[Disciple] Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Experiencing Her First Marriage Proposal

“Hurry up, didn’t you want to return?” That sharkman saw her idling around the shore for quite a while and not heading down into the waters, and could not help but hasten her.

Zhu Yao was even more flustered. I’m doomed, I’m doomed. This time, I’m really dead. I wonder if it’s fine if I tell him that I don’t know how to swim?

Pui! Which sharkman wouldn’t be able to swim?

“Water Repelling Incantation!” Suddenly, a cold voice sounded next to her ear. It was her master!

Her flustered heart instantly calmed down. Oh right, she could use the Water Repelling Incantation. That way, she could walk in the water like how she would do it on land. Zhu Yao instantly cast the Water Repelling Incantation on herself, and her body was immediately encased in a transparent air bubble.

After entering the waters, the water flow automatically bypassed her.

The sharkman stared at her for a long while before it said with disdain. “Why do you like this ugly human look so much? Even after entering the waters, you don’t wish to change back at all?”

Although sharkmen were able to transform since birth, due to living in the waters most of the time, usually, they did not love to transform into the shape of humans.

“Hoho, my hobby is a little unique.” Zhu Yao could only follow it up with a laugh.

“Whatever.” Fishhere waved its hand without a mind, moved its fish tail and began to swim into the deep waters. Zhu Yao hurriedly followed after.

After a short journey, until they were unable to see the rest of the sharkmen at the seaside, Fishhere finally took a deep breath. Stretching its waist, it began to complain. “Finally, I’m able to take a break. This big brother here has been protecting the shore for many days, and I almost turned into dried fish from the heat.”

So it was just trying to be lazy. It was no wonder it was so enthusiastic about “sending her home”. “I wonder what big brother Fishhere is waiting there for?”

When Fishhere saw that she was interested, it began to chatter. “I don’t know where those people heard the news from, but they said that human practitioners would be passing by in these few days. Initially, I had planned on catching one or two to taste them. Unfortunately, it’s been so many days, yet, not even a ghost figure was seen.” As though he had thought of something, it slurped its own saliva. “I heard that the flavour of those human practitioners are absolutely fresh and delicious.”

The human practitioner who was absolutely fresh and delicious: “……” Fortunately, it was blind, and had taken her as one of their kind.

Fishhere turned and looked at her, a hint of sympathy surfaced on his face. “Just by looking at how you seem to lack of bones, probably, you would simply flee if you spot human practitioners, right? If not for the Rawsilk you’re holding onto, I wouldn’t have admitted that you’re a part of our race.”

Rawsilk! Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. She did not have such a thing on her body though? She only had a couple of clothes and…

She suddenly recalled the few auntie pads she had in her storage bracelet.

The hell! Bro. You’re really hardcore!

“You don’t have to be so disheartened. “ When Fishhere saw that she was a little depressed, it consoled her. “Although you’re a little unfortunate, to not have been born well, however, as long as you’re hardworking enough, you will still have an opportunity to break through.”

It seemed like he had taken her as a sixth rank sharkman which had a few deficiencies. Sharkmen were born as eighth rank demonic beasts, and if she were to be seen that way, she was not just your average unfortunate sharkman then.

“But you still have to amend that strange hobby of yours.” Fishhere looked at her from head to toe, his face was filled with scorn. “Which sharkman doesn’t like to have a strong and beautiful fish tail? Yet, you actually like to change into such an ugly form. If this keeps up, you will never be able to find a wife.”

“I’m a woman. I don’t need to find a wife.” It was enough to have mistaken her as one of their race, why the hell did it have to mistake her gender as well?

Fishhere was shocked. As though it had heard something unbelievable, it instantly widened its pair of eyes, staring straight towards her chest.


The hell! Little buns are still buns, alright!? Are they to the extent where they can’t be seen?

“You… You… You, you……” As though it had finally admitted it, Fishhere pointed at her out of astonishment. Instantly, it was at a loss of what to do, while that deep brown-coloured fish tail was strangely turning red at a quick rate.

Not even a moment later, a perfectly steamed fish turned roasted.

“Why… Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Fishhere retreated far away, its face which was still mixed with a few thousands of expressions earlier, instantly turned into one that showed as though he was not at fault. Lowering its head, it carefully peaked at her.

Was it so strange for her to be a woman? Why the hell are you being so embarrassed for? The image of a tyrannical CEO turning into a small and timid wife, was very terrifying, you know?

Rumours had stated, that the number of sharkwomen in the Sharkman Race were extremely small, and in a single tribe, the number of sharkwomen would not exceed ten. Hence, ever since they were born, they would be existences that were protected by the entire race, and, sharkwomen would also have absolute authority among the Sharkmen Race. A few sharkmen might not even be able to see a single sharkwoman in their entire lives. Hence, it could be seen that encountering a lone sharkwoman was such an unbelievable sight. Though, Zhu Yao was only a counterfeit.

Ever since Zhu Yao had stated her gender, Fishhere became extremely awkward, and no longer dared to speak to her loudly. It only dared to steal a few glances of her from the corner of its glowing eyes. Its fish tail had also stayed in the roasted fish state throughout the entire journey, and it would even occasionally cast a shy look at her.

However, when that expression, was placed on a scary face, the effects could not be described using the word ‘terrifying’.

“Kuh, how much further is it?” Zhu Yao could not help but change the topic, her hair was already standing on ends. Do not glance at me with that sort of expression anymore, if I had known, I would have quietly be a male fish with no chest.

Fishhere pointed to the front, and replied while suppressing its voice, as though it was afraid of scaring her. “It’s… It’s just right in front!”

Zhu Yao raised her head and look. In front, not far from where she was, was a shining ray of light. It was especially obvious in this dark seabed. She could even faintly see the shadows of shattered rocks and broken walls inside the light.

“Thank you, then I will be heading there by myself now.” Zhu Yao hurriedly bade farewells.

“Would you really be fine alone?” However, the sharkman Fishhere became a little worried. “There’s a very strong barrier over there, and there’s not even a drop of water in there. It’s very dangerous.”

Zhu Yao shook her head. “It’s fine, I will know my way once I’m inside, so I can return by myself.” She could not always bring along a fish with her, right?

“Oh!” Fishhere nodded a little disappointingly. It worriedly looked at her a few times, and instructed. “Next time, do not run about randomly, otherwise, you will lose your way. If… If you’re lost again, you can look for me again.”

“Mn.” If I’m lost, how am I supposed to find you?

“Be safe on your way back.”


Fishhere then finally hesitantly turned and swam away. Suddenly, as though it had thought of something, it quickly ran back, and stared at her with misty, glowing eyes. “Umm… I wish to ask, have you found a partner yet? If you haven’t, what do you think of me?”

“Eh?” What kind of godly development was this?

Fishhere waved its roasted fish tail. “I’m very muscular and strong, so I will definitely be able to protect you.”

“Uh…” Why was she in such an odd situation of being proposed by a fish?

“I know how to hunt, no one in my tribe is able to compete with me.”

“……” However, she no longer needed to eat.

“The Rawsilk I weaved is also the most beautiful among all of the sharkmen.”

“……” Could she use it as auntie pads?

“My ‘ability’ is really strong too. I’m definitely able to have you bear seven or eight little sharkmen.”

“……” Why did it turn into a yellow-zoned topic, hey?

“I’m even able to…”

Before he could finish, a ray of blinding white light was instantly released by the jade pendant on Zhu Yao’s neck, which instantly charged towards Fishhere who was still chatting her up without rest. Instantly, it was sent flying away. Before it even had the opportunity to wail, its figure could no longer be seen.

Master… is so violent.

The miniature-sized Yu Yan floated out of the jade pendant, and sat on Zhu Yao’s shoulder. His face which was usually cold, currently felt as though it was covered by another layer of ice. His entire body was even emitting out cold air.

A mere eighth rank demonic beast, dared to crave for his disciple!

“Go!” He spoke up. Even though it was just a short, single word, it was so cold that it felt as though it was about to drop scraps of ice.

Zhu Yao sensed that her master was angry, and his anger was not light either. But, why was that so? Rubbing her arm which was about to stiffen from the cold, Zhu Yao could only shut her mouth, and walked towards the direction of the ruins. Eyyy, master is so scary.

The ancient ruin was very strange. It was in the deep ocean bed, yet, as though it was being enveloped by a gigantic formation, inside the formation, was as though it was a piece of open land. Inside, there were even flourishing plants and trees, and a structure which looked like an old palace was situated in the center, exactly like the one she saw in her dream.

Regarding the Wood Spirit, Zhu Yao did not tell her master about it, because there would be too many implications. However, Yu Yan had never asked her why she wanted to head to that ancient ruins, nor had he asked why she knew of such a place. He simply gave her the free will to advance, and helped her deal with some troubles during the appropriate times.

With a master like this, Zhu Yao felt relieved, and was a little guilty as well. However, even she was unable to determine if everything that happened in the dream, was real. Hence, actually, a large reason for her seeking this Wood Spirit, was to prove her suspicions.

“Master, what are the ‘Severed Lands’?” That sharkman had emphasized on the dangers of the Severed Lands along the way, hence, Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little worried about it.

Yu Yan pondered for a moment, before answering. “It’s probably the very ends of this secret realm. Those demonic beasts that live here, unless they ascend, they are unable to leave this realm. Hence, they would not casually approach the edges of the realm.”

“Then what if we enter it?”

“I have no idea either. I have never heard of human practitioners entering it before. Probably, if we enter, either we return to the cultivation world, or our souls would most likely be scattered.”

He was so uncertain about it? It seemed like this place was very dangerous. If she could, she would not be willing to approach that place. However, the surroundings of the ancient ruins were rather safe. She had investigated them, and there was completely no presence of demonic beasts.

Just when she was about to enter that palace, suddenly, she heard a familiar voice.

“Senior-martial uncle Xiao, what in the world in this place?”

This voice was Lu Cha’s!

Zhu looked at the two people who were currently walking right over from not afar, and they were exactly Lu Cha and Xiao Yi who she had not seen for a long time. They did not have any traces of bodies being soaked, nor did they look like they had gone through a terrible battle, as though they had suddenly appeared in this place. Taking a closer look, she saw the glow of a formation that had yet to disperse underneath their feet.

The hell! So there was a teleportation formation here. Then why the hell did she walk for so many days for?

She hated the protagonist’s cheat!

“This should be an ancient ruin.” Xiao Yi answered, while pointing to the structures in the vicinity. “Looking at the designs of the buildings here, they are designs that only the Ancient Era would have.”

“Then will there be great opportunities here?” Lu Cha’s eyes instantly shone. The Ancient Era, was the time where both Gods and Devils existed, and was something the current cultivation world could never attain.

Xiao Yi was a little excited as well, as he nodded his head. “Since this place is so hidden and secretive, if not for those wicked people who trapped us in a cave, we would not have coincidentally encountered this teleportation formation, nor would we have entered this place. It seemed like the person who was designed this place, must definitely be a very powerful existence.”

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