[Disciple] Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Cultivation Requires Entrance Examinations

When she came out, Yu Yan was already waiting for her.

He had set up a couple of formations on the empty space next to the lake, which could help her defend against the lightning tribulation. Under Yu Yan’s instructions, Zhu Yao sat at the core of the formation. All preparations were ready, now, she only had to wait for the heavenly lightning bolts to fall.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, looked at the wide sky, and then…

The sun went down.

The hell, where’s the promised lightning tribulation!?

Zhu Yao who had waited for an entire day, turned around, seeking assistance. “Master…” Why were there not any bolts of tribulation lightning? She clearly had formed her Azoth Core! When it was time to strike, it did not come, when it was not supposed to strike, it deliberately struck her! There’s definitely a problem with this world!

Yu Yan did not know what was going on either. Logically speaking, his disciple was indeed at the Azoth Core stage, and with the shape of her Azoth Core, the might of her lightning tribulation should not be weak either, hence, he made such preparations. However, it had been an entire day, yet, there was not even a single movement in the sky.

“Return for now!” He had no other ideas either. There were too many strange things happening on his disciple, he had already gotten used to it.

Zhu Yao nodded, and crawled up. Though, to practitioners, not being struck by lightning was a good thing, because, they would have one less tribulation to go through. However, why did she feel a strange dissatisfaction for being tricked?

“Wait a minute!” Yu Yan suddenly reached out his hand to stop her, and with a stern expression, he looked towards the sky. “There’s the presence of tribulation clouds.”

Zhu Yao immediately raised her head anxiously and looked towards the sky as well. Currently, it was already evening, and the sky was already half-darkened, yet, there was still a slight glow of light. After staring for a moment, suddenly, she saw a tribulation cloud floating over.


Why the momma’s egg was it so small?

Zhu Yao stared dumbfoundedly at the tribulation cloud that had the size of a basin. It looked as though it had rushed here hastily, as it floated very comically. It was floating towards her while leaking out air…

It was just like a car’s exhaust puffing out exhaust gas. Every single puff, the cloud would shrink a little, and when it arrived above her head, it had already shrunk into the size of a bowl.

The key point was, the cloud had little sense of direction as well, as it accidentally floated past her head. And after pausing for a moment, it floated back towards her head.

The tribulation cloud finally stopped moving above her head, and then, as though it was brewing something, it stopped for probably a few moments, before the sounds of crackling could be heard. Within the clouds, a thin thread-like bolt of lightning was released, and it came striking down towards her.

And then…

It stopped!

The tribulation lightning bolt stopped. It stopped at a place two steps away from her. It shook about frustratingly, and then, it nestled against her face. Bachi!

Zhu Yao: “……”

Yu Yan: “……”

Bachi! Bachi bachi, your sister! Don’t you dare tell me you’re a tribulation lightning bolt!

Unfortunately, that bolt of lightning had already disappeared, and then… the tribulation cloud floated away!

The cloud floated away… floated away… away!

Momma’s egg! Just what the hell happened? Are you guys sent by the heavens to act all cutesy?

The master and disciple duo was stunned for a period of a few minutes before they finally reacted.

“Yu Wang?”






After a while, Yu Yan silently kept the formations on the ground. Stroking the head of his disciple who had already been completely shocked silly, he suddenly understood a little why his disciple was stupid to this extent, it was actually caused by her environment.

“First, return and have some rest. I will teach you mystic arts tomorrow!”


A moment later…

“Your sister’s Desire!”

Zhu Yao was shocked. She was deeply shocked. Recalling Xiao Yi who had activated his protagonist’s cheat, during the lightning tribulation he experienced, the entire Ancient Hill Sect was covered by tribulation clouds. That atmosphere and that extravagance, especially that gigantic dragon, that emitted out an imposing aura with the first half of its body, and brought about strong winds with the latter half of its body, just by recalling it, she could feel the domineering pressure leaking out!

Even if she did not bring up the protagonist’s cheat, even Wang Xuzhi, that little wimp’s lightning tribulation, at the least, even covered the entire Sword Peak, and actual bolts of tribulation lightning rang throughout the clouds.

Why did hers, turn into a basin…

She felt extremely saddened due to the basin tribulation.

However, time still had to pass. Her master had already agreed to her entering the Tasyoluk Secret Realm. Although she did not know the reason for his compromise, to her, it was still a good thing.

She had to find the Wood Spirit before Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi had the metal and wood duo spirit veins, and he who had already obtained the Metal Spirit, his cultivation had already risen so quickly, let alone adding another Wood Spirit. She believed that, by then, there would be no other humans capable of stopping him from raising his cultivation.

So, she must definitely not let him obtain the Wood Spirit.

However, with her cultivation, she was unable to go into a direct conflict with him. Hence, unprecedentedly, Zhu Yao began to work hard in her cultivation. She seemed to have pulled out the momentum she had during her studies for her entrance examinations in the past, and continued to cultivate throughout the day and night. And, she realized that there were many mystic arts in this world which were similar to those in games. As a game development staff, she was able to accept the principles very easily.

However, even if that’s the case, she still spent three entire years to completely master them.


Zhu Yao was struck down by a certain master, for the three thousand, five hundred and sixty ninth time. Spitting out the weeds that had entered her mouth, Zhu Yao stood up. Swinging the long sword in her hands, she said. “Again!”

Flying, she pounced towards him. She had always believed the best method to improve her techniques, was actual battles. Hence, in these three years, what she had done the most, was to get beaten up.

Uh… No, wait a minute, it’s getting master to spar with her.

However, the level differences between her and Yu Yan was not just by a small margin. Even if she were to compete with him in pure sword techniques, basically, she could not escape the fate of sticking to the ground.

Even after three years of hard work, she was still unable to take more than a single blow from her master.

She had already grown accustomed to it…

Another resounding bang!

The three thousand, five hundred and seventieth time!


Zhu Yao continued to pounce towards him. This time, Yu Yan did not retaliate, he simply waved his hand, and his disciple’s longsword had automatically flown into his hands.

“There’s no need to train any longer today!”

“Ah?” Before, had they not always trained till dusk? Zhu Yao was a little stunned. Master is treating me too well, I simply can’t believe it.

Yu Yan approached her, reached out his hand and stroked her head. However, his brows furrowed. “Do you still insist on going to Tasyoluk?”

Zhu Yao nodded. “I have to go!” She did not dare to casually say she was going to save the world or anything. However, since she had already arrived in this world, if it’s something she could do, she would give her best to do so.

Yu Yan lightly sighed, and was even more worried. Why couldn’t his disciple be a little more stupid? “Tomorrow is the day when the secret realm opens. You have to make your preparations early.”

“Thank you, master!” So this was why he stopped the training.

“Follow me!” Yu Yan turned and walked towards the cottage.

Zhu Yao hurriedly caught up to him. She saw him place her sword on the table, and even took out the tassel from his own sword. After pondering for a moment, he took out another bell which was as white as jade, and weaved them together. Then, he tied it onto her sword, before passing it to her.

“Try inserting your spiritual power.”

Zhu Yao skeptically picked it up, and circulated her spiritual power. She then saw the blade of her sword suddenly being covered by the purple light of lightning, and it was now a sword with lightning imbued in it.

“This sword tassel carries my imprint, and could be used to block an attack of full power by practitioners at the Nascent Soul stage and below. And I have sealed a bolt of Nine Heavenly Lightning in that bell, and as long as you insert your spiritual power, it will be attached onto the blade. Every swing of your sword, will be equal to using a single lightning type art.”

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