[Disciple] Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: Lightning Divine Tower Ceases to Exist

In the end, Zhu Yao failed to stop Nangong Cheng. She could only watch as he slowly walked into the white light. With every step he took, Zhonggu Lu’s body would fade. Finally, his body disappeared, and a complete Zhonggu Lu appeared next to Nangong Huang. Presently, they were already enveloped by white light, as they arrived inside the Light of Guidance.

Nangong Cheng joyfully turned to look at him, but Zhonggu Lu’s eyes were but an empty void.

He seemed to be stunned for a moment, but right after, the light in his eyes disappeared. Like Mei Xue, the two of them slowly rose with expressionless faces. Zhu Yao could not help but run a few steps forward, but they had already disappeared within the pillar of light.

“Big sis!” Suddenly, Yue Ying’s anxious voice sounded from behind her.

Zhu Yao turned to look. The person next to her slipped past her, and was moving towards the white light. At that moment, she could hardly breathe as she pulled onto that person. “Master!”

Yu Yan however ignored her and continued forward, his eyes were looking straight at the Light of Guidance before him. Zhu Yao forcefully pulled him back. “Master, wait a minute! What’s wrong with you?”

His feet paused, and only then did he turn to look at her. Though, his expression shook for a moment, and what rose from it was a completely foreign furious expression. “Let go!” He immediately stretched out his other hand and swept hers off.

She simply felt a sting in her heart, as a feeling of anxiety which she had never felt before surged. She immediately blocked his path. “Master?”

“Move!” His voice instantly turned cold.

Zhu Yao was shocked, her eyes greatly widened. Her master had never before been this furious with her, even when his anger was at its peak. Why now? Could the Light of Guidance be the reason? She immediately reached out her hands to block his vision. “Master, what happened to you? Don’t scare me. You can’t head over there right now. That light…”

Before she could even finish, she was fiercely pushed away by Yu Yan. The ferocity of the force behind the push was not the least bit forgiving. She instantly fell down due to her moment of unpreparedness.


He still did not reply as he moved directly towards the Light of Guidance. His eyes grew even more focused, as if he was being summoned by something.

“Don’t go over there, master!”



“Yu Yan, you best stop right there!”

However, it was useless. No matter how she called out to him, he seemed to have suddenly changed into an entirely different person, as he constantly moved towards the Light of Guidance.

It’s the light! It’s that Light of Guidance!

She hurriedly crawled up and tried several times to pull his arm or to block his path. However, every single time, she was pushed away. The furious look he carried even sent chills down her spine.

Just as he was about to enter the Light of Guidance, the void expressions of Nangong Cheng and Mei Xue instantly appeared in her mind. It was as if everything in the world had already disappeared, their eyes were so hollow and devoid of emotions. Zhu Yao felt as if her heart had been stabbed by a knife. No! Master definitely can’t end up that way! Definitely not! Her instincts were telling her that the Realm of Gods was not a good place.

Zhu Yao immediately pounced towards him, and used all of the strength in her body to hug his waist. “Master, wake up! Don’t go over there! Look at me. I’m Yu Yao, I’m Yu Wang…” Don’t be bewitched by that light.

His feet finally stopped. The eyes which had been staring intently at the light finally landed on her face.



A palm strike without a shred of hesitation instantly landed on her back. A heart-wrenching pain immediately spread throughout her body, and at that moment, she felt as if her organs were splitting apart from the shockwave. She puked out a mouthful of blood, and the person before her dressed in a snow-white robe was instantly dyed blood-red.

“Mo..ve!” His face was expressionless, as if he was not able to see the blood on his robe. His tone felt as if it could freeze the blood in her entire body.

He had no intentions of stopping and continued to move forward. Zhu Yao hugged onto his waist tightly, not letting up a single bit. He once again raised his right palm and struck her hands. She could even hear the sounds of her bones shattering.




Thus, one palm strike connected with another…

“Big sis!” Yue Ying madly struck the invisible barrier, wanting to charge in. However, no matter how much devillic energy he materialized, they would all dissipate within the white light before approaching them. He could only desperately knock against the invisible obstruction between them. “Big… sis… Hurry and come out! Stop getting in his way, big sis…”

Zhu Yao had never been in this much pain, a pain that burned through both her heart and body. However, no matter how she shouted, there was nothing else other than fury towards her in his master’s eyes. No! It wasn’t towards her, but the action of stopping him. There was no one else in his eyes.

Just what was this light? Why was even her master unable to resist it?

“Master…” Wake up. Don’t leave me alone.

Yu Yan still raised his hand with an expressionless face and forcefully pushed, instantly sweeping her away. Zhu Yao had long received severe injuries, and unable to stand stably any longer, she fell onto the ground. Yu Yan had already taken this time to walked forward.

“Master… Yu Yan!”

He still did not hear her words.

“You best stop right there!” She crawled a few steps forward.

He still did not stop, and just as he was about to step into the Light of Guidance, Zhu Yao felt as if her heart was about to stop beating as an immense fear surged within her. It was as if someone was digging out her heart. “Realmspirit! If you motherf**king dare let my master walk in, this old lady here will destroy my own soul right now, and I will never ever forgive you!”


A familiar sound rang.

In an instant, everything stopped. It was as if the entire world had paused. The shuffling of the wind disappeared, the mystical melody of the Light of Guidance stopped, and even Yue Ying who was still knocking onto the barrier earlier had stopped shouting, his face still maintaining his former expression. Her master stopped moving forward as well. Suddenly, golden symbols appeared from empty air one after another, circling around Yu Yan’s body. Those symbols were not were neither the runic symbols of talismans nor formations, but rather, they were like horizontal ‘8’s. They were ‘infinity’ symbols!

Those symbols were constantly circling around him, slowly and unhurriedly. Zhu Yao felt a familiar feeling from them, a feeling similar to the Light of Guidance.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and then slowly crawled up. With wobbly legs, she walked over a step at a time. After looking at the circle of ‘infinity’ symbols for a short while, she directly reached out to grab them. The circle of symbols felt alive, as it began to wiggle about in her hand.


The notification bell once again rang, and a notification window instantly popped out. However, there wasn’t a choice to be made on it this time, but merely a row of blinding red words.

Warning: Law restriction is being released!!! Please pay serious attention when operating it!!!

Zhu Yao slightly raised her head and looked at the person before her. His eyes were completely cold.

In an instant, she no longer hesitated and squeezed her hand. With a crisp ring of the notification bell, the circle of ‘infinity’ symbols shattered resoundingly.

Zhu Yao immediately threw out a forceful palm strike, sending her master out of the white space and returning him to the grass field. The initially paused world was restored at this moment as well.

Yu Yan was stunned for a moment. In that pair of eyes that was emotionlessly cold, a hint of light flashed past. He turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Yu Yao…”

“Don’t come over here!” Zhu Yao loudly stopped him. Yet another mass of blood tumbled within her, and then she puked out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Yan’s feet stopped as he looked at her body that was dyed in blood. “Yu Yao, you…”

“Master… I’m fine. Don’t come over here.” If he were to come over once more, she could not guarantee that Realmspirit would intervene again.

“…” Yu Yan stopped his feet, though he was clenching his fists hard as they trembled slightly. Even he did not know why he harmed her. Ever since he entered that white space, he was no longer himself, as though his thoughts were no longer in his control. “Yu… Yao…”

“I know…” Zhu Yao smiled. “There’s no need for explanations between the two of us.” I’ve always believed you, just like how you’ve always believed me.

She turned to look at the person next to him, whose eyes were already red. “Yue Ying, be obedient and help look after my master… Don’t let me come in again. You too!”

“…” Yue Ying tightly clenched his fists, and after a moment, he nodded.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan had an anxious look. “What are you trying to do? Hurry and come out of there. Not just the Light of Guidance, there’s a problem even with this surrounding white domain!”

“Don’t worry.” Zhu Yao waved her hand and said. “Nothing will happen to me. I’m just going to see an old friend.”



“Though before that…” With a twist of her hand, she held onto that red ‘patch’ sword and took a step forward, her gaze fixated on the Light of Guidance. “I must first complete a small quest.”

She then walked into the light. With her two hands holding onto the hilt of the sword, she then stabbed it downwards on the base of the Light of Guidance with all her might, where that enormous ‘infinity’ symbol was.

In an instant, the pillar of light that shot through the skies disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

Zhu Yao turned to look at the two people next to the grass field, and waved her hand. “Wait for me at home for dinner!”

Suddenly, crackling noises could be heard as the entire white domain began to crack open. Crack lines spread in all directions. Even the grass field next to it and the sky looked as they were about to shatter apart as lines of cracks appeared.

The heaven and earth shook. As if layer after layer of the sky and earth surface were being peeled apart, they began to collapse bit by bit. These cracks had spread throughout the entire Lightning Divine Tower. Even the scenery before their eyes was beginning to distort and change. Some sort of formless energy was presently pulling Yu Yan and Yue Ying out. Similar to a collapsed Secret Realm, people were being forcefully ejected.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan wanted to call out to his stupid disciple, but at where the pillar of light once was, his disciple’s figure was no longer there. What remained was an entirely red sword.

In the next instant, he had already appeared inside the Lightning Divine Palace. Before his eyes was the Lightning Divine Tower that could reach the high skies. However, the body of the white tower was collapsing, as large cracks began to tear apart, along with that immensely huge ‘bug’ word.

Occasionally, rays of light would shoot out from the tower, and many foreign figures instantly appeared in the Lightning Divine Palace.

Everyone was ejected from the tower! And from that moment on, Lightning Divine Tower… ceased to exist in the Divine Realm.


There’s nothing here? The crimson sun shone upon the great land, bringing to light the dry scars that filled the ground. The surroundings were barren, and looking afar, it was entirely flat. There was no wind, no water, no greenery, and not even the slightest bit of sand. Other than the countless shuffling expressionless human figures. They looked like they were dreamwalking, as they walked about with neither a goal nor the slightest bit of sentience. Their eyes were completely hollow.

“This is the Realm of Gods?”

A long while later…


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  1. She’s going to have a good talk with Realmspirit. Zhu Yao is a smart girl, I think she’s figuring everything out now. I’ve been following this story for a couple of years now, it’s both awesome and sad that it’s coming to an end.

  2. “In the next instant, he had already appeared inside the Lightning Divine Palace.”
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  3. Will Yao jie come back after nthousand of years? >< Now that you mention it, isn't this the first time that Yao jie is meeting realm spirit for real without using someone's body? Unless thats not realmspirit who answered her.

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