[Disciple] Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Pig-like Party Member Strikes Again

“We… We… We can’t defeat it!” In the group, there were already people with the intentions to retreat. Two female practitioners had already summoned their flying swords, turned and planned to flee.

“Don’t move!” Chen Yi planned on stopping them, however, in the end, he did not make it in time. The demonic beast leapt, and instantly, it disappeared once again. A moment later, it appeared right at the front of the two fleeing female practitioners, and spew out a ball of flames from its mouth.

The two practitioners did not even have the time to scream, and had already turned into ashes.

It seemed like this mother beast was truly enraged, and would not forgive any single person here. Zhu Yao tightened the fists next to her body, and tried her best to suppress the fear in her heart. Using the opening after the demonic beast shot out the flames, she cast out a wood mystic art, summoning countless vines, restricting the demonic beast’s four limbs. The demonic beast was caught unaware for a moment, and fell onto the ground.

“Now!” Zhu Yao loudly said. “Do not allow it to teleport to somewhere else again.” The small group which was initially made out of ten people, was now left with only Zhu Yao, Wang Xuzhi, Lu Cha, Xiao Yi, and the injured little fatty Zhao.

That two times earlier were extremely quick, and just by looking, they would seem as though it had run to each location. However, Zhu Yao realized, it basically did not have a sprinting posture each time. It was not that its speed was especially quick, rather, this Risefire Beast knew how to teleport.

Wang Xuzhi and Xiao Yi were the first to react, and they summoned their Sword Intent one after another, attacking towards the demonic beast. Only at the Azoth Core stage could practitioners comprehend Sword Intent. Compared to spiritual swords, Sword Intent carried the caster’s strong will, and seemingly with just a single slash, the Risefire Beast bled.

The Risefire Beast appeared to have become even more enraged, and began to struggle with all its power. Zhu Yao felt her strength slowly fading away, after all, how could a few vines restrict a seventh rank demonic beast for a long period time?

“Lu Cha!” Zhu Yao shouted to the person beside her who was still in a daze. “Hurry and help!”

Lu Cha was startled for a moment, and then, she hurriedly raised her hand and summoned an icicle.

“The hell! Don’t use ice!” Zhu Yao almost could not restrain herself from scolding her mom. This lady must have forgotten to bring along her brain when she left her home, right!?

Unfortunately, it was already too late, that piece of icicle had already struck directly on the demonic beast. The moment it made contact with the demonic beast’s body, the flames on the Risefire Beast instantly increased explosively, and the vines she painstakingly summoned were burnt completely. The Risefire Beast’s figure flashed, and had already teleported behind Lu Cha while spewing out a fireball.

Lu Cha instantly widened her eyes, her face had already turned ashen as death approached, her eyes were filled with despair.

The Risefire Beast had already opened it mouth towards her, and suddenly, a blood-coloured figure charged out, crashing Lu Cha aside, and had taken her place in getting bitten.

It was actually little fatty Zhao!

Even Zhu Yao was shocked, yet, this was evidently not the time to stay dazed, as Zhu Yao flew over with her quickest speed. Pulling up Lu Cha who was already frightened silly on the ground, she quickly distanced themselves far from the Risefire Beast. Before little fatty Zhao could get a single glance of Lu Cha, he was bitten into two pieces.

Lu Cha who was saved still looked terribly frightened. She did not even dare to turn back to look at little fatty Zhao who was already dead with his unwholesome corpse, and was simply frightened to the point where her tears were flowing out. Even her entire body was trembling.

Zhu Yao finally could not help but send a slap to her face. “Are you motherf- stupid? Don’t you know Risefire Beasts are resistance to water and fire!?” Did she actually understand why she was unable to freeze the demonic beast earlier!?

“I… What I used was ice!” Lu Cha replied, and sounded as though she was not in the wrong.

“Ice is water as well, idiot!”

She clearly knew that it was her ice which forced out the Risefire Beast’s flames, yet, she still dared to throw ice at it. You motherf- must be a joke sent by the monkeys, right!?

Zhu Yao no longer had the mood to lecture the brain-deficient child. Summoning her flying sword, she once again cast a defensive barrier on herself, and warned the rest. “Everyone, put up your defensive barriers, the Risefire Beast can still teleport.” Currently, she could no longer bother about hiding her identity. First, live this through, then talk.

This time, Lu Cha was actually not in a daze, and obediently set up her barrier. Zhu Yao silently glanced at the little fatty Zhao on the ground, and suddenly felt a little afflicted.

With the circulation of her spiritual energy, Zhu Yao’s sword was instantly filled with purple lightning. Without hesitating, she rose to the skies, and slashed towards that demonic beast.

“That demonic beast’s scales are extremely sturdy, you’re unable to…” Before Chen Yi could finish his reminder, he saw the demonic beast emitting out a cry. With a bang, Zhu Yao’s sword followed through and fell towards the ground, and a palm-sized wound on its body was currently gushing out blood. “Junior-martial sister Bun, you…”

The hell was junior-martial sister Bun? Zhu Yao glared at him, and suddenly recalled that she did not seem to have told them her name. Wang Xuzhi had never asked either, and had always been calling her Little Bun. They could not have thought that her name was actually Bun, right!?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, she turned and began to seriously go against the demonic beast. That strike earlier was purely coincidence, probably, that demonic beast did not think that the blade of her sword was imbued with lightning that was especially strong against demonic beasts, hence, she was able to slash it. She could not be this lucky another time.

As expected, the Risefire Beast on the ground once again disappeared. Zhu Yao’s heart tightened, unsure of where it would appear from next.

“Little Bun, are you alright?” Wang Xuzhi flew over, and stood with a posture of his back leaning against hers. “You wounded it, so it will definitely attack you first. You have to be careful.”

As expected, in the next moment, the demonic beast appeared right above her. A large blood-filled mouth came falling towards them, yet what it bit onto was a defensive barrier. What blocked it, was the sword tassel her master gave her. After blocking this life-threatening attack, she could not be this lucky again next time.

Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi speedily retreated, and Chen Yi and Xiao Yi rushed over as well.

Xiao Yi was already extremely skillful with his sword intent through training. A golden sword circled around him, as though it possessed life itself, and it emitted out a very cold sword aura.

The demonic beast, however, did not attack them head-on. Rather, its body flashed, and it once again disappeared.

“We must force it out!” Chen Yi tightened his fists. This demonic beast probably wanted to drive them to death. Although they could use their own barriers to defend, they could only use them to defend against a single attack. If a few more attacks were to come, none of them would be able to hold out.

“I have a way to force it out!” Zhu Yao raised her sword and said.

Only then did everyone seem to have realized the lightning glow on her sword, especially Chen Yi. “You… You’re a disciple of Jade Forest Peak?”

Zhu Yao did not deny it either. In any case, they would find out eventually. “I think even if that demonic beast teleports, it should not be more than a radius of two and a half kilometers. I shall use my lightning to force it out, however, we only have three seconds. The three of you must kill it within that short span of time.”

The expressions of the three people were a little heavy. Even if she was able to force the demonic beast out, it was, after all, a seventh rank, an existence comparable to an early stage Nascent Soul practitioner. With just the three of them Azoth Core practitioners, it might…

“We have to try it out!” Unexpectedly, the one who agreed was Xiao Yi. “Let junior-martial sister Bun force the demonic beast out, and I will strike it with all my might.”

“……” Your sister’s a bun!

After the few of them had discussed the plan, they went into formation on the ground. Lu Cha awkwardly moved over, and stood at the center of the four. Zhu Yao curled her lips, and did not care about her.

Stabbing the longsword in her hands into the ground, she grabbed onto the hilt with a single hand, circulated the lightning spiritual energy in her body, and activated the Lightning Guiding Art towards the ground.

The quiet ground earlier began to be covered with lightning in all directions, and expanded quickly in every direction. Not even a moment later, the lightning had already filled a radius of two and a half kilometers. Zhu Yao attentively prevented it from continuing to expand outwards, rather, she began to directly guide the lightning.

Instantly, countless of lightning soared towards the sky from the ground. Like a growing tree branch, it stretched directly towards the sky, and everyone’s vision were filled with white lightning.

A long howl sounded, and a gigantic beast appeared in the skies above them. Its entire body was filled with lightning, and it looked to be in extreme pain as it struggled.

“It’s out!”

Chen Yi immediately summoned countless of spiritual swords and attacked towards it. Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi did not hesitate either, circulated all of the spiritual energy in their bodies, and attacked.

Zhu Yao reduced the output of her spiritual energy, shrinking the range of the lightning, so that it would only surround the vicinity of the demonic beast, restricting its movements.

The attacks from the few of them finally bore results. The body of the demonic beast was already filled with wounds, however, this was still not sufficient to obtain victory. Xiao Yi’s expression turned cold, and the shard of sword intent which was still pretty small earlier, suddenly turned into countless sharp blades, and attacked towards the demonic beast, leaving no openings behind.

Zhu Yao was shocked. To actually have sword intent of such strength, as expected of a protagonist who had activated his cheat, his level growth was especially quick. Her lightning had already disappeared. This large-scaled Lightning Guiding Art could only last for three seconds, any longer and she would not be able to hold out.

However, from the current looks of it, Xiao Yi’s Sword Intent could achieve the same effects as well.

Zhu Yao powerlessly sat on the ground, and she could only occasionally supplement a few lightning strikes during the openings between their attacks. Clearly, that demonic beast could no longer beat them. Unable to control its figure any longer, it began to fall from the skies.

“Now!” Chen Yi shouted out loudly. Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi gathered two gigantic Sword Intent at the same time, and directly struck towards the demonic beast.

It looked as though victory was just a step away. The Risefire Beast had already suffered heavy injuries, and was definitely unable to dodge those sword intents.

It suddenly emitted out a huge roar, and its two bloodstained eyes, instantly emitted out a red glow, the flames on its body suddenly began to grow explosively. Those flames actually turned from the colour of red to black, even Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi’s Sword Intents were scattered by the flames.

The two of them spat out a mouthful of blood from the rebound of their Sword Intent. Earlier, they had used a large amount of strength, and hence, the rebound was especially serious. Currently, it seemed they no longer had the strength to move any further.

“It’s trying to forcefully make a breakthrough!” With a face of utter disbelief, he stared at that demonic beast. The surrounding spiritual energy had already begun to move violently.

If a demonic beast were to forcefully make a breakthrough, it would definitely bring about a violent disturbance of spiritual energy. If the demonic beast were to succeed in its breakthrough, it would bring down the lightning tribulation. If the demonic beast were to fail, the demonic beast would die from self-destruction. Was this Risefire Beast planning to perish together with them?

“What… What are we going to do?” With an ashen face, Lu Cha looked towards the demonic beast whose entire body was burning with black flames. Her face was filled with tears, and she tightly grabbed onto Xiao Yi beside her. “Senior-martial uncle Xiao, are we no longer able to leave? I don’t wish to die here.”

Xiao Yi did not reply, even Wang Xuzhi and Chen Yi went silent. They were currently in the middle of the spiritual energy disturbance. Leaving aside the fact that the two of them were heavily injured for now, and were basically unable to circulate their spiritual energy and leave with their flying swords, even if they were completely unharmed, with such a huge spiritual energy disturbance, they did not have the energy to leave either.

Zhu Yao tightly gripped onto the hilt of the sword, stood up, strongly pulled it out, and with a stern expression, she walked towards the direction of the demonic beast. Sitting while waiting for her death, was never her style.

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