[Disciple] Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: What Grass is That?

Following her line of sight, he curiously looked over. He instantly understood, and explained to her. “Currently, little fatty Zhao is Artifact-Refining Peak’s chamber disciple. His talent is pretty good, but he’s too overly anxious and frequently uses medicinal pellets to raise his cultivation. Although he barely managed to form his Azoth Core, his realm is still unstable. I really wonder why Reverend Zi Yuan gave him permission to come to the secret realm.”

“Then what about that one over there?” Zhu Yao pointed to that girly called Lu Cha a little curiously.

“That’s Lu Cha, a chamber disciple of Medicine Peak, with the fire and earth duo spirit veins. She had formed her Azoth Core long before little fatty Zhao.” Wang Xuzhi’s tone contained a certain amount of praise. “I heard that Medicine Peak Lord has the intention to betroth her to little fatty Zhao, and have them form a practitioner-pairing companionship. However, it had yet to be officially announced, and from the current looks of it…”

Wang Xuzhi did not say any further, however, Zhu Yao had already understood. So there was actually such a thing going on, it’s no wonder little fatty Zhao stuck to her that much. In the sect, the number of people forming practitioner-pairing companionships were not in the minority, and even the Sect Master had a practitioner-pairing companion as well, however, it was rumoured that she had been in isolation training to nourish her Nascent Soul, and Zhu Yao simply had not gotten the chance to see her.

Their group consisted of ten people, including her, there were five other female practitioners. The one leading the group was actually a disciple from Medicine Peak, and his name was Chen Yi, an Azoth Paragon. He counted the number of people, made sure that there were no mistakes, before leading them into the forest. “Let’s go!”

Zhu Yao pulled onto Wang Xuzhi and followed after them, occasionally, she would pay attention to Xiao Yi in front. Because, in the dream, he found the “Wood Spirit” by himself, in other words, the time for the Wood Spirit to appear, was when he was all alone. She had to put him on a close watch.

Xiao Yi seemed to have realized her gaze, as he turned his head over and gave her what he thought was an elegant smile. Zhu Yao instantly choked, and almost puke.

It was certainly not because Xiao Yi was ugly, rather, as long as he made an expression, the BUG word on his face would distort accordingly. And, as a technical staff, when she saw this word, her first reaction was to definitely think of patching up his face!

However, because of that one smile of his, Zhu Yao instantly felt killing intent, and it was even coming from the few female practitioners beside him, as their eyes were as though they could not wait to swallow her up alive. Hey, hey, hey, can you girls please not misunderstand? I’m really not interested in your **.

“There should be many ‘Fresh Green Herb’ nearby, everyone, split up and gather a few of them. We will gather back here in two hours.” Chen Yi took out a piece of map and examined it for a moment, before telling the other nine people. Nobody had any objections, and dispersed in all four directions.

Zhu Yao curiously asked. “There’s a map for the secret realm as well?”

“That’s a map drawn by our seniors who have entered Tasyoluk in the past.” Wang Xuzhi explained. “Every sect has them, and every Azoth Paragon disciple, before entering the secret realm, could receive one from the Sect Master.” This was also why an Azoth Paragon disciple must be the one leading the group.

“However, there’s only the map for the outer area of the Secret Realm. The core of the Secret Realm has many demonic beasts, and it’s very rare for practitioners to come out of there alive.”

I see. In that case, she temporarily did not have to worry that Xiao Yi would find that ancient ruin first. After all, every sect had copies of this map, and if there’s a ruin, it would have already been found long ago.

“Let us head there and take a look.” Wang Xuzhi pointed to an empty spot in the east. Fresh Green Herb was an ingredient for refining pellets, and could be used for making Stopcolour Pellets. These herbs could be found outside, yet, they were not really usually seen, hence, the price of each was not a small amount. However, it was different in the Secret Realm. The medicinal herbs here seemed to flourish extremely well, and they had already found three stalks after walking for just two hours.

Zhu Yao did not really have knowledge on pellet refinements, her master did not allow her to eat medicinal pellets casually either. Hence, she was completely ignorant when it came to things related to medicinal herbs. If Wang Xuzhi had not said that small stalk of grass were Fresh Green Herb, she would have almost stepped onto it.

Wang Xuzhi carefully dug out that small stalk of fresh and tender grass, and then, placed it into a special container. He explained to her, all spiritual grass possessed spiritual energy, if they were not placed into unique containers, even if they were brought out, they would become useless due to the loss of spiritual energy.

Zhu Yao felt a little bored from his explanations. In the modern era, she was someone who could even cause a cactus which was under her care to die. She really did not have any love towards plants. Looking all around for a moment, she still could not differentiate those green grass. However, she was still a studious child, and would ask things that she did not know.

“What’s that stalk of grass?”

“That’s Purple Moss, it can be used to refine Blood-Growing Pellets.”

“What’s that stalk of grass?”

“That’s Flowind, a common herb. It can be used to stop the bleeding of meridians.”

“What about that stalk of grass?”

“That’s Bishe, it contains a deadly poison.”

“Then what about that grass over there?”

“That’s… really just grass.”

Wang Xuzhi felt his head aching a little from the questions. Were these not basic knowledge learnt when one just entered the sect? Why was she unable to even recognize medicinal grass? Was grand ancestral-martial uncle teaching his disciple seriously? “Little Bun, can you be quiet for a moment, that stalk you’re pulling right now is the Fresh Green Herb.”

“Ou!” Zhu Yao silently retracted her claws of ignorance, and suddenly, her eyes shone. “Hey, Xuzhi, I have a final question?”

“What is it?” Wang Xuzhi speechlessly turned his head over.

Zhu Yao weakly pointed to the front. “That patch of grass, why is it glowing?”

Wang Xuzhi turned to look, and his eyes instantly widened. He saw, on a spot not far away in front of him, there was a large patch of small grass glowing with silver light. Their leaves were half-translucent, and they looked crystal clear. Looking from afar, it was as though the ground was covered with a layer of glass floor.

The two of them walked towards it, Wang Xuzhi carefully scrutinized it for a moment, before he agitatedly said. “These… These are See-Through Leaf Grass, and there’s such a large patch of them…”

See-Through Leaf Grass were necessary ingredients in refining Foundation Pellets. Foundation Pellets were very rare medicinal pellets, and even in Ancient Hill Sect, not all Essence Paragons were able to obtain Foundation Pellets, and only very few unique difficult quests would have them as rewards. Although he was already an Azoth Core practitioner and no longer needed it, with such a big patch of See-Through Leaf Grass, to the Ancient Hill Sect, it meant that a large number of Essence disciples could break through into Foundation.

“See-through Leaf Grass?” This name sounded familiar, and she seemed to have heard it from somewhere before. “What’s the use of this herb?”

“This is an ingredient used to refine Foundation Pellets.” Wang Xushi, a little excitedly, took out the container, and was planning to gather them.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao instantly grabbed onto his hand. “What you’re talking about is the See-Through Leaf Grass that’s accompanied by the Heavenpulse Lotus?”

Wang Xuzhi was startled, and after pondering for a moment, he nodded. “Indeed, I have heard that the See-Through Leaf Grass accompanies the Heavenpulse Lotus, but I have not heard of anyone finding the Heavenpulse Lotus beside the See-Through Leaf Grass.”

Zhu Yao finally recalled where she heard the term See-Through Leaf Grass from. It was Medicine Peak Lord Hong Chou who incidentally said it, and as she was the Medicine Peak Lord, she was obviously very familiar with medicinal herbs.

Back then, her body was still not of a one-year old infant, so her spirit veins could not be determined yet. That lolicon advanced stage patient, had once joked about it before. Even if she had the trash penta spirit veins, Hong Chou could still find a Heavenpulse Lotus that could wash off her veins, and help her clean out a nice spirit vein, at the same time, she could receive the See-Through Leaf Grass that accompanied it, allowing her to make contributions to the sect.

If translated into human words: Gather a stalk of Heavenpulse Lotus, and you would receive a bunch of See-Through Leaf Grass as freebies.

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