[Disciple] Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Activating Make-Up Story Mode

Along the way, she encountered quite a number of people, in twos and threes, as though they had dispersed from somewhere earlier. Their faces were all filled with excitement, as though something that excited them had happened, and they chattered while walking.

“That battle earlier was really fascinating.”

“Yeah, as expected of senior-martial uncle Xiao, the personal succeeding disciple of a Sovereign. The moment he attacked, the might he displayed was shocking.”

“I think that the opponent was too weak, he was basically unable to block senior-martial uncle’s attack.”

“But after all, his opponent’s cultivation was a level lower, it’s normal that he wasn’t able to go up against him.”

“But senior-martial uncle Xiao only used a single attack, and won with that one attack. And, I even heard that currently, senior-martial uncle has already comprehended his sword intent. He has just formed his Azoth Core, you know! But, I also heard from the rumours, senior-martial uncle was once an outer sect disciple.”

“So what if he’s from the outer sect? As time passes, senior-martial uncle might even chase up to that person at the Jade Forest Peak.”

“Haha! You’re right! Eh, look! It’s senior-martial uncle Xiao, he’s coming over here.”

Zhu Yao had already confirmed that the person they were discussing about was Xiao Yi, and could not help but turn her head as well and looked over.

But with just this single glance, her heart stopped, her eyes suddenly widened, and it’s as though she could hear her jaw falling onto the ground.

That person was Xiao Yi. He had the same face, had a similar figure, and even the mole on the side of his neck was exactly the same.

But why the hell was there a word on his face? And it was even black and bolded, the word was so eye-catching, it only lacked a box. The word was: BUG!

The hell, and it’s even in English! And why was there a huge yellow exclamation mark floating above his head? And it was even constantly flashing, trying to make its presence known. It was as though she was even able to hear the warning sounds “Dududu”.

No, no, no. It must definitely be because the method she used to open her eyes was incorrect!

After blinking her eyes countless of times with all her might, the word on his face, still did not have any signs of disappearing.

This could not be, it must definitely be an illusion. Zhu Yao grabbed a cloth from the hands of someone beside her, and casually rubbed that face.

“Eh, that’s my…” rag. The person beside her silently swallowed down his last word.

I rub, I rub, I rub-ber-dub-dub! However, that black and bolded word still appeared glaringly on the target’s face. Is there anyone that can give me an explanation for this?

The vicinity was instantly in a state of silence, however, the several female practitioners standing beside Xiao Yi, was staring angrily at Zhu Yao who suddenly appeared. Where did this vixen come out from?

If Zhu Yao were to look carefully, she would realize that among these female practitioners, were Ling Long and Su Zi that she knew of.

“Thank you very much, junior-martial sister!” Xiao Yi finally could no longer stand her skin-peeling action, and stopped her hands. “I’m not tired at all!”

Although he did not know who she was, she was still someone who came over to wipe off his sweat. After inspecting her for a moment, his eyes instantly shone. Although she did not look fully grown, and her face was cold, she still looked especially cute, and her cheeks which carried a bit of baby fat, was even tempting people to gobble her up. Suddenly, a ripple appeared in Xiao Yi’s heart, and he could not help but reveal a gentle smile. “I wonder how I should address this junior-martial sister?”

Zhu Yao was startled, as she stared at that a little exaggerated smile of his, even the word BUG on his face was changing a little. She almost could not stop herself from spitting soda water on his face.

As though she could hear a voice coming from beside her:

Player Xiao Yi used the skill “An Understanding Smile” on you. x 1

Damage received: Miss!

Zhu Yao instantly ignored him, instead, she slowly raised her head and looked towards the yellow exclamation mark which was even bigger than his head above him! If she could not remove the word, she wondered if she could pull down that exclamation mark?

Suddenly, her hands felt a little itchy!

“Junior-martial sister?” Seeing that she did not have any reaction, Xiao Yi patiently waited for once, and the smile on his face became even more gentle. “Don’t be afraid, I wonder which Peak are you a disciple of?”

Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. Was he… sending her electrical sparks?

Seeing more and more female practitioners sending her killing intent, she understood how friendly the smile Xiao Yi was giving her was. However, she really found it hard to develop good feelings for a face with the word “BUG” printed on it.

As a qualified technical staff, when she saw this word, her first thought was to “DEL” him, and re-program him, alright?

“Little bun?” Before she could say anything, suddenly, a person interrupted her.

Wang Xuzhi suddenly walked over without her noticing, and he was staring dumbfoundedly at her face. Suddenly, as though he had thought of something, he pulled her to his side, and looked defensively towards Xiao Yi at the side. “What are you planning to do now?”

“Martial-nephew Wang, you have misunderstood. I was simply giving my greetings to this junior-martial sister.”

Wang Xuzhi did not say anything, he simply took a step forward, tried harder to shield Zhu Yao behind him, and looked at the other party coldly. Xiao Yi could not think of anything momentarily, and simply turned around and left.

The surrounding people began to disperse in twos and threes as well. Before they left, they did not forget to point at Wang Xuzhi, as though they were very unhappy with her earlier disrespectful action.

And it looked as though Wang Xuzhi had gotten used to it, as completely did not mind them. He simply tightly pulled onto Zhu Yao behind him and moved away quickly, leaving Main Peak.

Zhu Yao was still immersed in the shock that he was able to recognize her in a single glance. When she regained her senses, she realized, she had already reached a very familiar-looking house. This was Wang Xuzhi’s residence, and she had come here before.

“Why are you out here?” The moment they entered the house, Wang Xuzhi’s expression sank, and inspected her a little anxiously. “And, how did you… become like this?”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. “Umm, if I were to say you have mistook me for someone else…”

“Impossible!” His expression instantly turned a little stern, as though he was unhappy about her dishonesty, and he reached out his hands to pinch her cheeks. “Even if little bun has grown up, you’re still a bun. Hurry and tell me what’s going on?”

Your sister’s a bun!

She slapped away his evil hands, saving her little cheeks. She hated this doll face.

“I looked like this in the first place!” Zhu Yao thought for a moment, and decided to not tell him the truth for now.

“Then back then, you were?” When he saw her two days ago, she was still an infant that was not even a year old, so just how did she turn into a fifteen to sixteen year old teenage girl today?

“In the past, I was struck with a very treacherous mystic art.” She activated her Make-Up Story Mode. “When people are struck with this mystic art, their age will become younger and younger, until they disappear. Fortunately, I encountered master, and he brought me back because he pitied me. Master told me that this was a mystic art that had been lost for a very long time, and he had only heard of it a long time ago. It’s only until recently, did master finally come up with a way to dispel it.”

“Really?” However, Wang Xuzhi was still a little skeptical, and stared at her suspiciously.

“Of course it’s true. Otherwise, even if I have way to become an adult, my personality would have still been that of a child’s. How else am I able to talk to you freely?” The more she made it up, the more logical it sounded. “To tell you the truth, my actual age is actually about the same as yours. It’s just that, the mystic art has yet to be completely dispelled, so I currently look like this.”

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