[Disciple] Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Identity Verification

Zhu Yao sighed, being silently disgusted with that person’s eyes. How could he think that she was a man!?

Unconsciously, she used her hands to tidy up her clothes, however, she felt there was something additional in between her legs, and suddenly had a bad premonition.

She turned, and silently pulled out her pants…


No, no, no. There must definitely be something wrong with the way she pulled out her pants. How could she have an additional organ? Let’s try again.

She pulled her pants out again…

And closed it! She must definitely be seeing things.

Rubbing her eyes, she once again pulled out her pants…

And closed it.


Zhu Yao screamed out.

Why!? Why!? Why!? Why!? Why did I change into a man!? This doesn’t make sense!

The reason why she reincarnated next to a rock, was to make it convenient for her to knock herself to death?

Zhu Yao instantly felt terrible, and could deeply sense the evil intentions of this entire world.

Whoever you are, come out! Let us chat about life!


In front of her, a green light flashed, and a green-coloured thing leapt out.

Zhu Yao looked at this bonsai which just appeared right in front of her, and it was even not even rooted in soil. It gave a quite a scare.

“What the heck is this?”

That bonsai leapt forward, curled its little branch, and rubbed it against her leg. “Chick~”

This familiar voice…

“You’re Wood Spirit?”

“Chick!” The bonsai nodded.

“Why are you here? And you even grew up so suddenly?” Zhu Yao stared at it a little shockingly. Back then, when it was in that chest, it was still a little beansprout, and it even only had two leaves. How did it suddenly turn into a bonsai?

“Chick, chick chick chick chick chick…” The Wood Spirit strongly waved around its little branches, as though it was explaining to her.

Unfortunately, she did not understand a single thing.

“Forget it! It’s fine as long as you’re still alive!” Back then, as she was panicking, she placed it into her divine sense. She did not expect that it would follow her along with her after her resurrection. Zhu Yao stroked its little leaf. It couldn’t really grow into a tree, right?

“Chick!” The Wood Spirit stretched out two little vines, forming two small arcs. Then, it connected them together, forming a heart shape.

Was this… giving her praise?

Zhu Yao felt it was a little funny, and strongly stroked its leaf, yet, she touched something slippery.

“Meoow~” A little beast head popped out of the leaf, it’s a miniature-sized ferocious face. It was actually that mystic beast.

Reflexively, Zhu Yao’s stroke turned into a slap, and the slap swung right towards it.

And then, a ‘pa’ sound was heard. Gurururu. The mystic beast rolled a dozen of rounds, was sent a good few meters out, and only stopped when it struck onto a tree trunk.

“Me…ow…” The miniature-sized mystic beast crawled up with a pitiful look, as though it was hurt from the fall, it limped its way back to her.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and activated all of her defensive mechanisms. She had not forgotten how ferocious this mystic beast was in the secret realm. She habitually thought of summoning her own flying sword, only to realize that she did not have a single thread of spiritual energy in her body. The hell, damnable resurrection debuff.

She turned around and carried up the rock beside her. Even if she did not have any spiritual energy, she still had physical strength. “Don’t come near me! If you come any closer… I will smash you to death!”

The mystic beast was startled. Its pair of black slippery eyes looked directly at her… looked at her…

And then, slowly, a layer of mist rose, as though it was about to cry in the very next moment.

Zhu Yao who was carrying the rock: “……”

Hey, you’re the one bullying people. What are you trying to pull here?

“Wuu… wawawa…” As expected, that mystic beast laid on the ground, pedalled its paws, and began to wail out loudly.



“Stop crying!”


“I won’t smash you anymore.”


“I really won’t smash you, alright?”




“Shut up!”

“……” The crying stopped.

It just had to make her angry. Zhu Yao felt a terrible headache. Walking over, she squatted next to the miniature-sized mystic beast, and poked its little head. “Tell me, why are you here?”


“Why are you following me?”


“Just what are you planning?”


“Meow, your ass!” Zhu Yao raised her hand and gave it a slap. “You’re still acting? Don’t think I’m unaware that you’re able to speak.” That old man in the secret realm had already said it, this thing descended from the Higher Realm. Demonic beasts that did not possess the ability to shapeshift, would be able to change its form after reaching the tenth rank. At the very least, it was an eleventh rank demonic beast, so it was impossible for it to be unable to speak.

The mystic beast used its two front paws to stroke the part of the head she smacked, while it continued to look at her with a pitiful look, and weakly squeezed out a response. “It hurts~”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. She hugged and cracked her fists, emitting crackling sounds, as she said with a cold smile. “Do you believe that I will hurt you even more?”

The mystic beast’s expression paled, and instantly properly knelt down. Fearfully looking at her, its little eyes rolled. “I dropped into the Severed Lands as well, that’s why I’m here.”

“Lies!” Zhu Yao once again gave it a slap. “The number of things that fell into the Severed Lands were many, why are you the only one here then? Are you thinking I’m dumb!?”

It lowered its head, and looked as though it admitted its mistake. “Before I fell, I… I hid inside your divine sense as well, so…”

Zhu Yao frowned, this might be a possibility. Back then, she was only holding onto her last breath, if someone were to take that opportunity to enter her divine sense, it would be absolutely easy.

“Then why did you become like this?”

The mystic beast’s tone was filled with even more sadness. “I don’t know either. My cultivation is still present, yet, there’s not a single strand of spiritual power in my body.”

That’s because you did not charge your batteries. Zhu Yao instantly understood that its situation was the same as hers. They just had to get struck by lightning, and the issue would be solved.

“Then why did you hide inside the Wood Spirit?” Zhu Yao continued to ask. “Since you’re already out here, shouldn’t you take the opportunity when I’m unprepared, and run far, far away?”

“I… I wish to follow you.” The mystic beast embarrassingly scraped the floor with its claws.


“You’re very strong!” Its pair of eyes suddenly looked towards her, as though it had seen its idol, sparkling stars filled its eyes.

He had never seen anyone capable of reviving from the dead, even if it was in the Higher Realm, he had not seen one either. And at the moment when she reincarnated, he could faintly sense the presence of a strand of the Heavenly Dao. “If I were to follow you, I will definitely be able to return to the Higher Realm sooner. I can help you, and I can even become your contracted beast.”

Zhu Yao replied it with a simple “Hoho!”

No matter how friendly he looked, it was still a demonic beast. Earlier, it was still her enemy, and had fought with the intention to kill.

What she could not forgive the most was, it even injured her master. That was simply unforgivable.


“You… Don’t go!” The mystic beast became a little anxious, and directly hugged onto her legs, as it was dragged along as she walked. “I’m really useful. I’m an eleventh rank beast. There’s very few demonic beasts in this world that’s capable of going against me.”

Continue walking…

“My nose is very sensitive, I can help you find spiritual herbs…”

“I don’t need it!”

“I can help you find spiritual weapons…”

“No need!”

“I can even help you rein in demonic beasts.”

“I don’t care!”

“I… I can even help you warm up your bed.”


Zhu Yao felt she had been marked by that mystic beast. No matter where she went, it would follow. And as it followed, it would let out very pitiful ‘wuuwuu’ sounds. She could not bother to deal with it, in any case, currently, it did not have any spiritual power, so it was unable to hurt her.

Keeping the Wood Spirit in her divine sense once again, Zhu Yao planned on returning to Jade Forest Peak first. At the very least, she had to inform her master of her well-being. And, according to her previous experience, another hundred years should have passed again.

Back then, when she was killed by the fox demon, her master had actually destroyed the entire Silent Melancholy Forest out of anger. This time, she forcefully sent her master out of Tasyoluk, he might even be more furious.

What she was even more worried about was Wang Xuzhi. That little wimp had always acted on impulse, without caring about the consequences. She was afraid that if she was not looking, he would run to find Xiao Yi and seek his own death again.

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. After inspecting her vicinity, this place should be one of the teleportation formations that were set up by the sect in various locations. The actual distance to Ancient Hill Sect was actually really far. Looking at the three large words “Ancient Hill Sect” that were written on the rock, she walked into the teleportation formation beside it.

With a flash of light, she had arrived on an island in the seas. And in the sky above the island, were several floating mountains. This was exactly the scenery she was familiar with.

She had returned.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at the tallest mountain that was floating there, and instantly felt a peaceful sensation. She really wanted to immediately fly over, and hug that stupid and lacking master who had always played a fool out of his own disciple.

Then here came the problem…

How was she going to go back? Her Dantian was absolutely empty, and did not have even a single thread of spiritual energy. She was completely unable to fly at all!

Raising her head, she looked at the disciples flying about in the sky. Zhu Yao felt deeply saddened, as she hoped for a disciple to notice her, and bring her up the mountain, before finding an excuse to return to Jade Forest Peak.

However, she had waited for half a day, although there were many people flying about in the sky, not one of them took a look at the island here. Every single of them was rushing in and out.

Especially that one who was flying especially fast, with a flash of his white figure, he disappeared without a trace. Not even his figure could be clearly seen, before he disappeared with a whoosh.

And with another whoosh, he returned.

Ehhhhhh! The hell! He really came back!

The white figure flashed, and a figure dressed in snow-white clothes stopped in front of her. That face, which looked as though a thousand years of ice had covered it, was emitting out a cold aura, as though she would obtain frostbites if she were to go take a single step closer.

Yu Yan stared straight at the unfamiliar youth in front of him, and did not say a single word for a long time.


No wait, why is he male?

However, on his body, there’s clearly the presence of a strand of his own divine sense. His disciple had all along been stupid, and was even specialized in courting death in various ways, it might be just a disguise.

Master. Zhu Yao felt so moved, she was about to cry. As she thought, her master was reliable, he was here to pick her back again. Her voice choked out, and she was just about to charge forward and hug his legs.


Before she could even finish, Yu Yan suddenly took a few fast steps, and stood a step away from Zhu Yao. He gently reached out his hand to hold onto her collar, and then…

With a whoosh, it was pulled open. The action was crisp and without the slightest of hesitation.

Zhu Yao, whose clothes were pulled apart: “……”

Flat!? Yu Yan felt a little conflicted. He inspected her chest twice, and then, his light of sight slowly moved towards her lower body.


Reflexively, Zhu Yao tightly grabbed onto the top of her pants, and screamed. “If you dare to take off my pants, I will dare to destroy you, even if you’re my master.”

Even if she had turned into a man, there was no need for him to strip her naked in their first meeting, right!?

Yu Yan frowned, and only then did he take back his hand. He stared at the unfamiliar man in front of him, and was still uncertain.

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