[Disciple] Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: Divine Realm Management Plan

The Lightning Divine Tower had fallen. All of the Deities within had been sent out, and for a period of time, the Divine Realm had fallen into a state of chaos. No one know what happened, but all of them had a faint feeling that from then on, no one could become Gods.

To Deities, this shock was undoubtedly immense. Ascending to Godhood was the life goal of all Deities. Now that the opportunity was gone just like that, which one of them wouldn’t feel depressed? This was especially so for those who had entered the tower early and had struggled to climb to the ninth floor of the tower. They merely had to climb one more floor to attain Godhood, but the tower suddenly collapsed just like that and even ejected every single one of them.

Yet no one had the ability to build it up again. These Deities were utterly dispirited and devastated! With nowhere to vent their frustration, they could only aim their fury at the people of Lightning Divine Palace.

In the past, no one in the Divine Realm dared to offend the Lightning Divine Palace. Other than the facts that the disciples of Lightning Divine Palace had incredible cultivation and possessed lightning-type arts that boasted the most powerful offensive power, the most important reason was that they managed the Lightning Divine Tower.

Now, the tower was gone and tons of old ancestors had made their way out. Every single one possessed over-the-top cultivation and could casually suppress ten High Deities. Furthermore, since the reason behind the collapse of the Lightning Divine Tower was unclear, the main suspect would naturally be the people that managed the Lightning Divine Tower. Thus, every single one of them pointed their spears at Lightning Divine Palace.

No matter if they’re disciples of Demonic Immortals, disciples of divine sects, or even Wandering Deities, everyone believed that Lightning Divine Tower should provide them an explanation. Altogether, they came right to their doorsteps.

Actually, rather than seeking them out for an explanation, which one of them didn’t harbour intentions of taking this opportunity to suppress Lightning Divine Palace? After all, everyone knew that the reputation behind Lightning Divine Palace was built upon real skills and abilities. Though they had now lost the backing known as the Lightning Divine Tower, based on the aptitudes of the disciples of the sect alone, they would be able to regain their composure in due time. If they were to miss this opportunity to make a move on the Lightning Divine Palace, they were afraid that they would still have to be suppressed in the future. After all, among these people who had entered the tower, who would be willing to stand beneath others?

Ever since the beginning of the Divine Realm, this was the first time the three factions had come together. With boiling rage, they were here together to have Lightning Divine Palace pay their debts, surrounding the sect in its entirety. They had even directly destroyed the lightning formations outside.

However, they did not expect that the disciples of Lightning Divine Palace that came to meet their challenge actually numbered more than ten people as well. Furthermore, every single one of them had incredible cultivation. Even the lowest among them had the cultivation of a High Deity. Other than the present Floor Master who was taking the lead, the rest possessed powers at the third floor and above. The person next to the Floor Master even possessed power at the tenth floor.

That was cultivation that only those who could enter the highest floor of Lightning Divine Tower could achieve! The crowd of Deities were utterly astonished. Yet, they couldn’t not feel sorry for him either. After all, he had already climbed to the highest floor, yet he wasn’t able to become God either. Just how unfortunate was he!? He was definitely the most pitiful person in the tower, second to none!

A shred of caution rose in the hearts of the Deities, though they did not feel fear. Though power of a tenth floor achiever was incredible, he was only a single man. There were dozens on Deities who had reached the ninth floor on their side. Furthermore, the difference in power between floors in the tower was not as huge as a difference in a large cultivation realm. The more people there were, the less impossible it was to go against someone of a higher level. At the very most, they would have to spend a little more time. This battle was definitely a stable win for the side of the crowd of Deities. Lightning Divine Palace was going to disappear from the face of this world at this moment.

The crowd of Deities was filled with confidence, and Lightning Divine Palace sternly awaited their move.

Yu Jin could not help but feel a little worried as well. This was surely the biggest threat to Lightning Divine Palace yet, and even the joy from reuniting with his master could not suppress the heaviness in his heart. Lightning Divine Palace was going to meet its downfall on that day, unless a miracle were to occur.

And then… a miracle really occurred!

Yu Jin did not know what happened. He watched as the crowd of Deities charge forward with their surging killing intent as the huge war began. The moment he raised his sword, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a ray of light flash across his eyes. It instantly entered Yu Yan’s forehead, and he couldn’t even get a good look at it due to its sheer speed. A never-before-seen ∞ symbol suddenly floated out of Yu Yan’s forehead.

Yu Yan was startled as well, as he touched his forehead in an understanding manner.

“Little Yanyan…” Just as he was about to ask, the crowd of Deities before them were already launching their attacks.

The situation after that was a complete reversal…

In just a single instant, Yu Yan released an incomparable might from his body. Terrifying pressure enveloped everyone present, and everyone felt as if the entire sky could collapse on them at any moment. It was so powerful, they did not even dare to think of resisting it.

Like drop dumplings, the crowd of Deities all fell down from the sky. Loud booms followed as every single one of their bodies sank thirty percent into the earth. They couldn’t move at all. And this included… the people of Lightning Divine Palace.

The hell! Yu Jin felt like cussing out. Little Yanyan, this old man is on your side!

Possibly because he received his retort, the pressure on the people of Lightning Divine Palace disappeared the moment before they were about to sink into the earth.

Yu Yan was the only one remaining in the sky. Like usual, he simply stood there expressionlessly, though a golden halo seemed to be faintly shining behind his head. It sprinkled his entire body with lustrous light, as though he was a God of the Nine Heavens of legends.


Could it be that someone of Lightning Divine Palace have attained Godhood, and have yet to ascend to the Realm of Gods?

In an instant, the hearts of the crowd of Deities crumbled. Facing such terrifying and heavenly pressure, why in the ass would they still fight!? He had hundreds of methods to kill them if he wanted to.

However, this was not the end. The entire Lightning Divine Palace suddenly shook immensely. At the ruins of the collapsed Lightning Divine Tower, white light suddenly shone. The white shattered rubbles began to fly up and gather together.

Yu Jin who had just returned to the skies was stunned. This… Could it be that the Lightning Divine Tower is able to reconstruct itself automatically?

The rubbles continued to pile up, but they did not form the structure of a tower, but instead gathered to form a platform, and the center of the platform was actually empty. White light glittered at the center like a well of light, and if one were to look at it from above, he or she could see the shadow of the Three Thousand Worlds. Furthermore, strings of white runic symbols were flashing all around.

An enormous white stone monument was erected on the right of the platform, and several red lights flashed across it. Three huge words then appeared on it – Divine Punishment Platform!

Yu Jin was stunned.

To think it was actually divine punishment! First it was the tower of ascending to Godhood, and now it was a platform for punishing Deities. This change was a little too big.

“Little Yanyan, this…” Just what is going on over here? Give me an explanation, yo.

“I don’t know.” Yu Yan shook his head. He simply felt like he had received a foreign power all of a sudden, and it seemed like it could overpower countless Deities. As for the Divine Punishment Platform that suddenly appeared, he was completely oblivious.

Yu Yan frowned, and only then did he turn to look at the “dumplings” on the ground.


An incredibly simple command, yet overpowering like thunder, entered the ears of every single one of the “dumplings”, causing their hearts to tremble.

Yu Jin was dumbfounded. Just how long had it been since he entered the tower? When did Little Yanyan possess such incredible cultivation? Why wasn’t he aware of it?

“Little Yanyan, you… Eh? Where are you going?” Before Yu Jin could finish, he saw Yu Yan flying towards Lightning Divine Palace.

Yu Yan did not stop, and simply replied as he flew. “My disciple is returning soon. I’m going to make dinner!”

People of Lightning Divine Palace: “…”


The crusade against Lightning Divine Palace led by countless Deities ended in failure. The various sects and clans had no choice but to hide their tails and behave themselves for a while, afraid that Lightning Divine Palace would slaughter their way in because of a moment of irritation. Though several ancestors had returned to the various sects from the Lightning Divine Tower and pulled up their strength by a huge margin, they could not hold a candle against an opponent who possessed overpowering strength akin to that of a God’s! With the terrifying power he possessed, he merely had to release his pressure, and he would be able to strike fear on them to the point they wouldn’t dare to raise their heads. Not to mention, the people that went to find fault with Lightning Divine Palace were the people that returned from Lightning Divine Tower!

Though that person had let them go back then, everyone could not help but stay tensed, fearfully waiting for him to settle the score after fall. However, this wait continued on for several months, and yet, not a single movement could be seen from Lightning Divine Palace. It was as if he had completely forgotten about this incident.

From the initial worry, anxiety, and helplessness, they were finally able to calmly accept the outcome. Most likely, he basically did not take this matter to heart at all. With that person’s strength, he might really not have taken these people of the Divine Realm seriously. Mn. Though it was a little depressing just from thinking about it, at the very least, the crisis of the various sects and clans had been averted.

Thus, everyone’s tension began to loosen, and they calmly continued with their lives. They were now busy dealing with their internal affairs. Before, everyone had a common target, and so they could band together to fight with the Boss Monster. Now that the Boss Monster leveled up, the hidden troubles within the various sects appeared.

There was a considerable number of Deities who came out of Lightning Divine Tower back then. Every single one of them had a place to return to in name, after all, they just had to return to their own sects. However, it must be known that these people weren’t all kind. Them coming out together, did not mean they had entered together. These people who could enter the Lightning Divine Tower back then, were all renown figures to begin with. Every single one of them was someone who had gotten used to giving orders. Now, here came the problem. Who should listen to who? Since they were in the same sect, there should be a hierarchy, right? Though they could use their strength to determine their positions, these people were not harmonious within the tower. Either too much time had passed and they did not recognize anyone, or they had harboured grudges in the tower. Without a common target like the Lightning Divine Palace, internal conflicts instantly erupted.

Almost every single sect and clan faced the same problem, while the Demonic Immortal Continent was faring a little better instead. After all, they were tied by bloodlines. Other than the pressure from the difference in strength, they merely had to conduct a few battles. They couldn’t possibly lead to a huge fuss at all.

Deities were however different. Be they strategies at day or schemes at night, every single one of them displayed their divine abilities. For a short while, the entire Deity Continent was covered in smoke as a huge war erupted. No one was willing to submit to the other. Just as a huge chaotic battle was about to ensue in the Divine Realm…

Suddenly, a voice transmission resounded through the skies.

“Ahem… Hey! Can you all hear me?”

This voice felt as if it had come from breaking through space, and it was clearly a female voice. It wasn’t loud, but for some reason, it was clearly transmitted to every corner of the Divine Realm. For a moment, all the restless Deities were stunned, as they dumbfoundedly listened to the voice transmission that seemed to be coming from everywhere around them.

“Hello, friends of the Divine Realm! I’m calling from the broadcast station of Lightning Divine Palace! I’m now announcing an emergency notice. In order to create the perfect Divine Realm, build a harmonious society, and maintain the stable development of the Three Realms, the ‘Lightning Divine Palace High Level Deity Court’ shall officially be established today. The court is the highest legal institution of the Divine Realm, and has the authority to act on everything that happens in the Divine Realm. The court verdicts will be fair, justified, and open to public. Its goal will be to exterminate all evil in the Divine Realm. I shall now recite the first rule of the first section of the first paragraph of the Divine Realm Laws. From this day forth, as long as one is a citizen of the Divine Realm, irregardless of your sect or race, one is forbidden from all slaughtering activities. One who commits killings, will be meted with the highest form of punishment. He or she will be charged on the ‘Divine Punishment Platform’, stripped off their divine physique and celestial bones, and be banished to the mortal realm for reincarnation. This emperor… ah pui! Sincerely and respectfully, Lightning Divine Palace Advertisement Department. Day *, month *, year **.”

Deities: “…” The heck?

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