[Disciple] Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: The So-Called Invincibility Mode

After a long time, the two became friends. When she entered a gaming company and became in-charge of the technical support for a large-scale net game, he followed after her and entered the game she was in-charge of as well, and would always inform her instantly the existences of the bugs in her game while she was in-charge of undergoing fixes. She had always thought that he was a certain huge figure who was related to game designs or a professional gamer, and hence the proficiency he demonstrated.

However, the two of them had always contacted each other through the web, and had never seen each other face to face before. Now that she recalled it, she was filled with even more questions. For example, she had once urged him to join the company and work with her in technical support. However, he actually rejected the invitation, and the reason he gave was, he was unable to.

It was not that he did not think of it, nor was he unwilling, he was simply unable to do it.

And the timing she transmigrated into the other world, seemed to be the moment after she agreed to help him fix bugs, and then, she had already found herself in that small village. She could not help but suspect if he was a certain supreme individual in this world, who had pulled her into this world to fix a bug.

And the things that were happening on Xiao Yi, they were clearly telling her, that he was that bug! She pondered deeply for a moment. Although that dream was outrageous, the scenarios that happened at the front, was indeed the same exact things that had happened on Xiao Yi. If her guess was correct, currently, he was not merely at the early stages of Azoth Core, rather, he should be a late stage Azoth Core practitioner, and was soon to be a Paragon.

She was just a Foundation stage practitioner, how was she going to fight out with him? Zhu Yao felt completely terrible. What could be more depressing than finding out you had turned into an antagonist after transmigrating into another world?

Eh, wait a minute! In that dream of hers, she seemed to have not seen herself at all? As though she did not exist at all in the first place. Even her master and Wang Xuzhi were not present.

However, she clearly existed and had even made contact with Xiao Yi. Then, could she believe that her appearance was actually just an accident? After pondering for a moment, if she had not existed, Doctor Wang would not have sent Wang Xuzhi to the Deity’s Disciple Selection, and naturally, he would not have gone to Ancient Hill Sect. And because her master was unable to take in a disciple possessing lightning spirit vein no matter what, he had no choice but to ascend, and hence naturally, he would not appear in the cultivation world. Because of the butterfly effect caused by her appearance, these changes occurred.

When she thought of this, she felt she was really…

Incredible, my ass! In the end, Xiao Yi still obtained the “Metal Spirit”. Zhu Yao instantly felt her head aching.

If Xiao Yi was a bug, then what was she? A game master? Haah! She was just a game development staff, it’s fine if she had to fix regular bugs in a game, but how the hell could she fix the bug in this world!? And, even if she was a game master, at the very least, there be some game privileges right? For example, Invincibility or something similar.

She suddenly recalled that strange reincarnation, where she saw the notification of returning to the reincarnation point after her death. She couldn’t be able to resurrect infinitely, right!? But what’s the point of such a privilege? I can’t beat him, so I just have to let him watch me die?

The hell, I don’t want such an Invincibility Mode at all! Haah!

Zhu Yao who realized the truth, was depressed for three entire days. She silently pondered about her fate of having to go against the protagonist who had activated his cheat, and picked herself up after three days. She had always been a good and optimistic woman, believing that there could never be an unsurpassable threshold in life. As the saying goes, ‘as long as you swing your pickaxe well, there’s never a wall that you cannot dig.’

So what if he was the protagonist? She was, after all, a game master who had activated her Invincibility Mode (though she did not want it).

Summing it up, Xiao Yi’s biggest golden spoons, were the five types of “Spirits”, and with the disappearance of these five Spirits, it caused the world to collapse. Currently, Xiao Yi already possessed the “Metal Spirit” in his hands, then, he must definitely not possess the remaining four.

“Master, in ten years, it’s the period of time where the ‘Tasyoluk’ Secret Realm is opened, isn’t it?”

Yu Yan looked at her a little strangely. “The Tasyoluk Secret Realm opens once every five hundred years, that time is indeed approaching.” This disciple of his had always been unconcerned with foreign matters, how did she know about this?

Of course she would know. Because, Xiao Yi obtained the “Wood Spirit” in this Secret Realm. Although it was unknown if it was due to his spirit veins, what Xiao Yi first found, was the “Metal Spirit” and “Wood Spirit” which corresponded with his own spirit veins. And it was because of this, he successfully formed his Nascent Soul.

“Master, I wish to go to that secret realm as well.”

Yu Yan frowned. Tasyoluk was a mustard seed dimensional space that was left by a supreme individual from the ancient times. It would open once every five hundred years, and although there were countless spiritual grass, spiritual medicine, and various mysterious treasures, danger was widespread as well, and there were even tenth rank spiritual beasts.

“No. That place is too dangerous, and, you have yet to form your Azoth Core.” Only practitioners who had the cultivation level at the Azoth Core stage were able to enter. Practitioners who were below, or above the Azoth Core stage would be automatically expelled out by the formation at the entrance.

“I will form my Azoth Core within ten years!” Zhu Yao was very confident in her comprehension ability.

Yu Yan frowned even deeper. “Even if you form your Azoth Core, you will only have the cultivation of an early stage Azoth practitioner. Although there are many opportunities in Tasyoluk, this can only be discussed when you have the ability to defend yourself.”

He had once entered that Secret Realm as well. Back then, he was an Azoth Paragon, and even with that level of cultivation, he still found it very strenuous inside. Even it was simply the outer sector, many sixth and seventh rank spiritual beasts were gathered there, and the further one proceeded towards the core area, the more dangerous it was. There had never been anyone to reach the core. At least, she had to be an Azoth Paragon before trying it out. “When the next time it opens, master will not stop you!”

“Master, I must go.” Next time, there will no longer be a next time. Because, she clearly knew that, after Xiao Yi brings out the Wood Spirit, the entire secret realm will collapse, and there will no longer be a “Tasyoluk”.

“I have my own reasons, however, it’s still too inconvenient to tell this to anyone right now. Master, please grant my request.”

Yu Yan went silent for a moment. His stupid disciple rarely requested something from him this seriously. He recalled the last time she begged him, was to give Zi Mo’s stinky brat a defensive mystic artifact. He did not allow it, and in the end, she never returned. He suddenly felt a little worried. Would she not return again if he were to deny her request this time?

Zhu Yao silently waited, yet, her heart was determined. No matter if he allowed her or not, she would still go. At most, she could sneak into the place.

After a while, Yu Yan stood up, and seemed to be taking something out from his storage ring. A moment later, his hand was grabbing onto a purple lightning that was still flashing and making thundering noises. Just how the hell did he keep something like this?

Zhu Yao looked at him dumbfoundedly. Master, what are you doing? Even if he was angry, he should not hold onto a lightning bolt and strike her with it, right?

“Follow me!” Yu Yan signalled her to catch up to him, and with a turn of his body, he headed towards the direction of the cold lake at the mountain peak.

Standing next to the cold lake, Yu Yan waved his hand and cast a water separating Mystic Art. The lake which was still emitting out a heavily cold chill, suddenly, as though it had been sliced, opened up into two halves. And, the lake which lacked the body of water, was completely dark, as the bottom of the lake was too deep to be seen.

However, Yu Yan did not stop, and directly walked down the passageway opened up by the separated waters.

Only then did Zhu Yao realized that there were layers of stairs next to the lake, which stretched all the way downwards to the bottom of the lake, and master was currently walking down those stairs. Zhu Yao did not hesitate, and hurriedly followed after him.

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