[Disciple] Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Stuck Cultivation

After a few minutes, Zhu Yao then realized how necessary it was to inspect her body.

“Your Azoth Core has been shattered.” Yu Yan retracted the divine sense he used to inspect his disciple’s Dantian, and his expression was heavy.

“Then, I…” If my Core has been shattered, shouldn’t it be game over?

“Although your Core has been shattered, your realm is actually at the Azoth Paragon level.” Yu Yan deeply frowned. “It’s a little similar to the shattered core right before nourishing one’s Nascent Soul, but, because you currently don’t possess spiritual energy, there’s completely no trace of you nourishing your Nascent Soul.”

“What master means is… I’m stuck?”

Yu Yan nodded.


The hell, when others nourished their Nascent Souls, either they would die from their Cores being destroyed, or they would successfully raise their cultivation. What’s the meaning of hers being stuck right in the middle?

“In this period of time, refrain from taking in spiritual energy to recover your cultivation.” Yu Yan instructed with a stern look.

“What happens if I recover my cultivation?”

“If your body possesses spiritual power, you will definitely be forced to nourish your Nascent Soul. When that time comes, your spiritual power will be insufficient. If you take in spiritual energy then, it will cause a spiritual energy disturbance, but if you don’t take in spiritual energy, your Nascent Soul formation will fail.” If that happened, she would definitely die from her Azoth Core being destroyed.

“Then, what am I supposed to do?” Zhu Yao felt like crying. She had the cultivation, yet, not the spiritual power. Did she have to quietly become a cripple for the rest of her life?

“No need to worry.” Yu Yan stroked her head. “Wait out as I find a place with abundant lightning spiritual energy, you can directly nourish your Nascent Soul then.”

Although that was the case, Zhu Yao knew her situation wasn’t optimistic. The spiritual energy in this world all followed a certain rule. For example, water spiritual energy was abundant at the waterside, wood spiritual energy was abundant in forests, fire spiritual energy was abundant in volcanoes, metal spiritual energy was abundant near mines, while earth spiritual energy, even more so, was everywhere.

Yet, she just had to be a lightning spirit vein holder. She had never known of anywhere abundant with lightning spiritual energy, and a place like that was simply only found in legends. Of course, other than this method, it could be possible with having the various Spirits by the person’s side as well. An example would be Xiao Yi’s Metal Spirit. As long as he willed for all of the metal spiritual energy in the world, he would be able to use it. However, in this world, there were five different Spirits of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, yet, the Lightning Spirit simply did not exist. Isn’t this a complete bullshit setting!?

“Chick~” As though it had sensed her depressed feelings, the Wood Spirit leapt out of her divine sense. Stretching a soft green vine, as though it was to console her, the vine wrapped around her wrist. “Chick?”

“This is… the Wood Spirit?” Yu Yan looked at the little tree which suddenly leapt out.

Only then did Zhu Yao realize that she had yet to tell her master about the things regarding the Wood Spirit. “I encountered it in Tasyoluk. Back then, it and Sesame hid in my divine sense, and when I resurrected, they came over as well.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. Actually, he had already guessed most of it. His disciple had changed her look, yet, that mystic beast could actually appear instantly by her side, so it had definitely come along with her. If it had hidden in her divine sense back then, then it could be understood completely.

“Master, I have something that I need to tell you.” Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and decided that it was still best to clearly explain everything to her master. When she hid the truth from him, it had always caused her to feel a deep guilt and remorse. And, it was not like it was something shameful, so why could she not talk about it? “Actually, I’m not a person from this world.”

“Oh.” Yu Yan calmly replied.

“…..” Oh? Just an oh, and that’s it? This reaction wasn’t right. “Master, I’m saying, I’m not a person of the cultivation world. I came from another world, a place completely different from here.”

“I know that.”

“Ah! Ah!?” What did you know? “When did you know about that?”

Yu Yan turned his head and pondered for a moment, before answering. “The first day when you climbed the mountain.”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao could not help but swear. The hell was this? Then why the ass was she so anxious earlier for?

“Your words and actions are different from ordinary people.” Yu Yan calmly analysed. “Back then, I guessed that you came from a certain unknown place, and adding your affinity towards lightning spiritual energy that exceeds ordinary people, I’m even more sure about it. Not to mention that you have reincarnated twice.”

“……” Why did she feel like she was the only idiot in this world?


Raising her head, she shot a resentful light wave at her master.

However, Yu Yan calmly continued to mess up her hair persistently. “Is there anything else?”

“……” Do not speak to me, I’m very sad now. With my IQ, I might as well catch chickens!

“Although I know of this, do not speak of this easily to anyone else. Understand?”

“Of course! I’m not…”

Oh no, why did she suspect that she was really an idiot!?

A certain master continued to stroke her head.

Zhu Yao might as well tell her master about everything. Beginning from her work in the modern era, to the irregularities after she crossed into this world. However, they had a generation gap of an entire world, so, a lot of effort had to be put in to fill in the gaps.

Hence, the main point had completely derailed.

“What’s a computer?”

“Uh… A tool used to calculate.”

“The people of your world isn’t able to count?”

“No, it’s just that using a computer is much faster.”

“What’s koukou?”

“It’s QQ, a tool used to chat.”

“You people need to use a tool to chat? Are your bodies naturally crippled?”

“==, no. It’s just that it can be used to send messages through long distances.”

“Sound Transmission Talisman?”


“Then, what’s a net game?”

“An online game that allows people from all around the world to play as a pastime, at the same time?”

“On line? A game that connects lines together?”

“Line is just a metaphor. Generally speaking, it’s a game that allows people from all around the world to play together, even without leaving their own homes.”

“A large-scale Sound Transmission Talisman?”

”Mn, something like that.”

“The people of your world, used so much effort to make such a large Sound Transmission Talisman, just to play a game as a pastime?” Yu Yan calmly looked at her, and gave her a ‘are there huge pits in your brains’ look.

“……” What to do? Why was she starting to feel that the people of her world were so silly?

“Master, what happened to Wang Xuzhi?” Zhu Yao decided to change the topic. She really worried that without her around, that little wimp had did something stupid again.

The hand on her head stopped, and a certain master’s expression sank. “Tasyoluk has already been closed, naturally, he’s on his way back here.”

“Tasyoluk!” Zhu Yao was a little shocked. Was it not supposed to open once every five hundred years? Could it be that, this time, her reincarnation has costed her five hundred years of time? “When did he set out?”

Yu Yan looked at her strangely. “Naturally, he went with you.”

“With me?” Zhu Yao was startled, and suddenly had a guess. “Then master, the place you were heading to earlier…”

“Half of the divine sense that I left with you was forcefully ousted from ‘Tasyoluk’.” Yu Yan looked at her with a slightly furious expression. “Hence, I decided to rush over to take a look. I did not expect that, the moment I left Jade Forest Peak, I would sense you on that island.”

He was thinking of rushing over to save her, right?

“I admit my mistake.” Zhu Yao hurriedly admitted her wrongs. The moment she recalled that punishment earlier, her buttocks ached. Deep in her heart, she was a little moved, but happiness filled most of it. She did not expect that her resurrection this time would be so timely, and there was basically not any difference in time. She gave a thumbs-up.

Yu Yan rose. Walking away a few steps, he reached out his hand and chanted an incantation. Not a moment later, a white light flashed, and a white jade pendant laid on the palm of his hand. It was exactly the jade pendant in Tasyoluk he hid his divine sense in. Since his disciple had returned, naturally, his divine sense did not need to be left inside any longer.

He gripped his hand, and the pendant instantly shattered. A white light floated out, and slowly returned into his body.

Zhu Yao went forward to look, and did not see any difference. Originally, she had wanted to learn this sort of cloning technique, however, her master did not have any intention to teach her. He then explained the situation of nourishing a Nascent Soul in detail, various methods to react to them, and his experiences. After pondering for a moment, he explained the various states of a Demigod as well, while he was at it.

Although the time spent from the Nascent Soul stage to a Demigod would take at least a thousand years, or even a few thousand years, this disciple of his had always skipped levels. A month ago, she had just stabilized herself at the early Azoth Core realm, yet, now, she was beginning to form her Nascent Soul. This speed of skipping three stages, it was still best for him to make early preparations.

Zhu Yao became a little dizzy from his words. The so-called Nascent Soul formation her master spoke of, was actually to use her spiritual energy to refine her divine sense, to the point where her divine sense could be firmly congregated, and also to the degree where it could leave her body. Her master’s divine sense clone, was actually the result of his divine sense refinement.

Back when she stopped the Metal Spirit in Tasyoluk, she brought about a spiritual energy disturbance. The expanding spiritual energy shattered her Azoth Core, disabling her from forming her Nascent Soul. So, not guiding the spiritual energy into her divine sense was the cause. As expected, there was a mistake in the way she handled it.

Divine sense was a practitioner’s most important organ, and was an existence equivalent to a soul, so it could be imagined how much pain one had to endure when one had to refine his or her soul. Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for herself, who was about to form her Nascent Soul.

With this single lecture, it lasted until evening, and only then did her master released her. As someone who had no ability to defend herself, naturally, she was confined by her master. This time, she herself was willing.

She did not know where Sesame ran off to either, as it had never returned.

Just when she was about to sleep, suddenly, she heard a familiar voice.

“Sword Peak’s Wang Xuzhi, wishes to meet ancestral-martial grand uncle.”

Little wimp was back!

Before waiting for the person inside the cottage to respond, Wang Xuzhi who was wearing the sect’s uniform flew down. His figure was a little fatigued, and his clothes were still stained with blood that he had yet to clean off. His hair was in a mess, and what he now lacked was just the word “exhausted” on his face. However, his pair of eyes was exceptionally spirited as he stared at Yu Yan.

“This disciple greets ancestral-martial grand uncle.” Wang Xuzhi gave Yu Yan a bow.

Yu Yan frowned, clearly looking a little irritated. Only after he sat down on the stone chair, did he finally nod expressionlessly.

Wang Xuzhi glanced at Zhu Yao who was at the side, and suppressed the curiosity in his heart. “This disciple has something to ask ancestral-martial grand uncle about. Ancestral-martial grand uncle, please solve this disciple’s confusion.”

Yu Yan did not reply, his line of sight was not even directed over at him. He never had any patience towards other people.

Wang Xuzhi could only grit his teeth and continued asking. “This disciple wishes to know about the little infant Little Bun you brought back ten years ago, whom you had taken as a disciple. Was she actually your previous personal succeeding disciple, Zhu Yao?”

Zhu Yao was shocked. It seemed like the last call she gave him back then at Tasyoluk had exposed her. It was good that she had currently changed into another avatar.

“Ancestral-martial grand uncle, please tell this disciple the truth.”

“What does that have to do with you?” Yu Yan raised his head, and cast an expressionless look at him, and replied with this sentence, as though he was asking for a beating. As expected, he hated other people’s disciples the most.

Wang Xuzhi choked, and a hint of anger surfaced on his face, yet, he was unable to let it out. Gritting his teeth, he took a deep breath. “This disciple simply wishes to tell ancestral-martial grand uncle, your second disciple is currently trapped in Tasyoluk Secret Realm. I request ancestral-martial grand uncle to lend a helping hand, and tell this disciple if there’s any other way of entering the secret realm?”

Yu Yan did not answer. He simply turned his head and stared at Zhu Yao.


The spectator is innocent.

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