[Disciple] Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: The Queen Regnant

The three of them were startled. He looked like the city gate’s guard, but why did he not stop the rest, but them?

“We’re here to avoid being hunted down for revenge!” Zhu Yao quick-wittedly said.

“Revenge?” This person was exactly a heretic practitioner who was in-charge of guarding the gate. He looked at the faces of the three people in front of him. “Who are you people running away from?”

“Naturally, it’s a deity sect.”

“So it’s another bunch of idiots who are here to seek protection after offending a deity sect.” The heretic practitioner laughed with scorn. “Do you know the password?”

“Password?” Zhu Yao was completely stunned. The hell she would know the password?

Wait a minute, could it be: “Open Sesame?”

~~ Roooooaar ~~┗|`o′|┛

Before waiting for the guard’s reply, Sesame had already spontaneously leapt out, its two eyes looked at Zhu Yao excitedly, implying: ‘Mistress, you called me?’

Zhu Yao: ……

However, that guard did not look even the least bit scared. He quickly got used to looking at Sesame, and had a face as though he had a clear understanding of what was going on. “Oh… So you people are beast practitioners, with those immoral things that you people do, it’s no wonder you people would be chased after by the deity sect. Go in then, don’t waste this big man’s time.”

“Thank you, brother.” Although she did not understand why, since they were able to enter, then it felt absolutely brilliant.

Zhu Yao instantly called Sesame to return, and had him kept back in a Spirit Beast Pouch her master had given her. Then, she brought the two others and entered the city.

Only when Zi Dan explained to her, did she know that the so-called beast practitioners were heretic practitioners who refined the corpses of spiritual beasts into corpses that could be manipulated and used to attack. However, this art lacked a little morals, because, a corpse of a regular demonic beast could not be used to refine, spiritual beasts that had been subdued by people must be used. However, by nature, beast practitioners and demonic beasts were never fated. As beast practitioners often refine corpses of beasts, they carry a smell which demonic beasts especially hate, and would cause the demonic beasts to go crazy, let alone subduing them. Hence, beast practitioners could only steal spiritual beasts from others, then kill them, turning them into puppets after that. Usually, puppets which were refined successfully would be a rank higher than when the spiritual beasts were still alive.

Killing others’ spiritual beasts while it was still very much alive and well, and even go around openly after refining them into puppets, beast practitioners were definitely heretic practitioners who gained the most hate.

Earlier, when Sesame suddenly appeared, and it was even a ninth rank beast, that guard must have definitely thought that they had stolen an eighth rank spiritual beast from some deity sect, and had even turned it into a puppet, hence, they were being chased by that deity sect.

She really had to thank the hole in the big brother guard’s brain, it really opened at the right time.

The moment they entered the city, the three of them went to indirectly gathered some information. However, heretic practitioners were after all not regular people, and had very strong wariness, so, they would not continue talking with others without reserve. In an entire day, the amount of information they gathered was only a handful, and, not many of them were reliable.

Chen Zi was also a beast practitioner. As people who cultivate into deities, no matter if they heretic practitioners or practitioners who belonged to deity sects, who wouldn’t like to bring up one or two spiritual beasts? Even her master was bringing up that bunch of stupid divine cranes. One could imagine, how much contempt people would feel about a beast practitioner, who specialize in stealing spiritual beasts from others, such that, when these beast practitioners try to speak up, they would always usher a few rolling eyes and glares.

In a day, they completely did not make any progress.

The three of them discussed and decided to stay a night. Chen Zi brought that many demonic beasts to attack Ancient Hill Sect, and it could be seen that they were all his puppets. With that huge number, the number of people who had lost their spiritual beasts were naturally relatively the same as well. As long they inquired about it for a few more times, it would be impossible for them to not find any useful piece of information.

When the sky turned dark, the three of them found an inn. After cutting off fatty Zi Dan’s request to stay in the same room with a firm attitude, she returned to her own lodging.

There were a few things she needed to confirm.

After setting up a barrier to prevent inspection, she called out the Wood Spirit from her divine sense.

“Wood Spirit, do you know where’s the Water Spirit?” There was a certain connection between the five Spirits, so it should be able to sense the Water Spirit’s existence.

“Chick~” When the Wood Spirit woke up, it had already returned to its little bonsai-look. Hearing her question, it tilted its head, and then, waved its branches about for a moment. “Chick, chick, chick, chick, chick~”

She… did not understand a single word.

“Alright, alright, stop chicking.” It seemed like communication was a big problem. “I shall ask, and you shall answer. If it’s right, nod, and if it’s wrong, shake your head. Today, at the great hall, did you sense the Water Spirit on someone else’s body?”

Currently, Xiao Yi was not injured, so naturally, Feng Yi would not treat his wounds with the Water Spirit, so, the Water Spirit should still be on Feng Yi.

Although she was forced into this rescue mission, she might have a chance at obtaining the Water Spirit.

“Chick~” The Wood Spirit tilted its little head, and then, began to crazily shake. It even dropped a table full of leaves from its shaking.

“No? It’s really not on anyone among that group of people?”

“Chick!” It continued to shake its leaves.

Then, where was the Water Spirit? Zhu Yao was completely stunned as well.

Wait a minute!

“Then, did you sense the Water Spirit today?”

“Chick!” It nodded.

It sensed the Water Spirit, yet, it was not from anyone in the great hall. Could it be…

When the sky had just lit up on the second day, the little rescue squad had already begun their overtime work. This time, the three of them headed to the city’s most bustling marketplace. This was the first time Zhu Yao had come to a practitioner market in the cultivation world, yet, she completely did not have the heart to stop and stroll around. She raised a hundred and twenty percent of her spirits, and went to look for Sovereign Feng Yi’s whereabouts.

In order to integrate into the masses better, the moment they entered the city, they had already hidden their Nascent Soul stage cultivation level. After all, if three Nascent Soul stage practitioners were to walk together, and even inquire about certain things in all directions, it would easily raise one’s suspicion. It would be different, however, if they were three Azoth Core stage practitioners.

After gathering a round of intel did they find out that, Chen Zi had basically never appeared in Primeval Grey City. Or, it should be said that he did not dare to appear here. It was rumoured that two hundred years ago, Chen Zi courted his own death by stealing the city lord’s sixth rank spiritual beast which the lord had bitterly managed to subdue, and he had even turned it into his own puppet. Ever since then, he had been listed as wanted in the entire city, and he no longer dared to step a single foot into Primeval Grey City.

Zhu Yao was a little disheartened. Primeval Grey City was Chen Zi’s only shelter. If he did not even dare to come here, then where else would he dare to hide?

No, wait. He dared to cause such a huge incident at Ancient Hill Sect and was even when the promotion ceremony was being held. In the situation where various sects and clans were present, he kidnapped Feng Yi away. Then, he definitely had a place to hide that he felt completely safe in. And the most dangerous place, usually, was the safest place.

In other words, there’s an extremely high possibility that he’s hiding in Primeval Grey City by hiding his identity.

Thinking up to this point, Zhu Yao instantly felt spirited again. Telling her thoughts to the other two, she switched her target. Giving up on Chen Zi, rather, she began to inquire about Sovereign Feng Yi’s information. Although the amount of information they got was not many, yet, it was sufficient to determine that, Feng Yi had indeed come into Primeval Grey City. According to one person, he saw her traveling alongside a man, and had headed in the north-western direct.

The three of them were excited, and just when they planned on heading to the north-western direction, suddenly, a commotion occurred on the streets, as the crowd suddenly began to congest.


A scream suddenly sounded at the front, and the crowd squeezed towards where they were one after another.

The three of them still had no idea what had just happened, then, another few screams sounded again at the front. A few wisps of black fog could be faintly seen rising up as well.

“Let’s leave here quickly.” Zi Dan immediately decided to leave.

Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi nodded. After all, they smuggled themselves inside the city in the first place, it would be bad if they were discovered.

Just when the three of them turned, the heretic practitioner who was trafficking spiritual beast eggs, who they had just inquired their information from earlier, his two eyes suddenly largely widened up, and he let out a miserable scream.

Dense fog, which was as black as black ink, endlessly emitted out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. His body was even disintegrating at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and instantly, he had already turned into ash, even his bones could not be found.

Such a terrifying killing method, forget about Zhu Yao, even Reverend Zi Dan had never seen it before.

Though, this was still not the end. Immediately after, the same screams once again sounded constantly from all directions. In an instant, five to six strong and healthy male practitioners, with the same method, died on the streets, in everyone’s eyes.

Several fearful voices instantly sounded from the crowd. Heretic practitioners treasured their lives the most, and the street which was still crowded with people earlier, those who flew with mystic tools summoned their mystic tools, and those who rode on spiritual beasts summoned their spiritual beasts, and they began to flee for their lives one after another.

Zhu Yao made eye contact with the other two, and planned on leaving as well.

“What’s everyone getting worked up for!”

Suddenly, a Demigod stage pressure came from the sky, and the crowd who were still chaotically fleeing in all directions earlier, instantly quietened down.

Many of the people who had already flown up in the sky, lost their balance, and instantly fell. A few of those Foundation stage heretic practitioners who did not have high cultivation level, had even began to bleed everywhere under the mighty and strong pressure.

An extremely beautiful woman, suddenly descended from the sky. She wore a layer of very revealing light, translucent veil. Her feet were bare, and the two round lumps on chest were bulging even more. Her facial appearance was even more perfect, compared to Sovereign Feng Yi.

Zhu Yao could not help but sigh. This was definitely an outstanding creature, whom men would not be able to shift their line of sight away from after glancing an eye at her.

The strangest thing was, none of the heretic practitioners present dared to raise their heads. Their expressions, rather than respectful, they could be said to be fearful. Not even the cry of a crow could be heard in the entire place.

“What’s with you lot crying out like ghosts in the early morning? Disturbing my sleep.” The woman batted an eye at the crowd on the streets.

Hearing her question, a tall heretic practitioner at the side hurriedly replied. “To answer city lord, earlier, a strange thing happened in the city, a lot of people…”

The woman cast a cold glare at him, and with a wave of her hand, that heretic practitioner who replied suddenly flew out, and heavily smashed onto the ground a few meters away, spitting out a good few mouthfuls of blood.

The woman once again waved his hand, and that person flew back here, kneeling right in front of her. With the woman’s slender jade foot, she heavily stepped on the back of the man. Then, with one of her hands, she raised the man’s chin, her eyes narrowed, and she said with a smile. “Why don’t you know the rules? What city lord? Call me queen!”

Zhu Yao gave a dumb look. So this city lord, was a queen regnant.

The man who replied was evidently heavily injured, yet, he still clenched his teeth and replied. “Yes, your majesty, the queen. This little one did not know the rules, I hope your majesty will forgive me.”

Zhu Yao gave another face. This ‘your majesty, the queen’, came from a movie, right?

“Mn.” Only then did the woman release his chin. However, she turned, and sat on the man’s back, casually pointing out to another person at the side. “You, tell me. What big deal happened here?”

“To reply city… my queen, earlier, on this street, there were many people who suddenly turned into piles of ashes, with their corpses and bones nowhere to be found. Before they disappeared, their bodies were emitting out black fog as well.”

“Black fog?” The expression of the woman sank, suddenly, she lifted a hint of a cold smile. “So it’s that traitor, Chen Zi. I didn’t take the initiative to look for him, but he actually still dared to return. Everyone in the city, listen up!” The queen regnant stood up, and once again released her pressure, and said with a cold smile. “Find me that beast practitioner named Chen Zi. Whoever is able to catch him, this queen will heavily reward you!”

Everyone present began to go into an uproar again. All of their faces were a little excited, and they looked extremely eager. There were even some who could not wait and began to move.

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