instantly enraged. He immediately raised his hand against her, wanting to beat her hand off. “I’m going to save him!”

Zhu Yao instantly stepped on his feet and lectured him while he was still tasting the pain. “Those plants harbour immense hatred for you in the first place, if you head out now, isn’t he just going to die even quicker? If you want to die, don’t motherf**king drag us in!”

Nangong Cheng was startled, and then he immediately calmed down. If he were to head over, there was a chance that another five Cob Cannons would appear.

“Master, Yue Ying!” Zhu Yao shot a glance to the two of them, and then she and Yu Yan hurriedly ran towards Zhonggu Lu’s direction. Yue Ying immediately responded by releasing his devillic energy to cover the sunlight in the sky as well.

As expected, all of the sunflowers lowered their heads in the next moment, while the loading speed of the five Cob Cannons slowed down as well. Zhu Yao, along with her master, took this opportunity to carry out the disfigured Zhonggu Lu to the sides of the boundary.

“Yue Ying, hurry…” The moment they placed Zhonggu Lu down, Zhu Yao had Yue Ying immediately stop his bleeding. He was the only one here who could save him now.

Mei Xue on the other side had already gone insane. The pair of black holes was constantly leaking out blood, but she still glared at them with all her might. It was as if the hatred within those eyes wanted to swallow them whole. Her laughter continued to grow even sinister. “Hahaha… Even I’m in such a deplorable state, what makes you all qualified to become Gods? Die! All of you must die!!”

“I’m going to kill you!” Nangong Cheng charged towards Mei Xue with his weapon raised. However, before he could even approach her, three enormous red man-eating flowers appeared in her surroundings. They were completely different from the ones they saw before, though they looked exactly the same as the few men who were swallowed along with Mei Xue.

“This…” He was stunned for a moment. Mei Xue could control these plants?

“Nangong Huang, return!” Zhu Yao shouted at him. She turned to look at Mei Xue and her expression sank. “She… is about to be completely swallowed by resentment. In essence, she’s already not much different from those flowers outside. The her now, most likely doesn’t even know who she is anymore.”

Nangong Cheng clenched his hands tightly, suppressing his intent of exacting revenge no matter what. He then turned to look back at his good friend on the ground, his eyes were instantly filled with incomparable pain.

“Kill, kill you all!” Mei Xue on the other side was crazily motioning her hands, yet there wasn’t the slightest bit of anxiety in her eyes. Several vines stretched out around her, flailing around meaninglessly as she strangely laughed out. “Hahahaha… I’m favoured by the Heavenly Dao, how could I possibly lose? I’ve never lost before! Right! I will never lose! It’s all your fault! It’s all because of all of you… All because you obstructed me despite the recklessness of it all! Those who obstructs me… shall die! Hahaha…”

She laughed crazily for a moment, and then she suddenly saw the pure white Light of Guidance. Her wilted face began to stretch open inch by inch, as if she was pulling a smile. She then stretched out a wilted branch. “Light of Guidance… I can become a God now… I can finally become a God…”

She suddenly began to move recklessly towards the Light of Guidance. However, she had already completely turned into a plant. With these movements of hers, her body began to crack even more. However, it was as if she was not feeling those cracks in her body as she desperately crawled over. The tree barks and leaves on her body immediately disappeared the moment they came into contact with the white surface. She desperately crawled over, as though she was severing out a layer of skin out of her plant body, leaving behind a long trail of blood. However, she did not stop. It was as if too much madness was entangled inside that pair of black hole-like eyes.

A moment later, she was severed out of her initial plant body. She was swallowed for too long, and her body had long been meshed together with resentment. Her bones and skin were severed off, and not even a moment later, what remained on the ground was a cracked skeleton.

Yet, she continued to crawl. Slowly, towards the Light of Guidance. In the next moment, even that skeleton could persist no longer and crumble apart. Right at that moment, her body actually began to condense, and even her former features could be seen on her face.

Zhu Yao turned to look at the crumbled skeleton, especially the pair of black holes in the skull. She then looked at Mei Xue who was already a step away from the Light of Guidance, and sighed. Just how strong was her desire to become God? To the point where she couldn’t even sense her own death and had to crawl in even with just a soul?

Mei Xue had made her way right before the Light of Guidance. With crazed joy in her eyes, she immediately crawled up and unhesitantly walked in. Zhu Yao thought that nothing would happen, but with a flash of bright, white light, what remained of Mei Xue’s soul began to slowly rise within the ascending light. Joy filled her face, but that smile merely lasted for an instant. As she ascended even higher, the emotions on her face instead grew dimmer. Forget about happiness, not even a shred of hatred could be seen from the eyes she was looking at them with.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, as though she had realized something.

Could it be…

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  1. I’ll take a guess before reading the next chapter, Mei Xue’s face went blank because her memories have been wiped clean? Like the River of forgetfulness?

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