[Disciple] Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: The Protagonist’s Cheat is Tricking You

Under the guidance of a famous master, as though he had activated a hack, Xiao Yi’s cultivation climbed up quickly. Although in the middle of it, there were a few reckless people who came to look for trouble, they were all oppressed by his strength, and unintentionally, he gained the hearts of many girls. In the later stages of his life, he achieved even more impressive feats, such as fighting against heretic practitioners, killing devils, and conquering secret realms. Every single time, when he looked as though he was at a great disadvantage, he would always turn the tides, either by suddenly awakening some unique ability, and then, with a loud roar, eliminating the opposing party in the name of the moon, or, by having certain girls who could not live on without him, extend their helping hands in the nick of time. And because of these experiences, he gained even more opportunities.

In the end, he even unintentionally gathered all five sentient Spirits of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, and summoned Shenlong! Oh, that’s wrong. He successfully ascended! He even defeated those geniuses with mutated spirit veins, including the lightning spirit vein, in one fell swoop, becoming the first person in the cultivation world to ever ascend in just two thousand years. Those people who cultivated in the future, could only look up to his buttocks.

When Zhu Yao saw the late stages, she could not help but retort at this dream of hers. The Xiao Yi in this dream was still rather inspirational at the early stages, raising his cultivation and walking on the road to the summit of life. However, at the later stages, it completely changed, from working hard in his cultivation, it turned into him working hard in flirting with girls.

As long as the girl had a relationship with him, she would always end up falling under his robes.

Xiao Yi even began to go on harem mode. princess of the demon world, queen of the mortal realm, martial sisters of the same sect, the wild flowers along the road, anyway, as long as the girls caught sight of him, they would obtain some form of sickness as though “they had not seen a man for thousands of years”, and would cling onto him even if they had to die. Furthermore, they were even able to get along harmoniously with each other, every single of them would feel extremely uncomfortable if they did not love him. And, his definition towards love was, if you love me, give me n-some play¹. The hell, this was simply a miracle. Among them, even that Demigod Sovereign master of his was included.

When Zhu Yao watched this, she felt like calling this a “brain-dead film”.

In the end, obviously, Xiao Yi formed a gigantic harem. And, when this Xiao Yi was a late stage Demigod, he especially stayed in the cultivation world for a thousand years, all for the sake of waiting for a few dozen of his most favoured girlies, to ascend together.

As for the things that happened after his ascension, Zhu Yao were unable to see them. She thought the dreamscape would end here, however, the scenery in front of her changed, from viewing the rays of light due to the countless ascensions, her vision returned to the cultivation world.

After the legendary Xiao Yi ascended, the cultivation world did not welcome an era of calm. During his ascension, the five cheat-like divine Spirits, followed him to the Higher Realm as well. With the cultivation world’s loss of the five spirits’ administration, the spiritual energy in the world continued to disappear, and they could not be gathered.

The ones that had the most obvious impact were all the spiritual plants. Without the administration of the Wood Spirit, the spiritual spirits were unable to receive wood spiritual energy, and began to wilt. In less than a hundred years, even the materials for the most common Heart-Raising Pill could no longer be found in the cultivation world. And for the practitioners, because they were no longer able to take in spiritual energy into their bodies, forget about ascension, their cultivation could no longer be raised.

Yet, the human realm was the most unfortunate. Due to the loss of the five Spirits, water could no longer moisturize anything, even regular plants were affected, wilting to death. Fire could no longer counter bacteria, the mortals were infected with strange diseases, and a large number of them died. The earth no longer had life, the soil was no longer able to grow crops. Food were unnecessary to practitioners, however, without food, it was a fatal blow to mortals. Hence, famine was widespread, and the world was littered with corpses.

In just a short span of a few thousand years, not even a single living being could be seen in the entire world, and the world came to an end.

When Zhu Yao saw the figures falling over one after another, and the barren land where one could not even see a single life with a gaze from high above, a heavy sense of sorrow, suddenly pressed onto her, and she could not breathe. That did not come from her own emotions, yet, the heaviness that could stop one from breathing, was as though it was the final scream of this collapsing world.

She felt more and more uncomfortable, and then, when the scenery in front of her suddenly flashed, that feeling instantly disappeared again. She realized she was sitting in her own house.

It was not that natural cottage on Jade Forest Peak, rather, it was the small seventy-odd square meters apartment she worked hard for a few years to purchase.

She had returned to the modern era!

Zhu Yao looked blankly at all that was familiar in front of her. This was her home. Her room. In front of her was exactly her own computer. And even the cup, which was only printed with a ‘y’, beside her computer, was exactly the same. She was a little unable to react for a moment.

The QQ-chat on her computer screen suddenly flashed and vibrated, it was a message that came from her colleague Xiao Fang.

Xiao Fang: Boss, the bug you mentioned the other time, have already been settled. You’re sure godly! How were you able to identify it? No matter was it during the closed beta or the alpha, not a single person had realized it!

Zhu Yao startled for a moment, and then, she suddenly recalled. Was this not what her colleague had said before she transmigrated into the other world? Back then, she seemed to have been discussing about the newly found bug in the new net-game developed by her company. That was a considerably fatal technical bug, and it was very possible that, due to the imbalanced design, it might cause the entire game system to be in a state of imbalance. If such a game were to really be released, it could bring about a huge loss to the company, and the game would obviously be shut down as well.

However, she was not the one who found this problem. It was her old friend, a player, who had found it.

She moved her mouse to find that particular player’s QQ account – Realmspirit.

Zhu Yao was in a daze for a moment, yet, she realized that her hands were no longer under her control, and began to type something to him. And, it was even the same exact words she said to him before she crossed into the other world.

Technical Department Zhu Yao: Thank you, the bug informed us of have already been fixed. You helped me once again.

Realmspirit: No problem. I only pointed out where the problem was. The actual person who thought of the solution and moved to fix it was you.

Technical Department Zhu Yao: Haha, I still have to thank you. After all, I have poured my sweat and blood onto this game. This game was created with my own hands, and if it collapses because of this, I will feel very depressed.

Realmspirit: Are you very concerned about this world?

Technical Department Zhu Yao: Of course. It’s my blood and sweat after all?

Realmspirit: I have a world as well, and it has encountered some problems.

Technical Department Zhu Yao: Oh? What game is it? Can I help you?

Realmspirit: You’re willing to help me?

Technical Department Zhu Yao: Of course, we should help each other in times of need. I’m still a technical staff, after all. Fixing a bug or two is completely not a problem at all!

Realmspirit: Alright!

Technical Department Zhu Yao: Oh right, what kind of game is it? What kind of problem occurred?

Realmspirit: My problem is…

Before Zhu Yao could see clearly what the problem was, a strong ray of white light pierced her, and Zhu Yao suddenly woke up.

She looked at her surroundings a little blankly.

This place was, Jade Forest Peak. She was still in the cultivation world.

Realmspirit was someone she knew ever since she entered the gaming career five years ago. In the beginning, she simply made a few web browser games, and Realmspirit was her first player. He would frequently give pertinent opinions on her games, and he would always hit right on mark. Hence, she would make changes based on his opinions.

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