[Disciple] Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The Round Azoth Core

Returning to the stone room, Zhu Yao worked even harder in her cultivation, and she constantly took in the spiritual energy from the purple bolts of lightning above, while those purple bolts of lightning began to slowly disappear as well. When two bolts of lightning completely dispersed, Zhu Yao finally felt that familiar pain.

However, forming her Azoth Core was different compared to that of building her Foundation. Foundation only required to break through the limitations of the tendons in one’s body, and it could be made possible simply by expanding one’s amount of spiritual energy absorbed. However, Azoth required the spiritual energy to be compressed and stored. This process required one to be extremely careful, just a slight mistake could cause one’s Dantian to shatter, and the breakthrough would fail.

Zhu Yao looked internally for a moment, she realized that the lightning spiritual energy had already been completely filled, and they began to rush out in all directions. If this was to keep up, it would definitely tear apart her meridians. She had no choice but to endure the terrible pain, and according to the method taught by her master, she slowly guided the spiritual energy into her cinnabar, and then, compressed the lightning spiritual energy together.

It sounded simple, however, in actual fact, controlling it was extremely difficult. She was not a compressor after all, and, spiritual energy never had a physical body in the first place, so how could it decrease in size whenever she wanted it to?

No matter how she guided the spiritual energy with her will, when the spiritual energy at one side was suppressed, the other side would bulge up, it was very hard to control. Unless there was a sort of energy that could prevent the spiritual energy from flowing everywhere, and have them gather at one point.

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment, and she did not know why, but she suddenly thought of centrifugal forces. If a substance were to continuously revolve in the same direction, it would then gather at one point. Similar to stirring water in a cup in the same direction, it would form a swirl with a point as it’s center. If she were to suppress the spiritual energy while it was spiralling with a point at the center, it could roll into a ball, like that of a dust ball?

Thinking of this method, she immediately circulated the spiritual energy in her cinnabar, and she constantly moved it in a spiralling method in a specific direction at high speed. As expected, at the center of the spiral, the pressure slowly suppressed the spiritual energy into a dot. That dot was extremely small, yet, as the amount of spiritual energy entering it increased, the dot slowly began to expand, from a dot, it became the size of a bean. However, the spiritual energy in her body had already been depleted.

She could not help but continue to rapidly absorb spiritual energy, a huge amount of spiritual energy entered her body, yet, it was instantly absorbed into the revolving spiral in her cinnabar, and the bean became bigger and bigger. And the remaining five bolts of lightning in the stone room were beginning to disappear at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

When Yu Yan came in, he just happened to see the final bolt of lightning disappear. He quickly took out another three bolts, and threw it upwards, narrowly preventing the violent turbulence of spiritual energy from happening once again. He turned to look at his disciple in the middle of the room. It was as though she was surrounded by a huge amount of lightning spiritual energy particles, and those lightning spiritual energy particles seemed to have received a command, circling around her in a certain direction.

Although he knew that his disciple had extremely high affinity with lightning spiritual energy, this was still the first time he had ever seen such obedient lightning spiritual energy particles. It was as though they were revolving completely according to her intentions.

Not knowing how long had passed, only when Zhu Yao felt that bean in her body had slowly grew into the size of a pearl, and could no longer circulate anymore spiritual energy, did she finally stop.

The Azoth Core had been formed.

Only then did Zhu Yao finally heave a sigh of relief. Opening her eyes, she just happened to see Yu Yan who had a stern expression, sitting right in front of her.

“Master? Are you here to help me protect the formation?”

“Mn!” Yu Yan made a response. Reaching out his finger, he tapped on the center of her forehead. “Relax, let me see your Dantian.”

A cooling air directly rushed into her cinnabar, out of reflex, Zhu Yao had wanted to stop it, however, when she heard his words, she relaxed once again.

Yu Yan inspected her cinnabar, and as expected, he saw a round silver coloured core floating there. It was filled with spiritual energy, and there were hints of lightning sparks circling its vicinity. When he took a closer look, there were even lines of purple markings.

Yu Yan felt even more strange. In usual Azoth Cores, rarely would there be such a round sphere with completely no edges. It had to be known that suppressing spiritual energy was something that was strenuous on the mind, energy consuming, and time consuming. It was impossible to achieve without even a slight slip up. Hence, the shapes of everyone’s Azoth Cores would be different, but generally speaking, there would all be dents and edges in them.

This Azoth Cores his disciple had… there’s none on it at all!

Yu Yan retracted his hand, and looked at Zhu Yao for a moment. He was beginning to understand this disciple of his less and less.

“Master, master. How is it, how is it?” Although she had formed her Azoth Core, she herself still did not have any notion of it.

Yu Yan was silent for a moment, before nodding his head. “Not bad! Your Azoth Core is much more condensed than regular people.”

Hearing such a praise from him, Zhu Yao completely entered her show-off mode. “Hahahaha, I knew that I’m incredible. Master, you saw that I have formed my Azoth Core, is there any reward for me?”

Zhu Yao stretched out her hand, and revealed a expression that was begging for praise and rewards.

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. Looking at her eyes which were about to emit out stars, he casually nodded. He should indeed reward her for forming her Azoth Core, and casually took out a bottle and placed it on her hand.

Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly shone brighter, and immediately opened the cap of the bottle and looked inside. Her earlier excited expression, instantly completely darkened.

The hell, why are they candies!?

Raising her head, she looked towards a certain master who had a calm expression. What to do? She felt like destroying her master.

“Master…” Zhu Yao planned on chatting with her master about the problem regarding his education methods, yet, when she stood up, she suddenly stepped on something, and putong, she fell onto the ground.

She looked at her body strangely, and then, she suddenly realized the sleeves of her clothes and pants had grown larger.

Hell! Why did I turn back into a child!?

Because forming the Azoth Core had used up all of Zhu Yao’s spiritual energy in her body, she returned back into the figure she was supposed to have, the figure of a seven year old. That’s right, she spent seven years before she finally formed her Azoth Core.

Master said that she had only just formed her Core, when her realm had stabilized, the situation of her turning into a child like this would no longer happen.

After forming her Azoth Core, there would be a huge lightning tribulation, she only had to step outside of the stone room to sense it, and the lightning tribulation would then fall. But, in her current situation, it would be very dangerous for her to leave, hence, the best plan was to first charge up her batter- no wait, restore her spiritual power before leaving the stone room. There was an isolation formation set up here, so temporarily, she would not be found by the lightning tribulation.

Hence, she had no choice but to continue meditating, and take in spiritual energy. She raised her head and glanced at the last bolt of purple lightning which had already thinned by a large amount at the ceiling. A little jokingly, Zhu Yao said this. “Don’t be anxious, I will eat you later.”

The moment those words fell, that bolt of lightning which had been quietly emitting out light, suddenly trembled coquettishly, releasing out even louder crackling noises. It looked so excited, it was as though it had taken in stimulants.

Zhu Yao was a little speechless. Never did she know that these bolts of lightning actually had masochistic characteristics, and would be so excited after hearing that they would be eaten.

That bolt of lightning trembled even more happily, Zhu Yao decided to increase her pace, and hurriedly ate it.

After spending another half a day worth of effort, Zhu Yao’s spiritual power was finally restored, and her body was filled with energy as well… No, she had returned to her teenage girl figure, however, she had yet to completely absorb that bolt of lightning.

“I’m going!” Zhu Yao waved her hand, and left the stone room.

That bolt of lightning, stretched into a bent shape, and shook towards her as well, as though it was waving her goodbye.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Could it be that bolts of lightning could turn into spirits as well?

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