[Disciple] Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Prehistoric Monster Infant

A conditioned reflex was really a very life-threatening thing. Because, it would occasionally cause you to say the things you should not be saying, do the wrong things, and go out of character.

Zhu Yao’s identity, because of the words she said out of reflex, was stripped off unscrupulously by a certain master.

Zhu Yao covered herself with the blanket, she was too ashamed to see anyone.

“Reason?” He pulled out the stupid disciple who was attempting to hide herself in the blanket, and strongly looked at her. The incidental lightning tribulation yesterday, caused him to suddenly think of the violent storm of spiritual energy when his stupid disciple broke through into Foundation. Hence, with slight suspicion, he called out her name, however, he did not expect that it would actually be her.

Zhu Yao struggled to squeeze out a pitiful expression, however, because of the aftermath from keeping a poker face for such a long time, she could not squeeze out any expression other than her poker face. Hence, she could only wave her two small hands about. “Mas-ter-ter~”

Yu Yan’s expression did not change, as he stared directly at her.

Evidently, acting cutesy was of no use.

“I don’t know either.” Zhu Yao acknowledged her mistake, as she lowered her head and twiddled her thumbs. “I realized I was like this the moment I woke up, and then, master, you came to get me.”

Seeing her aggrieved look, Yu Yan instantly believed her entirely. A short while later, he seemed to have thought of something, as his brows began to furrow again. “Why did you not tell master right from the start?”

Zhu Yao hanged her head down even lower, as though she was attempting to roll herself into a real dumpling.

“You don’t trust your master?”

“Of course not!” Zhu Yao instantly raised her head, and then, she shook it strongly.

“It’s master’s fault.” Yu Yan frowned deeply, as he stretched out his hand to stroke her head. “I did not protect you well, it’s normal for you to not believe me.” On that day, when he saw her corpse, it was the first time he had ever felt anger, and because of the loss of control, he destroyed the entire Silent Melancholy Forest. However, even if he did that, he was still unable to save his disciple’s life. He was not a competent master.

“That’s not it!” Zhu Yao became a little anxious. The incident back then, her master was not on-site anyway. A faraway water stream could not put out a fire nearby, it completely did not concern him at all.

As to why she did not reveal her identity, it was because…

“I had thought of telling you in the first place, but I don’t even know why I became like this. And also, in my current state, I can’t talk either… Eh? I can talk?”

On hindsight, Zhu Yao rubbed her face, she really was able to talk now. Earlier, she was still like a regular one year old, unable to say a complete sentence. Now, when she talked, there were completely no hindrance. Had she not grown too fast?

“Your cultivation has recovered.” Yu Yan calmly said. As a Foundation Paragon, naturally, talking should be of no problem.

Eh? Zhu Yao was startled. She tried sensing for a moment, and as he had said, there was spiritual energy flowing. She then circulated the spiritual energy, forming a bolt of lightning, with a bang. The white bolt of lightning, then struck directly… on Yu Yan’s head.

“Uh, my hand slipped!”

“Mischievous!” Yu Yan coldly glared at her, yet, his tone did not sound reproachful in the slightest. A bolt of lightning cast by a mere Foundation stage practitioner, obviously could not harm him. Actually, before that bolt of lightning made contact with his body, it had already been dispersed by his pressure.

“This disciple acknowledges her mistake!” Although it did not land on him, acknowledging her mistake was still something she had to do. This was a problem regarding one’s attitude. “Master, how did I suddenly recover my cultivation? Even though, back then, when I tried it out, it wasn’t there.”

Yu Yan sat at the side. “In fact, your cultivation has always been there. It’s just that because your body did not even possess a single strand of spiritual energy, hence, you were unable to cast mystic arts. Earlier, when you received that bolt of heavenly lightning, it coincidentally filled you up with the lightning spiritual energy you required. Now that you have spiritual energy, naturally, your cultivation will recover.”

In that case, she really had to thank that heavenly lightning bolt for striking her so suddenly. Zhu Yao felt a little strange. “Master, even though I changed my look, why is my cultivation still here?”

“This… I do not know either.” Yu Yan shook his head slowly. In fact, not just her cultivation, even the divine imprint that he had placed on her when he took her in as his disciple, was still on her body. Logically, be it cultivation or divine imprint, they would both disappear when one died, and it was impossible for it to be transferred along with one’s soul. Even if it was a body take-over, that person would still have to start cultivating from scratch. Just who had such ability to reincarnate her, and keep her cultivation as well? And what was that person’s intentions behind this?

“Before this matter is clearly investigated, you shall stay in the Jade Forest Peak. You’re not allowed to leave.”

“Ah! I have to be confined again.” Don’t, master. Just one confinement of yours lasted five years, your dear disciple can’t hold out that long.

“The matters regarding your body, are too unusual! And your cultivation raising speed is too quick, to prevent yourself from bringing in unnecessary trouble, staying here will be safest for you.”

Zhu Yao went silent. Currently, indeed, it would not be wise for her to appear before people in her current situation. A Foundation stage one-year-old, who would believe it? People might think she was in the possession of some heaven-bending mystical treasure. It was still best for her to keep to a low profile.

“Yu… Yao.” Yu Yan stretched out his hand to stroke her head, which had grown short strands of hair. “No matter if you still believe in me now, master will do all he can, to protect your well-being.” He would no longer allow her to disappear in front of him.

Zhu Yao raised her head. Seeing that there were no impurities in his eyes, which was still as gentle and calm as ever, she could feel the cautiousness in his words. Was it due to the guilt for not protecting her well back then? Even though it was clearly not his fault, he actually placed all the blame on himself, and sought her trust once more.

Momentarily, her eyes felt hotter, some warm liquid was about to flow out of her eyes.

Zhu Yao took in a big breath through her nose, and roared back loudly. “It’s Zhu Yao! My surname’s Zhu!”

Remember your own disciple’s name well, bastard!

“Let’s still call you Yu Wang then!”

“Your sister’s Desire!”

Although Yu Yan was determined to thoroughly investigate the matters that happened to his disciple’s body, sometimes, plans could never catch up to the changes, as another new situation had occurred on Zhu Yao.

She was woken up by some heat. On the Jade Forest Peak, it was spring throughout the year, yet, Zhu Yao woke up with her body covered in hot sweat. It was as though a fire was burning in her body, and the flames were unbearable. Ever since the showdown with her master last night, she finally returned to her own cottage to sleep. With her small hands and legs, even if she wanted to open the windows to disperse the heat now, she was unable to do it.

Zhu Yao pushed the blanket away. She thought of crawling down the bed and feel the breeze outside. But, she felt that burning heat earlier had disappeared, a mass of air had suddenly stagnated in her chest, and the blockage was causing her to feel uncomfortable. Hence, she could only circulate the spiritual energy inside her body, attempting to disperse that mass of air somewhere else.

However, she did not expect that it would actually work, as that mass of air, following the circulation of spiritual energy, was slowly moved to her leg. Before Zhu Yao could feel happy about it, creak, her leg which looked like a small lotus root earlier, suddenly grew by several times.

Zhu Yao strangely looked at her elephant leg. No, it should not be elephant leg, it looked more like the leg of an adult woman. It was slim and slender, and completely did not have the baby fat like earlier.

Just what is going on? Why did it suddenly grow big? And why was it only a single leg!? God, get out here, let us have a talk about life!

Zhu Yao carefully thought about where the problem came from. Could it be that mass of air earlier? She tried to slowly retrieve that mass of air, and then, that adult leg disappeared, restoring to its former little lotus root.

She then tried to guide the mass of air to her arm. As expected, creak, her arm instantly became the size of an adult’s, while the rest of her body was still that of a child’s.

Zhu Yao was a little excited, as she guided the mass of air to her head. Creak, she gained a huge head.

She then continued to test it out, constantly rotating the mass of air around the various parts of her body. Hence, a weird scene suddenly appeared in her room. The dumpling-like child on the bed, for a moment, turned into an infant with a huge head, an infant with a huge leg in the next moment, and an infant with a huge arm in the next.

And when a certain master, who came over to investigate after sensing an anomaly, saw his disciple who had already gotten addicted to it, silently turned around and returned. What am I going to do with my disciple’s ‘chicken’ IQ?

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