[Disciple] Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Could not be Described

Zhu Yao nudged Zi Dan, signalling to him to take the opportunity while it was chaotic to leave.

“To inform my queen, earlier, these three people were looking for a beast practitioner named Chen Zi as well.”

A mystic tool trafficker pointed straight at them.

The hell bro, do you have some sort of grudge against me?

As expected, in the next moment, the Demigod stage pressure came pressing down straight at the three of them.

Zhu Yao who did not get a good footing, was instantly pressed onto the ground. The other two were not in any better shapes, as they half-kneeled on the ground, cold sweat flooding out.

They were only weaker by a large realm, she did not expect that the difference would be so big. Forget about resisting, they could not even try to stand up.

“Who are you people? Why are you looking for Chen Zi?” In a flash, the woman had already stood in front of them. Eyes which were like daggers swept across them, and then, she suddenly laughed. “Hahaha, so you people are actually deity practitioners. I did not expect that practitioners from deity sects, would court death and send themselves up to my doorstep.”

In front of a Demigod, the three’s disguises were basically futile, and instantly, they reverted back to their original figures.

“Men, bring them back.” When the woman gave the order, a light fog floated over, and instantly turned into three men. Taking one each, their little rescue squad was exterminated.

Zhu Yao instantly felt like crying. That guy called Chen Zi, he must have destroyed Earth in his previous life. How did he offend people everywhere he went?

In her entire lifetime, this was the first time Zhu Yao had entered a prison. Her prison mates were a fatty, and someone who carried a buff that kills his party mates. Outside, there was even a perverse queen regnant who could sentence them to death at any time, and anywhere.

“Little brother, do you have a way to escape from this place?” The fat prison mate squeezed over, and looked at her with a constipated expression.

Initially, she had one, if she could have brought her master alongside her. However, the higher-ups of Ancient Hill Sect did not give her this opportunity.

“No.” Zhu Yao sighed, and pointed to the prison door. “You have seen it yourself earlier. Earlier, that female heretic practitioner had set up a restriction seal on the door, and it will explode when touched. Even if we forcefully break out of here, it will startle that heretic practitioner.”

“What about using your ninth rank demonic beast to swallow that door?” This way, even it exploded, it would not produce any sounds.

Zhu Yao continued to shake her head. “The size of my demonic beast is too big, a prison cage as small as this basically isn’t able to contain it.” Actually, she had another consideration to take note of. Xiao Yi had seen Sesame before on that door in the Tasyoluk Secret Realm. Although back then, it was sealed on the door, and currently, its appearance was slightly different, she could not be hundred percent sure that he would not recognize it after seeing it a couple of times.

“Since that’s the case, we can only wait and see then.” Zi Dan had initially thought that even if the three of them Nascent Soul stage practitioners were unable to find Sovereign Feng Yi, they would still be strong enough to deal with the heretic practitioners in the city. However, he did not expect that the city lord had actually broke through into a Demigod.

“Senior brother Zi Dan, looking at your expression, you seem to know that heretic practitioner earlier.” Xiao Yi suddenly asked.

Zi Dan sighed, nodded, and began to talk about her origin.

Zhu Yao, curious, began to hear as well. The more she heard, the more she felt that this was a huge dramatic show.

That city lord was called Rui Yu, and she and Chen Zi were actually martial sister and brother. They were actually disciples of Hundred Harmony Clan in the past, and their sect specialized in practitioner-pair arts. However, for some unknown reasons, the clan was destroyed, and they were the two only people who remained. Hence, due to various drama of mutual dependence, Chen Zi admitted into a devil sect, and turned into a heretic practitioner.

Chen Zi became a beast practitioner, while Rui Yu still stayed with her roots and upheld the status of a deity practitioner. Due to her relationship with the piggish teammate, Chen Zi, she was sought by various people who were looking for revenge against him. Later on, she even began to like someone who did not even like her, and after being rejected by him, due to a fit of anger, she strayed to the wrong path.

And the strayed path she took was really unique. She did not turn into any type of heretic practitioner, rather, she mended the practitioner-pair arts that came from her sect, turning them into a set of heretic arts which specialized in absorbing the essence of men, and by using their essences, she raised her cultivation.

Your guess is correct. Specifically, the core of this method, was to have intimate bonding on the bed. With two or more men as the basic point, a form of harmonious exercise with certain parts which could not be described under the neck.

From then on, Rui Yu was labelled as a heretic practitioner, and after that, she caught up, and even surpassed Chen Zi in cultivation. Two people with similar fates, once again got closer to each other. However, Chen Zi had his eyes set on Sovereign Feng Yi of a deity sect, and in order to see Feng Yi, he had even thought of various ways to enter the deity sect several times to court his death. Hence, the martial brother and sister were completely torn apart from then on.

Speaking of which, Zhu Yao had suddenly recalled that strange phenomenon that happened earlier on the streets. Those black fog, were exactly the same as the ones they saw on Ancient Hill Sect. It could be seen that those few dead heretic practitioners, were precisely Chen Zi’s doings.

While that Rui Yu did not even think about it, and immediately gave the order to capture Chen Zi, was because she was very familiar with his arts.

But clearly, he was already in hiding, so why did he still have to risk coming out to kill people? Was he not afraid of exposing himself?

A bunch of suspicions filled Zhu Yao’s mind, but what she could confirm was, Chen Zi was indeed within Primeval Grey City.

“Hurry up, come out.” While she was pondering, the guard walked over, and opened the prison door.

The mystical powers of the three people were sealed, and after making countless turns and bends, they were brought to a half-opened door. They were forcefully pushed inside, and then, the door was closed.

Zhu Yao barely managed to stabilize herself, and did not roll onto the gourd like the other two.

This was a very big, yet extremely spacious room. White and red light veils hung everywhere, and a stench filled the air, causing them to feel utterly disgusted. Just why did those guards bring them here?

“There seems to be people over there.” Xiao Yi pointed to the front.

After hesitating for a moment, as the guards could not have pushed them in here without a reason, the three of them cautiously walked forward, and went deeper into the room.

The room was exaggeratingly large. Only after they had walked for several dozens of meters, did they finally see there were faint shadows of people moving behind the light veil in front of them.

The stench was, however, getting even heavier, and the sounds of happy and painful groans instantly entered the ears of the three people.

When they realized what those sounds were, the expression of the three of them instantly darkened.

The guards really had hardcore tastes. What’s the meaning for inviting them here to view a live porno? Could she get a refund?

Zhu Yao turned and wanted to leave, suddenly, she was pulled by an extremely huge absorbing force, and she flew towards the opposite direction. At that moment, her blood turned and surged, and the three people who could not cast their arts to resist, all puke out a mouthful of blood. They then stopped at the front of an extremely, extremely large and luxurious bed, and knelt down with their two knees.

And a woman who was currently moving the part of her body which could not be described forcefully on the bed, and was doing something which could not be described with a man in a position which could not be described, and was currently could not be described. Sounds that could not be described, were drilling into the ears of the three people. ( == )

Without saying, the bold and unrestrained woman was precisely Rui Yu. After casting her art to fix them at the front of the bed, she did not care about them anymore, and focused on could not be described with the man on the bed. After a careful look, Zhu Yao realized that there was actually not just a single man on the bed, but four. Every one of their faces looked obsessed as they looked at Rui Yu. The four of them played out their respective roles perfectly, and every one of them was in-charge of each part of Rui Yu’s body which could not be described.

This scene was so extraordinary, even Zhu Yao who had seen movies with R18 ratings in the modern era, was dumbfounded. It was no wonder she wanted people to call her queen. If she were to be holding onto a leather whip and a candle, she would be an actual queen.

The people on the bed were really focused in their acting, while the audience below were really focused in puking out blood as well.

Momma’s egg, even if they did not buy tickets, there was no need for her to release her pressure to restrain them, right!? And it was even loosened and then tightened occasionally, creating manual 3D effects.

After two hours, a certain R18 episode with queen roleplay, coupled with free sounds and 3D effects, finally came to an end. As for the four men who were initially healthy, strong, and handsome, were getting thinner at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and they seemed to be left with merely a single breath.

Rui Yu kicked away the man at the side who was still holding onto her round lump, picked up a light veil at the bedside and stood up, effortlessly sliding out her part which could not be described from the man’s part which could not be described.

“The three of you, with just the cultivation at the Nascent Soul stage, you dare to enter my Primeval Grey City. Are all of the people of the deity sect as stupid as you three?” Rui Yu’s voice held a hint of laziness. Wearing her light veil, she walked over bare-footedly. Stopping in front of Zhu Yao, she bent her body over, raised Zhu Yao’s chin, and said with a smile. “You look pretty decent?”

The hell, earlier, she had watched the show for too long, and had forgotten that she herself was currently a man as well, she seemed to be in a moral crisis.

Rui Yu smiled, and then in an instant, her eyes turned cold, and she slapped strongly onto her face. “This queen hates good-looking men the most.”

This pervert! Not only was she in a moral crisis, her life was in danger as well.

This slap which clearly carried spiritual energy, directly screwed up Zhu Yao’s face. Her jaw instantly dislocated, and it hurt so much, her tears even began to fall.

If you did not like good-looking men, then say so earlier. Why the hell did she have to vent her anger on her face? Were you bullying her for not being born a woman!?

After Rui Yu vented off her anger, she walked over to Xiao Yi beside Zhu Yao. Similarly, she raised his chin, and her smile was even colder. “You’re not bad as well!”

Raising her hand, and it looked as though her slap was about to land on his face.

“Have you always used ruthlessness to disguise yourself?”

“What did you say?” Rui Yu’s palm unexpectedly stopped beside Xiao Yi’s ear.

Xiao Yi sighed, and then, actually used a pair of pitiful eyes to look at her. “Aren’t you? Hating men, that’s only an intentional disguise.”

“Disguise? You call this a disguise?” Rui Yu laughed coldly, turned, and with a wave of her hand, the four expressionless men who were as thin as firewood, instantly turned into ashes. Her expression became even more dark and cold, as she ruthlessly stared at Xiao Yi. “Good-looking men, should all die!”

Xiao Yi, however, actually let out an even deeper sigh, and looked at her even more pitifully. “You have simply… been hurt too deeply! Slaughter isn’t your true nature.”

“……” Rui Yu was speechless, as though she was shocked by his words. For a moment, she did not know how to react, and the actions of her loosening and tightening her fists, repeated for several times, and only then did she finally let out a cold laugh. Rui Yu turned to sit back on her bed, and stared straight at Xiao Yi. “Hmph, you seem to be a little interesting.”

The situation changed too quickly, Zhu Yao was a little unable to keep up with the pace.

As though she could faintly hear this entering her ear: ‘Successfully conquered Rui Yu. Xiao Yi obtained a girl.’

The hell, something like this works too!? His stud halo is blinding the world!

“I really want to hear, what’s really my true nature! Men!”

The guards outside opened the door and entered.

“Bring those two back into the prison!”

The guards did not say a single word, and picked up the two light bulbs, Zhu Yao and Zi Dan. Zi Dan thought that the queen would do something unfavourable to Xiao Yi, and wanted to resist, however, Zhu Yao passed him a ‘it’s alright’ expression, and the two of them were thrown back into prison by the guards.

Feng Yi Little Rescue Squad had obtained victory in their first battle. The squad had accumulated a loss of a jaw, and squad member Xiao Yi had been rewarded with a girly.

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