[Disciple] Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Little Rescue Squad

This inexplicable big battle, ended in an inexplicable way.

Although their side did not have any cannon fodders who had lost their lives, they lost a Demigod Sovereign. To be exact, she was kidnapped.

As Feng Yi was taken away, the formation once again began to collapse. Zhu Yao could only bitterly go over to hold it again. And wasn’t the consumption of this formation way too large? She was quickly being sucked dry.

Zi Mo silently passed her a pair of eyes, saying ‘Help me’.

Zhu Yao felt like crying. Don’t look at me. I can’t leave right now either, unless you want me to shout?

It seems like I can try that…

“Sovereign Yu Yan, help us!” Zhu Yao at that moment, was possessed by Xue Yi¹. “Sovereign, hurry up and come out! Come out, come out, come out! Don’t hide inside quietly, I know you’re at home.” If he did not come anytime soon, she would die.

When those words fell, with a flash of white light, Yu Yan who was emitting out an icy aura had already stood right in front of her.

The hell, he really came!

Not only Zhu Yao, even Zi Mo was shocked. He did not expect that with just a cry from his junior-martial brother, he was able to invite him down.

As expected, he’s ancestral-martial uncle’s ‘someone that can’t be revealed to the world’, right? He’s definitely it, isn’t he!?

Yu Yan coldly stared at his disciple. His face which never had any warmth in the first place, was not even more chilling.

“Mas… Sovereign!” Zhu Yao was startled by him, and had almost exposed herself. She could only chuckle and give him a silly smile.

“‘Disciple Soi Sauz, greets Sovereign.” Zhu Yao obediently greeted him, and heavily emphasized on the word ‘disciple’.

“Mn.” Only then did Yu Yan nod his head, and his expression soothed. He was already irritated for being called out by his disciple in the early morning, and because of his own stupid disciple’s stupid plan, she refused to identify him as her master. He really had the right to be angry.

With Zhu Yao’s greeting, it reminded everyone, and a series of greetings sounded out.

“Disciple greets martial grand uncle.”

“Disciple greets ancestral-martial grand uncle.”

However, he did not respond to anyone else. He simply raised his head to look at the sky, towards that formation which was damaged to an unsightly degree.

“Ancestral-martial uncle.” Zi Mo kept away his shock, and recalled the important business they had to attend to. “The Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Ancient Hill Sect has been damaged by someone. We have already put in all our effort, yet, we were unable to stop the formation from collapsing. I hope ancestral-martial uncle can step in and fix it in time, and protect our sect from danger.”

Yu Yan nodded, and single-handedly performed a series of hand seals, and then, he waved his hand. The formation which was still endlessly absorbing everyone’s spiritual energy earlier, instantly stopped, and the formation had stopped collapsing as well. All of those who were casting their arts had bounced back.

Zhu Yao and the rest of her little companions were shocked speechless.

Just how did master do that? What are those hand seals? Why were they so strong? Teach me, teach me, teach me! With a pair of sparkling eyes, she looked towards her own master.

Unfortunately, she was completely ignored. Yu Yan simply reached out his hand and stuffed a paper bag to Zhu Yao.

“The formation core under the sea has been damaged.” Yu Yan simply informed with a bland voice, and then, turning into a ray of white light, he flew down into the waters.

Zhu Yao blankly grabbed onto the paper bag her master gave her, and opened it.

This long shape, and bright red colour.

It’s actually spicy gluten!

Why did he give her a bag of spicy gluten? Haah~

Wait a minute. Two days ago, because she was unable to get used to sleeping on her new bed, she seemed to have went over and asked her master, if he knew how to make spicy gluten. After she received a negative answer, she seemed to have casually told him the method to make it.

Then the reason why her master went into isolation this time was…

The answer to this was really too destructive to the three views!

Master, tell me honestly. Just what level have you reached with your life skills!?

The promotion ceremony ended with a slap in the face.

Facing this high-ranking personnel kidnapping incident, all of the other high-ranking personnel of Ancient Hill Sect opened an emergency meeting. After a series of discussion, they had made a decision. They could not bear to throw this face, hence, they had to definitely give a good slap back.

Firstly, during the meeting, the crime suspect had been confirmed. He was a man who had a crush on Sovereign Feng Yi since a thousand years ago. His name: Chen Ze. Class: Heretic Practitioner. And, he possessed the cultivation level of a Nascent Soul Paragon. This person had always loved Sovereign Feng Yi, yet, because of suffering a series of rejections, hatred and resentment was born in his heart. He then took the opportunity of this promotion ceremony, to create chaos and kidnap the Sovereign.

His actions were hideous, and had even went back on the basic principle of free love in the cultivation world. He should receive the condemnation of society and punishment from the heavens. The other high-ranking personnel of Ancient Hill Sect expressed outrage to this action of his, and immediately established a small squad for this incident. This squad had to capture the criminal, if not, eliminate him on the spot! At the same time, save the innocent victim – Sovereign Feng Yi.

Zhu Yao expressed a hundred and twenty percent of her support to this.


Momma’s egg, why me?

What’s the meaning behind dispatching her?

Regarding this move, Ancient Hill Sect’s highest leading figure, Zi Mo, president of the student council, gave this explanation.

“Little brother Soi!” Zi Mo patted on her shoulder, and spoke to her with extreme earnestness. “You have seen the situation back then yourself. It all happened too quickly, and you had clearly seen that person’s face. Also, Sovereign Feng Yi should be seriously injured right now, and incidentally, you have the wood spirit vein, which is compatible to hers. You’re the most suitable for treating Sovereign’s injuries.”

Zhu Yao gave a face. Why did she have to hide her identity, and say that she had a wood spirit vein? Was it too late to regret?

“Don’t worry. As long as Sovereign recovers from her injuries, I believe that, no matter how strong that heretic practitioner is, he won’t be able to do anything against all of you.”

Do you really think so? Earlier, didn’t he completely make a fool out of a group of Nascent Soul and Demigod practitioners? Zhu Yao could not help but roll her eyes at him.

“I will entrust Sovereign Feng Yi to you, then!” Before she could even resist, Zi Mo had already hammered down his decision.

The small special task force for saving Sovereign Feng Yi had been officially established, and was formed by three people, Zhu Yao, Beast-Taming Peak Lord – Zi Dan, and Feng Yi’s disciple – Xiao Yi. The plan was to head to the base of heretic practitioners, Primeval Grey City, which was near the Desolate Ground, gather intel of Chen Ze’s location, and execute the rescue mission.

Sovereign Yi Ran swiftly executed hand-seals with his two hands, and opened a teleportation gate. “The position of Primeval Grey City is hard to determine. So as to prevent you three from going in the wrong direction, this Sovereign will directly send the three of you outside the city. You must remember, that place is the territory of heretic practitioners. You must proceed with caution.”

Before Zhu Yao could even express her statement, she had already been pulled into the teleportation gate by the hot-blooded Zi Dan.

“Wait a minute, I have yet to…” she had yet to agree to this, hey. At the very least, allow her to give her master a call.

Unfortunately, no matter how much force he used, she was unable to win against a fatty in a pulling match.

The scenery in front of them instantly changed, and the three of them was already standing on a patch of grassland.

Zhu Yao: “……”

She did not say a single word from the beginning to end, why was she dispatched to carry out such a dangerous mission?

What’s worse was…

Turning her head, she looked at student Xiao Yi beside her, who would always be a piggish teammate. She felt like crying.

This time, she was going to die as well, right? She definitely will, right?

She was not sure if Xiao Yi was really a bug, however, on his body, he definitely had a buff called “All Party Members Shall Die”, and it especially had a 100% damage bonus on her.

She suddenly felt that living was especially tiring.

“Little brother, hurry, look.” Fatty student Zi Dan, with his bulky arms, nudged Zhu Yao. Being pushed by an excessively large figure, Zhu Yao lost her balance, and had almost fell flat on the ground. The fatty pointed to the front. “That place must be Primeval Grey City.”

Zhu Yao silently took two steps back, and maintained a safe distance. Then, following his finger, she looked over. At a distance of about five hundred meters away, there was an ancient-looking city. The city wall was filled with countless scars and holes, and felt it had stood for a very long time. It’s just that the entire city was actually floating in mid-air. Occasionally, there would be groups of three to two people, riding various types of demonic beasts, or riding various strange mystic tools, towards the city entrance, and then, enter the city.

“Let’s immediately enter and gather news of master.” Xiao Yi anxiously said, and summoned his flying sword with a wave of his hand.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao stopped him. “You can’t use your flying sword!”

Xiao Yi’s expression changed, and was about to vent out his anger.

Zi Dan, however, said with a smile. “Little brother Soi is right.” He pointed to those people entering the city. “This is the gathering point of heretic practitioners, and only deity practitioners specialize in using swords. If you fly over with a sword, your identity as deity practitioners will be immediately exposed. Haven’t you realized that, among those group of people who have entered the city, none of them flew in with swords?”

Only then did Xiao Yi calm down, and kept away the flying sword in his hand.

“My contracted spiritual beast, however, can be of use.” Zi Dan summoned his own mount.

That’s right, it’s that pig.

“Little brother Soi, if you don’t mind, why don’t I give you a ride?” Zi Dan sat on his own pig, and stretched an enthusiastic pig’s trotter towards her.

I do mind!

“Alright.” She had never ridden on a pig in her life, and it seemed to be bearable.

“But as for junior-martial brother Xiao…”

“I shall use a mystic tool.” Xiao Yi pulled out a jade flute, and changed it into a size which allowed him to stand firmly on. When he stood on it, she had an imagination of him being sage-like. As expected, flutes were tools that could raise one’s acting ability to flirt with girls.

“Alright, let us enter the city!” Zi Dan announced, and with a wave of his hand, the fat figure lowered his body into an arc…

And squeezed Zhu Yao down.

Zhu Yao: “……”

Xiao Yi: “……”

The hell, what happened to the promised two-seater mount?

“Hohohoho…” Zi Dan’s face was filled with apologetic intentions. “I’m sorry, little brother. I had forgotten to change the size of my spiritual beast.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Then why the hell did you invite me up?

My buttocks, yo… oh, it hurts!

Zi Dan increased the size of the demonic beast below him by two times. Only then did Zhu Yao once again climbed up, and sat a little further away out of fear.

She had no other options, she was poor after all. With her setting of constant resurrection, no matter what treasures she had, they were destined to all be of one-time use only. Currently on her, other than a normal spiritual sword, she did not even have a single mystic tool. Originally, she had thought of plundering a few from her master, however, no one gave her the opportunity to do so!

As two rode on a beast while the other rode on a mystic tool, in but a moment, the little rescue squad had arrived under Primeval Grey City.

From up close, this city looked even more ancient. On the city wall, there were countless scars that were left from battles, yet, at the top of wall, there were various word talismans placed everywhere, and they filled the entire wall in a packed manner.

Zi Dan explained her to that, the sigil on this city, was an ancient sigil. They were present in all four walls of Primeval Grey City, and it was unknown who was the person who left them. However, the strength of the sigil was something no one could break. There were no restrictions on leaving the city, however, if one wished to enter the city, that person could only enter from the entrance of the city. Only leaving, and not entering, it could be said that it was a city that no one could break into.

This was also why, even though all of the deity sects knew of Primeval Grey City, the gathering spot of all heretic practitioners, none of them had attacked it.

“Who goes there?” The moment they approached the city gate, a heretic practitioner with a ghastly face and with only a single eye, asked with vigilance, and inspected the three of them from head to toe. “What’s your business in Primeval Grey City?”

  1. Xue Yi: She’s an avatar from a TV drama. A very beautiful woman, and has a very straightforward avatar.

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