[Disciple] Chapter 390

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Chapter 390: The Manager of Guoguo’s Home

The man did not reply, acting as if he could not hear her. He simply picked up a small soup dumpling with his chopsticks and carefully placed it in Guoguo’s bowl. After seeing Guoguo eat it, the smile he carried was as if his entire being had bloomed.

Hey, your character setting has collapsed!

“What is a Plane Manager?” Though Guoguo grew curious and asked.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, and then pulled Guoguo, who was still grasping onto a bun, into the room. With a click, she locked the door. “Guoguo, I have something very serious to tell you. That person outside, he might not… be a regular person.”

“I know!” Guoguo said with a calm look.


“He was still a fish when he first came here. Today…” Guoguo thought of the breakfast on the table. After hesitating for a moment, she said. “He’s a ‘Mister Snail’, right?”

The hell is a Mister Snail? And the first time these two met, the man didn’t appear in his human form either? Guoguo, just how thick are your nerves to actually stay this calm, hey!? This man definitely has some ulterior motives!

“Guoguo!” She grabbed onto her shoulders and shook her. “Just what is going on? How long have you known him? What has he done to you? Tell me everything!” My only good friend is about to be taken away by an unknown and dangerous creature!

“Stop… Stop shaking already. I will tell you… Actually, it’s three months ago.” Guoguo sighed and said. “When I came back from my vacation, didn’t I tell you about it?”

“Three months ago…” Zhu Yao dug into her memories. It should be the time when she returned from her transmigration, as Guoguo did indeed just return from her vacation back then. Back then, she seemed to have suddenly asked her a very strange question. (Chapter 262) “Mermaid!?”

She remembered now. Guoguo seemed to have suddenly asked her if mermaids actually existed in this world. Back then, she wondered if Guoguo had crossed over to another world as well and had seen a sharkman? After that, she had to head out because of her master’s incident, so she had forgotten about this matter.

“Could it be… you really saw one back then?”

“That’s right. When I was on my vacation back then, I saw him dragging his huge fishtail, and was this close to dying dry next to the road.”

“So… you saved him?”

Guoguo turned to look at her, and calmly said. “I didn’t?”

“Hah?” Zhu Yao felt her jaw had dropped. “You… didn’t save him?”

“That’s right!”


“After seeing an unknown creature collapse by the road, if I don’t run away, what else should I do? Stay behind and have lunch?”

Uh… She makes a lot of sense. That’s a human’s normal reaction.

“Then… After that?”

“After that, I came home?”

“…” Why don’t you act according to the usual script? “Then why is he here?”

“On the night you moved out, he suddenly appeared in the bathtub. His fishtail disappeared as well.” Guoguo raised the little soup dumpling that was still clasped between her chopsticks, and with an ‘ahm’, she swallowed it down.

“A man suddenly appeared inside your house’s bathtub. Don’t you think it’s strange?” Where’s your common sense? Where are your nerves?

“It’s indeed rather strange.” Guoguo nodded and said with a puzzled look. “If he’s a fish and the place he was lying on did not have any water, why was he still able to run over to my house for water before being dried to death?”

“…” Was that the main point here, hey?

“Yaoyao, don’t worry. Compared to you, I have my own measures.”

“…” Why do I feel like I’m being looked down upon?

Guoguo immediately pulled her to the bed and settled her down. “Why don’t we talk about what’s happening to you instead?”

Zhu Yao turned to look at her. After hesitating for a moment, she still gritted her teeth and told her everything about how she was transmigrated to a cultivation world.

“That’s the story. Realmspirit told me that this place is where the Plane Management Office is, but that guy was the first person I saw the moment I got here. So he definitely isn’t normal.”

Guoguo looked at with a strange expression for a moment. “So what you’re saying is that you found a part-time job in another plane, brought back a man while doing it, and even solved your problem of being a leftover woman. The reason why you came back today is to obtain a visa for your boyfriend?”

“Uh… You can put it that way.” Her explanation was well-covered.

Guoguo’s expression turned even weirder. As though she was about to say something, there was a knock on the door at that moment.

“Guoguo, do you want to drink a cup of milk?”

It’s that man’s voice.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. A mighty plane manager suddenly appeared here to wash clothes and make food for her best friend. She wondered just what was his motive? For a moment, she grew a little anxious. No, I must think of something…

“Guoguo, what are you doing?”

Before she could even clear up everything in her mind, Guoguo had already pulled open the door. The diligent housekeeper was standing outside with a cup of warm milk in his hand. He was currently looking at Guoguo with sparkling eyes. “Milk…”

Guoguo took it and proudly drank it all in one gulp. Then, she immediately went straight into the main point. “Yaoyao told me that you’re a Plane Manager?”

“…” If you’re asking so directly, it would be strange if he replies truthfully, right?

“That’s right!” The man nodded.

The hell! He really went and answered her, hey! Do you have to be that direct!?

“Can you grant a plane visa?”


“Then grant Yaoyao a few. It’s really difficult for her to find a man at her age. They can’t break up just because they’re in different places.”


Zhu Yao: “…” Uh, was a long-distance relationship the problem here? It’s two Plane Movement Permits, you know? If it’s solved so easily, I don’t feel any sense of achievement!

The man pulled out a pen and a book out of nowhere, and then wrote down a few things. As he wrote, he even raised his head. “How many?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao weakly stretched out two fingers. “Two.”

Guoguo suddenly widened her eyes as she swept them across Zhu Yao.

“One for my husband, and the other for my little brother!” Zhu Yao hurriedly explained. Withdraw that ‘you’re sitting on a fence’ expression of yours, hey!


“Yu Yan, Yue Ying.”




“Uh… Temporarily unemployed.”

“Inch sized passport photographs.”

“…” Why is there even a need for photographs as well? Flips table! Realmspirit didn’t tell me that!

“Genetic information or soul fragments are fine as well.”

“Uh… I don’t have them!” Who the hell will carry someone else’s genes and soul fragments, hey!?

That man raised his head and coldly glared at her. With a smack, he closed the book in his hand. “Incomplete information, review on hold.”

“…” Don’t! The hell you mean by ‘review on hold’, hey!? Just how hard do you think it takes me to cross over to another world, hey? Zhu Yao looked at her best friend next to her with a pitiful expression.

Guoguo received her SOS signal, and immediately asked. “Are photographs really necessary?”

That man’s face instantly bloomed with the warmth of spring, as he looked at Guoguo shyly. “Not… Not really.”

Then why the hell did you put my review on hold, hey!?

“Then Yaoyao doesn’t have to hand them over for her two applicants then.”

The man immediately nodded. “Alright!” He replied ever so readily.

Zhu Yao: “…” So, he was intentionally making things difficult for her?

The man tore out the two pages that he had just finished writing on, but instead of passing them to her, he presented them to Guoguo. “Done.”

Guoguo then passed them to Zhu Yao.

Written on lined papers were one large word: Movement! On each of the papers’ right corners, Yu Yan’s and Yue Ying’s names were written on them.

“This…” It’s done just like that? Isn’t this too simple? What happened to the promised luxurious movement permit issued by authorities? At the very least, provide me with guidelines on how to use them?

“Effective immediately.” As if he had guessed what she was thinking about, the man explained, though he was looking at her with a scornful look. “A guide must be present during a plane transfer. The permit holders can only come over when you return.”

In other words, her master and Yue Ying could only cross over with her at the same time. That was fine.

“The permits must be activated in two hours through verification. Otherwise, they will be invalid.” The man said, still with the ice-cold tone.

“Activate? How to activate them?”Could it be that her master still needed to send a verification SMS?

The man frowned, and his expression grew even more scornful. “They will automatically activate once they make contact with their targets.”

In other words, she just had to hand the permits to her master and Yue Ying. Fortunately, she still had two hours.

“Guoguo…” Seeing how this person listened to Guoguo’s requests, it seemed like he was treating her sincerely? Otherwise, flowers wouldn’t bloom the moment he land his eyes on her. However, as her only good friend, she still had to instruct her on some matters. After all, this person had an incredible identity.

Before she could even speak, the man suddenly interrupted. “They will be invalid if they’re not activated.”

“Isn’t there still two hours?”

“One hour.”

“Hah?” Zhu Yao was startled.

The man’s expression turned colder, and continued to correct his own words. “Half an hour.”

“The hell, you can’t actually be chasing me out, right?”

“Twenty minutes…”

“Hey, hey, hey. Do you have to be that fickle?”

“Ten minutes.”


“Five minutes.”

“You’re ruthless, alright!” Zhu Yao turned and headed for the door. “Guoguo, I will come back and look for you once the permits are activated.”

Only then did the man’s expression look better as he followed Yaoyao to the door.

Zhu Yao opened the door directly, only to see the familiar staircase. She then turned to look at that dangerous manager. “How am I supposed to return?”

The man did not reply and instead walked hurriedly over. She did not know what he did, but when he closed and opened the door again, the view outside had already been replaced by a white portal.

The hell, it turned into an Anywhere Door again!

Just as Zhu Yao was about to enter, an idea suddenly flashed in her mind. As though she had just understood something, she turned back to look at the person whose face was filled with the words “hurry and scram”. She suddenly recalled Realmspirit’s words, that the reason why he chose her was because someone recommended her. Then…

“You can’t possibly the person who recommended me to Realmspirit, right?”

The man’s reply was… kicking her directly into the portal.

The hell! It really was him! She had always been a normal person without any incredible powers or identity. She had never stepped on any dog poop, nor was there any mysterious birthmark on her body that represented her identity or anything? Even if she were to participate in a lottery, she wouldn’t win at all. So why was she chosen to transmigrate to another world?

In the end, it was all to have her move away and use that opportunity to get close to Guoguo. It had to be known that Guoguo was a girl that was even more shut-in than her.

As a Plane Manager, do you think you’re a man by playing these kinds of tricks? Just you wait! This old lady will return and expose your true face of a lowly person in front of Guoguo!

Szz… Aiyo, my buttocks!

His kick was really ruthless!

“Young maiden, you’re back so quickly?” Realmspirit sprinted over with an excited look. He glanced at the two papers in her hand. “You really obtained them, you’re so incredible. As expected of the woman I chose.”

Zhu Yao just wanted to say, “Hoho…”

“Eh!?” He was stunned for a moment, and then she said ecstatically. “Your Plane Manager actually gave you a Plane Imprint as well.”

“What imprint?”

“It’s the authority to freely move between two planes. Initially, movement between two planes require a thousand years cooldown. With this imprint, then there’s no such restriction.”

“Where is it?” She glanced at the permits in her hand. I don’t see any imprints?

“Over here.”

Realmspirit waved his hand excitedly, and Zhu Yao simply felt a golden light flash behind her. Slowly, what rose was a… shoe print with the number 42 on it.



The hell!

Mister Snail: There’s this Chinese folklore called ‘The Snail Girl’. A man brought back home a snail one day when he saw it by the road. In order to repay the debt of saving her, she turned into a girl and began caring for his house. So ‘Mister Snail’ is like a genderbent version of the story.

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